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Автор Joyce Isaacs (2 месяца)
Was my mom's favorite movie and song when she was 26. It must have been
wonderful to be in love back then. Times sure have changed. 

Автор Helen Tatsios (2 месяца)
the dance scene is one of the most romantic that i have seen in any
movie..And when he looks at her with that misty expression in his eyes,i am
left gasping. william holden was just too sexy.

Автор markvincent jarnesky (2 месяца)
I love this movie... William Holden and Kim Novak r amazing actors.. Love
both of them..! Just amazing!! I love old movie

Автор Alison D. Gilbert (2 месяца)
BadZKarma99, the dance scene is also one of my favorite scenes from Picnic.
Your montage is very moving. I enjoyed it.
There is only one other movie, The Long Hot Summer, that compares in pure
sexual tension to Picnic. One would expect nothing less from William Holden
with Kim Novak and Paul Newman with Joanne Woodward, four of the biggest
movie idols of their time and for a long time. Thank you.

Автор Dotty Wisowaty (1 месяц)
Wonderful memories. So special the best. Thanks

Автор yale zimmer (2 месяца)
this movie works on every level what magnetism between kim and bill also
other acting is great as bill says great movie

Автор Gary Woodburn (1 месяц)
I was 22 at the time and the other thing in the movie that I remember was
the trio, Base, Drums and Piano, still think its one of the finest
combinations in music.

Автор princessquil (4 месяца)
After 58 years the most beautiful and romantic dance's scene in a movie,
yes both William Holden and Kim Novack were great actors and very handsome.

Автор Steven Pigott (5 месяцев)
Check out this video on YouTube: a great song from a great movie 

Автор LesbianVampireLover (1 год)
I grew up on this music and have fond memories of my parents being happy
and cool. Another excellent job with the montage and footage! We have very
similar tastes. I'm going through your catalog right now...

Автор Marilia l (1 год)
Um vídeo lindíssimo! Os atores nos deixam boquiabertos, pela beleza e

Автор Ismael Rionda (3 года)
@BadZKarma99 You are very welcome. Thanks to you for uploading this
beautiful music and the different scenes from the film. The day I can use a
time machine, I will travel to the year 1949. I will then stay and live
throughout the wonderful 1950's, enjoying their music, films and overall
atmosphere. If I ever get to do this, "Moonglow" will be my soundtrack,
accompanying me wherever I go.

Автор JimmyDeanPerSempre (2 года)
Stupenda, splendida condivisione che amo! Grazie :)

Автор John Sweeney (8 месяцев)

Автор Margaret Livorsi (1 год)
kim novak was beautifull in it and william Holden was handsome ..Keep this
on forever..i love it..

Автор christine viveros (2 года)
In 1955 I was only 7 years old and seeing this movie through out the years
still fascinates me how well the music fit the movie theme, the story, the
actors and above all William Holden and Kim Novak produced such chemistry.
Thank you

Автор Roger Wilco (1 год)
Nice sax player on "Unchained." Too bad that YouTube doesn't have the movie
"Unchained," about two guys breaking out of jail, getting "unchained," so
to speak. .

Автор 63LAURIE (1 год)
Love this film - and the dance scene is one of the sexiest on film...they
just are so sexy together...

Автор Elaine Dudzinski (2 года)
Thanks for sharing this. It was cut lovely and the music perfect.

Автор David Govett (1 год)
The Dance of DNA

Автор Del DiSabato (1 год)
badZKarma 99 - This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Especially
the dance scene. But at the end you should have played the Picnic Theme
music. But thanks anyway. I can't find Picnic 09 on YouTube. That's the
scene where she goes with him in the car after the scene at the Picnic.

Автор dormantone (1 год)
Beautifully edited video!!! Thanks so much for creating and posting this!
Amazing chemistry between William Holden and Kim Novak. She never looked
more beautiful!

Автор BadZKarma99 (2 года)
@cologirl42 I agree with you about the dance scene & I also love the music
& the movie! :) God Bless! Katie=^,,^=

Автор BadZKarma99 (2 года)
@irish89055 I appreciate your opinion but I disagree I love the music I
used & I think it works great in this video but I know not everyone is
gonna like it so I appreciate the feedback. God Bless! Katie =^,,^=

Автор MarcieLuvzMusic . (1 год)
Amazing sound quality... the film clips are just so sensual it gives me
goose bumps, terrific memories of watcing this movie with my Mom... this
brings it all back to me, thanks so much Katie, Bless You!! Thanks & all
the stars in the Heavens, Marcie xox I Loved it*

Автор Roseli Ribeiro de Souza Ferreira (3 года)
Adoro este filme. ( I love is movie) Brasil

Автор Marilia l (6 месяцев)
Cenas e música inesquecíveis. O amor na sua mais completa expressão!

