"Striking Coaches Giving Grapplers False Confidence" (from Joe Rogan Experience #893)

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #893 Fight Recap (https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2j85Xgs).


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Автор Gregorio Bell ( назад)
Greg Jackson is another one that can teach evrything.

Автор slicvm ( назад)
Low IQ kids laughing at "Bangkok Ready".

Автор pedroaytawa ( назад)
eddie is so entertaining to listen to. interesting to listen to his

Автор Terrell Kluting ( назад)
John Potenza

Автор Winston Timmermans ( назад)
I would definitely buy a "Bangkok Ready" shirt

Автор MrAlan287 ( назад)
Agree with Hume and zahabi being the best two head coaches. I would say
that john kavanagh is on his way to their level.

Автор Oliver Crespo ( назад)
John Kavanagh, Firas Zahabi, and Hume are the best coaches in MMA

Автор Brion Salazar ( назад)
Are you Bangkok Ready? -

Автор Ramiro Spinelli ( назад)
Ronda does not shoot for takedowns cause her knees are fucked up cause of
judo, she does not need wrestling, she need to learn to cut the cage and
force the clinch....and better stricking too.

Автор George Ou ( назад)
If 6 months makes you Bangkok ready, then 10 months should get you Lumpinee

Автор wheelmanstan ( назад)
the guy he's talking about who did the muay thai ended up killing a guy in
self defense (cleared) and trained with a murderer who killed a guy with a
rear naked choke, the guy claimed it was self defense lol, this is the
murderer Joe had mentioned knowing, well I'm guessing, they all sorta
trained together in the early days

Автор sasha chornyi ( назад)
So my head coach told me to go for legs and i got the gold of maia)

Автор John Do ( назад)
Bangkok ready t shirts now, please.

Автор Donal Keaveny ( назад)
John Kavanagh? Head Coach

Автор mac_3k ( назад)
Does anyone know if this fight Eddie talks about is on YouTube or

Автор Myung Kwak ( назад)
I love Eddie B. Funny as shit.

Автор joshtj44 ( назад)
I've fallen in love with fight companion. This is pure gold for fight fans.

Автор Carlo André Aguilar ( назад)
"I'm kokbang ready" -Joey Diaz

Автор Villain Village ( назад)

Автор DootDoot ( назад)
Joe needs to put out a shirt.... "Bangkok ready"

Автор Jacob Curtis ( назад)
i think werdum is another very good maia example of elite level grap and
comes back wit the stand up

Автор Bamaboyblue ( назад)
Just sayin...

Автор Ken ( назад)
Joey Diaz looking really good

Автор mosshark ( назад)
Dear Schaub,

Let Eddie talk.


Автор Kimura Saku ( назад)
im bangkok ready

Автор Badge Man ( назад)
Nunes is Bangkok ready

Автор WakeSideLife ( назад)
I haven't even watched the video yet but I'm hopin the gist is "Rhonda
should fire Edward"

Автор kimura kano ( назад)
love Eddie's stories. Let the man speak.

Автор Universal Kombat ( назад)
One thing that happens to grapplers who train their striking for MMA, is
that in training, they don't typically go at it 100% trying to knock
each-other the fuck out in sparring sessions. Though possible, not likely,
no one wants to get injured or concussions in training when a fight is
imminent. So, what happens instead, is they do okay in sparring, build
their confidence (quite to their detriment) but once they get in the ring,
the dynamic changes by such an amount, that it has the grappler perplexed.
While on the other hand, a striker can definitely grapple all out at 100%
without excessive amounts of worry for injuries, and thus, might have an
easier time learning just enough to be competitive in MMA. Regardless, in
the end, the grappler should grapple, and the striker should strike, it
would be silly to fight in your opponents strengths when it is your

Автор Eddie BangkokReady Bravo ( назад)
yeah ronda that bitch wasnt BANGKOK READY !!!

Автор Croatian Warmaster ( назад)
Eddie Bravo is always the smartest guy on these podcasts.

Автор Willie Mundy ( назад)
Creepin on a million subs, cheers

Автор Tom S ( назад)
Would like to see a live chat during the podcast, would be nice.

Автор Tom S ( назад)
Would like to see a live chat during the podcast, would be nice.

Автор dajay2k ( назад)
What is said at start

Автор dajay2k ( назад)
What is said at start

Автор blaqmarkit ( назад)
"bangkok ready" tee with a silhouette of a fat guy doing a muay thai stance
. rogan...get onnit

Автор bill irengbam ( назад)
Bangkok ready

Автор Tha Slitherus ( назад)
I so want a "Bangkok Ready'' shirt now. Phahaha.

Автор Ignacio Nemarich ( назад)
The people demand a Bangkok Ready T-Shirt.

