How To Play Console Games On Your PC

Learn how to make a 360 video camera!

This video shows you methods for emulating some of the major console games on your PC, such as Atari, NES, PS2, Xbox, N64 and Wii.

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Автор Gabriel Bejko ( назад)

Автор yoshikirby43 gaming ( назад)
be care full one version of pj64 has malware installed with it

Автор Sheryl Haggard ( назад)
where is that link

Автор junior hernandez ( назад)
where can i get the games?

Автор Veso266 ( назад)
I wonder if we can emulate PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360

Автор coldkeyes ( назад)
Where is the original xbox emulator?

Автор Linda Carter ( назад)
He sounds like Dave mustaine from Megadeth

Автор Linda Carter ( назад)
Yes, Frogger.

Автор MeowthToTheRescue96 ( назад)
2:44 *Takes Out Gameboy*

Автор mohammad haydar (2042 года назад)
hello is there anyone who can tell my a website were i can download wii
games files

Автор xXxAlex xXx ( назад)
:))) nice !

Автор Tom Fetherston ( назад)
It works for me. I use Stella for Atari 2600 and I learned it from the
owner of Tinkernut named Daniel.

Автор Defalt177 ( назад)
It works for Me I use project64 for My n64 i only play the games i own and
by the way does anyone know how mod n64 games on the real cartrige

Автор ali M ( назад)

Автор dion xanth ( назад)
lol 2014!

Автор Hudson Meek ( назад)
don't do this. this is piracy and illegal. even if you own the game.

Автор One Stop Inc. ( назад)
Bro can you help me i have iso of xbox360spare of wwe2k14 for pc but don't
know how to run it on pc xbox360 emulators doesn't work help me

Автор Marco Stagg ( назад)
Xbox one please

Автор GuitarGuys7299 ( назад)
Cool video.
Like the Console Emu's, MAME is a sweet Emu. for playing all of the classic
quarter arcade games and ROMs are readily available as well. Also, the
really cool thing is, you can use an old arcade game cabinet to build your
own PC based arcade machine and you can get joysticks, buttons and other
control accessories from X-Arcade as well as sites like Happ Controls etc..

Автор Edward gastelum ( назад)
kingcreeper DJ you want it not need it

Автор Edward gastelum ( назад)
guys don't give your info

Автор Edward gastelum ( назад)
this video sucks

Автор BanditGaming ( назад)
There is no links?

Автор Lukas Witte Lund ( назад)
You can find all the roms and emulaters on

Автор Lukas Witte Lund ( назад)
You can find all the roms and emulaters on

Автор Dedmaw5 ( назад)
can i3 M350 with AMD mobility radeon HD 5000 with 1GB Dedicated VRAM and
2.7 Vram with 4 GB run all these games?, I can run demanding games like
watch dogs and wolfenstein the new order 

Автор Mr Hitler (50 лет назад)
Would it work for ps2 if I just download the ISO from the pirate bay?

Автор RuBy Steel ( назад)
Will this mess up your actual disc

Автор Colin Odom ( назад)
Some of you guys are just stupid.

Автор KingCreeperDJ ( назад)
I really need one for xbox 360

Автор kotd009 ( назад)
i remember when i played my first emu...nes and snes in beta stages, good
ole days..and by the way. it is illegal to dl roms. but who cares. we only
live once :)

Автор IAMMICK Costello ( назад)
you do not need to emulate games any more. capture cards with multiple
inputs and a fast enough output like thunderbolt will play any console ever
right on your computer. Will be posting a vid soon of me playing BF4 on
Xbox One on my Mac Pro Retina. Stay tuned people.

Автор Kevin Twiner ( назад)
Super cool..thanks

Автор Neutrino ( назад)
Avast said threat detected when I downloaded project 64

Автор Deen Sonbol ( назад)
Just go to cool rom on google

Автор Kaushik Pathak ( назад)
xbox one..............

Автор Coalin Drost ( назад)
Again one of these fake files.
Take the Xbox 360 emulator from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
game game cracking group. You can get it here for free:
http://cur.lv/5k8v0 *(just click on skip ad afterwards)*

Автор Lesz Aarronson (GTADude) ( назад)

URL links you to a survey - This may waste your time and may force you to
pay $$$ to unlock it

The only real Game emulators are the Nintendo ones ( Excludes Wii, Wii U
and Nintendo DS and 3DS Titles) PS1 and maybe some first generation Xbox

Автор GrandPa Gaming ( назад)
Its just more simple to build a good pc and buy games from origin steam or
download them from torrent I mean I can run battlefield 4 at 70-85 fps on
ultra while playing multiplayer pluse who wants an xbox 360bemu.

For what exclusives just buy the console and problem solved.

Dont have money for one steal one or get a chiped one there more cheep then
buying at walmart

(When I say build a pc actully build them dont get a pc from walmart or buy
an alienware there over priced and sucky hardware)

Автор Sigi Hack ( назад)
i mean you Kelia and Holly

Автор Sigi Hack ( назад)
he say Passwort needed for open the file and you must Pay for the Fucking

Автор Sigi Hack ( назад)
please dude give a true link whit not fucking Surveys PLease NOOOOOT Survey

Автор Sigi Hack ( назад)
holly you the same shit

Автор BoboButYouCanCallMeTom ( назад)
there is no link

Автор Erin Dennig ( назад)

Автор gamermaster251 ( назад)
and plus the games copyright expired so.... yeah

Автор thejokerererer ( назад)
no xbox

Автор beezito ( назад)
3:32 Cut to the chase (PS2)

Автор williamsvpro ( назад)
And you say that because...? Perhaps there are people ( like me ) who
actualy cares. 

