so into you (instrumental)

so into you

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Автор HawaiiMclovin69 (10 месяцев)
Scroll down if you wanna see some retarded lyrics.

Автор onaqtip (5 лет)
cause da case is im only one enter her thoughts. I got da kinda service
game dat can hold down courts. I aint tryna bragg, ta me dis aint no sport,
Im jus feel her vibe n lovin her sorts Dis is da type a love ya teach but
cant be taught, Da kinda love you would fight for but cant be fought, Da
type people try ta buy but cant be bought. Das da type a love I would try
some up in short. Das you and me baby of cause. And I could Yea I could

Автор sabbz27 (6 лет)
best beat absolutly love it! <3

Автор passthedutche (1 год)
They say never give up on the one u cant forget about/but what about when u
the one who get forgot about/i jus wanna say i hope u see the day im not
around/sad to say it probly b the day they put me in the ground/maybe then
u'll understand, u shoulda held me now/and i might look like a fool but u b
wit da clowns/and yea i been wit some ho's but i hit and bounce/u be lettin
these lames run game and wear ya out/and thats never been a good look by
all accounts/

Автор mimaxworld (5 лет)
nice to hear that spectral gate a.k.a low mp3 bitrate:P

Автор medcardman (5 лет)
hmm...i cant really explain it/ somehow, baby girl just found out im
famous/thinkin im playin, an was jus afta her anus/now she actin heinous/an
on these basis/bitch bout to taste da stainless/ an when i aim this/ leave
da hoe brainless/ near ya feet on the pavement/ i dont miss/ no hoe can
tame this/ thats wat my traits iz/ an there wont be no changes unless i
say/ during the day/ill be out stackin my pay/ moldin bitches sumtin like
clay/and where i stay/i cant let 1 hoe stray/or bullets spray

Автор Hugo Solache (4 года)
i can tour the world and wouldnt find a girl nun like you/ dont know how
you put up with the bullshit all the things i put you through/ and i know
kinda hard deal with/ but you we cant split/ you mine and im your/ do i
love you? what kinda question is that you kno the answer is of course/ but
now you want to leave stranded/ remember that one i was drunk and i wanted
to get branded/ would of ha your name on me/ but your where there to stop
me/ive never had no one like you any good leave a comment

Автор diamond99100 (4 года)
@TeniseDayrider dats sme good shit styll x

Автор ghost1504able (4 года)
hey i see you everyday on the street going to your job without any
problems. hey yeah i know that im not a stocker. but a jocker. i ain't got
no problems. me and you used play in the park together on the swings just
swinging and jumping.man you kept me going on my problems. i was just so
into i couldn't help myself but without you im alone stuck on the shelf.
you got no issues. im still dealing tissues. don't be mad i saw 9 11 go
down. that's nothing to laugh about. im just so into right now.

Автор ChosenStar16 (2 года)
listen man, im king of the sea where theres alot of fish nd u aint even
fishing fam, u say im 15 yrs old writtens so bold hittin ur hoe and u aint
listen man, stop tryna sound smart ur str8 ass im str8 cash hit u wit str8
math, me + ur boo = str8 smash check it i made her shake splash, YIKES u
aint kno her cakes trash? it smelled like a fish boat or she missed a late
bath,lol u pick the wrong ladies i pick em up in mercedez they lovin me i
grow lazy but fuck it where is my baby! not ur whore lol

Автор xCiaoBambolax (4 года)
@passthedutche - yo i really love everything you said . good shxt .

Автор onaqtip (5 лет)
I could canvas da earth, And still not find A worman half ya worth or half
as fine, I may be gone a minute, but u still on my mind, cant imagine life
without you in it Half da time, Id like ta be one to make you smile n
laugh, Compliment ya unique style n class, Love ya chic n sass I aint about
hittin dat ass Im lookin for love thatll last,

Автор yungprodigy100 (4 года)
im so into,u dont know the things i would du fa u,girl u know my real name
instead of the rap monolog,im not gonna lie when saw u i thought u was
desperate caused it said boyfriend on the ya myspace blog,hell girl we can
talk all night long me in some boxers and u in some weekend thongs,u dont
no the things i would do fa u,like i said befor girl im so into u

Автор onaqtip (2 года)
u rap str8 trash, nigga, i see str8 thru ur fake ass, nigga, like ultra
sounds on fake tits/ u silicone/ mannequin plastic nigga/ u still a clone/
act'n like u king shit/ when u still a gnome/ das like a chimp enter'n the
gorilla zone/ IM GODZILLA HOMES/ u just a snake in the grass tryna slither
home/ homo stop wit the gayness/ ur trans gender operation was painless/
left u without nuts das brainless/ gay nigga u world famous/ the only gay
nigga advertisin on craig list. lol.

