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Автор SpeakerAndrewWiggin (3 года)
@CCHarmon88 This program does not say that those with autism are an
'unperson' at all. The basis is that all 'behaviors' should not be judged
as inappropriate or wrong - but they are rather logical if we could
understand where the individual is coming from. They invite you to join the
child in the autism world, develop an understanding and love for where they
are coming from - then build the trust to invite them to understand and
participate in our world. Please contact me for more info.

Автор autism parent (2 года)
How verbal were your children and how severe was their stimming?

Автор Jan Sarbora (4 года)
@ Psionic 7Rat -This guy didn't just have speech difficulties; look how
self absorbed - running in circles, patting his head - not looking at his
caregiver. To AllOtherNames Taken2; He's not "acting" normal. There's no
"do this and "do that" here. It's about helping him understand what it
feels like to be in a shared world and inspiring willing engagement. DIR
Floortime play does this also. I worked in a Son-Rise program..no role play
needed. The brain can re-wire and does. I've seen it.

Автор ginajeanify (3 года)
@joystick30 I completely agree. However I do think it varies on what kind
of autism the child is, there are HUNDREDS of different kinds of autism
spectrum disorders over the world, for some families it works and for some
it doesn't. My younger brother was diagnosed as severely autistic after his
MMR jab in 1993 and we tried out Son Rise in 1997, although it didn't as
they say "cure" his autism, the workshops did however help us strongly
reach out and communicate with him. My heart goes out to u

Автор Roardiotv (5 лет)
I love the way these guys show time and time again how autism is not an
impossible diagnosis. The Son-Rise programme is simply wonderful. I've
volunteered with a family in London many years ago who were running a home
based Son-Rise programme and it was so inspiring and fulfilling to
participate in it. Well done Simon and your family - what a fabulous

Автор Katieloudrifter (5 лет)
FULL RECOVERY -- I have always been dubfounded as to why anyone ,
especially those in the helping professions, could recoil at the notion of
FULL RECOVERY FROM AUTISM. A big THANK YOU to SImon and his parents and to
Son-Rise. I love it !

Автор Jeanette B (4 года)
I think people who are offended by what this program offers needs to
realize that treatment for Autism is a GOOD thing. Ok, so I agree that it
is incurable, but treating children who have Autism in order to help them
connect with society as well as easing their strong sensory issues WILL
make for a more happy and satisfied person. Just look at this young man;
he's proof. He can call himself "cured" or "treated" or whatever, but what
matters is that he's proud of himself and his experiences.

Автор thijsjong (2 года)
I have a less severe form of autism as the kid in the video. It wasn't
diagnosed untill late adulthood. The only way to improve the lives of
autistic children is to connect with them in a safe and loving way. Guiding
them and give them courage to face the world. Neural pathways and parts of
the brain can be stimulated to develop. There is plasticity to normalize
within the right environment. Treating only symptoms is the worst that can
be done. A hollistic aproach is needed.

Автор joystick30 (3 года)
i wished it was all true.....i doubt it a lot though....if it was this
simple, why isnt it a known treatment all over the world by now????? Dont
you think you are giving parents and other family members false hope....are
you getting payed for this all??? if you do and it is all fake....my
gosh....i can get so upset with this all, my daughter is autistic and dont
you dare take atvantage of this desparation!

Автор autismtreatment (2 года)
Hello there! I'm not sure who you are directing this questions to? Are you
talking about Simon on the video? We would love to help! Thank you.

Автор Kajoli Tankha (5 лет)
amazing what an inspiration

Автор Aracninxian (3 года)
I think that autism in america must be another thing, or they are making
wrong diagnosis on children... my daughter is autistic, she don't have a
bactery or a virus in the organism to be treated. She don't have a desease,
isn't ill. She has something in the genes that made her brain work like
this, something that the especialized cience still don't know explain. She
just born that way. Also i want to say that exists different levels of
autism. I will not talk about the programs or >>

Автор srileyGC (2 года)
It works! Its a very effective program and it is VERY real

Автор kerville (2 года)
this method is closed to the Mifne in Israel, and I have seen amazing
results on a child 2 years old and half, with the Mifne, in 3 months
already it was amazing. Autisme espoir in France does it also and is based
on the voluntering as Son-Rise is. What I like in Son-Rise is that they
encourage other methods, complement therapies, are very open minded. Of
course now, there is the link between Borrelium bacteria and autism to test
and study more.

Автор autismtreatment (3 года)
@joystick30 The Son-Rise program was voted “Best Autism Therapy” at the
AutismOne National Conference.”

Автор gahana108 (5 лет)
Inspiring!!! :)

Автор breannaV light (3 года)
Wow! I think every autistic kid should be put on this treatment. What have
they got to lose? For all you parents out there doubting the effectiveness
of this program, just give it a shot! It makes a lot of sense and the
testimonials are amazing! As someone whos worked with autistic kids for the
past 7 yrs and seeing litttle to no progress in the kids in terms of
behavior and social skills, the SonRise program is the best method Ive seen
so far.

Автор Rachel (5 лет)
"When I was autistic" A phrase most of the medical community finds
impossible. Much love, Simon! Thank You! One day my son will tell people
"At one point I was diagnosed with autism. It is a part of my past". Thank
you ATCA! Thank you Lord for leading us there!

Автор Tangueraluna7 (5 лет)
amazing ;-)

Автор bergcycles1 (5 лет)
Thank you 4 this! I needed it

Автор autismtreatment (2 года)
Hi there! We totally agree! Thank you so much for sharing! Al the very best
to you!

Автор AwarenessAvengers (3 года)
@joystick30 hi Joy- my name is Greg Milk and I have 2 children on the
Spectrum of Autism and have to tell you that after having done EVERYTHING
else as well as spent at least half a million dollars over the past 8 years
-the last 4 having done Son-Rise have given me 16 yrs back with my
children, my wife and my own sanity (who contemplated a group suicide at 1
low point to be graphically honest) I feel your desperation and know FULLY
how vulnerable you may feel.... but this is REAL

Автор SpeakerAndrewWiggin (3 года)
No program can guarantee the same results for every child - but this one
has had stunning results for my two kids. One is 'recovered', one is much
improved... happy and enjoying the world. I'd recommend reading the books
and finding out more. Feel free to message me.

Автор Rienneil (2 года)
I just want to say how great you are guys, i love what you do and love your
videos, help me so much to understand and learn, and you really helped me
with my work as well. Please keep on going

Автор Bart Smith (5 лет)
I love these people. Option Institute is amazing. Thank you Barry,
Samariah, Raun, Brin and everyone who helped us love and understand my son

Автор thijsjong (2 года)
The governments in the world should support this. I think it is totally
worth it though in both human and financial terms. A nation wich supports
this financially gets productive citizens in return so everybody wins if
this is widely implemented. I am afraid a lot of kids get left out because
the parents lack financial resources. SO we have to spread the word.

Автор kariushka (4 года)
Omg!! So inspiring!! @Sickofknowitalls... We'll get there!! I'm so much
happier now... Everytime I watch one of the Son-Rise program, I see a
bright future for Arturo, so eager to get into the program and praying with
all I have in me to God, for a beautiful life for my kids... A normal and
happy one!!

Автор whisperingsage (4 года)
@CCHarmon88 If you think it's a great think that they can't function in
normal society or talk, then, have fun, adopt a bunch and enjoy it. But it
can suck the life out of a parent. This young man has joined us as normal.
I praise God for this method of therapy. If you have ever tried to connect
with an autistic person, and they can't make eye contact or respond in a
normal way, it feels really bad. It really invalidates you as a person.
It's hard to not take it personally.

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