Picnic- Moonglow

This is a tribute to a movie called "Picnic" & it was released in 1955 & starred Kim Novak,William Holden,Susan Strasberg & Rosalind Russell. My favorite scene of the movie is the dance between Kim Novak & Bill Holden, it is one of the most romantic dances & moments on film.

I hope you enjoy my montage!!

Here is a description of the movie: One of the biggest box-office attractions of the 1950s, Picnic was adapted by Daniel Taradash from the Pulitzer Prize-winning William Inge play. William Holden plays Hal Carter, a handsome drifter who ambles into a small Kansas town during the Labor Day celebration to look up old college chum Alan (Cliff Robertson, in his film debut). Hoping to hit up Alan for a job--or a handout--Hal ends up stealing his buddy's fiancee Madge Owens (Kim Novak). Hal also has a catnip effect on spinster schoolteacher Rosemary Sydney (Rosalind Russell), so much so that Rosemary makes a fool of herself in front of the whole town, nearly driving away her longtime beau Howard Bevans (Arthur O'Connell). Persuaded by his friends and family that Hal is no damn good, Madge is prepared to break off her relationship. As anyone who remembers the film's famous overhead closing shot knows, however, Madge is ultimately ruled by her heart and not her head. For a film set in Kansas, there's an awful lot of New York talent in the supporting cast (Susan Strasberg and Phyllis Newman come immediately to mind); still, the Midwestern ambience comes through loud and clear, especially during the perceptively detailed Labor Day picnic sequence. Broadening the film's appeal is its George Duning-Steve Allen title song, a variation of the old standard "Moonglow".

Music: 1st song is Moonglow & Theme from Picnic By: Morris Stoloff
2nd song is: Unchained Melody
Feel free to comment.

DISCLAIMER: All clips and music are copyrighted to their respective owners. No infringement intended. This is a fan-made video presented for entertainment purposes and not for profit.

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Автор Verna Underhill ( назад)
I love this scene and the music, you can feel them falling in love!!!

Автор Sibi Hoke ( назад)
These were the best days ever! Beautiful music!

Автор Juan Olvera ( назад)
Con esta melodía 'cerrábamos' la transmisión a cada noche en la antigua
XEVMC, en Guadalajara... ¡Cuántos recuerdos!

Автор Latrena Graham ( назад)
A Classic!!:):)

Автор Michael Masi ( назад)
I've seen most of these films in late '40. I have loved them all..

Автор Guru Analytic ( назад)
I was so happy when I heard this song in Scorsese's Casino (1995)!

Автор Belita William ( назад)
Different Times ..and People..what I remember as a child growing
up..Beautiful memories..

Автор Margaret Livorsi ( назад)
Still love this movie I watch this often

Автор Love and Be Wise ( назад)
I love Howard.

They don't make them like this anymore.

Автор Ivonete Carvalho ( назад)
Uma das melhores cenas do cinema !!

Автор Mari Hill ( назад)
Wow I love that dance scene, I didn't realize how handsome Holden was, he
was a knock out and Kim that beautiful blank stare she had all the way
through the movie..so sexy.

Автор ANNIE H. ( назад)
Loved the movie but also loved the music!

Автор Susan CAMPBELL ( назад)
wow.....that's got to be one of the sexiest songs ever written.

Автор Rheal Pelletier ( назад)
i remember this film Kim Novak was excellent

Автор Eisen J Eisen ( назад)
Picnic was the talk of the town in those days,the movies had nice theme
songs,the romantic age and everybody seem to enjoy good romantic movies!

Автор phil williams ( назад)
Great comments!....

Автор Steve D'Col ( назад)
Great tribute to a beautiful movie!!!

it captures the real essence of the story - thanks so much for posting - I
will bookmark this wonderfully put together montage and enjoy it again when
I need inspiration - thank you

Автор Bernie Schweickart ( назад)

Автор antonio carlos mendes americano ( назад)
What a chemistry class!

Автор orchardist1965 ( назад)
Kim, oh Babe, WOW.

Автор Barbie Irwin ( назад)
thank-you for a lovely few minutes......happy valentines day .

Автор Frances Chavez ( назад)
very sexy movie ! loved it ....

Автор Isidora Barria ( назад)
A mi vieja querida le fascinaba este tema.........

Автор Mary Swike ( назад)
The good moments in the film

Автор tippimail1 ( назад)
Starting at 1:38-maybe the sexiest scene ever recorded on film,with a
perfect music score.Like Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead said,i was
listening to music before there was rock and roll.One of my very favorite
songs and movies.Thanks for posting this.

