Smithy (James Corden) Coaching the Best of British Sport. Sport Relief 2010 (part 1). HILARIOUS!!

'Smithy', aka James Corden, 'coaching' the cream of British sport to glory including David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Andy Murray, to name just a few.

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Автор Cocaine Rain ( назад)
SOMEONE help -- anyone remember the live comic releif speech James Corden did similar to this, except he criticised the "celebrities" who go over to africa, and how our donations mean nothing amongst a lot of other things. im 100% certain this happened, but i cannot find a clip ANYWHERE on the internet of it

Автор Koez Hery ( назад)

Автор Hailey Wilson ( назад)
Scared fall shock besides license safe substance problem.

Автор Suzette Moreno ( назад)
Was that Toni kroos

Автор Ghanem Belgacem ( назад)
This guy would make an amazing talk shot host.

Автор unique corn ( назад)
when he says lunch amstrong lol i cant stop laughing

Автор NickLiang ( назад)
Shit the bed, Paula Radcliffe WAS NOT HAPPY lol

Автор Mike Bailey ( назад)
He is fearless!

Автор v 777 ( назад)
4:07 Boruc hahaha beer & icecream

Автор Santa Claus ( назад)
That was freaking hilarious...he's a modern day Chris Farley.

Автор ellystripes ( назад)
You never give up on your country! You let your country give up on you! Lol

Автор simob ravenhill ( назад)
awesome love his stuff

Автор Christopher Hitch Borg ( назад)
This guy is damn good!!

Автор Morris Falker ( назад)
James jumping off 10 M high?
wow !

Автор anna maria mura ( назад)
Ahahahah!!! The best❤️❤️❤️

Автор TheQueensGuy ( назад)
James Corden (Smithy) to Freddie Flintoff .. "your knee hurts..." LMAO!!! Anyone that is familiar with Cricket would totally laugh their asses off.

Автор happy earthling ( назад)
so there it was.. when my boss told me to laugh "...Ha Ha Ha !!!.... "

it went " Ho Ho Ho !!!..."

they fire me and cost them millions from Toys are us lawsuit.

Автор Michael Holmgaard ( назад)
All the athletes were in on it -That's why the seemed to take it so seriously ;)

Автор Allard Biggenvanger ( назад)

Автор scottyrocks9 ( назад)
Well this must be comedy. Because who would take a squishy, blubbery, overweight person talking about their national sport seriously? All he needed to do was get a fake heart attack and fall down in front of the audience. It would have totally believable. Now all of LA is gaga over this guy although they can understand barely a word. And paying him big money.

Автор lara christina Palisoc ( назад)
it's comedy. don't take it seriously becuase they're actually friends :)

Автор Tudor Westwood ( назад)
I've always wondered what the music is called that is playing at about 5:20?

Автор TARDIS andPORTKEY ( назад)
You're The Best Around by Joe Esposito <3 love that song

Автор sam simmons ( назад)
4:22 when i lost it haha 

Автор King Botho ( назад)
They just had to have Freddy and his Pedalo! Lol

Автор Scott Waffels ( назад)
i remeber when coventry beat man u

Автор baby stones ( назад)
naf naf

Автор teggart123 ( назад)
Fuck you shit bag. Ask any person outside of Hungary where they would rather live, Britain or Hungary and you know they would say Britain!!

Автор TheCableguy x ( назад)
fuck you too!

Автор iDontLikeYourFace100 ( назад)
Shut up you paki cunt.

Автор Ryan Yaxley ( назад)
Jesus!!! All the moaning people on here saying paula freddie and that need to lighten up. Haha there trying to keep straight faces as best they can u bunch of morons. LOL

Автор Tibor Hunyadi ( назад)
fuck you Britain!

Автор Rawr ( назад)
It seem that Paula and Freddie should quit because of broken funny bones

Автор Hasan Sayyid ( назад)
He should win wimbledon for us!!

Автор Youshouldlearn toshutup ( назад)
lol the F1 helmet doesnt even fit him

Автор TheRobie08 ( назад)
i fucking love smithy

Автор gosushigo97 ( назад)
wow paula radcliffe can't take a joke

Автор Jack Bear ( назад)
How could you dislike this james cordon and becks! Such legends!

Автор Rebumai ( назад)
Victoria Pendleton

Автор Ewan Campbell ( назад)
Victoria Pendleton

Автор Laurance Jones ( назад)
wow...did you miss humor class?

Автор ino061 ( назад)
talentless??? yeah that's why he won Tony for his perform on Boardway...

Автор Luke Westwood ( назад)
And people do know Freddy and Jame's are good friends?

