gun animation

airsoft and paintball gun animations.
here are the simplest gun animations i found

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Автор TheREAL5m0k3y ( назад)
@sickJNR I don't like you either fag.

Автор sickJNR ( назад)
@TheREAL5m0k3y oh look a gimp? i dont like you. hated!

Автор TheREAL5m0k3y ( назад)
Oh, BB gun animation? Misleading title. Flagged!

Автор Dmania1000 (194 года назад)
is the second one a battleship gun turret?

Автор Kimo ( назад)

Автор Francisco Lourenço ( назад)
the second gun is a naval canon and not a airsoft or paintball gun

Автор TheKiller2770 ( назад)
0:02 Wow that not gun It like A Express elevator.

Автор JamesBlon1 ( назад)
Second animation is from wikipedia :D

Автор iRouRoui ( назад)
these are toys

Автор JohnJaggerJack ( назад)
omg i didnt knew that paintball markers where guns? cuz i have like 3
paintball markers and my stepdad has like magazines in his office that he
doesnt use, so i'll defently try shoot some bullets out my paintball
markers AKA paintball guns that should be awsome! yes im laughing at your

Автор mrbosnia4life ( назад)
what is this, phun?

Автор César Ortiz ( назад)
is good, very very good XD

Автор Amer Alihodžić ( назад)
and i always tought that there were tiny men iside... :(

Автор hamoan66boi ( назад)
what program is this???

Автор lordfranz24 ( назад)
this isn't helpful maybe a few minute on doing them and they're too fast

Автор Chagalf ( назад)
these r all GIF images cuz i have them.

Автор Luigi Cetraro ( назад)

Автор Mantax66 ( назад)

Автор assdrew ( назад)

Автор lynnox36 ( назад)
how fast did the gas reintake after the shot??? how much force needed to
shoot at 300 feet/sec ??? what calculation needs to be done??? the size of
valve?? the air pressure?? and the force of bolt??

Автор The2Uhhhhhhhhhh ( назад)

Автор AssassinsGprods ( назад)
its not an mp5k its a tippmann A5 paintball gun

Автор NICK-VAS BILLAKOS ( назад)
man thats complicated... i wont be able to do it

Автор Kugluck ( назад)
Maybe its Phyn - sandbox game?

Автор Peter Ahn ( назад)
These are airsoft and paintball animations lol cool. And the Cannon
animation with the 3 story high loading mechanism was wrong. People are
actually inside the cannons body manually putting the shells in and out of
the barrel itself. It is not automatically loaded.

Автор joker71496 ( назад)
what program is that

Автор ihelk ( назад)
those are some funky lookin guns

Автор theandy4ever ( назад)
bb`s i gues

Автор Cho-Cho San ( назад)
i like the mp5 k

Автор hudsonhere ( назад)
you should disable comments and comment voting incaseof any spammers *

Автор guppy1995 ( назад)
wat program

Автор RusWehrmacht ( назад)
What made sense?

Автор PivotMaster79 ( назад)
Nice Jon. Was this, your first video?

Автор djwrestle619 ( назад)
read discription:)

Автор hudsonhere ( назад)
;no sound

Автор afuturesoldier ( назад)
army it was cool i expectianly the giant cannon

Автор RusWehrmacht ( назад)
Very techincal and educational in a way, great job!! Next time get sound as

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