5hp b&S on the water 14 ft jon boat

5 Hp Briggs and stratton outboard running on 14 ft jon boat at Taylorsville lake.

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Автор TMHJOKER ( назад)
How wide is your boat on bottom???

Автор Andrew Gutmann ( назад)
Had that same motor on my 12ft jon and it did awesome. It sips gas too. Was
nice not having to mix two stroke fuel...not like its a bit deal though.
Now I'm running a 7.5 hp merc on a 12 ft v bottom.

Автор traxxasman24 ( назад)
Nice boat

Автор knivesandgunsboy63 ( назад)
To much stuff on your boat if it was a bare Jon boat it would go
considerably faster.

Автор miKe Fox ( назад)
excellent power output for a 5hp wow

Автор rednektwinz ( назад)
@bull5574 i know what you mean. my uncle had a 150 johnson he spent $2000
to rebuild and he treated it well and flushed it out everytime he got it on
land but the damn thing had a ton of carb problems and corrosion issues. so
we stick to johnson for the small outboards

Автор Jake Jackson ( назад)
damn! looks about as fast as my 16hp go devil hahaha

Автор 300exkx8597cobrasvt ( назад)
@eatpogs what carb did youuse

Автор MrSnowboardnzx ( назад)
If you're gonna get a motor, get an old one. My Grandpa gave me an old 15hp
thats about 20 or so years old. Only one tank of gas through it before i
got it, gets my aluminum jon 35mph+

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
@14wasp ikr. THe way to go with small engines now is Honda, or Kawasaki.

Автор koenigscat ( назад)
@Motorfordtoyota Very true! that new one has a plastic cam. It doesn't even
sound as nice as the older one :(

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
@14wasp The old one (pre 1998 or so) were terrific. But the new ones with
their platsic cams suck.

Автор koenigscat ( назад)
@Motorfordtoyota the one on our old lawnmower was from the 80s and still is
more reliable than the one of the lawnmower my dad bought last summer :P

Автор justin chipman ( назад)
Pegged out at 14k RPMs

Автор ipodgamer123 ( назад)
Good video I wanted to know if you made that by your self

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
@dennisndodie Yeah, the one on my dads lawnmower lasted 6 months. It died,
so we replaced it with a tecumseh

Автор dennisndodie ( назад)
@Motorfordtoyota I wouldnt say that Briggs engines on lawmowers last for
years. My dad has a International cub cadet with a briggs engine that
lasted 20 years before he bought a new one. Just keep the air filter,oil,
fuel and cooling fins clean they will last a long time.

Автор Steves Projects ( назад)
a lot of grunt for a 5hp

Автор Chaotic-productions ( назад)
@rednektwinz no dont get a johnson get a merucry or a mariner

Автор sctwildcat ( назад)
nice boat. get a 9.9 and itll be a perfect one

Автор SuperKONR ( назад)
The 9.9hp outboards at boy scout camp can make the little boats hydroplane
out of the bay :)

Автор rednektwinz ( назад)
Nice video, but keep the B&S motors for lawn mowers and go-carts. If you
wanna real outboard, get a johnson.

Автор jwdski ( назад)
Cool motor, hold on to that.

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
Its a lawnmower engine thrown onto a lower unit. Thats what briggs does,
they build crap!

Автор Zach Davis ( назад)
@Bornn368 But youll need a new one soon after you do that, Briggs dont take
high rpms well.

Автор bigbaddeerhunter ( назад)
why did you buy a lawn mower engine for a boat? That thing was vibrating
your hand.

Автор Bornn368 ( назад)
@MegaSparky73 i couldn't tell you over the net.But look it up and it'll
give you all the info you need. But be careful not to blow the motor! You
can over rev it doing that....But its a little lever on the back of the
motor that goes to the carb.

Автор Rogier Touber ( назад)
Thanks Boatbros 23. Indeed it planes easily.. Do have to say steering at
low speed is dissapointing so I ordered a ruddersafe..

Автор prf0824 ( назад)
granted the boat looks heavy, but it should get up on plane. adjust the
trim down to the lowest peg, and make sure the throttle is adjusted proper.
when i bought mine, at wide open, the carb was only 60% open.

Автор Rogier Touber ( назад)
Hi, I am about to buy a 16ft jonboat with a suzuki 6ph 4stroke - would it
plane, what would be the top speed, is it easy to steer at slow speeds?
Love the boat already!

Автор corvairkid17 ( назад)
@5horsepower *Dumb* learn how to spell lol jk.

Автор hoghunt270 ( назад)
I think its great for trolling. Perfect 1-2 mph

Автор 5horsepower ( назад)
yea u just made fun of a 12 year old dude ur pretty dum

Автор mariner10rpr ( назад)
20 hp would be better

Автор meccaturbo ( назад)
You fucking retard. You sound like a 2 year old moron....I'll bet you play
with your toys in mommy's basement, you fucking retard.

Автор meccaturbo ( назад)
Where did you learn how to spell, you high school dropout? You should go
get your GED because clearly you are DUMB.

Автор geo ( назад)
F that, these briggs will be destroyed in saltwater,,,lol,,,

Автор skeeter fan ( назад)
i love the bass boat deck on your boat what brand is it?

Автор eatpogs ( назад)
I love these motors aside from the crap carb they put on them. So much more
reliable when fitted with the older non emissions carb. but shhh....I never
did that...

Автор Pat Burns ( назад)
its a four stroke

Автор chorstma44 ( назад)
That sounds just like my push mower. Haha! That little motor moves that
boat really well! Nice!

Автор redbulljustice99 ( назад)
man that thing has a bad knock in the motor son better check that oil

Автор Bornn368 ( назад)
Pull the govener and see what it can really do. :)

Автор foxracer9619 ( назад)
not bad for a 14 footer....i got a 12 with a 6hp on it...Watch mine

Автор JAREDTHECOOL1 ( назад)
where did u get your boat

Автор baucojm ( назад)
No weight up front, if the boat would get flat and plane you would go a
little faster..

Автор foxracer9619 ( назад)
I have a 12ft jon boat with a 1975 6hp evenrude and with one person in it
it will do about 17 but 2 people about 12 to 13....so yes....

Автор deere800 ( назад)
will a 6hp push a 12 ft jon boat over 10mph

Автор HnEhonda ( назад)
my boat is rated for a 3.5 horse. im getting one of these for christmas

Автор thad bergh ( назад)
amem on getting out to the fish and not spending alot on gas own an all
original 1951 seaking lit 12 with a 1951 sea king 5 hp deluxe model thad

Автор butlerproman ( назад)
It's a factory-built Briggs outboard. You can buy them from Cabela's,
Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops (I think), Fleet Farm, and other outlets.

Автор EducatedSwampRat ( назад)
wht is the biggest engine you can have on that boat cause ima buy me one
after while

Автор Matt D ( назад)
is that a kit to make it or is it home made? Make a how to video or

Автор 30GB ( назад)
it can almost fully plain

Автор HnEhonda ( назад)
i have a pelican 10ft pontoon boat thingy and my paran wants to give me a
mariner 5hp. do you think it would be good?

Автор bitterangst ( назад)
She pushes your boat just fine. I like that briggs. I use a nissan 5HP on a
12ft portabote. Granted, our boats are not fast, but they fish well, and
get you there. Also, we don't pay a ton in gas. bitter

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