FedEx ♦ MD-11 ε MD-10 ~ Parallel Take-Off's - 18R ~ KMEM (Side by Side)

MD-11 ♣ Flying alongside→ the MD-10- This Powerful Bird Blasts off with over 110,000lbs of Packages (Cargo). It's baby brother,→ taking off on the L side.

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Автор Ryanair Hayes ( назад)
Nice video. Please subscribe to my aviation channel and promote channel to
others. I also subscribed. Like and comment on my videos thanks

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
No one said they did - (They do out of ANC) - But, that's where most (if
not all) of the payload on this MD was headed. This baby was headed to OAK-
and then it's freight kept going→ maybe on another MD → to Asia.

Автор willboeing1 ( назад)
md-11's don't fly direct to Asia

Автор AllFoamNoBeer ( назад)
@Chickiee2 AWESOME... such stupidity''

Автор AllFoamNoBeer ( назад)
@BigBearVids (ha.that was a good comeback (

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
@Maddogpilot1 DOG- If my Youtube name was MEMRampAgent1 or MEMMxLead1,
would that help clue you in? You may FLY it.- I may LOAD it - or FIX it. I
may know FDX flight numers by memory AND what equipment is mostly used on
them. I may also know when planes are full of Mail or partially full of
Freight for Asia.-Especially if its like this one -FDX350--> which was
headed to OAK then ANC & then- well, -> you know.

Автор Chickiee2 ( назад)
GUYS. All you are fucking PATHETIC!! You guys are arguing whether an MD10
is real or not. DC10: Good ol' DC10. MD11: Stretched DC10 with winglets and
modern cockpit. MD10: DC10 with modern cockpit. I hope this answers your
questions. And next time btw, enjoy the video of a beautiful plane with
some great footage. Props to BigBear: GREAT Vid, great patience in the
comments. Too bad I don't' have any for these ignorant bastards who think
they know everything.

Автор Christopher Collinsworth ( назад)
This cool. I drove a trucking company called Old Dominion and i love being
there just watching these things come in left and right. Awsome video. Wish
my videos would get this many veiws. LoL!

Автор EXP PILOT ( назад)
THAT IS AWESOME DC-10 and big brother!!!!

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
@mayrhofer96 Fedex has no DC-10's. They're all MD-10's now. So...I think
the uploader knows his stuff....

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
@mayrhofer96 ~~~ NOPE MD- 11 _ MD-10 on the adjacent

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
@Hypnixio -Left side is an MD-10 ---/ How do I know-- 2 ways-- I listened
to the ATC playback// -- and the MD-11's Don't use 18L... they use ~ Either
18R or 18C.(longest Rnwy) (and i dont see winglets either....)

Автор Troy Raiteri ( назад)
@BigBearVids ah ok i plane spot off of airways and at the Radisson Inn i
never tried the fedex lot my mom only allows me to go not to far :P

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
@nascarfan154 MD-11! was shot ♦ Close- just Nortrh a bit- further up
Airways- at the FEDEX sign. An used old Fedex entry into the old Fedex
compound. I dont venture down to the 'tha't gas staition.. lol.

Автор Troy Raiteri ( назад)
hey BigBear is that spot by the gas station on Airways???

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
@McMuffin489 There's still 3 jumpseating 'passengers'( Tom Hanks) onboard..
and it still weighs way over a half million pounds. more like 680,000 lbs
++++ people or cargo→ .this badboy is flying..!!!

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
That my friend → is seriously BADASS...!!!! nice vid.!

Автор Rprince418 ( назад)
Cast Away!

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
► blackuzco ` WMKK is also sometimes a starting point - from SE ASIA →to
Hong Kong→ then back to PANC and the US- so perhaps the aircraft is NOT
that heavy (minimal cargo)...therefore the MD-11 has the ability to 'scream
out' at a steep climb angle.!

Автор blackuzco ( назад)
@berga10mito i thought im the only one who notice that.. here in malaysia,
KLIA, i see FedEx take off everyday and its a very steep take-off.. perhaps
because its cargo and not airliner?!

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Most likely it's because they are NOT that heavy when they leave LIMC/MXP.
They take minimal freight out of Italy and that is sometimes the starting
point for the trip to the hubs up in Paris or Stanstead England. There -
they load up to Max TOGW and fly back 'Heavy' to the US HUBs in EWR or
MEMPHIS- btw ~ this video shows a pretty 'normal' climbout-

Автор Matteo Bergantin ( назад)
why fed ex Md11 going up with a steep climb?? i always see here in milan
malpensa that fedex Md11 and A 310 doing very steep climbs anyone can tell
me why?

Автор headz51230 ( назад)

Автор PILOT6124 ( назад)
@jas0609 yea md-10 is a airplane!!

Автор BusterBunker ( назад)
Yes, it's an airplane. It's a DC-10 on steroides. It has a modern cockpit
just like the md-11.