Автор Pamela conejero aguila ( назад)
Stunning KIM NOVAK

Автор JODY CRAWFORD ( назад)
Cute footage!

Автор Jill Gartland ( назад)
Milestones in Life; Falling in love, growing up, leaving home, set to the
most beautiful music. Thank You for putting this together. It left me
breathless and with a tear in my eye.

Автор Ray Opezzo ( назад)
William Holden detested making this film as he considered himself too old
to play against Kim Novak. Rumor has it he was intoxicated doing the dance
scene with Novak on the dock.

Автор Lupe May ( назад)
La Novak le tenia ganas al Holden en esa pelicula

Автор ardis 4 ( назад)
Milly to Madge -final scene: "Go with him..... for once in your life do
something bright". Oh gosh, this is SO Labor Day 50s.--With the assist
(evocatively) from the great cinematographer James Wong Howe filmed on
location in small town America 1954-55.

Holden did his own stunts hopping the train.

Picnic was shot mostly around Hutchinson, Kansas. Halstead. Kansas
Riverside Park is where all the Labor Day picnic scenes were shot with the
participation of the key players. Later the film footage was edited like a
documentary. The park and many landmarks still existed at the time of the
movie's 50th anniversary. The park rides and cable suspension footbridge
which spans the Little Arkansas River are still located there.

Picnic won the prestigious Grand Prix de I'UCC 1957 Best Picture, the
Golden Globe Best Picture Award--and is rated #59 in AFI's 100 Passions:
Greatest Love Stories.

Автор Margaret Livorsi ( назад)
Still watching it love it 

Автор phoenixxryzin ( назад)
Bravo! Kudos! A movie for all time and fantastic beautiful music. Wonderful
music video!

Автор Becky Mcclure ( назад)
My favorite movie scene ever, it reminds me of me and my husband. He passed
away 6 months ago so this dance scene makes me cry. Thanks so much for

Автор ftjax ( назад)
Picnic was almost banned in my city for being to vulgar back in the
1950's.....it was mostly shown in the drive ins for this reason....tee hee

Автор Doug Bingham ( назад)
Each time I see this clip from PICNIC , I'm left wanting more . I was only
5 yrs old when this film was released and have never seen it on Cable TV
--The Music , the locations , the acting , all superb 

Автор Jorge Mario Rodas ( назад)
Good theme. I liked it very much and still do, now I was a kid when the
film was done so I could not see it. But I recall I liked the music played
on the radio. This is real music not like the things made today which seem
more like noise! 

Автор Marilia l ( назад)
Quem assitiu a esse filme, jamais o esquecerá, pela beleza, romantismo,
música divina e dança do par de protagonistas!

Автор EVA CLAIR ( назад)

Автор Sophie Lynn Howard ( назад)
The quality of this movie is inferior, but I admit that dancing scene is
very romantic.

Автор German Obregon ( назад)
Inolvidable la escena del baile, preciosa Kim novak

Автор Carol Napolitano ( назад)
I'm surprised they didn't cast Ann Margret for this movie.

Автор charles pope (79 лет назад)
Earth One: You are exactly correct when they substitute some macabre score
it gets absurd 1) we are used to the original( Romantic) 2) what they
choose is some wacky melody of what they think fits 3) Its like re making
a film ..for the worse
The Inge play on Broadway was winner but what Josh Logan brought to the
screen was just mystical shot in Kansas ( Mostly) 

Автор Maureen Anderson ( назад)

My favorite of ALL!

Автор Elaine Lotcpeich ( назад)
This was fabulous! One of my all time favorite films with two icons, Novak
and Holden! Well done!

Автор Margaret Livorsi ( назад)
You really put the music and the picture together very good I hoe you keep
this on forever my favorite movie .both William and Kim were great in it.

Автор Tom Cockle (763 года назад)
One of the most moving final scenes in any movie is the aerial view of the
bus leaving with Kim Novak and then pulling away to show the train with
William Holden also moving away from the small town Kansas they are both
escaping. Magnificent cinematography.

