Basic Electronic Components and their Symbols and Connections

Watch this video for electronic components and their symbols and also get idea on how to different electronic components in circuits

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Basic Electronic Components and their Symbols and Connections

Автор Tommy D. (3 месяца)
Can anyone please tell me what drawing program he is using to draw this
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i finally understand transistors...... Thank you so

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what is the name of the program you are using please

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Is he using the real flow of electrons or the conventional one?

Автор kuniyil sreehari (6 месяцев)
i like u r communication style...thanks

Автор Kunjesh Kambodi (3 месяца)
its look like pillar of the building that would be needed for build up.same
think in electro circuit world. Thanks Edgefx :)

Автор Tommy D. (3 месяца)
Can anyone please tell me what drawing program he is using to draw this
circuit? I would like to use this myself. Thanks!

Автор jwala kumar (1 месяц)
hi sir, u r relly doing a great job.
can u send me the name of simulatin software which one u r using.
thank u.

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thx for your help,i just wish to find this program but no result.
thx again:)

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Thank u Sir...!!! Good Video...!!! Enjoy to watch...!!!
In this video which simulating software you use...???

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Good work, with proteus builder

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Thank u so much for such a very good explanation........

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I want to know what is name this software and who to instal ?

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I was looking for.

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This is one of the best and simplest introduction which helped me revise
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Thank You Sir,A very good video to watch and educate in Electronic.

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many people ask about the software. there is a Wikipedia article listing
free circuit simulators:

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thank u sir.. nice way u handled to make me also to understand with ur

Автор Kengah Charles (5 месяцев)
I really enjoyed your the video a lot, please i wish to ask the name of the
software you use in stimulation... My email is charles@getitsolved.org


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In the beginning:this is called a bath.I get a good laugh at it.Path is the
right word.
Sorry you did good work hear I was only bit sarcastic.
What program is this?

Автор EyeAmBatman (1 год)
Great video, please do more... the diagrams & software are
brilliant...hopefully there will be some more advanced videos on the
way.... subbed!

Автор renaud techer (5 месяцев)
Best electronics introduction ever !

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Which simulator is being used here ?

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What the name of the program that you work it

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what's name of this program
& thx

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very good

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it is the best video for the beginners

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Great informative video. Thanks for sharing!

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that's a great tutorial for beginners, i wonder what was the program did
you use to make a electrical circuits? i just want to try and learn more
about electricity and electronics..thumbs up for the vid.

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AT45DB021D-SH-T Atmel Dataflash,SOIC8 Packaging,EEPROM,

Автор Salvatore Pino (1 год)
horrible voice and accent, unlistenable

Автор Bei Zhang (9 месяцев)
For those of you who need an basic understanding electronics, you can also
check out the " Basic Electronics Part1 & 2" by Jim Halderman. On YouTube
and then come back to revisit " Edgefx Kits" for better understanding. Just
a thought

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This is a very good one..... Very simple way of explaining basic
electronics !! Many thanks for this. Is this a freeware you are using for
this ? Can we find similar products on the internet ?

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Great work! :) Cecilia xo

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Nice video!

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can you please tell me what was the program called that you used for this?

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Thanks. That's very good. I love that.
But if you can also load some electrical power projects, it will be

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this is justa what I needed..simple and understandably

Автор Ahmad Hagag (1 год)
thank you

Автор sebi dsouza (1 год)
sir please tell me the name of the circuit simulation software ,i want to
download this circuit simulation on my pc please help me out

Автор Ephraim Okoye (11 месяцев)
Thanks. That's very good. I love that.
But if you can also load some electrical power projects, it will be

Автор Florencio Godinez (1 год)
what is the name of that electronic diagram software you used for that

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Electrons flow reverse flow of current.That i interesting,electrons flow
out of ground.That is negativ potential of ground in that case.

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