Автор dukilen ( назад)
no... not yet ps3 to new common sense 

Автор dukilen ( назад)
if u findd one it a virus there all fake ones for xbox360 and and xbox 

Автор dukilen ( назад)
there isnt one for xbox yet study up before u open ur mouth 

Автор Euryale Music ( назад)
Sorry you didn´t have a happy childhood.

Автор iubercanu vali ( назад)
Here are some ACTUAL games that you could been paid to test check out

Автор Rainbow Neon Cat ( назад)
i see no xbox....?

Автор Parkraft123 ( назад)
as long as you own the original game on the wii or cartridge/disk WE DON'T
CARE Besides, most atari, nes and other games are abandon ware

Автор Alyssia Ellen ( назад)

Автор Edward Carnby ( назад)
This works for PS3 games?

Автор Wanton110 ( назад)
I get so much lag with PS2 emulators.. Which sucks as I have over 100 ps2
games piled up near my tower :(

Автор Ben Liversidge ( назад)
are 'coolroms' safe to download roms?

Автор Colby Jack ( назад)
I have my best memories with these "old crappy consoles". I grew up playing
real console games not glittered games like Call Of Doggys

Автор Colby Jack ( назад)
Yours too my dear Scout.

Автор Brandon Holder ( назад)
the guy obviously never played streets of rage 2 

Автор mike bond ( назад)
another site is coolrom.com it has all the emulators and roms 

Автор TheMusicBox ( назад)
propably an 2001 kid we 1990 kids at least had some fun and not scream like

Автор TheMusicBox ( назад)
your too my dear friend

Автор WafflesAndCheeseGaming ( назад)
My gawd, you really think we have any of these old crappy consoles?

Автор TheAppShow1 ( назад)
so are yours bro

Автор Cringe the channel. ( назад)
N64 Games are awesome thanks Tinkernut! :)

Автор AwesomeGamerBros ( назад)
Accourding to me, your grammar and spelling is horrable!

Автор R4MP4G3RXD ( назад)
PPL, There is no such thing as a PS3 or XBOX360 emulator as of now so if
you see one i highly recommend trying it in a virtual box. If something
works and is not a virus post it to Emulator Zone!

Автор Jacob McClure ( назад)
Nope. Unless you rip the ISO your self 

Автор David Chil ( назад)
XBOX emulator is a lie .. 

Автор Jake Crowley ( назад)
If you already have a copy of the game for ps2 and wii can you just use the
cd instead of ripping it?

Автор Rock&Load ( назад)

Автор Chaos89P ( назад)
What recording program are you using?

Автор ItsPW ( назад)
haha I "I will be assuming you have bout a copy already" Me: haha yeah ok

Автор Qwerty Official ( назад)
fuck you wii disc ripping doesnt work!

Автор Hello, My Friends. ( назад)
It's not if you own the game.

Автор British Bacon ( назад)
Where is the link

Автор gurdijak ( назад)
How? They are not illegal if you own them. Besides, the consoles/games
aren't even manufactured anymore, the only ones on sites like eBay going
for hundreds of Euros. Yeah, like I'm going to pay that much money for
something that won't even work on my TV. The companies aren't even
profiting from those sales anymore.

Автор Chase Null ( назад)
actually you are 100% incorrect, Miyamoto himself supports it, since he
understands that most emulators are anything BUT perfect. Go ahead, look
for a Wii U emulator, or a DECENT Wii emulator. You may find one for the
Wii, but the controls are such ass its just not worth it, and it is so lag
tastic even on good gaming computers, it is more work and money, to emulate
new games, than it is to buy the fuckin console. Thus manufacturers dont
care, since they lose no money. 

Автор sgtdead990 ( назад)
for the wii I keep getting the error VCOMP100.DLL is missing from your

Автор Mohammed Ammar ( назад)
there are no links in the description.... 

Автор Kam Solo! ( назад)
nintendo= pre schooler shat

Автор Isolation Studios ( назад)
ok,thanks for clearing that up.

Автор Sofia ( назад)
No, you sir, are dumb. 

Автор Fookinellm8 ( назад)
1:04 lolololol

Автор Fookinellm8 ( назад)
Am I the only one who noticed all of the backgrounds during the intro were
of old school games?

Автор lurkerrekrul ( назад)
You can't find Frogger anywhere else? Besides the arcade version in MAME,
Frogger was also available for; Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 8-bit Apple II
ColecoVision Commodore 64 DOS Game Boy Color Genesis Intellivision
Macintosh MSX Odyssey 2 SNES TI-99/4A TRS-80 VIC-20 

Автор william carey ( назад)

hai please say me the psx3 password 

Автор 98kazer ( назад)
good god, i haven't played an emulator for a year and this happens, there
are now emulators for ps2 and wii.....I AM SO GONNA HAVE A GOOD TIME

Автор Deritak ( назад)
I Don't Now If I Should Use Either *Is Or *Was Or *Is Not, How Should I
Correct This Sentence... Hmm Well Due To The Recent Generation Of Consoles
The Ps4 And Xbox One Is Based On Online Only [Not To Sure 'Bout Ps4 Just
Rumors] And The Wii U Not I Think I Will Correct This With *Is Not, Due To
Their Recent Console Is Not As Bad As The Others Just Because Of Online
Only Because Thats Just Horrible. Oh, And By The Way Game Isos And Roms Are
Illegal If You Do Not Own The Game That You Download.

Автор POP93 ( назад)
anyone know plane crazy

Автор Isolation Studios ( назад)
please explain how its not illegal

Автор michael derp ( назад)
work on your grammar before you go calling someone stupid ass nugget 

Автор kilro22 ( назад)
You have got a lot of links in the description. 

Автор VYetti ( назад)
where are the xbox emulator?

Автор Devin Bell ( назад)
If you rip playstation games on iso thingie will it still work in

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