SPOILERIFIC REVIEW Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio | Votesaxon07

10.01 - Just like the decorations, we haven't seen the Doctor since last Christmas...

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Автор ryan lee ( назад)
as a comic collector and a big fan of marvel and dc I really liked this
episode was fantastic.

Автор Doug Horton ( назад)
Nardole has no character. There's absolutely nothing interesting about him.
He's just "there". If you took his character out of the story it wouldn't
have changed anything at all. He's the modern equivalent of Dodo. Hopefully
he'll be around as briefly as she was.

Автор biosonic100 ( назад)
I'm fine hearing that it was River Song, because I was worried it would
have rehashed the Amy or Clara story, and again, a lot better that we did
get that so it could be the final nail and we don't have to deal with her
again. I thought this episode started excellently, but became your standard
Doctor Who fare but the story was simple, and I do appreciate that.

Автор biosonic100 ( назад)
I'm fine hearing that it was River Song, because I was worried it would
have rehashed the Amy or Clara story, and again, a lot better that we did
get that so it could be the final nail and we don't have to deal with her
again. I thought this episode started excellently, but became your standard
Doctor Who fare but the story was simple, and I do appreciate that.

Автор roseboy 2003 ( назад)
Hi man when will the 12th sonic screwdriver controller come out

Автор MrMlorax ( назад)
100th comment, this year's Christmas special was just bollocks, it was
really cringey, the only funny part was when The Doctor listed all the
possible gains you could get from the bite of an irradiated spider. The
plotline was cheesy and not Christmas related at all.

Автор CyberPolarized ( назад)
There was no "Merry Christmas Everybody"!

Автор Julia Stetter ( назад)
I totally agree with you! I really loved how Nardole confronted the Doctor
about bringing him back because he's afraid of being lonely. Especially
when the Doctor says that he's trying to save a planet and Nardole says:
"which is what you always do when the conversation turns serious" :P

Автор Jessica Angus ( назад)
It's been a year since the last episode the explanation about river helped
me remember

Автор Alan Blott ( назад)
Loved it............ Only seven views so far. (Not bad for four days) From
a 61 year old fan boy.

Автор I amme ( назад)
Do a review of your rubbertoe replicas 12th sonic please

Автор Lulu SpaceInvader ( назад)
Hey bro, i agree with every thing that u said, except for Nardole... I
really dont think that he is really useful. okay, he is there for just 1
episode and the Doctor always needs a companion (we know why ) But i hope
that Bill will be as good as the others we previously have seen. Great
Video, carry on dude. Plus i totally agree your 7/10.

Автор kachow ( назад)
I can tell you what I'm not anticipating about series ten - the emoji faced
robots. Just, just WHY?!

Автор BojoPigeon ( назад)
This episode relieved any concerns I might have had about Nardole. Matt
Lucas is funny but I was impressed with the parts when he was being more
serious. That should make him a well rounded companion and not just comic

Автор AGR IO ( назад)
Hey man, if you had to chose between the 12th doctors universal remote or
the 10th which would you chose p.s love your videos keep it up

Автор Neesh ( назад)
I love the series, but haven't watched much lately since it's not in
Netflix and BBC America doesn't play the show much anymore. Crazy to me
that it's been a year since the last new episode. I know it was, but it
feels crazier to me because I really didn't rewatch the season 9 stuff...
so... mentioning 24 years, that happened twice. I didn't get it. Til
River's name was mentioned. Then tears

Автор Vlogs With dogs ( назад)
Hey votesaxon07 could you re review the masters lasers screwdriver

Автор youskain ( назад)
I came here cos I needed some positive remarks about TRODM. reddit has been
constantly bashing it and I actually enjoyed it. The episode was humorous,
light hearted and interesting to watch as compared to other really bad ones
*ahem. Perhaps it actually appealed to comic book fans more ?

Автор Dalek slayer ( назад)
as far as the whole 24 years business, is that just how long it had been
since he took River to the towers?

