Sweet Child O` Mine - Guns N` Roses - Slash (Guitar Cover)

I can send you the patch that I made with the GT-10, just ask nicely and send me your EMAIL (but preferrably subscribe) and I send you a download link. Give me some time to get home from work. Allow 24h max response time. Thanks.

My youtube Videos you can not see beacause of "This video contains content from xxx. It is not available in your country" can be found at facebook.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008/

Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro SAPH-1 (neck & bridge)/

Boss GT-10

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Длительность: 5:4
Комментарии: 140

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Автор Marikit Baggao ( назад)
rock on!

Автор John T ( назад)
Real nice sound. Could you send me that patch for the GT-10. Would love to
try it myself.

Автор Noah Drui ( назад)
Nice cover, Did you change the song with a switch ?

Автор fabianolins ( назад)
Great sound !!! Can you send me the patch please,

Автор Rounak Roy ( назад)
3:40 for the sweetest part ^_^

Автор Darryl Williams ( назад)
It is played halfstep down Eb but great cover still keep it up

Автор rossman972 ( назад)
Can you send me the patch please?

Автор guitaralves22 ( назад)
Great cover visit my channel and subscriber.

Автор Ricardo Triviño ( назад)
You can send me to my email patche
thanks in advance

Автор Ian Cher ( назад)
For the gt 10 sweet child o mine patch

Автор Ian Cher ( назад)
My email is iancher@live.com. Appreciate much for sending me. Thanks

Автор Ian Cher ( назад)
Hi, can you send me the patch. Thanks

Автор Cube Master ( назад)
Main solo is not right at the end.but still......awesome.

Автор Cube Master ( назад)
dude amesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Dandy Hermada ( назад)

Автор stephane lolo ( назад)
niceeeeeee,Hello, I could have your patche please, thank you, I do not
speak English good(well), sorry

Автор MrHardrocker98 ( назад)
haha..awesome anwser !! lol...nice cover ;)

Автор Armando Martinez ( назад)
i like your guitar!

Автор Sunnybono999 ( назад)
You suck though

Автор Sunnybono999 ( назад)
Nice guitar

Автор Connor Finan ( назад)
i spend most of the video looking at his guitar and forgetting why i
clicked on the vid, great cover though :) subbed

Автор MICHAEL Interlandi ( назад)
Good job

Автор Musical Afagus de Maringá ( назад)
hey guy.. greate tone. How i do send to you a email.. Can you send me this

Автор john strimm ( назад)
Hi,buddy that was amazing.!!may i have a tablature pleaze..?

Автор cmpunk37jess ( назад)
Hi, I love the tone, is it possible for you to send me the gt 10 patch
please? :D Thank you 

Автор Elkin limas rojas ( назад)
send me the path to elimasrojas@gmail.com thank you

Автор Adancho Slash ( назад)
adancho17@hotmail.com im suscribe that settings works with a marshall

Автор Warwick Smiley ( назад)
Ok now what..W

Автор Mark Sargent ( назад)
What tabs did you use for this. Nicely played...

Автор Cali Oberbeck ( назад)

Автор alan100051 ( назад)
Can you send me the patch please?

Автор Alexandre guerta ( назад)
quais efeitos voce usa?

Автор Alexandre guerta ( назад)
Que efeitos voce usa pra tocar essa musica?

Автор pfvr 7 (1940 лет назад)
you are fuck

Автор Argentinean Steak ( назад)
not bad

Автор ruddvan1 ( назад)
hi could you please send me the boss gt 10 patch ive subscribed many thanks

Автор Ines Lederer ( назад)
great cover, did you play the guitar then put music to it or play along to
the song?

Автор Alexander Meijers ( назад)
I would like to have the patch. Could you provide me a location to
download? Keep up the great work!!! :)

Автор Slasharmy98 ( назад)
pls help me and wacth my cover of this!

Автор Rayaan Faruqi (1134 года назад)
Please do the song Say It Ain't So by Weezer, thanks :P

Автор Tim Nijman ( назад)
Nice guitar, dude! 

Автор Rahul Sharma ( назад)
Hi .. please send me the patch... 

Автор rossman972 ( назад)
Great sound ,can you send me the patch please?

Автор James Nevins ( назад)
Also, if you know anything about being a musician and especially a
guitarist, you should know there are multiple techniques and ways to play
things. I bet you are just bitter about seeing all of the YouTube videos of
people playing much better then you can. So who is the real jackass? Go
look in the mirror.

Автор James Nevins ( назад)
whore*, If you would stop being ignorant for a moment you would realize
that maybe he is also just having fun. Would you call anyone who makes a
video of them playing is an media whore? In that case most musicians must
be attention freaks. Just because someone buys a signature model guitar
doesn't mean they are trying to be him, it simply means they like the tone
that guitar provides. 

Автор Asif Khan ( назад)
Hi Bro, Still i have not received any patch from you. My mail is
asifrocksu@gmail.com. Plz sen me in a word document. Plz do some aerosmith
patches also. Keep rocking. Bye.

Автор Asif Khan ( назад)
asifrocksu@gmail.com KEEP ON ROCKING BRO.

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@asifaak 1.pls sub, 2. pls send a pm with your email

Автор Asif Khan ( назад)
Hi bro, Nice patch. I love the tone plz can u plz post the settings of
gt-10 in a word document. It would be nice of you. Keep on rocking. 

Автор Karl Gillings ( назад)
Great sound. I have a gt10 too and would love that patch, could I please

Автор Jerry Jerryson ( назад)
@shakar92 Alright let's leave it at that.

