Diablo II, Chaos Empire Mod - Uber Trist

*Season 7.71a is out! New ladder 1.1.10*

Season 7.55 Char In 7.68 Uber Trist
Forum Page: http://chaosempire.eu/d2web/
Download: ftp://chaosempire.eu/D2_Mod_new

Просмотров: 41806
Длительность: 2:9
Комментарии: 84

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Автор Hector Molina ( назад)
me podrias dar las indicaciones de como descargarlo, quiero recordar los
viejos tiempos

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@MKjupstar been answered few pages back, read thru ;o

Автор AlancitoH RivademaR ( назад)
skeleton de diablo 1 WTF (? q copado pero jajaja

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@TheGuyBehindThePC :(

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@TheGuyBehindThePC amp -> pyk, your dead o_o assn > all

Автор Abbadon Kinky ( назад)
wtf? how to download this mod? i enter on the site and is show some zip
files and how to download it????

Автор Iczani ( назад)
zajebisty mod

Автор Killershane13 ( назад)
I haven't actually seen a quest walkthrough for Diablo 2 - Chaos Empire
that's actually a video. So if you guys want, I can make one. (Well, I have
started it's just un-uploaded)

Автор fhgkfhgk ( назад)
@12531diablo the tittle says it 

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@xxxdiabloxxx1 that realm is trash, gms favor there friends, give them
charms, been there, rapt that~

Автор yannick langlois ( назад)
@12531diablo dude its mod'ed... its like private realms, people change the
diablo 2 game to make it funer just like other mods i know this mod its
call chaos empire not U.S.East or U.S.West and shit go to d2pk.net for the
all the same itms and siht but its fun coz its a PvP realm you only PvP...
and yeah

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@xxxdiabloxxx1 ty sir

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@jaboae2 should be, send maybe 400 hours on this char..

Автор yannick langlois ( назад)
sick mod

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@12531diablo Chaos Empire

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil Lost City, Mini boss, elder

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune thank you

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil Act3, Flayer Wp, head over the the "to the swampy pit level 1"
head to floor3, and find Damien, he's with 10 fire mages, he will drop the
"use this to open the way to hell"

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune k

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil I'll reinstall CE after i get out of work today, maybe fraps how
to get "way to hell"

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune thank you

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil act3, flayer jungle wp, 

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune The circle of stones drops need):

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil dark woods? circle of stones, try that

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune ty

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil umm, act3 tomb next to wp, floor3 is fire guy kill him for more

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil this mod is hack proof, its online, and single player,

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune How do you get from the Halls of Pain to the layer

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil thru halls of pain

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune How do you get to Nehlathak's layer?

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil act5, Nihlathak's layer

Автор mymrphil ( назад)
@Brokenrune How do you get to the dungeon?

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@mymrphil 3 posts down `.`

Автор Engels121 ( назад)
@grews2l go to chaosempire.eu & dl the mod. install, done.

Автор Julian Alcetegaray ( назад)
how u can play this mod? *--*

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@grews2l click your name, to ur profile..

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
@grews2l check you profile to how2

Автор m3h ( назад)
sow....i can still cheat while this mod is downloaded?right

Автор Eduard Dutka ( назад)
@Brokenrune amazing, I found it recently, it is a3, great march, dark
wanderer. that was the biggest problem I ever had in diablo 2 :D I was
searching for it for one week...

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
You Need Three ACt1 darkwoods, Warp to arcane go into blue portal up from
wp, kill fire eye, Last word is in act3 swamp.. find the dark wanderer

Автор Eduard Dutka ( назад)
could anyone give a hint where to find items for khalim flail receipe?
specialy word "you"... I am not able to find it, giving up already...

Автор Birkir44 ( назад)
its diablo 2 lod... there is assasin... assasin isnt in diablo 2... only
diablo 2 lod

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
Diablo 2 LoD is required

Автор ZOx0 ( назад)
is this for diablo 2 or diablo 2 lod?

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
King Leoric, Cow King, Butcher (pizza boy), Griswold, Chimera, Anceint
Diablo, Lazarus

Автор Daegda Games ( назад)
OK please tell me what bosses you need to fiht in this uber tristram event
i heard ( king leoric go off i think i saw the kow king i heard lazarus go
off and i think i saw diablo ) can you tell me the bosses in this uber
trist and what the prize is OH i also heard the butcher go off

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
install diablo2, install LOD, patch to 1.10 or 1.13 dont matter, install CE
mod, activate the mod, update it with the 7.71a file, your set

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
black tower key, found on floor 17 of dungeon, king is dead is found bu
killing cow king in "way of hell" (maze) fought the seven is found in
ancients way tunnel, killing snap tooth

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
Morph amults were removed in 7.65V, for uber trist. "The king is dead"
"Fought the Seven", "Black tower key" these 3 cubed makes cain bark scroll

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
CE is massive, you'll have a great time going thru norm/nm...hell is a
different story ^^

Автор JmanBane ( назад)
i think the download link is dead. i cant download.

