GTA San Andreas CJ's Job as Pilot

See in this video how CJ does as Pilot.
NOTE: For people who are not to lame to read the description: I'm flying bad. I fly so bad for the video, and normally I fly very good, so don't give a reaction to say that I don't fly so good.

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Автор Yorumcu Genç ( назад)
adamsın TÜRK

Автор Alexandru Blenche ( назад)
So from what I understand, you have to fly from one airport to another?

Автор Frodo Yolo ( назад)
no offence but your shit at driving planes

Автор igrenade ( назад)
lyk dis if u cri evrytiem

Автор Ww2fighter1 ( назад)
Thats not Turkish Airlines. O Turkish Airlines degil.

Автор TheGO458 ( назад)
search in google

Автор Ozan Akdag ( назад)
Its a mod you need to download it

Автор Ozan Akdag ( назад)
Why does noone understand you cant get mods to ps2!

Автор Sky Eye ( назад)
No, you fly good. (Certainly better than i do. And i play Ace Combat for
f*cking out loud!) I cant even fly a Nevada without crashing in 2 minutes!
(mostly at landing.) Oh, Where'd you get the 747? I thought you could only
get a C-5 and 737 without mods.

Автор Sky Eye ( назад)
CJ, can I be your co-pilot? Just don't do any stunts, or get shot down.

Автор lars12thebest ( назад)
I need the money he says. *has 5 million

Автор BeIconicKiv ( назад)
how to get the turkish plane help me pls?

Автор SanAndreasFanatic ( назад)
Nice, check my videos out. Will be adding more soon.

Автор cartel john ( назад)

Автор Darth Caedus ( назад)
In GTA 5 it would be cool if they put pilot side missions like the
firefighter and taxi missions.

Автор OvertimeFilms ( назад)
i see it :P

Автор OvertimeFilms ( назад)
i guess so too!! But then again it was easyer to get a job in '92 than it
is now in 2013 :P

Автор AwSOMEKGAMES ( назад)
U really need that job.... u got 5 million dollars.....

Автор reyan joseph belizar ( назад)
DING DONG Carl: i wanna be a pilot Owner: okay i take you as a pilot of my
beautiful f-22 raptor Me: im thinking how Carl got to be an fighter jet
pilot fast,guys please help me to destroy the owner's f-22 raptor

Автор Crede ( назад)
Unlock the Pilot school in LV and get gold.

Автор BeIconicKiv ( назад)
how to get the turkish airlines??

Автор BeIconicKiv ( назад)
how to become a pilot? iwant to know

Автор SuperTerminater45 ( назад)
srry fortheyear later repy but a 6:43 there w a dark light unde the light
and it like..fell?

Автор SuperTerminater45 ( назад)
oops at 6:43

Автор SuperTerminater45 ( назад)
ufo myth at 6:45 when in the right hand corner u see a plane and and keep
lookin under it some black dot falls

Автор Muchamad Mulki ( назад)
If the way to be a pilot is really like it, I have had being a pilot for a

Автор Kaye Gentallan ( назад)
Thing That I Mean The Three Guys 4th Floor

Автор Kaye Gentallan ( назад)
The 3 Guys: Fuck You Smoke! You're Going Down! Smoke: Gangsters! Help Me!
Carl And Sweet: Ryder Kill All Gangsta And We'll Help Ya! Smoke: There's
4590 Gangsta Assholes! Carl: Don't Worry Ryder I got A Mini gun! Carl:
*Kills All* All: Mission Complete!

Автор Kaye Gentallan ( назад)
Sweet: oh hi Carl! Carl: Whats up Sweet Sweet: I've Gotta Work At Las
Venturas With You. Can You Fly The Airplane Called Hydra. Say JUMPJET if
When In Airport Then You Must Say ROCKETMAN on Airport Gate And If Youre
Done And Me. Fly The Shamal To San Fierro And Hunt For Big Smoke! Got That?
Carl: Yes Sweet! Ryder: Wait! I'm Coming With You Guys! Lets Kill That
Asshole Big Smoke Carl And Sweet: Oh! Sure You Can Dude! At The Second
Floor Of Smokes Hideout. Carl Sweet And Ryder: *Kills Big Smoke*

Автор Clouie Policarpio ( назад)
that mod is cool i want that mod

Автор Amr Raafat ( назад)
that's good

Автор Jalo Astola ( назад)
what do you expect, its turkish airlines

Автор Fırat Can ( назад)
Turkish Airlines ? Lol I am turk but I dont know this mode .

Автор 1999myself1 ( назад)
lol funny

Автор alejandro alfaro ( назад)
what is the name of the song???

Автор jose sanchez ( назад)
that was a suckish landing

Автор Fryderyk Lukasik ( назад)
those were islamic air lines btw

Автор Max Power ( назад)
Ah, you got me. I am so mad and I don't "lift" just please don't hurt me
through the computer screen!! wait I know.. you might just "drive" a plane
into my house right? Pfftt Hahahaha

Автор riley DeVoy (1425 лет назад)

Автор Max Power ( назад)
No actually i meant IQ, 22 is very little. *Difference *don't (Capital)
"I". Did you understand anything I wrote?

Автор riley DeVoy ( назад)
yeah i know he does and i can tell the diffrent from driving and flying and
littleboy....i dont think 22 is little.

