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Автор Nina Brown ( назад)
that's some kind of dog its not a chupacabra

Автор gato negro ( назад)
Backwoods mentality "I don't understand it, kill it" and the media will eat
this shit up! If you want real journalism don't watch local T.V. that is
the equivalent to the Enquirer as most YouTube posts are. It can be fun and
all but sometimes you see sad shit like this and it gets you down. I'm sure
science could explain this creature. I've seen other animals like this
caught in Texas so they are not that rare. People want to believe in
strange stuff and I think that is cool but not at the expense of living
creatures that feel pain, fear and grief. People don't get caught up with
the"YouTube B.S." degree educate yourself in the real world and play in
your own.

Автор Roel Halbersma ( назад)
they seem to be tasty as well , people under the Inca seemed to have eaten

Автор Robert Dyer ( назад)
Dumb-asses ! They poisoned a dog ! It's a Hairless Orchid Dog ! They are
originally from Peru ! Also known as Inca Dogs. Why do some people like to
sensationalize sh*t ? Then you have ignorant people who leave comments
like,"Nope, that's a cyote wolf hybrid" .It's spelled c-o-y-o-t-e to begin
with . DON"T believe everything you see for the first time on You Tube !!
If you can get to this part of cyber-space ,then you can get off your
ignorant behind and do your own research. It could start out by simply
typing something like "hairless animals" and then go from there ! I can't
believe that a journalist from a tv station in Texas would even run with a
story like that for ratings ! These are rare dogs and some people are
trying to get the numbers up by breeding them in the US and other places.
They are different from Chinese Crested dogs.

Автор nameless_ gamerrr ( назад)
it looks like a hair less dog that they killed...

Автор Felicity Self ( назад)
Poor thing was poisoned and probably died a horribly painful death.. My
God, the poor creature. Please if you're trying to study an animal, please,
set a live trap.

Автор Guy Gabaldon ( назад)
HAHA What a bunch of idiots! That is a dog called Xoloitzcuintle "XOLO" for
short, or Mexican Hairless Dog. Google it.

Автор HappyLPS576 ( назад)
cyote with mang IM DONE (Cyotes are what ever size they can be you never
know :P)

Автор LpsPrettyPaws Yay ( назад)
This sucks! Why do they have to keep messing with theese animals! They have
life's too! Like WHY?!!

Автор Jonathan Nagel ( назад)
A dog with bad mange.

Автор Joe Bob ( назад)
That's a dog 

Автор Igor Leonardo ( назад)

Автор Jeannette C ( назад)
That's a type of hairless dog from Peru. You moron!

Автор Leon Parker (1494 года назад)

Автор Frank M ( назад)
We don't know what it is, so obviously the hicks in Texas poisoned it.

Автор Jennifer Hillman ( назад)
its probable a dog with mange

Автор DAVY. J.Y. ( назад)
Wow, look at the size of its canine teeth!!!

Автор Forbidden Void ( назад)

Автор writerconsidered ( назад)
Could someone with 3 brain cells stop speculating and get a god damn DNA
test or is that just too much ask.

Автор Corpse of an Angel ( назад)
IMPORTANT THIS IS A BABY TASMANIAN TIGER actually called a thylacine and
its a marsupial has been in mothers pouch hense why it's mostly hairless
look up YouTube video of last living thylacine Benjamin in 60's

Автор Coherent Tiger ( назад)
It looks like a dog with a serious case of mange.

Автор Karen Bateson ( назад)
Dead dog??

Автор MRCRAZYSNIPER ( назад)
It's not a chupacabra a chupacrabra has spikes on its head

Автор alex gtz ( назад)
derp thats a Xoloitzcuintle dog

Автор joyteachem ( назад)
I noticed no mention of DNA! WHY?? Afraid if those results were obtained
it would be a worthless find? Maintain the mystery and make MONEY off
it? I would not give 2 cents to see it without the DNA being analyzed!

Автор juliet glazer ( назад)
Not to say the Chupacabara doesn't exist, but instead of arguing do the
research. Here is a link to one of the many instanses where research was
actually done.

Автор Runescape Acc ( назад)
Mexican hairless dog poor animal :[

Автор Grizzly ER ( назад)
did he say it sucked blood? because i got bored from the video

Автор MyLittleLyra ( назад)
Guys, this isn't a dog, and this isn't a chupacbra.
This is a chicken

Автор Hunter Maloney ( назад)
i thenk i have a rill living chupacabra in my home my mom dus not no but
hes my dog he looks exatley like that but he is the swettest theng ever idk
his name is checow 

Автор GEII2GE ( назад)
lol its probably a mexican hairless dog used for heat for arthritis aha

Автор Sydney Lang ( назад)
Its just a Mexican hairless dog.... 

Автор HeliosLight ( назад)
Fucking idiot doesnt understand that its a dog

Автор Isa Danone ( назад)
é montagem

Автор LatinoBossHD ( назад)
Hhahaaah its just a dog
How can they be so stupid to think its a chupacabra :D

Автор Rossnetmedia ( назад)
Xolo dog noobs

Автор martinz1540 ( назад)
This is not the real chupacabra. The real creature comes from Puerto Rico
and looks nothing like this. What white slack jaw retarded hillbilly thinks
this is a chupacabra?