Автор Mr Peaches Latour ( назад)
I was pleasantly surprised by this one, Moffat is so hit and miss now when
I heard Nardole was back I was bracing for another light and empty episode
like the last a year ago but it was refreshingly free of more obligatory
xmas themes and Nardole wasn't annoying as you said so I enjoyed it,
tapping into the current trend of superhero films the same way Dr Who did
Big Brother back in 2005. And Im perfectly happy to see Matt be a regular
mainly cos Im so bored to death of 20 something female companions every

Автор John Hedger ( назад)
So glad they got rid of all the Christmassy stuff in this episode, it's
been done to death. The story was ok, but it was so much better paced,
there wasn't loads of rushing about with garbled dialogue that we've had
since Eleventh Hour.

Автор CyberKingProductions ( назад)
has anybody noticed that in the series 10 trailer it shows the movellans
from destiny of the daleks but only for a split second. series 10 is
already becoming one of my favourite seasons

Автор JA Flynn ( назад)
well done excellent review, not sure about "Bill" though, I thought I'd
hate Nardole, but he was grand. New subscriber. cheers.

Автор Robertjustafan rob (k) ( назад)
Stop watching when it got confusing like river being a timelord like it
better when we had episodes like the van goh episode and the tardis being

Автор Robertjustafan rob (k) ( назад)
All hail the hipno toad!!! Lol

Автор transtremm ( назад)
I thought the room full of brains was a tribute to the, "Keys of Marinus."

Автор n8 ( назад)
I loved The Doctor's dialogue with young Grant about Superman being Clark
Kent, and his reaction when Grant says that everyone knows...

Автор Claudio Lima ( назад)
Nardole is not funny!!!

Автор dubyadee1 ( назад)
I love superheroes & I love Doctor who but this episode just didn't do it
for me.4/10 from me & my 9 year old gave it 5/10 so meh..

Автор kevin10001 ( назад)
I loved it cause like Steven said it did have the Christopher reeves feel
like he wanted which are my favorite of the superman movies and my Sunday
nights in the 90's was watching Lois and Clark

Автор the predator ( назад)
is that the rubbertoe your holding stephen??????

Автор NoahMHughey ( назад)
I loved how the doctor always had a snack in the episode. he just showed up
with sushi!

Автор Ezekiel Patriot ( назад)
i surprisingly really enjoyed this episode

Автор MyDvdReviews ( назад)
Neato review Stephen mate, I thought the episode was very interesting and a
good nod to super hero comics and movies. I'm looking very forward to
series ten my friend! James :-)

Автор Nik Duncan ( назад)
Simpson's did it.

Автор matthew dagostino ( назад)
This episode was awful. The story was all over the place, with characters
we don't care about, and an even worse romance that we don't care about.
The villains were about as boring as they get for Doctor Who, and honestly
the whole story just seemed clogged and boring. The only good parts was The
Doctor being The Doctor. Overall this episode was boring with boring
characters and boring villains and a boring plot.

Автор ken riddell ( назад)
worst episode ever i hated it

Автор Forrest Craig ( назад)
I love the video it was good

Автор Human Timelord ( назад)
1:32 did you just

Автор Houdini 1011 ( назад)
Where would you rank this to your Doctor Who Christmas Specials List?

Автор R9000 ( назад)
7/10 is a pretty strong score given your initial impressions, I don't think
I even liked it that much. I mean the production of the show is exceptional
these days, as is the acting. I just still feel the writing has room for

Автор Space Shark Productions ( назад)

Автор Thunderwing88 ( назад)
Hated it, too wired. At first I thought the Doctor was still talking about
Clara at the end. So, I definitely need the mention of River.

Автор Amy McLean - Author and Film Vlogger ( назад)
Ah yes, stepping away from Santa to the true meaning of Christmas...
superheroes. ;) Great review! I did enjoy this episode, but it's no
Christmas Invasion!