Автор passthedutche (4 года)
@xCiaoBambolax thanks im glad u enjoyed it

Автор yunggost (5 лет)
i cant seem to shake all these feelins of love n hate wonderin if im even
awake cuz i feel like a big mistake cuz my shorty wouldn't wait now i lost
somethin great and now im losin faith i pop a xanny to feel safe and just
to look at my face and not feel outta place

Автор chynchyllin (5 лет)
but see i lay low and i prowl like a predator peep for a fine bitch wallet
like a register since day one i smash bones and break faces talk slick i
crack domes n take bracelets im at the top of my game aint no1 near my
level bitch i run wit the wolves and i danced wit the devil i got one shot,
and one score to settle aggression take over, foot stomp the pedal and if
they want war we can go to battle ya whole team scatter when the bullet
leave the barrel

Автор BeastModeBJ17 (2 года)
I know we known each other for a while but i need to express my feelings to
yu so enjoy baby! Girl i hope u understand that i wanna be yo man/were
gonna have that good life/no more kicking of the cans/I got u in my heart
and we gonna be together/we be kissing in the rain/sleet/snow/or any
weather/i know u not impressed by the gear and the cars/but baby i keep it
trill/no fake shyte or dumb bars/of course we might argue/that's wat we
supposed to do/cuz i know you love me and i know i love you/

Автор jahkealfreekful (4 года)
young j money@yahoo freind request mi myspace

Автор onaqtip (5 лет)
like a week end abroad, we head head for da border, jus pack a light lunch
witcha cam recorder, tell ya father im in love wit his daughter. And i
prepose wit dis ring dat I bought her. Could it be in dis quest where the
rest aint mentally meant ta be, apart o my destiny Heaven definitely Sent
ta me, Da kinda girl who means the whole wide world ta me.

Автор fancygremlin (5 лет)
oh I see, if Eminem said that his dick was up your asscrack, not only would
you go buy his album, youd give it a thumbs up on youtube, fake ass poser
you. homo shit? whats homo to me is you talking about cracking domes and
guns, when you aint got guns and cant crack domes, fuck up outta here
biatch, you cant rap worth shit, the flows I wrote on here was 30 seconds
top, you don't wana get at me in a real battle bro, ill fucking murk you on
that lyrical shit son

Автор lnt851212 (5 лет)
neva been ready or been afraid to take a chance now champagne spillin off
the top of my glass neva thought life could be this blessed try to live
right only results in mo stress owwee

Автор King Sankin (5 лет)
the beat is just didididi damn hot ^^

Автор prodigyof50 (6 лет)
while ull niggas wine d windows down,i take d top off so dey can feel da
breeze, peace

Автор Santana2163 (5 лет)
Great flow and lyrics man. Nice

Автор ChosenStar16 (4 года)
@ChosenStar16 that's for my baby girl.. *w.i.d.l.i.n.e*

good song

Автор prodigyof50 (6 лет)
ill hit u wit d tech n ull really grow wings/ imo come wit ducktapes 2 ur
projects/ in a matta o time there'll be yellow tapes in ur projects/anoda
crime scene,homicide tapin ur projects/i play wit bitches,u can call it
porn/i also play wit words,u can call it pun/ p.u.n wit d p.e.n,i gotta
spell it out 4 ya/ ma flow is like magic,imo cast a spell on ya/ make u luv
it wit err place in ur heart/ dats why im always no1 on d charts/ these
rappers are all soft,im d hard one out/

Автор onaqtip (2 года)
u have to more than jus send a girl some flowers/ & words are meaningless
when there written by a coward/ a few assembled lines aint expressin ones
soul/ especially when it's comin from a 15 yr old/ so u know, u aint killin
me ya fillin me with laughter/ conviction is a sentence known by many as a
lagger/ conviction is a sentence put together by a master/ each sentence
put together spells conviction like a paster/ i now cast ya straight to
hell for eva after/ now ghostly figure known as casper.