Автор FullMetal-JackSquat ( назад)
Yup - Just Google it → silly kid-

Автор FullMetal-JackSquat ( назад)
The plane in cast away was NOT a 727- It was a widebody- Like a DC-10 or
MD-11.See all the fake Hollywood cockpit CRT's in the crash scene.~~~ Plus~
a 727 would be flying nowhere near some deserted island in the middle of
the pacific ocean.

Автор BusterBunker ( назад)
I don't know what I'm saying, UPS doesn't even fly A DC-10. It is A Md-11
for sure. KCLE is plenty big for a Md-11

Автор BusterBunker ( назад)
Oh, my bad. I didn't even look at the title. My friend sent me this so I
don't usually look at the titles. It looks like KCLE so much driving on the
outside road. I'm pretty sure UPS has a MD-11 sitting next to the Nasa
Glenn center at KCLE. Don't hold me to that though. It might be a DC-10.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
MD-10 -they had only 3 DC's left at this video's time.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
I believe that's correct-

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
It's KMEM~ not~ CLE~ as the video plainly states- (dont believe CLE even
HANDLE AN MD-11 ) can they?

Автор BusterBunker ( назад)
Is that KCLE

Автор michael armstrong ( назад)
it is a MD-10. a converted dc-10 with md-11 cockpit. now called MD-10

Автор FullMetal-JackSquat ( назад)
Awesome jet..! Great sound.!!

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
OMG ~ egpo ( another Know it all/nothing )- Read 100 posts from months
earlier about the 'MD-10' on the parrallel rnwy-. FedEx has No Dc-10's
anymore.! Had only 2 or 3 when this was posted.! ►Back to flight sim
lessons for you.!

Автор egpo24 ( назад)
its dc-10,not md-10.

Автор Abibamed ( назад)
Is a DC10(or MD10) the other aircraft departing....

Автор geoaviator ( назад)
thats awesome two MD-11's take off at same time

Автор AllFoamNoBeer ( назад)
Thats an MD-10- NOT a MD -11---!! Read the vid info~ Great vid BBV

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
good catch 4rings- !

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Yes NZ~ 4ringsis correct...It's an MD-10. It's mentioned in the video
description....& discussed at length here, in recent months.. but..good
news--- I think you may see a FDX 777 on my page here soon.

Автор chanman4rings ( назад)
It's an MD-10 in the distance... no winglets is the tell tale sign. And do
you have to pause it to see the plane? It's in the rest of the video after
that... clearly in it

Автор chanman4rings ( назад)
Someone needs to get their eyes checked.

Автор AWS10T ( назад)
Dude, don't make comments, unless you know what you're talking about.
That's not a 737. It's an MD-11. 737's only have 2 engines. Jeeze

Автор runjj ( назад)
I am a first officer on a 757 for FedEx and i love every minute of it!!! I
wouldnt want to do anything else!!! Those of you who want to fly, don't
give up! I didn't and look where it got me and I didn't need to go to the
military! Stay Strong!!!

Автор Fabi Speri ( назад)
ok thx

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
NO~ This was from 2007. The last Take-off was the ill-fated Flight 80--
from Guangzhou, China.

Автор Fabi Speri ( назад)
is that the last take off from her ?

Автор Ste .L ( назад)
Wow that rumble

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
Serious power dude...!!

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
thxs- Couldn't have said it better- and yes- I read → N319FE was just
retired 2 weeks ago-

Автор JS C ( назад)
The MD11 is such a great plane...it's painful seeing the whole series go
bit by bit, DC10, MD10 and MD11. Out of interest, are there many other ways
in which the glass cockpit increases the safety of the aircraft other than
by reducing the pilots over all work load? Thanks :)

Автор JS C ( назад)
Wow, it never fails to amaze me just how many 'enthusiasts' still *refuse*
to believe that the MD10 is a real aircraft. It is.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Actually it is an MD-10. FedEx retired their last DC-10 this month. (April
09) They're all converted MD-10's Now-

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Well LEMON ~you may want to Read it AGAIN~ this time lay off the
Chardonay--- the MD-10 is very REAL. Check back here in a week~ See how
many little red thumbs down numbers appear next to your mindless rants.
Hard to standby comments... when you're totally wrong~

Автор AdamJLemon ( назад)
So how many videos do you have of MD-9s? Lawl.

Автор AdamJLemon ( назад)
I did, read the description, and it's basically an MD-11 that FedEx felt
the need to re-name...neat...leave the naming of the planes up to the
manufacturers and not the clients. Since an "MD-10" is basically a renamed
MD-11, looks like I was right to begin with.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Common sense - ? lol. Go to Google. Type MD-10. ► Get Schooled. Future
communication: ~Terminated~

Автор AdamJLemon ( назад)
Helloooooo common sense. If the retrofit is being handled by BOEING, then
it is not an MD-10. Because that would mean it was still a
McDonnell-Douglass plane. You are aware that an MD-11 is essentially no
more than a retrofitted DC-10, right?

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Unfortunately ~ Yes.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Here we go again~ The MD-10 is and aircraft that allows operators to
retrofit DC-10s with a new, advanced- technology flight deck. Pioneered by
FedEx~ the Boeing retrofit includes a two-person flight deck, weight
savings, increased reliability, and commonality with the MD-11 fleet.
►GOOGLE IT ~ before you post please.

