How To Play Console Games On Your PC

This video shows you methods for emulating some of the major console games on your PC, such as Atari, NES, PS2, Xbox, N64 and Wii.

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Автор jack monaghan (15 дней)
Would it work for ps2 if I just download the ISO from the pirate bay?

Автор KingCreeperDJ (4 месяца)
I really need one for xbox 360

Автор xxy xxyy (5 месяцев)
It's illegal to download roms of games. 

Автор Neutrino (6 месяцев)
Avast said threat detected when I downloaded project 64

Автор javaisfun (13 дней)
For roms goto:

Автор Colin Odom (4 месяца)
Some of you guys are just stupid.

Автор Private channel. Whos? None of your buisness... (4 месяца)
Just go to coolrom.com

Автор IAMMICK Costello (5 месяцев)
you do not need to emulate games any more. capture cards with multiple
inputs and a fast enough output like thunderbolt will play any console ever
right on your computer. Will be posting a vid soon of me playing BF4 on
Xbox One on my Mac Pro Retina. Stay tuned people.

Автор Max TheBoard (7 месяцев)
Its just more simple to build a good pc and buy games from origin steam or
download them from torrent I mean I can run battlefield 4 at 70-85 fps on
ultra while playing multiplayer pluse who wants an xbox 360bemu.

For what exclusives just buy the console and problem solved.

Dont have money for one steal one or get a chiped one there more cheep then
buying at walmart

(When I say build a pc actully build them dont get a pc from walmart or buy
an alienware there over priced and sucky hardware)

Автор Sigi Hack (8 месяцев)
please dude give a true link whit not fucking Surveys PLease NOOOOOT Survey

Автор Coalin Drost (7 месяцев)
Again one of these fake files.
Take the Xbox 360 emulator from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
game game cracking group. You can get it here for free:
http://cur.lv/5k8v0 *(just click on skip ad afterwards)*

Автор Lukas Witte Lund (11 дней)
You can find all the roms and emulaters on

Автор Kaushik Pathak (6 месяцев)
xbox one..............

Автор the gaming guy tom (8 месяцев)
there is no link

Автор Deen Sonbol (6 месяцев)
Just go to cool rom on google

Автор Sigi Hack (8 месяцев)
he say Passwort needed for open the file and you must Pay for the Fucking

Автор Sigi Hack (8 месяцев)
holly you the same shit

Автор Kevin Twiner (5 месяцев)
Super cool..thanks

Автор Lesz Aarronson (7 месяцев)

URL links you to a survey - This may waste your time and may force you to
pay $$$ to unlock it

The only real Game emulators are the Nintendo ones ( Excludes Wii, Wii U
and Nintendo DS and 3DS Titles) PS1 and maybe some first generation Xbox

Автор BanditGaming (1 день)
There is no links?

Автор Crafted Kirby (1 месяц)
Will this mess up your actual disc

Автор DisBULLits4u a.k.a DB! - Road to 100 Subs! (6 месяцев)
This is so complicated :(

Автор Shadow Blockland (12 дней)
can i3 M350 with AMD mobility radeon HD 5000 with 1GB Dedicated VRAM and
2.7 Vram with 4 GB run all these games?, I can run demanding games like
watch dogs and wolfenstein the new order 

Автор DisBULLits4u a.k.a DB! - Road to 100 Subs! (6 месяцев)
Thanks, now I can finally play that awesome pinball game on PS2, Flipnic:
Ultimate Pinball 

Автор kotd009 (4 месяца)
i remember when i played my first emu...nes and snes in beta stages, good
ole days..and by the way. it is illegal to dl roms. but who cares. we only
live once :)

Автор DisBULLits4u a.k.a DB! - Road to 100 Subs! (6 месяцев)
You need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x32 or x64 bit in order to
use the emulators

Автор DisBULLits4u a.k.a DB! - Road to 100 Subs! (6 месяцев)
Really cool

Автор Lukas Witte Lund (11 дней)
You can find all the roms and emulaters on

Автор Sigi Hack (8 месяцев)
i mean you Kelia and Holly

Автор TheMusicBox (11 месяцев)
propably an 2001 kid we 1990 kids at least had some fun and not scream like

Автор David Chil (11 месяцев)
XBOX emulator is a lie ..

Автор Sofiroro (1 год)
No, you sir, are dumb.

Автор CriticallyHappy (1 год)
I'm not sure what the technical term is, but is there an application to
convert pc games so they are playable on mac?

Автор di Vainc (1 год)
are the downloads on nitroroms safe?

Автор Kam Solomon (1 год)
nintendo= pre schooler shat

Автор williamsvpro (9 месяцев)
And you say that because...? Perhaps there are people ( like me ) who
actualy cares.

Автор ItsPW (1 год)
haha I "I will be assuming you have bout a copy already" Me: haha yeah ok

Автор salena (1 год)

Автор Jman no (1 год)
I looked for ROM FILES of the xbox coolrom . com is the site for xbox
emulator And where do you get xbox rom files?

Автор TheAppShow1 (11 месяцев)
so are yours bro

Автор iubercanu vali (10 месяцев)
Here are some ACTUAL games that you could been paid to test check out

Автор dukilen (9 месяцев)
if u findd one it a virus there all fake ones for xbox360 and and xbox

Автор MacTavish John (1 год)
6:00 Home page please

Автор kdemon17 (1 год)
Fuck your "thumbs up"

Автор TheAIIKnowing (1 год)
Judging by your grammar, so are you.

Автор Jason Kell (1 год)
Another great ROM site is Emuparadise. Really reliable

Автор Rainbow Neon Cat (10 месяцев)
i see no xbox....?

Автор Zachary Knoblauch (1 год)
*is and you spelt awesome wrong.

Автор CNpromos (1 год)
nobody owns the game they emulate, people that make theese proffessional
videos need to get that, and i pity the fool who actually only emulate the
game he owns dude you-re not gonna get arrested that never happened THUMBS

Автор mubblelyon (1 год)
Its only illegal if you download games that you don't own in real life.

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