UP 844 Charges northbound thru Colorado 21July07

UP 844 running at speed in the area around Eaton, Colorado pulling the Cheyenne Frontier Days Denver Post Rodeo Special

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Автор Tejasnite ( назад)
AWESOME thank you ALSO for getting right to the point

Автор Tejasnite ( назад)
AMAZING how ALL those Mechanical mechanisms stay in synchronization

Автор BNSF9250 ( назад)
you should make a DVD . you have some of the best steam engine footage out
there of the UP steam.

Автор Sunburn2007 ( назад)
How fast was it going?

Автор megatwingo ( назад)
A formidable loco. Thumbs up! :)

Автор Thunda792 ( назад)
@koup1979 You have to know the right people or win one of the contests UP
throws out every few years. Its mighty hard to get on there, believe me.

Автор Buck Ster ( назад)
too bad there arent any New york central Niagra's Left They were all
scrapped. So Sad

Автор Brian Howard ( назад)
i love this engine, how can you get tickets to ride that bad boy?

Автор ap0calypt1ca ( назад)
I really want to see the Madame Queen (Santa Fe #5000 out of Amarillo
Texas) get restored in working order. I love that train.

Автор Mutherfuqbucket ( назад)
nothing on rails can beat the sound of that whistle...NOTHING

Автор strangersound ( назад)
The most beautiful machine ever created. Stick a flux capacitor in it and
we're good to go. :)

Автор Tommy TwoGun ( назад)
@484magnum 120 huh? Hmmm... 7 more m.p.h. and she can take Mallards steam
record :-)

Автор Bernard Marciniak ( назад)
195km/h ???? nie do wiary 

Автор iliketrains2 ( назад)
ive seen it before at a train festivel or somthing

Автор Mrfiiks ( назад)
what are those big panels on the front for?

i ment 80 

looks like its going rather 880 or 100 miles per hour 

Автор audas ( назад)

Автор C Cobb ( назад)
Great video. I was able to take my students (3rd through 5th) on the 844
last September. It was an awesome experience for them. 

Автор eric berner ( назад)
Just watched 844 come into Council Bluffs! 

Автор supermama0407 ( назад)
Awesome video! I just got to see the Union Pacific 844 in Bald Knob, AR
this week!!!! Very awesome train!

Автор terminusest0 ( назад)
love seeing these machines!

Автор Mr. Lithium ( назад)

Автор benmk21600 ( назад)
Hell ! they are big bits of metal to be flying about so fast!

Автор Dane Swearingen ( назад)
I love this. These are real trains. 

Автор H Hernandez ( назад)
Imagine this footage in a Film Look...

Автор Tanvan180 ( назад)
@Marshall7302 Or fuel oil in 844's (and 3985's since 1990) case. You're
right though. Seeing it on here is one thing, getting to film it in person
is quite another.

Автор T Casterson ( назад)
i love it... awesome... nothing like these things there more exciting to
watch in action.... the smell of wood and coal burning.... the sounds...

Автор spencnaz ( назад)
This is Chuck Norris' ULEV compact car.

Автор spencnaz ( назад)
Gotta love steam. I feel that steam's second birth is at hand. Modern
materials and technology should bring this back.

Автор Mary S ( назад)
She is really moving. I'll be behind her next weekend from Omaha to North
Platte, riding in the dome car. Should be a great trip. 

Автор tasman763 ( назад)
@fightingwolf18 . lol......they wouldnt DARE ! political SUICIDE ! 

Автор panzermarch1944 ( назад)
@briquetaverne Their smoke deflectors, The idea is to lift smoke away from
the locomotives cab, so that the crews vision isn't hindered by

Автор fightingwolf18 ( назад)
I'm amazed the eco-tyrants haven't gone after these beautiful locomotives.
Too bad you can't use it on a short line. Maybe there's an efficient method
of steam power.

Автор julienjjj ( назад)
I think the greyhound scheme was cooler

Автор judgegixxer ( назад)
Now thats a carbon footprint and a half! lol so does this 844 continuously
tour around the states?

Автор James Penhaligon ( назад)
Marvellous to see the old beauty still running! Reminds me of my childhood
in East Africa, going on 48 hour journeys on the narrow-gauge line from Dar
es Salaam to Mwanza, hauled by British-made locomotives. 

Автор Drew Weber ( назад)
He had it "in the corner" as they say, Eh?

Автор Keystone Productions ( назад)
that sounds like 3985s whistle

Автор charles8010 ( назад)
70 MPH or 80 MPH ??

Автор Xantec ( назад)
skip, is the 844 the biggest non-articulated steamer on UP rails? certainly
nice when at full chat!

Автор Ed Miller ( назад)
@SkipW great video your right she purs at 80 I have rode in the cab of the
Milwaukee Road 261 at 80 mph before but I have allways wanted to get in the
cab of this one at speed probilly will NEVER happen though

Автор charles8010 ( назад)
HI BALL !!!!!!!!!!

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
Shes a Beauty for sure

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
but she really purrs at 80

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
she hates to run slow

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
built by ALCO, also the last steam locomotive built for the UP & never
retired from service

Автор Steel0972 ( назад)
Pure beauty in action.

Автор whigwood ( назад)
Have a look at 60163 "Tornado" - built from scratch in England for 4
million dollars. Started running in 2009. She's on Youtube - plenty of
videos. See what you think.

Автор BNSFFREAK747 ( назад)
What kind of locomotive is UP 884?

Автор KR4FT W3RK ( назад)
She likes going fast ^^

Автор Nomini Nemo ( назад)
Really beautiful!

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
It got serviced in Lodgepole this trip, but Sidney is used quite often

Автор bryan drumheller ( назад)
I believe they keep the 844 in cheyenne wyoming. They stop and grease her
down every hundred miles. So if you see her headed east out of cheyenne,
she will be stoping for at least half hour in Sidney NE. You can walk right
up to it and really appreciate the size. Pretty cool. I got to climb in and
look around. The whistle on that baby will rattle your teeth.

Автор José Carlos Farina ( назад)
very very good. note 1.000. The best, you see my videos (movies) for
trains? um abraço

Автор trainfart ( назад)
coooool, mate =)

Автор DeltaPhi79 (1187 лет назад)
I live in Pennsylvania.....

Автор DeltaPhi79 ( назад)
Wish I could see this girl in real life.....

Автор LarS1963 ( назад)
Mhm... fastest steam train ever was the British Mallard, which put down a
record-speed of 126 mph or 201 km/h. Great footage. US locomotives have
this air of raw power about them.

Автор journeystarr ( назад)
WOW!!!!!!!! like from a page right out of Colorado's past. Awesome

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
60-65 mph here

Автор mafarnz ( назад)
How fast was she going?

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