Автор purplehyacinth (5 лет)
hi.. i hope you can upload instrumental or karaoke version of "smile" by
tamia... thanks..

Автор gary42484 (6 лет)
is this the instrumental to tamia's so into you, or the version with
fabolous? thanks for posting...its great! 5 stars!

Автор kizza23 (4 года)
shut up ya bitch

Автор shatown (5 лет)
can someone post the instrumental of tamia's original version?

Автор shuri91 (6 лет)
its the fabolous version.. and thank u!

Автор carebear013 (6 лет)
one of the hottest beats EVER if not the hottest..it's a classic and it
never gets old

Автор CrippnCraZy (6 лет)
hey guys...thought id give rappin a try (only 14....)...im done it
yet..but...its something..(and yes its a real girl im talkin about) Baby
girl, Im so into you, dont get me started I just wanna call you boo, I
wanna talk on the phone until the sun comes through, imma be here till the
end, id give it all for you, twirl my fingers through you hair, and watch
the twinkle in your eyes, baby girl its no surprise, you just blow me away,
you laugh at everything I say,

Автор Dagbah Parwon (4 года)
this is not the orginal tamia so into you or is it the one with fabulous on
it? i dont care i like it anyways!

Автор Zoey Phillips (5 лет)
wow this is amazing really gud rap like cool but deep at the same tym xx

Автор Calvin Janis (4 года)
Yo fancy gremlin ur GAY!!!!!!

Автор Martina Marea (3 года)
@chynchyllin did you just make this up or is this the real lyrics lol?

Автор RandomentalTV (5 лет)
loops are so annoying....

Автор madrainbowgirl9 (6 лет)
so niceee xxx

Автор tiff14edge (5 лет)
what the fuck!!! i repeat fuck are yew talkin about

Автор onaqtip (5 лет)
so u can leave da past and perceive a future, a lot differently then
currently use ta, I can tailor ya needs, When ever it suits ya, The best
things in life are free So you see you can be my partner Like janet n
luther, We can fly da coop Like a hen and a rooster. In a coop aint no need
ta seduce ya, Jus introduce ya ta things that we can explore,

Автор chynchyllin (5 лет)
Beatiful n pretty yet she still so modest I can leave her at the crib and
know she honest We give each other space and i let her do her own thing I
know she gunna answer evrytime the fone ring Rainy days wit no sun for a
while she brighten up the room evrytime that she smile At 1st sight i knew
you were special and evrytime u fall ill be there to catch you

Автор ChosenStar16 (2 года)
battle me. i'll fuckin kill u i see u on my instrumental still u aint on my

Автор tiff14edge (5 лет)
what the fuck is this also what is up wit yew ppl leaving long ass shit on
here like people are gunna read it

Автор john bisson (3 года)
bby u always on my mind thinking about u is all the time nd u kno i think
ur fine me nd u were ment to be bby u need to see tht i wuld set u free cuz
bby girl u wud be my world everytime nd everyday bby girl listen to what i
say cuz wen ur with me everything wuld be ok cuz you kno i love you i will
always stay true u have no clue how much im so into u

Автор zerominus82 (5 лет)
I got a girl she gotta tippy toe/ to kiss me though/ she's 5'6" with wide
hip, thighs thick/ everything that happens in private is private/ as i come
through the front door her eyes lit/ her only words were "come in here and
rest/ since i met her i got over my sudden fear of death/ .......our long
intimate phone conversation/ turned to moving in and stay at home on
occasion's/ standing ovations to any man who knows patience/ to deal with
life/ and be real with wife/

Автор SuperSuside (4 года)
so im in love with a stripper, caught her at the night club drinkin 20
shots of tiquila, when i looked in to her eyes, she had dem hazle green
eyes, somethin dat i coudnt deny, her pussy so fat, it almost made me cry,
what was she thinkin, she need to go faster, cause a young rich man like
me, aint slowin down, ima young master, she lookin at me cause she never
had man that could beat so good, that i had it bleedin, she said i was
beast cause i made her squirt 3 times in one round, im so in 2 u

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