Woman Freaks Out At McDonalds Drive-Thru

Watch more videos here:http://www.20min.ch/videotv/ This surveillance video (no audio!) released on 8.9.10 caught Melodi Dushane throwing a massive tantrum after being told by employees that she could not have chicken nuggets, as the item was not on their breakfast menu. The incident happened, at 6 am on New Year's Day 2010 in Toledo.

Read more on 20 Minuten Online (german): http://www.20min.ch/news/kreuz_und_quer/story/Nuggets-oder-Pruegel-21363196

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор Stan B (19 дней)
Her fries were cold. Nothing worse than cold fries.

Автор ~B'dazzlin~ (2 месяца)
Looks like she's on meth or crack. 

Автор AstroMayan (29 дней)
Fuck movies and TV shows.
I would pay to see this instead.

Автор variety walkthroughs (3 месяца)
She probably was on her period

Автор LOLKOZ (3 месяца)
My headphones are a bit stiffy with sound does this video have any audio?

Автор Brandon N (4 месяца)
Why is there no sound?

Автор Shadowstaine (8 месяцев)
McDonald's is a place of slavery, covert addiction and bloodshed

Автор PSYLI (3 месяца)
I need some of this woman in my life! :D

Автор Jai Scott (7 месяцев)

Автор MegaNowaydude (9 месяцев)
If i was the employee i would be like "Ok bitch sit your 5 dollar ass down
in there before i make some change"

Автор WORLDFALL (8 месяцев)
Holy fuck

Автор catastrovision (10 месяцев)
White girl daddy problems, bet she got her car for free

Автор Jason Irwin (9 месяцев)

Автор laura grimes (9 месяцев)
Wow she certainly does need to be locked up people like her should not be
allowed to be out in public 

Автор McLovin9773 (11 месяцев)
What pisses me off is that bitches like that get away with that shit.

Автор Rachel Nation (11 месяцев)

Автор timwins31 (1 год)
America, America. God shed his grace on thee(se inbreds)

Автор Amanda Smith (1 год)
Wow she really wanted thoughs fries

Автор Amanda Smith (1 год)
Americans eh?

Автор Stephen Reilly (1 год)
She's probably pissed that she threw out her last beer

Автор vdven (1 год)

Автор Christopher Howat (1 год)
She is crazy and 

Автор Adzerk (1 год)
This shouldn't have to be pointed out, but here we go;
Person in video is a meth head.
Video was posted in 2010.

Автор zach19211 (1 год)
For the lady who works there use a knife get a fucking shot gun if that was
me i would kick her ass and point the knife at her and say dont let me see
u again or ur dead

Автор courtenay hicks (1 год)

Автор The420Tokers (1 год)
that hair pull looked potent as fuck

Автор jason mariano (1 год)
drive through girl : " I WANT MY FUCKIN HAPPY MEAL " person at window :
sorry we are out : drive through girl : ill tell you what is out gets out
of car punches

Автор Puffthecarrier1 (1 год)
She looks like that white trash Juggalo that didn't know she was pregnant
and gave birth to her baby who died minutes later.

Автор EpicKidd HD (1 год)
Sif I where working there I'd cut her with a knife or else my boss would
kill me!

Автор Zsavage1 (1 год)
no audio? WTF! welcome to DEAFTUBE

Автор mdp8167 (1 год)
Welcome to meth

Автор Christine Love (1 год)
i didnt have any sound

Автор theendofit (1 год)
no see black people eat higher quality chicken then a mcnugget thats white
trash food there

Автор MrChristophe156 (1 год)
If I was working there I would've picked up a kitchen knife, walked
casually over to the window and asked her if she was sure she wanted to
continue to persue this course of action.

Автор Commentor Commentors (1 год)
this is not original copy!

Автор Scott Whitney (1 год)
wish this had audio

Автор Kay Klark (1 год)
Why do you type like an idiot? You sound like a child, which most likely
you are.

Автор WRLFT (1 год)
Haha she pulled her hair

Автор Diabolik771 (1 год)
crazy bitch!

Автор PerfectAroulin (1 год)
She`s Lovin it

Автор Walker (1 год)
Har har

Автор Joe Bergess (1 год)
0:49 - Heroin white girl strength.

Автор Cristhian Florez (1 год)
What´s going on? there´s not bigmac? ... Hungry games part 2! xD

Автор PSN GamingWolf (1 год)
avril lavigne?

Автор aHairlesshamster (1 год)
shes gonna go super saiyan

Автор anthokent (1 год)
@saltlife - regardless of whatever reason she made you angry for, you're
still an asshole. Fuck man. Everyone gets pissed off and are deserving of
feeling those emotions sometimes, but you have to control the physical
outbursts that are just violent and unnecessary, asshole.

Автор anthokent (1 год)
@martin vaccaro - hahaha no shit, right?

Автор ELChulo Mc (1 год)
Because iWant To, I am Child? Lmfao Yea ok Look Whos Talkin The Ladyboy
With An Anime Picture @LOL Hop Off!

Автор Gerda Zickenschulze (1 год)
Solche Weiber müssen gleich eingesperrt werden für den Rest ihres Lebens.
Ab in die Klapse!

Автор Yeshua LovesUs (1 год)
It would have been worth it to get fired by draggin her in the store and
showing her a little fast food justice :)

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