John & Julian Lennon - Valotte (tribute)



Made this video ..I always though the original video neded to have john lennon in it, so here it is... John and Julian together the way it should have been --Please enjoy

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Автор Carol Christian ( назад)
Julian YOU inherited your father's talent.

Автор Carol Christian ( назад)
Julian you look just like your father - his other son looks just like his

Автор Mindy L ( назад)
Nice video..Is it me or does Julian look kinda lost there at 2:20-2:32?
Kinda sad imagery of his life at that time too I think, both Julian and
John very talented musicians, John should've been there

Автор Debbie Barber ( назад)
Beautiful...Pure Beauty <3

Автор sunshine45986 ( назад)

Автор bush1tman ( назад)
Thank you for making it possible to see this great video.

Автор Sharon Oconnor ( назад)
John was in his thirties when Julian was still young (teenager) he should
have grown up by then and been a real father to Jules as he was to Shawn.
Liked John's music as well as I Ilike Jules.

Автор Marie Bruzdowski ( назад)
Cynthia be proud! Julian is soooooooooo John. Sean doesn't come nearly as

Автор Jen22w ( назад)
Why is this video Gone!!!!!!????

Автор Marius Saliba ( назад)
the music is nice anyway.

Автор mountainbliss4u ( назад)
it sucks

Автор mickeyrob3 ( назад)
That was a good tribute video. Job well done:)

Автор ananasdt7 ( назад)
@sheametsfan6 why?

Автор theealvaroh ( назад)
esta muy bello este video,muy lindo,es un homenaje que hace julian a
john..esta bellisimo..c.b. chile.

Автор 3lullabies ( назад)
thanks to Wormy Music Gangsters for removing,you greedy fat record exec pigs

Автор Teresa Poland Army Medic vet ( назад)
There is no other way to put this daffy thing away for good. When John left
Julian he was 5 yrs old,Julian got to spend time with John on holidaze. But
after John up and moved to NY then it was harder for Jules to see John,and
John made no effort to try and see Jules. Julian did come to see John maybe
a couple of times in NY and as John has stated he didnt know how to act.
With Sean,Julian was forgotten. Julian got nothing when his father died and
is buying things of Johns,even a letter.

Автор Teresa Poland Army Medic vet ( назад)
Too bad John never was close to Jules. At 47 years old I think he is alot
better. His stepfather was more of a father than John was. John didnt want
him and John could have been so proud of Jules. He is an excellant
photographer and if he can only get his music to be done right,he may
actually come out with the new CD he has been talking about. Love ya Jules

Автор ajlogan1979 ( назад)
nice one dip shit... youve got a bunch of shit on the screen and no
lyrics... you dumb fuck

Автор martinesi2319 ( назад)
i hate when there is so many text on the screen

Автор Tomiko Murphy ( назад)
he reminds me of his father so much the talent and nature

Автор Tomiko Berry ( назад)

Автор hamad916 ( назад)
forget all the coments be yourself!

Автор Robbie J ( назад)
Thanks This is great video She needs to pissoff

Автор QueenBeatlesWings ( назад)
Thanks for re-uploading to that other site- I so agree the stupid WMG
copyright is not right!

Автор QueenBeatlesWings ( назад)
Julian is a great musician in is own way, and a wonderful human being for
forgiving his family

Автор Donna Lawrence ( назад)
This is an excellent video! I love this song, it always completely tugged
at my heart! I was in my early 20's when it came out and even went to see
Julian at the Universal Ampitheatre in Universal Studios. This is a
timeless song for me as is all of his dad's music as well! God Bless you
Julian and may John rest in PEACE! He is truly missed!

Автор Bart Schram ( назад)
Great video. Thanks for the upload. I once found the song on youtube and
noticed it was removed a while after. Thanks for uploading it again. I
realy love the song!

Автор muse54 ( назад)
He says he doesn't have muse use for his famous father.

Автор MisterOldSchool1 ( назад)
@BeatlesTasMania ???

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