Listening Comprehension Short Conversation

Listening Comprehension CD: This interactive CD helps to improve English Listening Skills. Listen to different long talk and short conversations. The CD has two section 1. Test, 2. Practice. Useful for TOEFL, IELTS Aspirants, Call Centre Executives, Sales Professionals and Graduates & Under Graduate Students. Also useful for anyone who wants to develop English Listening Comprehension.

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I am very happy to see the vidoe Listen to different long talk and short
conversations. The CD has two section from you, hopefully the others also
are happy for You

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what fuck is this..pleaseee. be serius

Автор Shehla Jawad (5 лет)
Luckily parrots don't speak for IELTS listening! Improve your audio &
general quality first.

Автор RainbowTV HD (3 года)
Nice Video This interactive CD helps to improve English Listening Skills.
Listen to different long talk and short conversations. The CD has two
section 1 That You Share , So Very Nice Thanks You

Автор ASHIGHI (4 года)
Could you make your voice better? instead of the bird coming down!!

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I agree at all

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the comments are more funny and interesting that the video!!!!

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que porqueria de video

Автор blap200 (4 года)
the parrot should learn english!

Автор Minang Song HD (3 года)
Your Video This interactive CD helps to improve English Listening Skills.
Listen to different long talk and short conversations Is Very Useful Sharing

Автор Ilo Scano (5 лет)
ho... my godness

Автор Rick paez (4 года)
Who is speaking??? Stephen Hawking. Could you improve your audio please,
and maybe we can buy you a CD.

Автор Ondelendo (3 года)
after i watched this video his interactive CD helps to improve English
Listening Skills., my insight is very open because the video is very good
to give information

Автор TV 2 FILM (3 года)
I Really Like The Video his interactive CD helps to improve English
Listening Skills From Your

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the parrot have some voice problem huaahuuhauhauha

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I am very happy to see the vidoe Listening Comprehension Short Conversation
after you give this

Автор Mjhond (3 года)
I Love The Video This interactive CD helps to improve English Listening
Skills. Listen to different long talk and short conversations It Can
Increase My Knowledge

Автор lovealem (3 года)
It is a waste of time. Please post something useful.

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ohhh no way

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@luchosachi pues suve los tullos hijo de puta....

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