Автор John Amato ( назад)

Автор StevieB1362 ( назад)
Wow ! One of my favorite movies ever. I always thought Billy Wilder
directed Picnic for some reason. But just checked Wikipedia & found out it
was Joshua Logan. Wow, Joshua Logan was a genius director ! Wish they had
a "Behind the Scenes, The Making of Picnic" documentary. So much talent in
one film. Man oh man. Great job putting this mini-expo together. You hit
all the highlights. Thanks for posting it. Oh yea, love the music too.
Always a big Steve Allen fan...after all I was named after him ! Grandma
loved him on the Tonight Show & I was born in '58. We met at one of his
concerts in early '90's & he said you wouldn't believe how many people are
named after him! Oh well, still feel honored & special. Thanks again
Grandma !! RIP everybody. 

Автор James Pidcock ( назад)
VERY well done.

Автор Wilton Araujo ( назад)

Автор John Thorpe. ( назад)
I clicked on this expecting to hear Esther Phillips sing "Moonglow"!

Автор virginia adams ( назад)
I saw this movie when I was 13 (with my mother no less). The sexuality of
the scene was lost on me back then, but not the romance--got the sheet
music, even. Thank you for putting this together--impossibly delicious
romance + pure sexuality. What a combination. Sigh...

Автор lukeloveslauraalways ( назад)
This was an amazing movie. Both Kim and William Holden just made this such
a great lovestory. Kim was just drop dead gorgeous then, It's a shame
Bill Holden had some problems in later life with booze. He was such a fine

Автор johnlennon7228 ( назад)
Su hemana la anima a que vaya por èl. Una gran pelìcula. De las mejores que
he visto. Felicidades a los gringos por estas grandes pelìculas, mejores
que las actuales. Saludos desde Mèxico.

Автор Gary Woodburn ( назад)
I was 22 at the time and the other thing in the movie that I remember was
the trio, Base, Drums and Piano, still think its one of the finest
combinations in music.

Автор Salvatore Messina ( назад)
Film bellissimo, musica stupenda, grazie!

Автор Dotty Wisowaty ( назад)
Wonderful memories. So special the best. Thanks

Автор MARK JARNESKY ( назад)
I love this movie... William Holden and Kim Novak r amazing actors.. Love
both of them..! Just amazing!! I love old movie

Автор Joyce Isaacs ( назад)
Was my mom's favorite movie and song when she was 26. It must have been
wonderful to be in love back then. Times sure have changed. 

Автор Helen Tatsios ( назад)
the dance scene is one of the most romantic that i have seen in any
movie..And when he looks at her with that misty expression in his eyes,i am
left gasping. william holden was just too sexy.

Автор yale zimmer ( назад)
this movie works on every level what magnetism between kim and bill also
other acting is great as bill says great movie

Автор Alison D. Gilbert ( назад)
BadZKarma99, the dance scene is also one of my favorite scenes from Picnic.
Your montage is very moving. I enjoyed it.
There is only one other movie, The Long Hot Summer, that compares in pure
sexual tension to Picnic. One would expect nothing less from William Holden
with Kim Novak and Paul Newman with Joanne Woodward, four of the biggest
movie idols of their time and for a long time. Thank you.

Автор princessquil ( назад)
After 58 years the most beautiful and romantic dance's scene in a movie,
yes both William Holden and Kim Novack were great actors and very handsome.

Автор Marilia l ( назад)
Que coisa de louco essas cenas, a música, a sintonia dos atores!

Автор Marilia l ( назад)
Cenas e música inesquecíveis. O amor na sua mais completa expressão!

Автор StevieB1362 ( назад)
Great job ! You caught the essence of this classic great film in less than
8 minutes. Music fit perfectly.

Автор Margaret Livorsi ( назад)
I still watch I hope you never take it off I love it.

Автор caseyclare1 ( назад)
WOW! Now this is what REAL actors were, but it isn't acting I don't think!
It's Mother Nature! Men were MEN then. sigh.

Автор ranran19701 ( назад)
I'm behind on my montage by 4 months.

Автор Leslie T ( назад)
The just don't make films like this any more. They might try, but Hollywood
has changed so much, they can't do this kind of film any more. It is so
important that we preserve the old films. Picnic is definitely one of my
very favorite movies. 

Автор Leslie T ( назад)
Yes !! The dance scene in this film is definitely one of the most romantic
scenes in the history of Hollywood films. And Kim Novak and William Holden
were great in this film. 

Автор Joel Diers ( назад)
It was a a great show, William Holden played a great part as well as Kim
Novak, If you were with your girlfriend it turned into a real tearjerker,
great music, could see it again it would surely bring back the old days.

