Woman Freaks Out At McDonalds Drive-Thru

Watch more videos here:http://www.20min.ch/videotv/ This surveillance video (no audio!) released on 8.9.10 caught Melodi Dushane throwing a massive tantrum after being told by employees that she could not have chicken nuggets, as the item was not on their breakfast menu. The incident happened, at 6 am on New Year's Day 2010 in Toledo.

Read more on 20 Minuten Online (german): http://www.20min.ch/news/kreuz_und_quer/story/Nuggets-oder-Pruegel-21363196

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Автор Richard Sturtevant ( назад)
She served 2 months in jail after this incident and had to pay for a new
window and have no contact with the restaurant.

Автор Alejandro Rodriguez ( назад)
she got upset because she had to pay 25 cents for extra ketchup

Автор REGAL HAULING LLC ( назад)
You are a disgrace.. you knew exactly what you were doing. def no the first
time you have been out of control.

Автор Steve Martinez ( назад)
I love this crazy crack whore!

Автор Will gallant ( назад)
White folks do drugs too u know. 

Автор daweller ( назад)
Chicken-related McDonalds items seem to cause the most freakouts, amirite?

Автор Stan B ( назад)
Her fries were cold. Nothing worse than cold fries.

Автор AstroMayan ( назад)
Fuck movies and TV shows.
I would pay to see this instead.

Автор ~B'dazzlin~ ( назад)
Looks like she's on meth or crack. 

Автор DopLeRiix ( назад)
I need some of this woman in my life! :D

Автор Brandon N ( назад)
Why is there no sound?

Автор Jai Scott ( назад)

Автор WORLDFALL ( назад)
Holy fuck

Автор Shadowstaine ( назад)
McDonald's is a place of slavery, covert addiction and bloodshed

Автор laura grimes ( назад)
Wow she certainly does need to be locked up people like her should not be
allowed to be out in public 

Автор Jason Irwin ( назад)

Автор MegaNowaydude ( назад)
If i was the employee i would be like "Ok bitch sit your 5 dollar ass down
in there before i make some change"

Автор SteensRow ( назад)
White girl daddy problems, bet she got her car for free

Автор Rachel Nation ( назад)

Автор McLovin9773 ( назад)
What pisses me off is that bitches like that get away with that shit.

Автор Adzerk ( назад)
This shouldn't have to be pointed out, but here we go;
Person in video is a meth head.
Video was posted in 2010.

Автор Amanda Smith ( назад)
Wow she really wanted thoughs fries

Автор Amanda Smith ( назад)
Americans eh?

Автор timwins31 ( назад)
America, America. God shed his grace on thee(se inbreds)

Автор zach19211 ( назад)
For the lady who works there use a knife get a fucking shot gun if that was
me i would kick her ass and point the knife at her and say dont let me see
u again or ur dead

Автор vdven ( назад)

Автор Christopher Howat (Dubstep Frog) ( назад)
She is crazy and 

Автор Stephen Reilly ( назад)
She's probably pissed that she threw out her last beer

Автор Random guy ( назад)
was that a beer bottle she threw through the window at the end? lol

Автор Gabriel Velazquez ( назад)
Really!?.... Is sad how PPL these day act like a fool. Smh.

Автор Black Cajun ( назад)
exactly what I was thinking

Автор Vyrelia |OFFICIAL| ( назад)
That bitch needs to calm her shit

Автор legofreak ( назад)

Автор Puffthecarrier1 ( назад)
She looks like that white trash Juggalo that didn't know she was pregnant
and gave birth to her baby who died minutes later.

Автор Alex Fischer ( назад)
i'm lovin it.

Автор Dejion McIntosh ( назад)
Wow, how uncivilized can one be....SMFH.

Автор Animal.Girl_0203 ( назад)
Please tell that lady to never have kids

Автор tellurye ( назад)
A WHITE bitch chimping out over fried chicken? Now Ive seen it all.
Actually, shes a coalburner, so shes nigga at heart, so yeah, that doesnt
count lol!! She acted just like the black cashier. Black cashier didnt know
what to do either, never seen a white bitch act like dat!! lol!!

Автор Bratayley Mustache ( назад)
this is so funny

Автор Arn-E Marz ( назад)
"Close that shit!!"

Автор Vivian The Mew ( назад)
why didn't (s)he just push and slide it open when they closed it...

Автор Vivian The Mew ( назад)
well (s)he's either a b*tch or a son of a b*tch

Автор MrChristophe156 ( назад)
If I was working there I would've picked up a kitchen knife, walked
casually over to the window and asked her if she was sure she wanted to
continue to persue this course of action.

Автор zombie3785 ( назад)
There is a full audio version elsewhere on youtube. It makes this video so
much better.

Автор mdp8167 ( назад)
Welcome to meth

Автор Zsavage1 ( назад)
no audio? WTF! welcome to DEAFTUBE

Автор TBird4490 ( назад)
Maybe you uh zuckamaidick?

Автор CaponeBPM ( назад)
Lemme guess....Florida? Bath salts?

Автор Morgan Freeman ( назад)
that's me when they forget to add ketchup

Автор Felipe Antonio ( назад)
lol I was gonna write a zombie comment about the vid but I can see im not
the only one who thought of it that way hahaha

Автор Raheem Welsh ( назад)
she got a good lick in at 31 sec....lol

Автор Bridon Francis D'Souza ( назад)
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filling in easy surveys at home. This site shows every detail how gg.gg\g147

Автор rallotubbs1 ( назад)
White trash....

