2008 AFC Championship Steelers vs Ravens

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Автор korlu01 ( назад)
As a Steelers fan, I'll always have hate for the Ravens, but god damn, do I
respect them! Not like the Cincinnati Nig Nogs. Fucking LOOOOOSAHS!

Автор Adrain Spoony ( назад)
that was a game there buddy.

Автор Paul Bennett ( назад)
Smash mouth football!!

Автор Nick Harrison ( назад)
I love STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Travis Stewart ( назад)
Cory Ivy blasted.

Best game I ever did see

Автор Steel Jackson ( назад)
that was an amazing game to watch that play by troy was the best play from
mr polamalu

Автор Cookie41Monster ( назад)
I've been to alot of football games in my life, this stands alone as my
absolute favorite.

Автор Will Loadman - Loads12Studios ( назад)
People that aren't Steelers fans, especially Ravens fans, Bengals fans and
fans of a couple other AFC teams, always say that the Steelers are dirty.
But I always wonder why they don't say that the Ravens and Bengals are
dirty. Bengals fans are still mad about the Carson Palmer thing. Clearly it
was an accident. And Bengals fans wonder why Steelers fans are still mad
about the Bengals blowing out Le'Veon"s knee twice. The first time the
Steelers fans were still mad and kind of thought that it was on purpose.
But when it happened a SECOND time Steelers fans knew something was going
on. Also, when I think Shazier hit Bernard, (which was clean) Bengals fans
freaked out. But they thought it was clean when Burfict hurt
Roethlisberger's shoulder and had that terribly dirty hit on Brown. Luckily
they called a penalty on the Brown hit. Burfict is a dirty punk and an
idiot! Also the Bengals and the Ravens suck!

Автор Zack Wyse ( назад)
Dude it's a steeler movie. ESPN makes one for the team that wins the

Автор David Farji ( назад)
where did you get this video?
i want too see the complete 1 hour

Автор sneekermouse ( назад)
i am SO thrilled the ravens upset the titans for this game.

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