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
Talked to some people that left those mods and came to CE, all but 1 love
the change

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
Install LOD, update to 1.10, install CE 7.69, activate CE, then replace
7.70 files. Then start CE. no hacks cant be used, if your CD is in, keep
hitting cancel till diablo opens.

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
yes chaos empire has its own realm, and after ladder reset all charaters
get saved and can be downloaded afterwards

Автор Ivo angelov ( назад)
when i start the mod activator on version 1.10 and run diablo 2 LOD it says
me that i must insert the cd Help meee

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
"the" is dropped by a Boss bustbeatle in the far oases with" is dropped by
Fireeye (under the Palace, guards the entrance to horazon) me" drops in the
stonetomb (just out of town in a2)

Автор stealthsnakeNL ( назад)
i cant find ME-WITH-THE items can someone plz tell where to get them

Автор TeRRoRx503 ( назад)
HAHA the butcher

Автор Marco K. ( назад)
Hi can someone plz send me the install of chaos empire you cant get it
anymore. or send a link

Автор Bugersaler ( назад)
Im on version 7.66 sp3. Cool mod, changes are not so ridiculous like in
median where u have no idea whats going on.. i like CE very much but it
lacks internet feedback- most of original forums are dead or deleted,
making this mod tought nutt. i play this mod on 1.12 and cant seem to find
tristram, cow level, items like "you are my hero" or "the king is dead"
etc... Mb u can guide me in some kind of this mod's info forum?

Автор Bugersaler ( назад)

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
think i was doing about 300k WW, im not sure on my stats havent touched D2
in a long time, got her perfected about 2 months ago. 750K Def, 500K WW,
95% tohit anything, lvl100. Altho anything here can 1-hit you if not geared
right ;p

Автор vincanthofred ( назад)
there is the butcher in median XL :D he even say HMMMM FRESH MEAT O_O there
is even private server for median XL so you can play on Bnet(d2Maniacs on

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
ROFL stalker

Автор forgotaboutbre ( назад)
ha i get the exact same feeling. It's not the same on bnet tho. Gotta play
the single player

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
What version you play?

Автор vviman ( назад)
PLZZZ im level 98 on this mod and the keys never drop plz tell me how to
open the portal

Автор Madd ( назад)
1:36 brought back the most horrifying memory I have of Diablo1 which is
running to the butcher the first time and having him whip the living shit
out of your totally unprepared to get whooped so bad ass. Opening a door to
hear "Ahhhhh FRESH MEAT!" Never stopped freaking me out with a new
character... every time I hit him I was always weary if my low level newb
could beat the Butcher.

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
most where gotten after season2 1.10

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
silly random i ran the "original" game for the past 6 yrs was #1 lord /
Barbarian UsWest Classic ladder for 4 seasons so plz.. stfu and get off my
videos Lord Rune Lord Avoid Lord Society Lady Raha Lady AnalSex speak now
boi ;)

Автор nemecaias ( назад)
why you fuck this game posting this gay modds grow up and play the original
game cheat is for kiddos ... litle bastards

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
that makes this mod so fun ;)

Автор Kingston Wetherby ( назад)
holy hell that looks sweet. i've played median here and there over the past
few years, but this looks VERY intersting. love the flashback to d1. very
cool. ty for the upload

Автор auksan ( назад)
nice looking mod gotta try

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
erm, cow level in CE is about 15x larger then in basic diabloII

Автор quazake ( назад)
Okay thanks :D

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
(THE) Location: Far Oasis Monster: Beetleburst (Death Beetle)

Автор quazake ( назад)
Hi there, Nice Assa :P I am in act2 with my scorc but i need the "THE" item
:s don't know where to find it ? :S (cube, me, with, THE, other)

Автор xzero707x ( назад)

Автор Volkan Topal (1939 лет назад)
rofl this is from d1 ^^

Автор Alexandre Santos ( назад)
hey man i got a problem i cant play because i dont got the cd on other
server i can use d2loader but in that one i cant cause the mod cant load it
i got a compatibility problem :S if u can help me pls send me a message

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
yet u come here to reply to this video..making u have a life right?
hrmmm...think b/4 u type ^^

Автор Brokenrune ( назад)
In Rocky Waste, go to Stony Tomb, Level 2.

Автор Jerdope ( назад)
not ubers?, ubers dont drop items

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