Never stop believing

This is an inspirational/motivational video I made for all the athletes out there. This reflects how I feel about my passion that is football(soccer) but you can also relate to the different sports in the video.

You are dreaming of becoming one of the best. Train to achieve your goals. It's gonna be hard. You will get hurt and there will be lost battles along the way but don't give up and train hard. You will be tired and have to give everything but train harder. Success will come.

Never stop believing in your dreams.

I used different Nike commercials. All copyrights goes to Nike. I own nothing.

Music: Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor) by John Murphy

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Автор camopaint0707 ( назад)
Greatest video ever

Автор LiinoL ( назад)
Never stop believing

Автор MCRboy11 ( назад)
Adagio in D

Автор dazebhen1 ( назад)
when are you coming out of the closet? 

Автор Almedin Begic ( назад)
So what? Just shut the fuck up you faggot and enjoy this classy clip.

Автор dazebhen1 ( назад)
ya'll are being corny as fuck

Автор Pedro Ozenda ( назад)
who is that bald guy at 1:14???

Автор Pinhead Larry ( назад)
Was that Kobe? 0:38

Автор Almedin Begic ( назад)
respect to you my friend

Автор Cat Gac ( назад)
soooo Im pretty sure I can be in the olympics now 

Автор HMAN HAVOCSMAN (330 лет назад)
never stop believing

Автор dazmon assasin ( назад)
seper video . cristiano ronaldo the best

Автор Willus Osoalana ( назад)
Keep going son If you believe, you will succeed 

Автор Mohamed Aisset ( назад)
I trained hard so hard for varsity soccer in my freshmen year. But i made
The Jv soccer team. I was so depressed. IN the game they beat us 5-1 and
scored a own goal. I felt like shit. The varsity coach called me to the
game to play ballboy. And they won against the best team in the league and
scored goals and celebrated and they were all happy. I have lost so much
confidence since. then. But im not giving I will be a pro one day. By
playing my heart and soul out every single practice.

Автор GiuSpadders ( назад)
boxing <3 

Автор musicandcupcakes28 ( назад)
go for it =)

Автор akkster90 ( назад)
@Afron1nja whats the music called in your video? Great video btw :)

Автор akkster90 ( назад)
Didnt know vincent kompany was in that.????.. in the white t shirt lifting

Автор Mantas Stankevičius ( назад)
God made me to call you an Idiot.

Автор Petros Zacharopoulos ( назад)
i cant wait. :)

Автор Justin ( назад)
This is a great video and love that its on soccer. May i ask what song it
is that you put on here?

Автор Justin ( назад)
meet you there! 

Автор Omar Thomas ( назад)
God is maybe the thing with most might in the entire universe and beyond-
and I dont care what you say- but Ill tell you ... not even god can stop me
from achieving my dream

Автор King Rojas ( назад)
why tenis?

Автор King Rojas ( назад)
when you die you will see your fate and you will see god I promise bro just
remember me.

Автор mrdokma ( назад)
All agreed except for "Your life has already been written." If that was so
we would have no free will and God could not say SIN to anything. We have
the power of choice! So choose wisely!

Автор Petros Zacharopoulos ( назад)
Thank you so much for the support!!! I will make it one day!

Автор Winchi Hochi ( назад)
I pray you make it! Never stop the hard work, believe and God will always
be there for you!

Автор Robbert-Jan Bosch ( назад)
And who are you to judge other people? I'm am Christian, but I don't go
bossing people around, telling them what to do... You do not know the
meaning of life for sure too. 

Автор soldierkiller29 ( назад)
Explain what you mean by God choosing me? What I meant when I said that
comment is that having faith in god won't do anything for you. You gotta
have faith in yourself. You have to wake up everyday taking on any
challenge ahead of you and you have to train vigorously achieve your goal.
Why should I believe in God when I should be believing in myself?

Автор North Sargent ( назад)
You might want to rethink that attitude man. God chose you, you don't have
to chose God. There are signs all around you.