Автор colin warner ( назад)
Well Mr director. you are good. that was brill. keep it up, your bringing a
lot of happyness to us people. Many R egards Colin.

Автор John Sweeney ( назад)

Автор Jean Strutman ( назад)
You are very talented! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for creating this
piece. "Picnic" is one of my top 5 movies and William Holden was the Best!
He never let you down, was so real and a beautiful specimen of man. 

Автор norbo norebo ( назад)
Great movie and great cast and yes it is Kansas.

Автор freetobeme03 ( назад)
ssiigggghhhhh...... As a 28 year old, I grew up watching older films with
my mom, but how we missed this one I'll never know. Saw it for the first
time the other night and fell madly in love with the whole film...so very
raw and emotional. And yes, truly one of the most romantic dances on film.

Автор sauquoit13456 ( назад)
On this day in 1956 {May 5th} "Picnic" by the McGuire Sisters entered
Billboard's Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #13 and spent 20 weeks
on the Top 100... Also in 1956 Morris Stoloff's instrumental version
reached #1 {for 3 weeks} on June 2nd on Billboard's Most Played by Jockeys
chart {the song it knocked out of the top spot was Elvis' "Heartbreak
Hotel"}... R.I.P. Mr. Stoloff {1898 - 1980}, Dorothy McGuire {1928 - 2012},
and to The King {1935 - 1977}...

Автор MarcieLuvzMusic ( назад)
Amazing sound quality... the film clips are just so sensual it gives me
goose bumps, terrific memories of watcing this movie with my Mom... this
brings it all back to me, thanks so much Katie, Bless You!! Thanks & all
the stars in the Heavens, Marcie xox I Loved it* 

Автор D Boeker ( назад)
I am almost 70 years young and without dout Moonglow, theme music to the
sensational movie Picnic is the Best of the Best soooo smooth and sensual
Wow to some of those movies during the fifties.

Автор 63LAURIE ( назад)
Love this film - and the dance scene is one of the sexiest on film...they
just are so sexy together...

Автор jackpark7927 ( назад)
In an era of Great Movie Beauties (the '50s) I fear Kim Novak was too often
overlooked...especially after she went blonde. Great movie, great script,
great performances. And how could anyone tire of listening (or dancing) to

Автор BadZKarma99 ( назад)
Thank you very much for your kind comments! God Bless! :) Katie =^..^=

Автор BadZKarma99 ( назад)
Thank you very much I am so glad you enjoyed it! :) God Bless! Katie =^..^=

Автор BadZKarma99 ( назад)
I agree he was so talented, a very good actor it's a shame he was so
underated. Katie =^..^=

Автор sara lerner ( назад)

Автор Irene Cardillo ( назад)
Your video is fantastic ! Love !

Автор jdmars011 ( назад)
Love William Holden. He had a very broad range as an actor.
Underated...because he made it look so easy...

Автор John Hall ( назад)
i have yet to experience the joy, and the nostalger that kim and bill
holden generated, and the original score was just that, original,, many
have sung this theme,, tony bennett,, rod stewart. others,, but nothing
compares to the original,, and the jazz dancing,, late 60s,, early 70s,,
memories are to remember,,with this version,, always.. john hall

Автор BadZKarma99 ( назад)
Thank you very much for saying that about my video! :) God Bless! Katie

Автор Roger Wilco ( назад)
Nice sax player on "Unchained." Too bad that YouTube doesn't have the movie
"Unchained," about two guys breaking out of jail, getting "unchained," so
to speak. . 

Автор silvia caggiano ( назад)
Excelente ! 

Автор lucy bond ( назад)
No blatant sex, no nudity, no obscene language, just ----pure unadulterated
love, Those were the days. 

Автор robertm2000 ( назад)
Great video - excellent summation of the film. The highlight for me is your
soundtrack. I don't recall ever having heard Morris Stoloff play
"Moonglow/Picnic" in stereophonic sound before and it adds a whole new
dimension to the visuals. In a word - gorgeous. Thank you. 

Автор BadZKarma99 ( назад)
Thank you so much I am so glad you enjoy my video so much! Don't worry it's
not going anywhere! :) God Bless! Katie =^..^=

Автор David Govett ( назад)
The Dance of DNA

Автор bigbiscuit100 ( назад)
I really need to see this movie again. it's been too long.

Автор Marilia l ( назад)
Jamais vou esquecer essas cenas, a música, os atores lindos e sensuais. Ver
o nascimento da paixão entre eles foi esplendoroso!

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