Автор BadZKarma99 (1 год)
You're very welcome! God Bless! :) Katie =^..^=

Автор Ismael Rionda (3 года)
I had the great fortune of meeting Daniel Taradash back in 1991,during a
Film Festival in Spain. A legend of screen-writing (he was the writer of
Oscar-winning 'From Here to Eternity' as well). Excellent conversation with
him, remembering the golden age of Hollywood... I am proud of this memory,
and seeing images of this movie makes me share it with you all. Bless you,
Mr. Taradash. I wish nowadays' film writing still had the quality of those

Автор BadZKarma99 (1 год)
Thank you very much for your kind comments! God Bless! :) Katie =^..^=

Автор wyip52 (1 год)
The slow dance brings out the beauty of Kim Novak. I don't think any other
of her movie could archive that. She was perfect for the picture.

Автор Kent C (1 год)
My dad went to schol with the guy who wrote the screen play William Inge in
Independance Kan. They ran around in High School.

Автор Margaret Livorsi (1 год)
Love it the dance scene was great i will never forget it i was 27 years old
when i saw it i thought KIm Novak was beautifull in it loved her amd
william.. She became my Favorite Movie Actress.. .

Автор BadZKarma99 (2 года)
@shirl328 Thank you so much & I agree with you! :) God Bless! Katie =^,,^=

Автор onrputt (3 года)
I know the Morris Stoloff orchestra plays the Moonglow/picnic theme, but
does anyone know who is playing the piano?

Автор Jean Strutman (8 месяцев)
You are very talented! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for creating this
piece. "Picnic" is one of my top 5 movies and William Holden was the Best!
He never let you down, was so real and a beautiful specimen of man.

Автор Najib Deinabo (3 года)
C'est tellement "bon" ! i n'y a pas de mot pour dire je t'aime , le
silence, la danse, les regards, la musique ! j'aimerai voir ce film sur les
écrans télé en france ...j'avais 9 ans en 55 !

Автор grafonolafavorite (2 года)
Beautiful montage and that music starting at 4:55 all in 7:35. Very nice!!

Автор BadZKarma99 (1 год)
Thank you very much! God Bless! :) Katie

Автор dalmationham (2 года)
does anyone else think that charlize theron looks like kim novak?

Автор P Hart (1 год)
Best movie music ever...........I agree with so many others that the dance
sequence is the best romantic scene - so much magic and love expressed by
both characters.......beautiful!

Автор BadZKarma99 (3 года)
@ismaelrionda It would be nice to have a time machine..I think we all have
a time period we would love to visit or live in..I love the 40's-60's..I
would love to be able to visit that time period. I agree with you the 50's
was a magical time & Moonglow would be a very nice song to accompany you if
you were able to go. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my
video!! :) God Bless!! Katie =^,,^=

Автор Irene Cardillo (1 год)
Your video is fantastic ! Love !

Автор irish89055 (2 года)
@BadZKarma99 bad karma.....hmmm He'd never had made freight moving that
fast, in fact love how they showed Bill hopping a stationary train.. though
i've always liked the ending... and it's original music...

Автор 32rosered (1 год)
This is so beautiful and it takes me back to a time when there was romance.
Thank you for making my heart remember those times. I am 70 yrs old, but
still a romantic at heart. You never get too old to love, be loved, and
dance in your mind. A glass of wine makes it even better.

Автор georgewu5 (1 год)
1/ "PICNIC" is my most favorite. 2/ I watched it right after my high school
graduation in 1955 in Hong Kong.3/ I spent the following 40 years to search
for my own copy, and finally it is on my book shelf now! 4/ I stopped
teaching International Ballroom Dancing in 1997,but I loved this love
scene. And a few days ago, I was dancing on the beach, under the stars in
Rye playland with the fireworks and the big band playing "moonglow".....at
the age of 75 now! George Wu, AIA 2012-8-14

Автор freetobeme03 (10 месяцев)
ssiigggghhhhh...... As a 28 year old, I grew up watching older films with
my mom, but how we missed this one I'll never know. Saw it for the first
time the other night and fell madly in love with the whole film...so very
raw and emotional. And yes, truly one of the most romantic dances on film.

Автор Nell Stewart (2 года)
That dance scene is so sexy and no additional graphic explaination is
necessary. I love this movie and the music is unforgettable.

Автор Norbo Norebo (2 года)
@BadZKarma99 Kim Novak is slovak. Charlize Theron is South African.

Автор robertm2000 (1 год)
Great video - excellent summation of the film. The highlight for me is your
soundtrack. I don't recall ever having heard Morris Stoloff play
"Moonglow/Picnic" in stereophonic sound before and it adds a whole new
dimension to the visuals. In a word - gorgeous. Thank you.

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