Автор AdamJLemon ( назад)
Just as long as we are clear on the fact that there is no such plane as the

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
no dude~ Its an Md-10 on the left side. FDX--> JUST RETIRED THEIR LAST ONE~

Автор filipinoboy147 ( назад)
there no md -10 its dc-10

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
Hey Jerky~ Read the full desription..! He does mention the crew→ and says
~> RIP crew of FDX80../ no go take a a spelling lesson - lmao.

Автор pantking ( назад)
lol in the discription of the vid it says R.I.P about the plain the 2
piolts died ffs who cares about the plane (i do a little bit) R.I.P THE 2

Автор f15pilotaf ( назад)
MD-11 Physical Features that the DC-10 does not have: - The MD11 holds more
passengers than the DC10 - The MD11 has winglets, the DC10 doesn't - The
MD11 is a 5.71m (18ft 9in) stretch compared to the DC10 - The MD11 has a
modified tail with less sweepback than the DC10 - The MD11 features newer
engine options from both GE and PW

Автор P0P357UR3 ( назад)
Amazing shot.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Where in the video do you see a DC-10? That's an MD-11. See the winglets?
325,000lbs nominal what ~ come on-

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
no more than 2 ~ Φ ~ maybe 4.

Автор ╬ *JimmyWacked* ( назад)
I'd say it was during their afternoon launch-- it's around 3-4 pm.

Автор Larry Hawkins ( назад)
What time of te day did you shoot this video?

Автор Jay Vii ( назад)

Автор pcmiler2000 (1916 лет назад)
Oh, I see, its not just about making money, but other things as well such
as fun and challenging tasks when flying passengers, just like that 'Hudson
Pilot' who landed the plane on the Hudson River in New York City saved
thousands of lives.

Автор Jay Vii ( назад)
the thrill of having people's lives at stake.

Автор pcmiler2000 ( назад)
When you BigbearVids planning on making more videos like this one?

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
No, there are plenty of differences... engines, length, max payload,
landing gear etc... etc...- read some of the previous comments. Myself &
someone else explained it very well.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
No wake...that's really only when you are directly behind...and on the SAME
Rnwy. Simultaneous takeoffs happen all the time at MEM.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Yes that's a good spot too.!

Автор pcmiler2000 ( назад)
Why? Make more money flying cargo than commercial and don't have to deal
with rude passengers.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
It's actually and MD-10 on the parallel.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)
Thats a great place to shoot too.!!

Автор pilotnicco ( назад)
cargo pilots make a fuck load of money, however i want to fly commercial
not cargo

Автор bigmaxy07 ( назад)
LOL someone's documents going somewhere.

Автор yoto5951 ( назад)
lol the a318

Автор Matty231 ( назад)

Автор devon2576 ( назад)
Miami is KMIA memphis Intl. is KMEM........But that was awesome how the two
tookoff at the same time (id imagine some wake turbulance.)

Автор pcmiler2000 ( назад)
Damn!!! This is a powerful video!!!!

Автор janadal86 ( назад)
MD10 is an upgraded DC10, it has an EFIS flightdeck and no F/e

Автор queclasedmierda ( назад)
miami airport?

Автор theitaliantraveller ( назад)
Very very great!

Автор Ryan6801 ( назад)
Not at all. They're two completely different aircraft. Pretty much the only
thing they really have in common is the three engines.

Автор Yoan Tacoronte (678 лет назад)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG i love the md-11 such a beauty. best aircraft ever

Автор redneck9592 ( назад)
what are you talking about.... they are the same trijet basis but the MD-11
was completely diferant from the DC-10 it had a full glass cockpit,
winglets and more powerful and fuel efficant engines! get ur facts right!!

Автор thick1130 ( назад)
An Md11 and Dc10 are two different types of aircraft. The MD11 is the
larger of the 2 and holds on average 30-40k more in payload.

Автор B.B. ✈ Aviation ( назад)

Автор N8 Nate ( назад)
Go Fed EX! Long live the power of the DC-10`s!!

Автор Sajin Murdoc ( назад)
It's totally true what you've read and seen. FedEx does fly DC-10s, but
less and less, since the MD-10s a better. As we all know, FedEx is one of
the largest users of MD-11s worldwide. Just go to KMEM and see for yourself
how many MD-11s and MD-10s are parked ready to fly. ;) Was that clearly
said for everyone?? =)

Автор Sajin Murdoc ( назад)
Yes I can... Before the era of McDonald Douglas, which merged into Boeing
as a subsidary, it was the old Douglas DC-10 which ruled the skies. Then
the name was changed, when Douglas went broke, and created the MD-11.
Longer fuselage, extended range, etc etc. Same with the new retrofitting of
the DC-10 into the MD-10. So yes there is MD-10s still flying. It's just
retrofitted, longer fuselage and new engines, and glass cockpit used on the
MD-11. To be continued...

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