Автор North Sargent ( назад)
God is the triune God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy
Spirit. Atheists want to argue but there are signs all around. Science
itself contributes to Faith. You are responsible for using the gifts that
God has given you and making the right choices, but God already knows what
will happen. We plan and God laughs. You don't have to choose God, he has
chosen you.

Автор TehLaw123 ( назад)
you're both sort of right. God is the almighty, but we do have free will
and it's up to us to choose our own fate

Автор Petros Zacharopoulos ( назад)
I am just a 14 year old boy from Greece who wishes to be a professional
European footballer. I've had big dreams of going professional ever since I
started playing this beautiful sport at the age of 3. I work hard almost
everyday and improve my weaknesses until they become one of my strengths. I
have so much passion and love for the game, where in my life I just dont
see anything else as an importance as football. For me football is a way of
life and I will RISE up to the top one day.

Автор Robbert-Jan Bosch ( назад)
yeeah you made it my ass.... This is a nike commercial -.-

Автор cali ( назад)
only person can decide on his life and only he is responsible for himself.
I dont want to insult anybody. I think, that "God" is inside us. Never let
anybody take over your life and never hope that somebody will achieve
something for you. 

Автор cali ( назад)
dude, I am happy for you!

Автор Navieed Siddiqui ( назад)
keep your blasphemy restricted to yourself !!!!

Автор Ife Tokun ( назад)
No matter how hard you try or train there will always be some sort of luck
that helps you along the way.there are many people who train hard every day
and never get anywhere,, so just remember that!

Автор codysv5 ( назад)
@soldierkiller29. So what if people bring religion into it? You know it's
funny the people commenting on here are saying "leave god out of this and
we have free speech to say gods not real" and all that stuff well think for
a minute the people who do believe in god have every right to express it on
here and you guys have no right to try and stop them. By the comments you
guys made you have gone against their freedom of speech and freedom of
religion! So think twice before you write shit!

Автор akkster90 ( назад)
Is that vincent kompany?? In the white shirt!??

Автор roadrunner28 ( назад)
SOO true... people are always bringing religion into shit... do you own
thing.. be your own person.

Автор soldierkiller29 ( назад)
shut up about god. you make your OWN plan, not some fucking "god" so shut
the fuck up. stop bringing religious bullshit into life.

Автор Mario Guevara ( назад)
God doesnt exist!

Автор RnBandCrunk ( назад)
@100Emman roflmfao!

Автор RnBandCrunk ( назад)
@Tarateesh roflmfao!

Автор mauysz665 ( назад)
@100Emman people made god, not god humans. my job here is done. *flyes away

Автор genxcop123 ( назад)
16ppl stopped believing

Автор FastestAshBashXbox ( назад)
leave religion and god out of this. who the fuck is @warrenbob101 to say
that? he is himself. we have a freedom of speech here religious or not.
don't defend religion as if it were your spouse or best friend, if people
speak negatively about it or believe differently. you really have no say,
personally I'm not religious. and yes i have dreams. dreams that were made
out of my own foundation and thought process. no one else. not god. not my
parents. not my friends. just my own damn will. good day 

Автор akkster90 ( назад)
@trolliorotta hey pal im from the manchester uk big man utd fan. Dont give
up your dream pal. But its extremely difficult to play pro at man united.
You american if so what part of the states are you from? Their are alot of
scouts from europe in new york new jersey area if your looking to get
noticed by scouts pal.

Автор Martin Vaagert ( назад)
@Tarateesh What if it was santa? 

Автор Antonio Giovanni ( назад)
@warrenbob101 I think your 100% right

Автор Antonio Giovanni ( назад)
@Tarateesh -ed was inspiration and the inability to fail. Nature, your
personal will, and your own characteristic of never quitting until you
achieve your dreams is what gets you to the goal you so desire. All it
takes to spark all that is inspiration *cough* this video *cough*. God
didn't give me life my parents did. good video btw

Автор Antonio Giovanni ( назад)
@Tarateesh if our life has already been written then what is the point of
living? if it is written why do we have choices in life? why do people like
the ones in the video go to "hell" (figuratively) and back just to do
things god already said would happen. I know you're gonna say "God made
some stronger and more equipped to fight" well to that I will say god had
nothing to do with where any successful person is. They convinced
themselves they could succeed and they did. All they need

Автор David Kan ( назад)
you cannot possibly fathom the immensity of the fuck i do not give bout
this bloody argument. if u follow ur dreams it will come true. god or no
god. or what else is the point of this video.