Автор Chad Wilson ( назад)
okay first wat wrong wth having anime as a profile,thrs noting childish
about anime nor anything wrong wth it.

Автор BadMemesBrokenDreams ( назад)
/watch?v=Sv3OKP2E-QU here is one with sound

Автор Cory Janca ( назад)
Stereotypical much?

Автор rallotubbs1 ( назад)
Nothing about this surprises me....White people......

Автор Kay Klark ( назад)
Ladyboy? You really are a child. I'm not talking about pictures here....No
need to change the subject, it's not my fault you want to make yourself
sound stupid as hell. Good luck convincing anyone that you're not a child
with your kind of grammar, spelling and immature "insults". c:

Автор aHairlesshamster ( назад)
shes gonna go super saiyan

Автор ThatBoostedChannel TV ( назад)
Because iWant To, I am Child? Lmfao Yea ok Look Whos Talkin The Ladyboy
With An Anime Picture @LOL Hop Off!

Автор Kay Klark ( назад)
Why do you type like an idiot? You sound like a child, which most likely
you are.

Автор Vuo ( назад)
But...but...you do start serving nuggets at 10:30?

Автор Need4Sleep ( назад)
Then the next customer asks for some chicken mcnuggets

Автор ThatBoostedChannel TV ( назад)
Am Sorry is Not Fault iCan Decide Wat Girl Ican Fuck,Do u Still Live With
Ur Mom? And ride Ur Moms Corolla? Awww How Cute Obesed Boy You Should Hit
The Gym And STFu Because Noby Is Tlkn To Ur Obesed Ass FAT BOY!

Автор THEEND123321 ( назад)
this is so sad these worker should of been able to defend then self from a
nut like this if the manger was to shoot this nut people would be like WHAT
why did he shoot her!

Автор Jordan Brown ( назад)
If you go frame by frame, you can see it's a beer bottle she threw through
the window.

Автор Commentor Commentors ( назад)
this is not original copy!

Автор TheRedButterfly ( назад)
Enjoy. :) /watch?v=LF0IhyAasWw

Автор Smegma Crusader ( назад)
Well that escalated quickly -_-

Автор ThatBoostedChannel TV ( назад)
Lmfao She Maybe Has a Pussy But The Way She Walks And Acts She Dosent Look
Girly Ahh Wen I See Girls Like These iGet Turned Off!

Автор Vivian The Mew ( назад)
O_O what man would have long blonde hair and a pink sweatshirt?

Автор Vivian The Mew ( назад)

Автор ThatBoostedChannel TV ( назад)
Change The Title That's a Man!

Автор bigboobiessogood ( назад)
This is what happens when you eat McDonalds ever day of your life. Once
every few months is enough.

Автор Morgan ator ( назад)
O my god that's blood what the hell she's got probs bad problems

Автор Scott Whitney ( назад)
wish this had audio

Автор james cook ( назад)
I was laughing so hard when they tried to close the window on her XD

Автор katierickman ( назад)
McDonald's should keep stun guns behind the counters

Автор Jullz Ninetyseven ( назад)
Stupid white bitch go take your ass to Starbucks

Автор delanogaston ( назад)
I'll show you assholes! I'll dent up MY OWN car door and then break a
window you don't have to pay for! HA!

Автор SwissMiss1993 ( назад)
@Brolife247..... I have to 100 percent agree with you. Idiots like to look
at obvious differences from themselves such as race, ethnicity, etc and
like to make immature ass comments about how "it's in their nature to do
such things".... when will people realize that you could be the palest
white, to the blackest black and still be un-classy, rude, ignorant, and
trashy as fuck?? It doesn't matter what race you are, rather the
environment you were raised in, your peers, etc.

Автор Tyvon Washington ( назад)
Might i asked was accomplished throughout this whole thing

Автор Travis Emeralds ( назад)

Автор xray488 ( назад)
who thought there was blood on window just after he hand got stuck?

Автор Athena Nagaoka ( назад)
What a bitch

Автор Ballsac Deluxe ( назад)
What are you talking about? I'm not racist and never said anything about
that in my last post? The best way to end racism is to stop talking about
it. By bringing up skin color you are the one progressing the problem and
bringing more division between the human race. I am an alien trust me

Автор tomazmk38 ( назад)
Next time I say no pickle I mean no fucking pickle

Автор OmerK ( назад)
I am not black but I think you should go check out any video with black
people in it and just read the comments.

Автор Ballsac Deluxe ( назад)
Stop perpetuating racism bro... You just turned this into a racial matter
for no reason.

Автор jackgwinnell2013 ( назад)
You forgot my ketchup

Автор punkkid3022 ( назад)

Автор Christine Juliann ( назад)
i didnt have any sound

Автор Bobbie Bees ( назад)
She must really love her nuggets. Either that, or she just plain forgot to
take her meds that morning.

Автор MuffCorn ( назад)
I was surprised she wasn't fat

Автор Addison Meyer ( назад)
Anyone else notice that most of the crazy shit at McDonald's happens at

Автор Steven Lalonde ( назад)
Hella funny shit

Автор mquiroz90 ( назад)
Funny freak out I seen

Автор yoshimingtsuable ( назад)
employee: hold on you big mac, i mean your big mac bimbo: OH NO YOU

Автор Brian Drew ( назад)
Just say no to drugs

Автор Guy's Gameplay ( назад)
I... Want... My... NUGGETS! Rage mode activated.

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