This New Smartphone Might Surprise You...

Check out my unboxing of the newly released Honor 6x smartphone. This device will retail for $249

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*This video is sponsored by Honor USA

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Автор Gis B ( назад)
Should I buy a Blu Life One X2 (64gb+4gb ram; $199.99) or the Honor 6x
(32gb+2gb ram; $249.99)? The Blu phone seems to have a 16mp camera and the
Honor 6x has a 12mp+2 mp camera, but I'm still stuck in a dilemma on which
phone is better to use for a couple of years.

Автор morgen Heath ( назад)
you could get the xbox one s 500 gb

Автор Prabhutva Chaturvedi ( назад)
Finally!! Jack is the Camera??!!

Автор laricel tabien ( назад)
please click read more

Автор Akash Shrivastava ( назад)
Why.. Just why??😤😤

Автор Maheer Ahmad ( назад)
this have you seen the zte zmax pro
13MP 1080p
2GB RAM Snapdragon 617
32 GB
and a friggin fingerprint scanner

all for 150$

Автор Blake Stuart ( назад)
same box as huawei y6 elite

Автор Edward Powley ( назад)
The iPhone 7+ already does this

Автор maran947 ( назад)
It looks a lot like the Huawei P9 (lite)

Автор Michael Avalos ( назад)
Sooo...Jack is a camera?

Автор Carp Ovidiu ( назад)
try to make a vid with xiaomi redmi note 3, is similar to honor but, is
more powerful than nonor and is less money! cheers!

Автор uziTGC ( назад)
it's 4Gigs of RAM not 3 according to GSMarena

Автор ThE BoMb ( назад)
This just copied iPhone 7 plus 2 cameras portrait mode also look at the
bottom of the phone that's why I hate android they just copy apple until
apple makes a stupid decision like taking the headphone jack away

Автор محمد ( назад)

Автор Mike Czenkus ( назад)
Top specs for the price? Not even close.

Автор Josh Gener ( назад)
so jack is a camera?

Автор Froiid TheBoy ( назад)
Wait guys, so what is the actual situation with this "Jack"? Lol, either my
sarcasm intake is poor or I just can't understand humans anymore.

Автор tural aliyev ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the background music

Автор J Vergara ( назад)
in PH that Phone is GR5 2017

Автор coolkvoor ( назад)
3 gb of ram😑 I rather buy a other phone

Автор nostale2468 ( назад)
Will it be available to order in Canada?

Автор Carson W ( назад)
I could buy 249 burgers from McDonald's

Автор Carson W ( назад)
I w a n t o n e

Автор Aidan Riordan ( назад)
Reminder "might"

Автор wombo combo ( назад)
what are these ridiculous thumbnails and titles please stop

Автор Apophis GamingTM ( назад)
You could get half an iPhone.

Автор Jay Jayjay ( назад)
how do you know which sim card you're using when making a call?

Автор How ToLogic ( назад)
um an iphone in my country is like 7000 dollars and they both are the same
bleedy price

Автор Carlos Ramirez ( назад)
Where I can buy this phone ? eBay ? Thanks

Автор ITZJAY ( назад)
Who's jack

Автор NinjaDragonLLS ( назад)
that phone is so cool

Автор code 321 ( назад)
o my got they don't pay him they ask for a review

Автор Tristen Baylis ( назад)
the entire goal was to always make a bit of money doing this you stupid
fucks. Of course all his videos are skewed now, but I'm happy for him. At
least he shows you what the product looks like, the features, yata yata ,
then you can go on to do further research if your interested.

Автор alilbitofme ( назад)
happy tree

Автор Miker Vlazakis ( назад)
you guys are dumb this is a great smart phone for a great price for those
who cant spend 700$ for an iphone and this channel makes videos like that
for years wake up guys

Автор SA The Gaming KING ( назад)
you deserve 15 million subscribers

Автор CrazyMovieMaker ( назад)
Chill....With Bob Ross

Look it up on netflix and turn it on when you go to bed...you will not be

Автор A Shen ( назад)
It's a chinese phone what price do u expect

Автор Nur Nadhirah ( назад)
omg 249$. at malaysian 3k

Автор صناع الحياة ( назад)
رجاءا قم بترجمة الفيديو بالعربيه وشكرا

Автор Alive + Free ( назад)
An interview from 2014... https://goo.gl/lMG5Oi
TubeFilter: Do companies ever compensate you for your reviews, and if so,
does that affect your opinions in any ways?
UnboxTherapy: When working directly with brands, it’s very important that
parameters are in place regarding content and language. I would never post
a review in exchange for money.

Автор Marie Brittain ( назад)
the Dutch subtitles are partially spam :/

Автор samin yeasir arik ( назад)
mestery solved jack is his cameras name....................

Автор brad hawk ( назад)
who is jack by the way??