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@AnkaiLIndustries I thought of that and had that imagination when I was
little there was no God but as i realised things can happen Gods work eg
fate, mircales etc I do believe he exists if NOT then your right we do what
we want I do believe he exist he doesnt have to give you dreams he just
helps you and gives you guidance

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@BrentyPottenger how old are you and how many times per week do you train?
are you going to the olympics in the near future?

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@SuperEel22 im no atheist I do believe he exists

Автор akkster90 ( назад)
What the music from? Nice vid! :)

Автор SuperEel22 ( назад)
@100Emman What if you're atheist?

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@MrCasey94 nah don't worry its wasn't an argument like you said we were
just stating opinions if you believe God doesn't exists thats cool but
anyways good luck with your dream whatever it is

Автор MrCasey94 ( назад)
@100Emman I still disagree with you. But will not argue the matter any
further, because everyone has the right to their own brainwashed opinion.
I'm atheist, so I don't believe he even exists, but if he does, he doesn't
control me, I do.

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@MrCasey94 Its not total bullshit its true its happened with lot of people
yh you live your life but he CAN control you on wants beneficiakl to you,
yh if you make a mistake that could be your doing or God's doing (playing
fate in your life) to do better next time a better outcome. God plays a
role in everyones life you'll see it soon trust me

Автор Gingapro ( назад)
To dare is to lose your foothold for a while, not to dare is to lose

Автор MrCasey94 ( назад)
@100Emman You are unbelievable. First I'm atheist. I usually let people
believe what thet want. But your comment is total bullshit. If God does
exist, he doesn't control me. I am responsible for everything I do.
Everything I accomplish, every mistake I make, is because of me, God had
nothing to do with it. 

Автор Steven Valoyi ( назад)
@100Emman yeah but its free will u have the freedom to do so...i agree with
you that God gave you your dream i mean i wouldnt be alive if it wearnt for
him...but gree will god cant stop that..he said so himself in the bible 

Автор David Dinkis ( назад)
@100Emman Not everyone is religious like you. I don't believe in God. I
believe in myself. I'm the one who creates and follows my dream. I am my
own God. The only thing that can stop me is myself.

Автор GuruEdward ( назад)
Good music + sport highlights = awesome video 

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@SuperBignig14 yh true say you have to work hard and god will give you
strength, luck and may even tempt fate in your favour

Автор Václav Pešek (1723 года назад)
16 People stop believing

Автор Gooran3 Z ( назад)
I believe if I work and train and give all of myself to realize my dream of
one day, now it will pay off if you do not realize in this life, in another
I will definitely. Will, strength, and wisdom, perseverance, and faith in
all this, believe in their goals and dreams, no matter how these people
discouraged. Because dreams are the only thing we need in life to fight for
it and the only quest for happiness and joy

Автор Gooran3 Z ( назад)
@trollirotta we share the same dream,brother,train and work persistently
and patiently

Автор Philip Reid ( назад)
@Tarateesh God doesn't stop people from wanting to better for themselves by
having dreams of a accomplishments or greater things for themselves and
others. As long as they do it in a respectful way why would he? If we all
had set out lives that we couldn't change and god did have this control
over all of us. Why would we need a church to remind you why would we need
a bible to guide you. The point is god can only guide you, you make your
own life! I don't even believe in god and I can see that.

Автор ultimatemiddlefield (928 лет назад)
@Tarateesh Hey dont put the kid on the spot like that!! Nobody CANT STOP
you. Not even god. Atheist people would know. We all have different ideas
bro. But i aswell respect yours!!!

Автор v g ( назад)
@everestboai7 Phenomenal post. Might I add that a good source for educating
yourself to reach optimal athletic levels is Charles Poliquin.