Автор Raul Osorio ( назад)
this people is so confuse..that is nothing else than the Mexican hairless
dog Xoloitzxuintli..... a dog that has exist since the Aztec civilization..

Автор Kylie Irwin ( назад)
omg thats realy weard

Автор Majin 00 ( назад)
It's a skinless wild dog!

Автор tran vinh ( назад)

Автор D rop ( назад)
bastard killed my dog! you sir owe me one dog!

Автор christoph Leibundgut ( назад)
rotten fox?

Автор ratso69ful ( назад)
Dead Doberman?

Автор Marc-André Dagenais ( назад)
y a pas d'ailes ton chien

Автор craig timmons ( назад)
thats a dead dog!

Автор Poe Nwe ( назад)
coyote with a case of mange

Автор Theunamed888 ( назад)
It's a sick coyote, I live in New Mexico and I see them all the time.

Автор Gabriel Munguía ( назад)
"one thing is for sure" THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID that's a XOLOITZCUINTLE a
hairless dog!!

Автор Mauricio Marin ( назад)
That's a xoloitzcuintle.

Автор Sockz ( назад)
Umm dog? -_-

Автор B. Eagerton ( назад)

Автор Danijel Bajkic ( назад)
in Serbia there is "Drekavac", more scary then this.

Автор Artūrs Jurkovskis ( назад)

Автор therealsilence ( назад)
everybody can see that this is just a dead dog...jeezz

Автор Wanda Santiago ( назад)
r u sure it's not a coyote or some kind of messed up dog ?!?!?!?!

Автор Wanda Santiago ( назад)
are you sure it's not a coyote or a messed up dog

Автор vodKa899 ( назад)
/watch?v=Z-_dBMDNNBU Look at this video. THIS IS CHUPACABRAS!

Автор Julien Santini-Comeau ( назад)
It a dog

Автор Nate Hoffman ( назад)
Texans are dumb. An insult to human intelligence.

Автор Nate Hoffman ( назад)
Fox or coyote with mange.

Автор C861986 ( назад)
This video should be called : Coyote with mange killed in Texas.

Автор che Stöhr ( назад)
Und dieses exemplar sieht aus, als währe es jahre alt und konserviert. Die
schlinge an der pfote ist ziemlich neu und das tier befindet sich in der

Автор shiro yasha ( назад)
yeah its real watch gintama ep 237

Автор Yari143 ( назад)
"I don't know what to call it.." A coyote?

Автор David Krebs ( назад)
this is just a dog hahaha faggots

Автор HornedHearts ( назад)
I thought it said Chewbacca...

Автор Gasmask Mun :V ( назад)

Автор Jake | JakeyBruv ( назад)

Автор Bigd Darris ( назад)
who gave you directs to Bigfoot! Did the Lockness Monster tell you where he
was at? 

Автор LPS ZombieWolf ( назад)
Thats just a dog...

Автор Adrian Mcintosh ( назад)

Автор Treestorm ( назад)
we need a research team to ID this thing, GET TO IT STANFORD!!!!

Автор Daia Dawn ( назад)
Yeah... all I see is a very frozen xoloitzcuintle.

Автор ezra baletro ( назад)
Oh wow.. your gonna torture the poor things dead body for the veiws or
money ??? ppl like that make me sick

Автор Alexmar Sandoval ( назад)
no sean ignorantes es un perro

Автор Melissa Dunn ( назад)
its a mexican hairless dog. they're xolo 

Автор AnaLisa Leger ( назад)
Dude,Where's my dog?!

Автор Divitation ( назад)
It's frozen

Автор Erdem Kavlak ( назад)

Автор The Redditor /u/BlupHox ( назад)
Giat sucks

Автор Redant23 ( назад)
It is a dog

Автор Johnny HA ( назад)
thats just odd, cause that thing is so stiff, looks already taxidermied 

Автор Bradley Ovenden ( назад)
hear dog that definitely not a CHUPACABRA have some sugar (totally not
poison)!!!! wakes up next morning finds his CHUPACABRA dead aka (his dog
that he didn't want cause it is a mix breed of like racing dog/labrador
with weird skin and big teeth these people videoing are fucking retards 

Автор Antonio Caggiano ( назад)

Автор Rose Song ( назад)
This is a coyote. It has sarcoptic mange. Also known as scabies. It's
actually quite easy to identify what this animal is. 

Автор holly13000 ( назад)
just a dog

Автор Jkr K ( назад)
an animal...never seen before....what shall we do....let it live and let it
do its thing he won't hurt us anyway....no...no I know something better..
lets lay some poison on the ground and kill it...just to make

Автор fifaskillsboss ( назад)

Автор bowhuntermike1992 ( назад)
its a taxidermist.. he knows what a dog is.. his job is dealing with dead
animals daily.. that aint no dog that ive ever seen.. 

Автор bowhuntermike1992 ( назад)

Автор xcf528 ( назад)

Автор rck12369 ( назад)

Автор mikhaila knight ( назад)
so freaking stupid and animal abuse wtf man SMH

Автор The Left Shark ( назад)
how did i get to the photo shopped fake part of youtube? i was just
watching my warrior cat videos like a regular person then I'm here?

Автор 321Tdog ( назад)
That's just a disgusting dog

Автор Heaven ( назад)
Ugh.... People like you are the people I hate.

Автор bDIFFISKI91 ( назад)
Only in America would you 'mistake' a dog from a non-existing creature.

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