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Автор Mictlantecuhtli Saucedo Ayala (29 дней)
Este animal es el legendario itzcuintlipozotli.... estupidos rancheros
ignorantes,, no los maten, no sean idiotas. no es el chupacabra.

Автор writerconsidered (4 дня)
Could someone with 3 brain cells stop speculating and get a god damn DNA
test or is that just too much ask.

Автор Baker Knickrehm (4 месяца)
Real chupacabrahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah!!!!!!!1

Автор joyteachem (3 месяца)
I noticed no mention of DNA! WHY?? Afraid if those results were obtained
it would be a worthless find? Maintain the mystery and make MONEY off
it? I would not give 2 cents to see it without the DNA being analyzed!

Автор xXscottytheappyXx (4 месяца)
lol its probably a mexican hairless dog used for heat for arthritis aha

Автор Forbidden Void (1 день)

Автор SilverSpark99 (14 дней)
It looks like a dog with a serious case of mange.

Автор donna murphy (5 дней)
IMPORTANT THIS IS A BABY TASMANIAN TIGER actually called a thylacine and
its a marsupial has been in mothers pouch hense why it's mostly hairless
look up YouTube video of last living thylacine Benjamin in 60's

Автор Grizzly ER (4 месяца)
did he say it sucked blood? because i got bored from the video

Автор alex gtz (2 месяца)
derp thats a Xoloitzcuintle dog

Автор Karen Bateson (24 дня)
Dead dog??

Автор juliet glazer (3 месяца)
Not to say the Chupacabara doesn't exist, but instead of arguing do the
research. Here is a link to one of the many instanses where research was
actually done.

Автор Minecraftlover123 (2 месяца)
It's not a chupacabra a chupacrabra has spikes on its head

Автор MyLittleLyra (4 месяца)
Guys, this isn't a dog, and this isn't a chupacbra.
This is a chicken

Автор Hunter Maloney (4 месяца)
i thenk i have a rill living chupacabra in my home my mom dus not no but
hes my dog he looks exatley like that but he is the swettest theng ever idk
his name is checow 

Автор ratso69ful (10 месяцев)
Dead Doberman?

Автор Sydney Lang (4 месяца)
Its just a Mexican hairless dog.... 

Автор LatinoBossHD (6 месяцев)
Hhahaaah its just a dog
How can they be so stupid to think its a chupacabra :D

Автор Runescape Acc (3 месяца)
Mexican hairless dog poor animal :[

Автор D rop (10 месяцев)
bastard killed my dog! you sir owe me one dog!

Romania is't not vampires,in Romania nu sunt vampiri

Автор HeliosLight (5 месяцев)
Fucking idiot doesnt understand that its a dog

Is't real that's animal, este real acest animal,

Автор martinz1540 (8 месяцев)
This is not the real chupacabra. The real creature comes from Puerto Rico
and looks nothing like this. What white slack jaw retarded hillbilly thinks
this is a chupacabra?

Автор craig timmons (11 месяцев)
thats a dead dog!

Автор Raul Osorio (9 месяцев)
this people is so confuse..that is nothing else than the Mexican hairless
dog Xoloitzxuintli..... a dog that has exist since the Aztec civilization..

Автор Isa e Babys (5 месяцев)
é montagem

Автор Kylie Irwin (9 месяцев)
omg thats realy weard

Автор Marc-André Dagenais (10 месяцев)
y a pas d'ailes ton chien

Автор tran vinh (10 месяцев)

Автор christoph Leibundgut (10 месяцев)
rotten fox?

Автор Poe Nwe (11 месяцев)
coyote with a case of mange

Автор missa1022 (1 год)
Umm dog? -_-

Автор Rossnetmedia (7 месяцев)
Xolo dog noobs

Автор Buddy Eagerton (1 год)

Автор bots oby (10 месяцев)
It's a skinless wild dog!

Автор Theunamed888 (11 месяцев)
It's a sick coyote, I live in New Mexico and I see them all the time.

Автор Mauricio Marin (1 год)
That's a xoloitzcuintle.

Автор Gabriel Munguía (1 год)
"one thing is for sure" THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID that's a XOLOITZCUINTLE a
hairless dog!!

Автор Danijel Bajkic (1 год)
in Serbia there is "Drekavac", more scary then this.

Автор KierLightraven (1 год)
its frozen

Автор Jalen Hansford (1 год)
Crap now I'm in the crazy kart of YouTube

Автор Franco Pedemonte (1 год)
bcfb cbv

Автор addlass (1 год)
Hmm looks kinda like a fox or coyote with a horrific case of mange.

Автор ezra baletro (1 год)
Oh wow.. your gonna torture the poor things dead body for the veiws or
money ??? ppl like that make me sick

Автор bowhuntermike1992 (1 год)

Автор Foxy of Pirate Cove (1 год)
how did i get to the photo shopped fake part of youtube? i was just
watching my warrior cat videos like a regular person then I'm here?

Автор Anthony Genovese (1 год)

Автор Antonio Caggiano (1 год)

Автор karina petrscu (1 год)
stay calm the neck of that creature was broken so he had a fast death thats
why he is in that posture

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