Автор Marvin Ben ( назад)
Joe call alex back already

Автор Take a Stance 101 ( назад)
Great topic and conversation!!! Great fun !!
Steve and Sasha

Автор IndicaDreaming ( назад)
Anyone remember Roy Nelson on the ground? He got up from Werdum taking his
back once, that's about all the jiu jitsu he has done in about ten years.

Автор dlancer2k ( назад)
Sean Sherk vs BJ Penn

Автор Richard Sangeleer ( назад)
The same thing happened w/Urijah Faber. His takedowns were lightning-fast,
& his submissions were brutal. Then one day, he started throwing punches &
never stopped.

Автор Dis the MacLIFe YE ( назад)
GOAT podcast of all' time LMAO , IDK who's funnier XD , Joey Diaz "I went
to the gay sucking cock club alone" , Brendan Schaub, Joe Rogan "Who's that
breathing into the mic like that" or Eddie Bravo ahaaha

Автор profd65 ( назад)
The ONLY reason strikers succeed in the UFC is that the deck is totally
stacked in their favor, for example: the fighters are sweaty, practically
naked, and often take mineral oil baths before a fight, which makes them
slippery and almost impossible to hold onto; every round starts standing up
regardless of how the previous round ended; the referee will quickly stand
up fights that have went to the ground if there's not enough "action";
there's always a fence a few feet behind a fighter that he can lean against
to resist take downs; fighters who have been taken down are protected from
all sorts of shots, such as kicks and knees to the head, and 12-6 elbows.

We all know who wins in the REAL WORLD. Back in high school, the wrestlers
were always the toughest kids in school, which should tell you something.

Автор MrBckfst ( назад)
Eddie is the only one there who really knows his shit. Sure joe was one of
those people who gave ronda an overconnfidense in her striking.

Автор osp80 ( назад)
people hear mma and think it's one thing but there is a "mixed" in there.
just because you learn "mma" doesn't mean it's in the right proportions.
some people are better in certain areas and should kinda go with it. don't
be "1996 boxer and brb gonna grapple with mark coleman guy" or "hey, i've
seen all the tae bo tapes, i can stand with tank 1995 guy"

Автор Leroy Gallagher ( назад)
the thing with striking is it doesn't take long to look good and learn
basic techniques but it takes a long time to master distance, movement and

Автор Tim Allen ( назад)
Boxing is the best foundation for a fighter, as you don't want to be
trying all that fancy spinning around and kicking until you have the
balance, foot work and all the other boxing skills. Wrestling and judo are
secondary skills. The UFC heavy weight champ Stipe Miocic seems to rely
mostly on boxing, but he couldn't beat someone like boxing champ Deontay
Wilder no matter what he used.

Автор Steve Hyena ( назад)

Автор tricepsish ( назад)
Do the Ronda Rousey

Автор Stefan Kovacevic ( назад)
Is eddie high? ronda aint a wrestler judo is the reason she was so good.
cmon now eddie fuck double legs i wanna see a hip toss

Автор ChinCheck ( назад)
Is Paulo Tocha the Muay Thai coach they where talking about that coached
Gerald Strebendt? i wan't watching MMA back then but found one picture of
them together in the UFC so i assume it's him lol.

Автор Don't Tread On Peewee ( назад)

Автор AceandScotch2 ( назад)
Part of it is the trainer's fault, part of it is the fighter's fault. The
hard truth is that fighters are only good at doing things their way. You
can't teach Anderson Silva to fight like GSP or Fedor, or vice versa, and
expect anywhere near the same degree of efficacy. Every fighter has things
they're good at, every fighter has things they'll never be good at, and
every fighter has a particular way of doing things. It's a trainer's job to
structure a training regimen that develops a fighter's potential with all
of these things in mind. Oftentimes, when a trainer tries to reinvent a
fighter entirely, he ends up discarding what made that fighter so special
in the first place. BJ Penn's third fight with Frankie Edgar and the
declines of guys like Travis Browne and Jake Ellenberger are all prime
examples of what happens when trainers try to reinvent a fighter in a style
that he's not suited for at all.

It's also the fighter's job to remember what he's good at and not get
carried away with a new discovery. MMA fighters have a tendency to think
that they're strikers now based upon as little as a single KO victory.
Unlike world-class boxers who have been hitting mitts and doing rounds
since they were little kids, most MMA fighters (especially the grapplers)
didn't start the striking game until they were in their late teens/early
20's. People who start that late in life aren't developing world class
striking skills and it's a waste of them for them to try. Throwing
everything else out the window for the sake of landing the power that you
just now discovered has probably ruined more careers than any injury ever.