Автор jokersmokes420 all day ( назад)
how do i win this phone lol

Автор Nathan R ( назад)
Jack looks like he's been lifting lately, good on him! ;)

Автор Hillary Clinton ( назад)
Where's the iphone's bitch

Автор Ali RZA ( назад)
249$ ?! These days they don't even spit in your hand for lube using.

Автор mahalo my dudes ( назад)
basically just an updated honor 7 available in north america

Автор Monky ( назад)
Should check out the Oukitel K10000

It has a 10,000 mah battery

Автор Aura Glasswerks ( назад)
Herman davfag

Автор Vedanta ( назад)
"Weck mich auf" by Samy Deluxe

Автор Rahul Srivastva ( назад)
so there's no jack in real
ooo man u r forever alone.

Автор Wen Zhang ( назад)
啥? 我看到了华为荣耀6X...

Автор kevin juarez ( назад)
Bob ross 😂😂😂

Автор MrPikachu ( назад)

Автор Remco de Pagter ( назад)
I save my money to buy that phone, I want it!

Автор ernesto mariscal ( назад)
unbox the one plus 3

Автор Rodrigo del Cid ( назад)
What about the oneplus!

Автор Nostalgia Gaming ( назад)
NOT MUCH ahhaahhaahha

Автор shahminhajuddin ( назад)
LeEco's "COOLPAD COOL-1 dual " beats it at every level !!!

Автор Mr All Rounder ( назад)
Plzz give a shoutout to my channel

Автор Marco Ploeg ( назад)
Yo mama for 249?

Автор LaxyzoGAMING ( назад)
guys is it just me or are Unbox therapy and Vsauce are twins?

Автор Utkarsh Chaudhary ( назад)
does it has gyroscope?

Автор Fight Me ( назад)
Jack is a camera...

Автор Shokuji Akai ( назад)
*This video is sponsored by Honor USA

Автор Random Dude ( назад)
you can buy 62 bags of lays
75 bags of doritos
101 bags of takis
an xbox one s
the list goes on and on

Автор CC- Vlogs ( назад)
Is jack the Camera, as in it has a name? Lol whaaa

Автор TRON1CK ( назад)
samy deluxe - weck mich auf

Автор Michael Place ( назад)
What do you mean by "no contract"

Автор pranav k.s ( назад)
u can get redmi note 3 pro

Автор mikkel madsen ( назад)
He should unbox the oneplus 3T

Автор The Ark ( назад)
If you are not with AT&T or T mobile you are out of luck with this phone.
Sad because I would buy that today.

Автор Dirt Butcher ( назад)
The camera features on this thing are pretty cool, aren't they, Jack?

Автор Vector 9655 ( назад)
is Jack the camera itself?

Автор Mitch James ( назад)
wait..... is jack a real person or is that camera just named jack??????

Автор Oscar Solano ( назад)
I tried to buy an honor 6x during a flash sale and the system was busy and
i didnt get a chance to

Автор Pen Griffey ( назад)
do a face reveal for Jack

Автор Jonathan Ortiz ( назад)
Review the ZTE Blade V8 Pro please.

Автор 4AG SniperHeat ( назад)
do the Le eco 2 its 150 $ budget smartphone but best like if you agree

Автор Borche Peltekovski ( назад)
I am using HTC One M8 and it is also alluminum and it also has a camera
with cool effects like DOF. DOF isn't something special that this phone
has, if you focus the picture right before you take it it has perfect DOF
but you can change it into better after the picture is taken or work on it
as "3D" picture. Just M8 stuff... Thanks for copying Huawei.

Автор Faizan Arshad ( назад)
Good work

Автор Gerard's Life? ( назад)
Where is the link to buy

Автор Frank Wolf ( назад)

Автор Coconuthead ( назад)
actually not a bad camera

Автор coolboy9950 ( назад)
where can i buy this phone?

Автор Andy ( назад)
i only have about three fiddy..

Автор Vaporwave ( назад)
i could get a shitty rpg maker on steam for $249
i could get a bunch of cs:go skins for $249

Автор CheatMania Productions ( назад)
Its a huawei phone you can see it on the lil paper

Автор Abrar Sufi ( назад)
Redmi 3s prime @146usd

Автор Yzix ™ ( назад)
jack is cAmera? :D

Автор Cassy Fabiani ( назад)
Sounds like a great deal either way but does this have wireless charging

Автор keVin D.C ( назад)
whoo. i need thar kind of phone. lol can i have those? 😆

Автор world entertainment ( назад)
hello i like way you describe or unboxed the phone its really cool

Автор majo escobar ( назад)
Am I the only one that just realized that Jack isnt a person?😳 I feel

Автор James Marshall ( назад)
those are some seriously fresh spectacles

Автор Q Rious ( назад)
any indian love this channel ?

Автор woopdidoo ( назад)

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