Автор OJWH ( назад)
The episode made fun of the Spider-Man origin story but then made the
origin for this superhero 'kid eats gem that grants wishes'. That's fantasy
not sci-fi.

Fair enough about the space Titanic idea (not that I've seen the episode)
but the other 2 aren't really copies. They're basic ideas.

I enjoyed the episode overall though I think it's weak as far as 'Doctor
Who' stories go.

You have a really good presenting/explaining voice by the way. Any tips for
doing that?

Автор SubXero ( назад)
I really hated the look of this episode from the teasers they released but
afterwards it became a lot smoother and better. By the end I had enjoyed
the episode and although it wasn't the best it was definitely enjoyable.
Matt Lucas was entertaining and surprisingly I was somewhat glad he was
back although I may end up hating him by the end of Series 10

Автор James McDonald ( назад)
Where did you find the Radio Times poster for this ep. that you used in the

Автор newbyrobert49 ( назад)
i give it a 5 out of 10.

Автор Jamie Tus ( назад)
My favourite part is when the doctor is holding the screwdriver backwards
like a knife

Автор Jamie Tus ( назад)
The ghost would be great in an episode of legends

Автор bringoutthelegos ( назад)
I didn't like the stupid reporter approach. It's so cliche.

Автор ATypicalLeaf ( назад)
"If theirs one thing the doctor knows about its radiation poisoning" NO!
I've only just got over that! dammit Stephan! haha great review loved this
year's special the count down to series 10 begins

Автор JasonisnotaRobot ( назад)
Grant is in the exclusive group of superhero with alive parents

Автор The6YearOldLuke ( назад)
nardole actually surprised me a lot

Автор Wide-Load ( назад)
I think this was the best Moffat special. I still prefer the RTD ones, yeah
they were set at Christmas most of the time but it didn't jam it down your
throat like Moffat does. Nardol wasn't that annoying and I'm kinda looking
forward to seeing him. And the season 10 trailer surprised me and now I'm
really looking forward to it!

Автор Oliver Linklater ( назад)
It is almost the end of 2016... Top 10 toys of 2016 is nearly here? oh and
I also enjoyed the episode but the flying effects are cheesy. 7/10

Автор AdamIsTalking ( назад)
The main issue I have with this episode is simply that nothing really felt
original. Grant/The Ghost wasn't a bad character by any stretch, but it's
very blatant in its nature as a parody of superheroes, and the superhero
parts of this weren't bad, but felt like they didn't satirize it enough for
it to be a parody, but didn’t take is seriously enough to be a genuine
thing (That said, the idea that a lot of the things like the voice and
costume is due to Grant’s obsession with superheroes and his focus on being
just that does make it a little better.)
I was genuinely quite annoyed when we found out Nardole was coming back,
just because he wasn’t anything special last year, but while I still feel
like he didn’t need to be there, he didn’t feel like he was getting in the
way, and as long as they try and actually give him some development, I’ve
the episode a little more open to the fact that he’s going to be back.
The enemy was genuinely the most annoying part of the episode for me. The
idea of the brains taking people over was good, but there was quite simply
no need for them to be the same things from last year. It just made it feel
like Moffat was reusing ideas, which was especially unneeded given that
nothing was brought up about the ‘taking over people’s bodies’ thing when
they first came up. They would have been much better served with being just
something new, some new species that took over bodies, especially given
there wasn’t really any mention of the fact that they even were in last
year’s episode. It just felt a little lazy, especially when there was no
need for it to be lazy.
I like how they brought up the effect of River and the 24 years overall,
though I do get why you were a little put off by them actually using
River’s name (Yeah, we all knew who they were talking about)
Overall, I found it a little uninspired, but for what it is, as a one-off
episode on Christmas, it was really fun and enjoyable to watch. The guest
actors didn’t feel out of place, and the overall idea of the superhero was
a fun idea. The payoff of Grant’s secret identity probably could have done
with a bit more punch, but I definitely don’t regret watching it.
And yeah, Series 10 looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Автор Mr. Blobby ( назад)
Best Christmas Special so far

Автор Guilty Assassin ( назад)
There's actually a spider-man easter Egg, we see joes pizza from spider-man
2 below grants flat

Автор VividSauce ( назад)
I missed the spoilerific reviews.