Автор Frank N. Stein ( назад)
If Rogan was smart he'd sell shirts with hashtags and stuff like that. He
could make a fortune.

Автор Panthers Hockey ( назад)
Dennis Siver is Bancock ready

Автор Graham Strouse ( назад)
Bangkok Ready is the name of my new band...

Автор Ari Lehtiniemi ( назад)
Sambo has good leg locks.

Автор Oskar Bravo ( назад)

Автор Primal 420 ( назад)
I agree 100%. All I see is ronda hitting mitts in her promos, with practice
anyone will look good hitting mitts with their coach. But thats just it
without the dance partner the stand up game gets real.

Автор Hayabusa ( назад)
Ronda should practice wrestling. It seems the only grappling training she's
done is judo only.

Автор Artofwar X ( назад)
if Ronda is training boxing so much, Why does she suck so bad at it? I
don't get that

Автор Ari Lehtiniemi ( назад)
Bangkok sounds like somothing "nasty". Boxer trains boxing, muay thai
fighter trains muay thai and MMA ffighter trains all kinds of shit.
Consequently, MMA fighter ain't gonna be as good as a boxer or muay thai
fighter in their respective sports. And they will definitely loose in MMA
or no-holds-barred fight. MMA is all about as little rules as possible,
which makes it the fight sport that resembles street fighting the most. In
early UFC head butts and knees to the head of a downed opponent were
allowed. Pretty much the only things not allowed were small joint
manipulation, eye gouging, fish hooking, groin attacks and biting. In a
fight you should always utilize your strengths and in training try to
improve your weaknesses. Unless your cocky, of course, and try to beat your
opponent in his/her own game. That's kinda risky. Beeter to know a few
effective techniques really well than many techniques really badly.

Автор Antwoord23 ( назад)
Schaub looks like a WW2 fighter pilot.

Автор avfcsouthpaw ( назад)
not a ronda fan but they wer'nt calling her the next tyson in terms of
boxing, they were saying it in terms of finishing her opponents in brutal
fashion and no1 being able to fuck with her the same way no 1 could fuck
with tyson

Автор chefrah54 ( назад)
Stfu, Joey overrated asshole diaz

Автор TallahassZ Remington ( назад)
Rogan is 100% correct on the head coach comment... that's what they have in
the bigs!

Автор TallahassZ Remington ( назад)
Once Diaz starts talking, nothing is shutting that cocksukka up! Just
sayin' ..

Автор Daniel Anilicast ( назад)
Bangkok Ready has to be an early contender for podcast segment of the year

Автор Taxi Rider ( назад)
That story that Eddie told was some funny shit

Автор Jesse Corr ( назад)
3:37 xD

Автор philhellmuff ( назад)
is Eddie sober here? So much insight

Автор Carlospicywiener ( назад)
I dont want to hate on joey but every aspect of him me disgusts
me,mannerisms,voice greasy hair and skin and a just a bad human being in
general.also when telling a story on the internet whispering make no

Автор Lucid Mask ( назад)
that was awesome episode...Bangkok Ready xD I'm crying :)))))))))))))

Автор Brandon Goodwin ( назад)
Bangkok ready 😂😂😂

Автор Julian Schönegger ( назад)
Bangkok ready.... Fucking hell I love Eddie 😂😂

Bangkok ready Tshirt please!?!!?

Автор Beo Wulf ( назад)
Me on google after 30 minutes of looking up anything and thinking I'm a
professional : "I'm Bangkok ready"

Автор mac_3k ( назад)
Bangkok ready... can't stop laughing

Автор Fern C. ( назад)
Hahahahah Bangkok ready I'm getting a shirt with that

Автор Nicholas Halden ( назад)
bangkok ready t shirt. i'm sold!

Автор Ali ( назад)
head movement, head movement, hands up, clinch, clinch, hit her back
nooooooo nooooooooo! - joe rogan

Автор Sourcepowa ( назад)
Khalilibieb !

Автор dannnnny86 ( назад)
*----- BANGKOK READY **---*

Автор I Be The Shmee (ShmeeTimes3) ( назад)

Автор Rafael Higonnet-Faithfull ( назад)
Brendan Schaub was never Bangkok ready. SMH.

Автор Dr. Bender ( назад)
"Bangkok ready" is the funniest shit I've heard in this year.

Автор Toxic Waste ( назад)

Автор Dubsy Dabster ( назад)
Bangkok ready is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard

Автор Wolf Tickets ( назад)
hands up hands move move move your head ronda clinch clich ronda nooooo
noooooo noioooooooooodjiei

Автор L X Flowers ( назад)
Bangcock ready.

Автор Fate Brought me subs ( назад)
big league

Автор The Overman ( назад)
They need real deal boxing coach's.

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