Автор VIRENDRA DR ( назад)
excellent,awesome,inspiring,love it 

Автор Daniel Hidalgo ( назад)

Автор MrKeukenvork ( назад)
@Tarateesh I Respect the fact u believe in god, But i just think life is
what u make from it urself. 

Автор SupermaNietzsche ( назад)
If you dont believe in yourself no one else will. This video is great in my
opinion as it brings to life what every person carries did within
themselves; that is courage. You have to make the decision,which is whether
you want to chase after your dream or let your chance pass you by! I for
one will never give up my dream...neither should you. We get one life, one
chance, one opportunity. Believe in yourself and make it reality.

Автор Justice ( назад)
@everestboai7 one of the realest comments I've seen, real talk bro :]

Автор azhariwarman ( назад)
@warrenbob101 Pic please

Автор Tobias Ottsen ( назад)
Whats your name? 

Автор Jon Cross ( назад)
@Tarateesh yeah i don't know who that kid thinks he is. good for him that
he accomplished his goal but if taking on a higher power is his next move
he's got another thing coming.

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye (1317 лет назад)
@BrentPottenger how old are you? are you going to the olympics in the

Автор Toudao Ly ( назад)
After watching this, I went to burger king and bought a triple whopper....

Автор Tarateesh ( назад)
@warrenbob101 Most stupidess story ive every fukn heard... Brother God
creates people's dreams and endings.. So who are you to say "God cant stop
a person's Dream" if he created u.. Ur life has already been written. God
knows how and when and where u will die.. So dont be ignorant and think u
are more powerful than God... He is the almighty, the Creater of this world
and the hereafter!! 

Автор Martina Chione King ( назад)
Yes! I agree! But, its hard when u were only in middle school and your
parents made you quit so that your younger bro couild have HIS football
dream. And now his past team is like undefeated and he is an amazing player
when i was really clumsy. Even though i know my strong point was volleyball
and i even scored the last points for my 7th grade team's first vivtory
when we were doin pretty bad.

Автор Emmanuel Duntoye ( назад)
@warrenbob101 Congrats with your dream but i disagree with your statement
"even god can't stop a person's dream, no matter what it is." God gave you
your dream to come true

Автор ItakxMocro ( назад)
@warrenbob101 Can I ask you how old you are?

Автор Jordan Bouliane ( назад)
@warrenbob101 Good on you man, true inspiration

Автор Reagan Miller ( назад)
@warrenbob101 someday i want to become a famous soccer player and am
working really hard on it. i'm practicing everyday and i'm an american so
yeah it is really tough. 

Автор Mohamad Ziadeh ( назад)
@warrenbob101 i am totally with you, and i wish for you and for myself that
our dreams come true and that we got the chance the dream and have faith
and hope in our future. and i ask u to thank god for sending this scout to
see you, if god wants none of our dream can be true or may be the opposite,
but his mercy give us the joy to live some hard moments followed by a
beautiful succes, without the bad acting of your father maybe u would play
all ur life in the backyard 

Автор C0nTroL69 ( назад)
truksta tik Savicko begancio su lagaminais sitam video

Автор Kaan Ulu ( назад)
What can i say ? GREAT !

Автор AjaxAmsterdam34 ( назад)
i tried giving up my dream of becoming a footballer, I can't let it go, i
still work out as if im training for that one day, i still keep practicing
even though i tell myself im doing it just to keep fit. i dont want to give
it up, and i dont think i will stop persevering towards this dream.

Автор ismael19993 ( назад)
@warrenbob101 do not judge God based upon a mistake ur father made

Автор 1911MDS ( назад)
@warrenbob101 well god didn't stop your dream....because that was what you
were meant to be....god created you to becoma a football player at
chelsea...it's just your dad who had a problem against football...that's
all =D here in Egypt if a father founds out that his son has a football
talent with more practice he would probably become an offical player at the
club he wants,, HELL the father will do anything to make him a player!!

Автор Darren Laos ( назад)
this deserves so much more views

Автор Jessica Rekstad ( назад)
@maximc93 same here

Автор StealthXD ( назад)
@warrenbob101 same thing here mate only that i wan't to play for Real
Madrid or manu later ;d 

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