The Return Of Doctor Mysterio Trailer - Christmas Special 2016 - Doctor Who - BBC

The trailer for the action-packed Christmas Special 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio' is finally here!

With brain-swapping aliens poised to attack, the Doctor and Nardole link up with an investigative reporter and a mysterious figure known only as The Ghost. Can the Doctor save Manhattan? And what will be revealed when we see behind the mask?

Cast: Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Matt Lucas (Nardole), Justin Chatwin (Grant), Charity Wakefield (Lucy), Tomiwa Edun (Mr Brock), Aleksandar Jovanovic (Dr Sim) and Logan Huffman.

The 60-minute Doctor Who Christmas Special is written by Steven Moffat, Executive Produced by Brian Minchin, Produced by Peter Bennett and Directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark). It was shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

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Длительность: 0:44
Комментарии: 964

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Автор Tommy-Cymru-87 ( назад)
Only good bits in this episode was dr and Matt Lucas character in the
Tardis, I didn't mind the superhero thing but this was just a rip off to
superman, also a way to make a quick episode in the middle of doing series
10,, so a disappointing episode especially after a year break!!

Автор Sarah Hinks ( назад)
It's the internet. People are going to hate whatever you say, so what the
heck, I'll say it- I ENJOYED THE EPISODE.

Автор MadameTamma ( назад)
Just watched the special. The whole thing felt... Off. I like the idea of
the doctor meeting a superhero, I think it could work with a different
script, but this entire thing felt WAY too much like they were winking at
the Camera. Like "Hey, isn't this silly? We're parodying old superman
comics." Yes but you're spending way more time on the parody, and you're
not giving us interesting characters or a story that makes sense.

Speaking of the characters. We spend more time with them and their
uninteresting goings on than the doctor, and I don't know if I'm the first
person to bring this up, but someone's gotta say it. The romance between
the superhero and the reporter was creepy.

Автор Jake ( назад)
Alex Hunter is in it

Автор Ricardo Rocha ( назад)
Just saw the episode, and it was AWESOME!

Автор Jada ( назад)

Автор Seb ( назад)
Utter rubbish. This is the worst Dr Who episodes ever! Don't even waist
your time...Moffat is completely washed out clearly...

Автор wowhatheck ( назад)
Wow wow wow. So many negative comments! I'm very disappointed in that; I
regret looking in the comments

Автор DJ Frozen ( назад)
Now do you guys believe me that it was awful

Автор Öznur Ergün ( назад)
Şunun ne zaman türkçe alt yazılısı çıkıcak

Автор MegaLouis118 ( назад)
Well...I guess we were all super (-no pun intended) wrong. This episode was
pretty good!

Автор Sam Vu ( назад)
what is the squeeze toy Lucy use while asking the doctor questions?

Автор Austin Wood ( назад)
The Tardis could never go back to New York...?

Автор bertrumbum fishfuker ( назад)
oh dear more plop plop , what a waste of Capaldi.

Автор Lewis Allen ( назад)
Stopped watching doctor who when the two best doctors, Eccleston and
Tennant left. Not even worth watching anymore.

Автор Momo Sethusa ( назад)
The guy from Dragonball Evolution that played Goku is the masked hero

Автор ICE LORD 99 ( назад)
I'm so sorry for me saying that I wasn't looking forward to this episode
but after watching it, I didn't think it was as bad as I was expecting. and
the series 10 trailer at the end, well lets just say I cannot wait!!!

Автор Luke Ravetto ( назад)
Alex hunter 😱

Автор Sportacus _ ( назад)
i haven watched 53 years of doctor who, to get a superhero. Like it or hate
it, i'll have to deal with it because i've waited a full year for it to
come back again.

Автор mandrodify ( назад)
On the TV listings thumbnail I actually thought the BBC was going to show
Kkrish. That masked dude looks just like Kkrish (Indian superhero)

Автор music maker ( назад)
Could we have this without the ridiculous superhero?

