George Michael Praying For Time 5-21-2008

Legendary singer/sonwriter George Michael performing Praying For Time

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Длительность: 5:35
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Автор MrTrythebest ( назад)
Very moving - this AI version is my favorite

Автор Leidson Tavares ( назад)
R.I.P George Michael

Автор Kennet Eriksson ( назад)

Автор D Jaquith ( назад)
Just thinking of this performance .. perfection touches my soul. I miss
George's genius voice.

Автор Jody A ( назад)
pure genius, I never get tired of watching this performance, what an
amazing talent 

Автор jjp4mma ( назад)
I remember an interview w/ him and he said he had a cold & apologized for
being 'off' in this performance. Now, that's a perfectionist. Great
version, but I think the unplugged version from 15 years earlier is the
BEST one I have ever heard. That performance, with the violins and less
wear on his voice, is perfect.

Автор Michael Nielsen ( назад)
@musicallife I´m a guy too - and I think no matter who you are - this song
will inevitably bring tears to your eyes. It´s such a heartfelt song ...

Автор Danesty ( назад)
his concert in Washington DC was the best concert I have ever been to in my
life!!! It was just so great, the ambiance, his voice, etc. I can't wait to
go to another one of his concerts :)

Автор Kim G ( назад)
Did George Michael write this song as well?

Автор Rok Novak (1597 лет назад)
Best male performer, absolute genius.

Автор sydsnap ( назад)
simply the best song by george

Автор C C ( назад)

Автор Kenny Paradiso ( назад)
You are blessed and I am for witnessing this performance. I've always loved
you as a performer. And this performance shows you on the inside,

Автор DJPashn ( назад)
He is amazing.

Автор singers333 ( назад)
Elvis last year and George's this year two best performances to ever grace
the American Idol stage.

Автор singers333 ( назад)
george micheal is one of the greatest singers of all time and sings from
the heart... MastersSecret how could you say GM WAS awesome? He IS awesome
and always will be lol.

Автор chatana06 ( назад)
Fantastic performance BUT as he said himself at the end, he had a cold! So
now imagine him sing that song with even a much clearer voice - and that's
what happened during his 2006/2007 tour!!! And your find those treasures on
YouTube too. Back then at Live 8 2005, he had considered doing that song
but didn't do it because he had a cold; that's how the world was deprived
of such a meaningful song on that day. So I'm glad he did that very hard
song to sing at American Idol despite his cold. LUV U!

Автор King Excel ( назад)
purest talent and longivity,much empowerment,im also one for sphinxpuzzle's
comment on Tales From The Time Loop, read people and open the doors to our
real truth. George nailed it,you must respect that.

Автор nema1218 (871 год назад)
I can't believe George appeared on Idol,Finally!Me and my beloved mother
also talked about how George had to come on the show!What a powerful
perfomance!His voice seems older,and he looks sick.This ruled!

Автор sphinxpuzzle ( назад)
The reason why the song still resonates: "Infinite love is the only truth"
Read David Icke, "Tales from the Time Loop". We have not been abandoned by
God, rather we are living out of synch of our purpose on earth and need to
refocus our negative emotions, develop our spirituality and let Love reign.
This is not some hippie BS folks, it is the truth. Open up to this idea and
research for yourself... Thank you George Michael, The right message for
the right time. What a presence he has!

Автор MSKOKOMOKO ( назад)
thanks for posting this! GM was amazing last night. He's always been great
but his performance on American Idol was incredible and gave me goosebumps.
Best performance ever on that show!

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