Автор Max Power ( назад)
yes.. he drives the plane very well... (its called flying not driving!) hes
not fucking driving a car littleboy

Автор Max Power ( назад)
i read the description before watching the video so i am not lame.. i saw
your video and call bullshit! you cant fly good. you say you normally do..
(thats the bullshit part) Remove this video and upload again with *Better
video quality *Better pilot Skills overall results: Disliked. have a nice
day! San Andreas is the best game ever made!

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
me: Finishs video... -hehehe- - i wonder if i say Jumpjet anything will

Автор TheTwicey ( назад)
Decent video, you just can't fly for shit. I don't believe you can
'normally fly very good' but okay.

Автор AlphaSwordsbootcamp ( назад)
Wasn't bad flying actually it was the landings that killed.

Автор francis aaron reyes ( назад)
San Aandears News!!!

Автор riley DeVoy ( назад)
ok everybody shut the hell up nobody gives one fuck,2 fuck,red fuck,blue
fuck that you can drive better than him ok he explained that he was driving
bad so shut up and watch it

Автор Krunal Chandra ( назад)
i can drive beeter than you

Автор Eric Cartman ( назад)
yes, little kid

Автор akotagazarraga ( назад)
if that was real, man that could crash w/ your piloting. hahaha

Автор Serhat Yücekaya ( назад)
01:23 There is no a flying style in the world like that.

Автор ryan fudge ( назад)
Only if being a pilot was that easy lol

Автор alexking4561 ( назад)
wow you really dont know how to land

Автор nicolas souza ( назад)
que piloto horrivel o cj !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Rihka 리 카 ( назад)
verdant meadows , u will unlock this place on toreno's mission

Автор balkar aulakh ( назад)
i know that now but where is the pilot school

Автор MyVideoHubOnDell ( назад)
CJ appears to be a horrendous pilot!

Автор Wajdi Mohamad ( назад)
ilove gta

Автор sot0s98 ( назад)
problem ?

Автор Cohppe ( назад)
says the guy with 98 on his name... gf

Автор GamerPilots ( назад)
gta5pilots. com

Автор Burak Sezer ( назад)
türk uçağı amk

Автор sot0s98 ( назад)
gta for little kids btw your vid suks

Автор Rihka 리 카 ( назад)
press 2

Автор Rihka 리 카 ( назад)
true , haha

Автор john connor ( назад)
nandyajoearmstrong: Cj is talk in the house, he delivered with pilot in the
air port , Cj is not driver teh turkish airlines

Автор Ozcan Lijikip ( назад)
Ben tamamen size katılıyorum ! <3

Автор nandyajoearmstrong (1131 год назад)
DING DONG. Carl: i wanna be a pilot. Owner: okay i take u as the pilot. Me:
WHAT THE F*CK. HOW CAN CJ get his job faster and easily?!! i guess this
story was made by a kid :\

Автор Cagefighter655 ( назад)
ehm... Fake?

Автор mrgani1234 ( назад)
fucking juud i am turkish so just shut the fuck up and leave youtube

Автор Wheelchair Warrior ( назад)
well that turskish plane fly like they do irl...

Автор balkar aulakh ( назад)

Автор and3210123 ( назад)
How do you get the hydra to move forward?

Автор and3210123 ( назад)
Los Santos International...

Автор Le Gaboyu ( назад)
the landing isn`t good..

Автор azurcorp ( назад)
Did you ever fly AT-400? If you did, please tell me how to!

Автор Seriousjin18 ( назад)
U dont fly so good man..

Автор Anees Ilyas (83 года назад)
shamal from gta v trailer

Автор lewis sturman ( назад)
it's a mod but you can find him in the las venturas airport's big hangar

Автор Arvidio 10 (1391 год назад)
CJ does'nt talk like that

Автор ProGamerzTürkiye ( назад)

Автор ThelastSano ( назад)
I never knew you can become a pilot once you ask to become one and someone
accept you THAT QUICK.

Автор Jones ( назад)
turkish airlines are stupid shit

Автор Faris Muharemovic ( назад)

Автор hadesflames5 ( назад)
I need a job! I only have 5.1 million dollars cash!

Автор 331fong ( назад)
or you can use the AT 400 in the large hanger in lv

Автор adbieel12 ( назад)
did you need a mod i want ot ge it without the mod

Автор RYILDZZ38 ( назад)
i like turkish airlines because my fayher is a turkish airlines pilot

Автор Totally Not A SpyScout ( назад)
is it PS2

Автор Callum McCartan ( назад)
good old nostalgia being bored as hell and pretending to be a pilot i can
remember doing that lol

Автор chan hetek ( назад)
It is PS2?

Автор TheTeoras1 ( назад)
@misxqueen OR go to las venturas in aiport there is one

Автор Matthijs Kuylen ( назад)

Автор JochGTAPR ( назад)
@RockstarGamesHD1 Try NUM8

Автор rahmister ( назад)
Is the plane a mod

Автор ccjjww999 ( назад)
thats not his house.thats your safe house.

Автор prototyp4 ( назад)
Lol you're a hater of the turkish airlines ? Dude your fucking gay ? Omg
thats one of the best airlines on world . Think about it dumpfucker

Автор Mohammed Hasan ( назад)
its a lie cuz CJ never say sir to nobody

Автор TheBladexl ( назад)
is this a pc mod or ps2 if ps2 send me link

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