Автор Luke Westwood ( назад)
People not happy with someone giving somone stick?... you are not british, it's life, don't be week.

Автор Callofbooty02 ( назад)
well done

Автор kazoto farrar ( назад)
i donated 100 pounds

Автор jerimiya springfield ( назад)
its for charity you heartless prick

Автор azysheff ( назад)
they was pretending to be offended Flintoff giggs and kelly holmes all did the same thing

Автор jonathan mano ( назад)
ooo redgrave or watever her name is she didnt like that..

Автор Scott Kershaw ( назад)
The ice sculpture! hahahaha!

Автор Heinrich Daumler ( назад)
Gotta love fat men in sports, there's hope for me after all ;)

Автор James Davies ( назад)
7:02 pedo man and little gremlin next to him?

Автор SpiderPig ( назад)
1:11 Who the heck was increasing my volume!

Автор SpiderPig ( назад)
I like how he trolls with Flintoff

Автор Nikita Kumar ( назад)
Lol Tom Daley his so cute

Автор Reuben Walker ( назад)
4:53 Why does this seem familiar? hmm

Автор Victoria Roberts ( назад)
lol, 'what was that?' tee hee :)

Автор Heidi Jayne ( назад)
paul did not look happy.

Автор BorntoDerp ( назад)
She's a cyclist

Автор swetergrl91 ( назад)
Being a comedian is the best thing in the world!!! this is so awesome!

Автор Elli Willson ( назад)
wayn rooney

Автор satchfan2010 ( назад)
Although Corden was joking ( I think). He was right what he said about the knighthoods and dark suits. This is sport, not show business.

Автор Euclid901 (1374 года назад)
Flintoff didn't look at all amused. It was a bit too harsh...

Автор IPlayCrossFire ( назад)
Smithy. ;)

Автор the pain ( назад)
Dont think Freddie or the black lady were amused LOL

Автор 16nwb1 ( назад)
He should be the England manager

Автор TheNwaa ( назад)
Wayne Rooney 3:46 LMAO.. Proper enjoyin it

Автор MerelMystery ( назад)
utter brilliance :')

Автор Katie Rutter ( назад)
well nani then who cares there both just as bad as each other

Автор sonnyreddevil69 ( назад)
evra wasnt even in the video so whos the idiot now?

Автор Matt Hoskins ( назад)

Автор devilsscent ( назад)

Автор john smitherly ( назад)
you do realise thats Nani you moron

Автор Maria Ma. ( назад)
Aunque lo diez veces, me vuelvo a reir, muy bueno!

Автор Katie Rutter ( назад)
haha Evra proppa getting into that dancing the stupid idiot

Автор muhahahahahh ( назад)
he is 15....

Автор paul Durso ( назад)
4.45 is so hilarious......

Автор faymondo8 ( назад)
ohh Freddie looks hot when he's pissed off! (I know he was only acting!!)

Автор Drtruman ( назад)
Was that Sue Barker he kissed??? Loool

Автор Quokka ( назад)
haha home and away

Автор LadyViolatorUK1 ( назад)
no they all went along with it happily..for comic relief

Автор LadyViolatorUK1 ( назад)
No hes not real but very funny!

Автор theThriller83 ( назад)
i got to give it to the brits, you guys know how to do create skit.

thats coming fron an Aussie

Автор 1999PhantoM ( назад)
this is a joke right? he isn't a real coach right...

Автор matt hart ( назад)
smithy for england manager

Автор stuart. black ( назад)
what the music called

Автор Charlie King ( назад)
@rebellion1986 Your a disgrace!

Автор spuddeyduck ( назад)
Whats the song at the begining?

Автор spuddeyduck ( назад)
whats the song>?

Автор UTDMyHeaven ( назад)
@jackburkemusic He's hot!

Автор SPY10019 ( назад)
What is the name of the song that smithy sings with rooney?

Автор Jonathan Lane ( назад)
vicky pendleton ..humanahhumanahhumanahhumanahhumanahhumanahhumanah

Автор Md.Ebadot Hossen Anik ( назад)
Nice one....
Flintoff looks angry :P

Автор iamHM93 ( назад)
the people who he's making fun of? r they fly upset or no?

Автор Ted Frey ( назад)
@AFairytaleLand Sue Barker.

Автор Josh Charters ( назад)
andy murray disliked this

Автор Sahil M ( назад)
BUTTTONNN1!!!! hahah that was no unexppected!

Автор Stian Olsen ( назад)
@10ManchesterUnited "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito

Автор Alberto Alejandri ( назад)

Автор Dani ( назад)
What's the song name

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