Автор MinersLegacy Gaming ( назад)
Wait, Alex Hunter is in it

Автор James Evans ( назад)
This doesn't look like the best Christmas special ever

Автор Richard Hunter ( назад)
Looks dreadful

Автор AUS_Hunt ( назад)
huh, quality of xmas specials has been headed down hill ever since David

Автор Jack McConnell ( назад)
Looks awful

Автор Lasya Ramakrishnan ( назад)
why does it feel like doctor who is becoming more and more american...

Автор Nathan Hall ( назад)
alex hunter 0:14

Автор Templeton Peck ( назад)
CHRISTMAS Special debuting on New Years, makes a ton of sense... yeah...

Автор LowisGaming ( назад)

Автор danielle smith ( назад)
what time is it coming on

Автор Abdirahim Issa ( назад)
Did anyone just see Alex Hunter?

Автор Hayden Burke ( назад)
This looks cheesy and bad. Then again, Doctor Who isn't meant to be taken
seriously... like ever. It's a children's show, disguised as a mature
science fiction series... that we secretly all love as a guilty pleasure.

Автор tana mana ( назад)

Автор MagicFinianB ( назад)
I want more episodes ent seasons pleas do iT to season 1000

Автор NICKatron MC ( назад)
This gives me the DC shows vibes…

I don't like either

Автор Callum White ( назад)
0:14 Alex Hunter has PTSD after Gareth Walker turns on him and turns

Автор Rolando Moreno ( назад)
When is it able in iTunes

Автор Booboo het Spook ( назад)
What time does it air?

Автор Phanic! At The Fall Out Romance ( назад)
I've been a fan of Doctor Who for as long as I can remember, grew up on it,
if I'm honest. Doctor Who was something I always anticipated, and honestly,
a year later, an this trailer is all we get to judge, I have to say, it
isn't looking very good. Yes, their budget is low, but Doctor Who is
/really/ starting to go downhill.

Автор Thethistle gunner ( назад)
When I started watching doctor who in 2005 I instantly became a fan. But if
I was to see this trailer having never seen doctor who before I would never
have watched anymore DW

Автор Stealthy Degree ( назад)
Alex Hunter!!

Автор Jackal 2 ( назад)
Adetomiwa Edun aka Alex Hunter or Elyan

Автор Jackal 2 ( назад)
Alex Flipping Hunter

Get in !!!!

Автор mclarenrob2 ( назад)
Why are the christmas specials always so lame

Автор Joe Knaggs ( назад)
As a massive Doctor Who fan, this looks rather disappointing..

Автор Sunny Shukla ( назад)
Don't do that.

Автор Ollie ( назад)
Anyone notice the orange lighting equipment in the tardis at 0:01?

Автор Cain ( назад)
This looks so cringe worthy.

Автор lewis holman ( назад)
Alex Hunter's done well for himself

Автор Jack Longman ( назад)
Who remembers when doctor who was good? This is what my license fee is
wasted on now? Thanks BBC

Автор Hat & Shades ( назад)
(Sam) What The Heck?

Автор 64studios101 ( назад)
This doesn't look too good, but unlike some people I'll wait to fully judge
it until the actual episode comes out. Let's hope it's better than it looks.

And by the way, for those of you acting like putting in a superhero betrays
the spirit of the show - this isn't the first time Doctor Who has featured
a superhero. Watch The Mind Robber (though admittedly that took place in a
fictional world within the context of the show).

Автор as taha ( назад)
what day

Автор ParCxY ( назад)
"My name is Alex Hunter. You don't know me. But believe me, you soon will."
- Alex Hunter

Автор sven martin ( назад)
Awesome maybe we'll get a chance to see the flash or Green Lantern in this
Crossover with

Автор omgbabiesatemydingo ( назад)
While I'm not keen on the idea of a superhero theme on Doctor Who, I'm not
judging until I see it. There is obviously going to be a twist, no way will
Doctor Who have actual, Marvel/DC type superheros.

Автор Wuking Kong ( назад)
Who remembers BBC's Robin Hood and Merlin?

Автор Wuking Kong ( назад)
This is 2016 0:08 to 0:11 is unacceptable

Автор Wuking Kong ( назад)
He stole the Pokemon Go kid's catchphrase...