Автор brandon kelly ( назад)
I have to give things to you Stephen you now got me into watching robot
wars which I love so much now talking about the Doctor Who Christmas
special I like the doctors but superhero part was it just a little bit
cheesy for me

Автор Reversing the polarity of the daisyiest daisy ( назад)
I agree in the fact that Nardole was better and the references to river
were good. However, we've been missing new doctor who for a year now and,
to me, this didn't feel like doctor who. This felt like a super hero movie
with doctor who bits tacked on. Also, Peter Capauldi was being written like
Matt Smith and everything he said I could see Matt Smith saying. I'ts like
they don't know where they stand with this doctor, one minute he's dark,
then is a rocker rebel and now he is a crackpot scientist. I don't know why
they keep having these unexplained, non nonsensical changes to 12's
character every time a new series rolls around.

Автор Rick Green ( назад)
Fine episode, if it was just an episode. But you can't call it a Christmas
episode Moffat could have easily turn it more Christmas like take it back
to London go back to the joke London is never safe at Christmas the space
ship crashing on Christmas Day. So for that it was a bad episode it should
have been Christmas themed

Автор Alex Steward ( назад)
I barely noticed Xmas only being mentioned briefly.

Автор Tom Jasendro ( назад)
I was thinking that Moffat may be setting up an arc with the head-splitting
aliens. Because in "The Husbands of River Song", they had invaded a
spaceship called 'Harmony and Redemption'. In this episode, they created a
fake company called 'Harmony Shoal'. Coincidence? No such thing in Moffat's

Автор Cyberman Bill ( назад)
Ah.... it was alright!!! Didn't feel very Doctor Who either. It felt very
geared towards the American market. Loved Peter in this episode though! I
still hope Nardol goes away soon. I just can't get into him. I thought
Justin did a great job as the Ghost.. (had the pleasure of working with him
on the American version of Shameless). Overall, it was a fun episode but I
still feel like something's missing. I don't feel like I watched a Doctor
Who episode! I don't know. But boy, that season 10 preview looks great!

Автор Anthony Jordan ( назад)
as a regular episode this was very good as a Christmas episode The Return
of doctor Mysterio was an utter failure

Автор Dse654 ( назад)
good review man :)

Автор EYW HARDCORE YouTube ( назад)
the ending of this episode felt like a regeneration ending with the doctor
speech and worry

Автор lordnerdyguy ( назад)
You've started using Capaldi's new sonic in some of your recent videos, or
at least in the thumbnail of this one. Starting to warm up a bit to it?
(Also favorite bit from the S10 trailer was the Doctor saying something
about "I'm the man who saves your life, and you spend the rest of it
wondering who I am.")

Автор Dachie Dachie ( назад)
the doctor came to my home state new york

Автор SammySatine ( назад)
Excellent review, Stephen! I enjoyed it too and I agree with pretty much
everything you said. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to more videos from
you soon.

Автор WhelanProductions ( назад)
Dont understand why they're keeping Nardole. He was terrible in The
Husbands Of River Song, he was terrible and this and will continue to be
terrible. I want the focus to be on Pearl Mackie as Bill but Matt Lucas has
filmed more than her so far!

Автор DragonRiderW16 ( назад)
I almost forgot: SPOILERific!

Автор twopennymilk 8908 ( назад)
nice job bro love the review

Автор myvideomaker100 ( назад)
Stephen what did u guys do for Christmas

Автор Votesaxon07 ( назад)
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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