Автор Jerry Jerryson ( назад)
@shakar92 If you'd watch any of his other videos, you'd see he has many
other guitars and has his own style. My reason for posting videos is that
it helps me give motivation to learn something new and improve my playing.
You seem to have quite a temper.

Автор Jerry Jerryson ( назад)
@shakar92 That's funny, i couldn't find him saying he tries to be Slash
anywhere in the description. I also see you have no videos of your own.
Still think you're the one to tell him how he should play his guitar? 

Автор TheArmageddons ( назад)
what kind of pedal did u used?

Автор linkinparklvr013 ( назад)

Автор las773 ( назад)
man this absolutely ffantastic!!! i would love to have that patch you made
for this song!! may i??

Автор andbarbsrj (929 лет назад)
Hey dude, please send me the patch for the gt 10, that's amazing, is the
tone I was looking for. Thanks 

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@locky9129 yes... in your dreaming 

Автор locky9129 ( назад)
what the fuck was that. i would do this better in my sleep 

Автор Rinelky Dandasan ( назад)
Please, may i have the patch for the Boss GT-10. I Subscribed too.. i
really like the sound of slash.. here's my email.... rinelky@yahoo.com thx
in advance..

Автор dad dadd ( назад)
Hey man,you are awsome guitar player!! :)) Could you tell me please,are you
familiar with music theory? Where could I learn all about it? 

Автор Péter Kovács ( назад)
Nice guitar, awesome playin', but i miss the 2nd solo at the end :/ but
it's still one of the best covers on youtube ^^

Автор eighteen1100 ( назад)
DUDE ur so amazing at guitar!!!!

Автор maxi castia ( назад)
Piola! you are very good player

Автор ruddvan1 ( назад)
hi could you please send me the patch please as ive a boss gt 10 and a
marshall mode 4 amp 

Автор metallmad77 ( назад)
please could you send me the patch for GT-10, I really appreciate your help

Автор Dian de Coning ( назад)
@Fistomania can you please send me the patch my email is
dian.rocker@gmail.com .......oh and man really you sound just like slash
keep it rockin and i subscribed Iiil:-) 

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@snapygloxen hi, yes.. just send me your email

Автор snapygloxen ( назад)
*bows down* I think your amazing! Please, may i have the patch for the Boss
GT-10. I Subscribed :)

Автор MistaT91 ( назад)
Anyone have the GT-10 patch for this song? or something similar? :) I
really would like to get the right sound on this, already got the full solo
covered :D 

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@burubura hi, pls check my channel... there you get all infos about the way
I`m recording.

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@burubura hi, pls check my channel... there you get all infos about the way
I`m recording.

Автор burubura ( назад)
great job man! how did u record this???

Автор Nuwan Pradeep (nuwaus) ( назад)
Super awesome man, I love it!

Автор Tom Chesterflats ( назад)
@eric51899 sorry i got euros and dollars mixed up thats like 3700 around 4k

Автор Moose ( назад)
@metallmad77 solos should always be an exception because they are true to
one's self, to copy another artist's solo even for a cover is almost
possible to mimic exactly and it's just like photo copying a painting...

Автор metallmad77 ( назад)
@nightwish652 Gibson les paul studio 1983, with seymour duncan Alnico II

Автор metallmad77 ( назад)
@eric51899 standard les paul average starts with 2600 bux and higher, this
one is modified with Seymour Duncan pickups which costs even more, these
days Gibson are producing guitars in indonesia which is trash quality made
for people who cannot effort the price of the original ones!!!

Автор metallmad77 ( назад)
good job, but the solos are a bit different than the original.

Автор xeylace ( назад)
@TheAnthster lol

Автор roxoor17 (872 года назад)
@eric51899 its like US$2500 

Автор avatarcollides2day ( назад)
whoah man what effects are those

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@eric51899 why don`t you look at your local dealer? In germany everything
is more expensive than in usa!

Автор TheAnthster ( назад)
one word, fucking awesome! No wait, thats two words

Автор Lazar Kostic ( назад)
good cover! check mine, please :)

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@GeorgeChucher Boss GT-10

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@eric51899 2100 Euro

Автор George Pavlakos ( назад)
how u make this sound for the solo????

Автор Cosmic Dave ( назад)
Great playing and nice sound. Can you send me the GT10 patch please. Cheers
and keep rockin'! :)

Автор Francesco Vidoni ( назад)
@francisc11219 everywhere

Автор Elver ( назад)
@nightwish652 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Desert Burst

Автор Even Weseth ( назад)
@ROO2294 i know nothing about guitars? lol have a nice day u to lol .

Автор Liam Lewis ( назад)
@Gibsonnroses Do you have a tokai I do and it plays as good and looks as
good its a mij, that means made in japan , I thought id explain this seeing
as you no nothing about guitars have a nice day =)

Автор Even Weseth ( назад)
@ROO2294 tokais looks fucked up compared to gibson

Автор Liam Lewis ( назад)
I have a Tokai and there is no sound difference im quite pleased

Автор fistomania ( назад)
@SlashKidGuitar :-)

Автор Tomer Tzadok ( назад)
@Haru9412 From a private guitar teacher that knows what he is doing XD

Автор Tomer Tzadok ( назад)
I do not know why but in the intro it seems like your 0.02s off :p Other

Автор Eddie Wee ( назад)
hey, can u tell me where u get the tabs of this song?? thank u

Автор Eddie Wee ( назад)
hey, can u tell me where u get this tabs?? I really really need it, thank u
very much~

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