Автор R Savage ( назад)
Boo! Dr Who ripoffs "Krrish" a superhero bollywood movie! Time for a new
show runner! Booo!

Автор Deathrock9 ( назад)
It'd be amazing if those alien brain lifeforms were the Brains of Morphoton
from The Keys of Marinus.

Автор Kieran Lewis ( назад)
Doctor who, Superman, Little Britain and Alex Hunter in one Episode

Автор Meg White ( назад)
We all knew it was coming for a while now... but this just makes it
official. Doctor Who as we know and love it is dead. RIP you will be

Автор funnydolphine productions ( назад)
wow just when you thought it couldn't get worse...

Автор Butane Boss ( назад)
The Ghost is the Valeyard confirmed.

Автор Habibur Rahman ( назад)
I guess Alex hunter didn't make it in football and took on acting

Автор Halllo Yeah ( назад)
No way

Автор William Rhodes ( назад)
I think what the show really needs is consistency. Series 9 was great for
the most part, but its lack of consistency was its biggest problem. Heaven
Sent = 1 of the best episodes of dw ever (written by Steven Moffat) Hell
Bent = the worst doctor who episode ever (also written by Moffat). I think
it will be great when Chibnall comes in, cos apparently he's gonna have a
board of writers to discuss plots, and if need be tell a writer "no" he/
she can't do something.

Автор nineteneleven ( назад)
Less than 40 seconds of trailer and it seems everyone has already made up
their minds. I may be one of the few, but I am very excited for this
episode and I have loved all of the new series. If you want to be a critic,
fine, but must you bring up complains from several SEASONS ago and voice
every single opinion? Okay, so you don't like the show anymore. Get out of
the way and make room for the people who actually do.

Автор Majin Vegeta ( назад)
Haha, no.

Автор The legend 27 ( назад)
Alex hunter

Автор Matt Dale ( назад)
Alex Hunter v The Doctor

Автор YEVIN perera ( назад)
I hope their will be something to do with Christmas

Автор Bala Murali ( назад)
Well, that was the worst thing EVER!! EVER.

Автор Sy A ( назад)
Wth is this. I amalways excited for the doctor who trailers but this

Автор DJ Frozen ( назад)
He has ruined doctor who 😒

Автор Jon Kimberson ( назад)
I didn't think doctor who would get this weird and make up superheroes in
the universe

Автор MINER WHO 63 ( назад)
cant wait till christmas day to see this

Автор RandomSquezzy ( назад)
0:10 come on, bbc. It's 2016. What are you doing with those effects??

Автор Madness ( назад)
The only good Peter Capaldy Christmas special is the episode "Last

Автор Tristan2292 ( назад)
Sooooo Hyped

Автор kleine teen ( назад)
I dont want to see superman i want to see Doctor Who, i dont see the need
for an american superhero. Doctor Who is great on its own.

Автор thetalentedmrman ( назад)

Автор Gladstone Brookes ( назад)
The only thing that could make this worse is if it was written by RTD and
Tennant was back as the Doctor.
At least Capaldi is watchable.

Автор Bob Lassiter ( назад)
Some of these comments are bizarre. who or what is Alex Hunter?

Автор John ( назад)
I love that people are trying to mitigate the introduction of a superhero
into the whoniverse because of the Karkus. The Karkus was a fantasy
character from a cartoon strip brought to life in a land of fiction. This
one seems to be a real living character existing on earth which would be a
dreadful idea.

Автор Jackie Hill's Resting Bitch Face ( назад)
All nu-who is garbage but some of the garbage is worse than others.

Автор The 9th Doctor ( назад)
Don't the surgeons look like the ones from power of three (the ones with
weird looking mouth still reveald)

Автор MLG Fox ( назад)
Superheroes in Doctor Who?... Meh... Seems normal...

Автор My names not Coffee. ( назад)
A christmas special without christmas?

Автор Lucasaurous Rex ( назад)
i thought no brans in jars

Автор Adria Butler ( назад)

Автор Andres Guerra ( назад)

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