Pioneer Premier TS-W3001D4 12" sub on 1000w rms

Here is a comparison of output between a 1.0 ft^3 sealed box and a 1.96 ft^3 ported box. The sub is being fed 1000watts by a Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bd amp. Both of the boxes are crappy looking but well sealed and they get the job done. I still have to get carpet for the new box.... anyway, enjoy the vid. Song is Dont Make Us by DJ Unk ft Yola Da Great.

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Автор buckaroobonsi555 ( назад)
If you like tight, accurate, fast bass than a sealed box will always be the
best way to go. If on the other hand all you want is loud and hard hitting
bass than a ported or tuned baffle system is always going to be best. The
that will best work for the speaker is based on the speakers design. I will
only design sub systems with sealed enclosures if someone wants soemthign
else than I would rather they go some place else and let someone else have
their money and business. As a musician I likewise do not do "db drag
races" either not my thing! Any system I design or build can sound great
playing Taylor Swift, Bass Outlaws or an Audio Book!

I think people try to toss watts and speaker at a problem with out first
understanding what they are doing often and it often shows. If designed and
executed right you can do more with 1 watt than most people can do with 100

Автор iceewhite ( назад)
Sealed picks up every note. An the bass is deeper

Автор Est Cruz ( назад)
Sealed sounded like it had more definition, a little more punch. Keep the
SPL, go with the SQ

Автор Dakota Knowles ( назад)
It said 90 db online

Автор mayhem1029 ( назад)
haha 2 years ago.. i've learned now it depends on enclosure size and
wattage and ohms. and it depends what its in like a hatchback or truck cab
or trunk...

Автор stormwalker100 ( назад)
eh depends. i heard a Memphis 15 in a small sealed box and it slammed. even
my DD is a tad more intense if i seal the port.

Автор PaulVanGreatest ( назад)
Hmmm I'm ported box lover,but seems like sealed better)))

Автор bog spoitoru ( назад)
Dont Make Us by DJ Unk ft Yola Da Great.

Автор bog spoitoru ( назад)
Dont Make Us by DJ Unk ft Yola Da Great. *

Автор TheToxicBadger ( назад)
Hey man i have two of these exact subs. l have got a subbox made up or an
amp for them or anything. What AMPS would i be best getting for them? Would
a mono block amp on each sub work? BTW would i need a capacitor?

Автор Matthew Muzzy (1504 года назад)
bass is bass, its just to enjoy. fawk if the box's are ugly lol..

Автор dick chaney ( назад)
i got the same sub bro there good man.

Автор bogylukas (1831 год назад)
@CJtech323 how was the sound while it was in a sealed box? i'm debating
between this and a stroker pro

Автор lolfast ( назад)
ported -> no sub -> sealed -> sealed -> sealed.

Автор sebas5688654 ( назад)
shit!!! What' TRACK??????

Автор dennis madison ( назад)
I got 2 of these 12 inch speakers in a 2004 ranger edge ext cab, hooked to
a 1,000 watt amp, I got a regular speaker box not the long box, that shit
soun like a beast in my lil ranger lol...people keep lookib at my,truck an
cant believe it, go go power ranger lol

Автор sebas5688654 ( назад)
what track?

Автор theyfz450guy ( назад)
u need a bigger box ported to itl sound and hit better

Автор 1purplehaze4 ( назад)
the sealed was probly hitin the lows harder tho

Автор Chad Sellars ( назад)
What's the song??

Автор Riverdawg ( назад)
A huge error in this video is the sealed box is in the back seat and the
ported box is in the trunk.. That throws it off a lot. Sealed boxes are
more for sound quality, ported boxes are for SPL, but if the sealed box was
in the trunk, it would sounded a lot different without a doubt. Though the
ported would still be louder.

Автор ShinigamiRota ( назад)
alum lining the inner box walls,and a half pund poly fill per chamber will
get a bit more stability .Dyno aluminum.And for the P300-1Can run1, 3001d4
in 2 ohm parallel.But will run warm to hot under load.Oh and ported only
gives you bigger range.But sealed will give you more stability in the
excursion. makes things shake more but not sound so much.TWIN 3001 D4 PRS
D2000 SPL amp Series wired to 4 ohm load 750 RMS.They can rattle my teeth
wen clenching. broke my rear view mirror.1997 sebring lx.

Автор marsukaivelee ( назад)
montako vahvistinta ja kuinka tehokaita ne ovat

Автор dafreshone702 ( назад)
I just bought this exact 12inch premier sub. My question is , do you think
my fosgate p300-1 amp has enough power to make this sub hit hard?

Автор JMoore4291 ( назад)
i have 3 of these (except d2's) im running them all on a sundown
saz-3500d... gonna be gettin about 2900-3000 watts at 1.3 ohms, a 6.3 ft^3
ported box... should be pretty crazy

Автор alex silva ( назад)

Автор calvinblinkee ( назад)
@DragonWagon6 Dragon wagon... LOL

Автор JMoore4291 ( назад)
sooo which one is better? i have 3 of them and am figuring out how to build
my box, any of you guys on the steve meade forum?

Автор calvinblinkee ( назад)
@DragonWagon6 foreal

Автор calvinblinkee ( назад)
@DragonWagon6 I have a big penis

Автор Technologic ( назад)
you are limiting the actual power of that sub so much with that small
sealed enclosure

Автор xDMaRcELiNhUxD ( назад)

Автор mazda2284 ( назад)
@c50beck i got 6 of the older ones ~! they are awesome~!

Автор mazda2284 ( назад)
@liindo215badlands i got mine tuned 45 hz :) loud as fuk!

Автор Gefred Gtz ( назад)
What is the song?

Автор JBiNN ( назад)
If anything the subwoofer ported in the trunk is less likely to be louder
than the sealed one in the back seat so whats your point? You can tell the
ported is doing work.

Автор liindo215badlands ( назад)
the both sound like sealed. cus the ported is tuned low. real low. u said
30? damn. u know if u port it to 38. wow it will be way louder . u gota try

Автор liindo215badlands ( назад)
89 db. perfect subs. the jl audios is like 86 db. dats a lot less power dog

Автор K100XR500 ( назад)
fuckin love this song, can believe someone else uses it!

Автор mayhem1029 ( назад)
yeah people are like "ohhh sealed is better cause it has bigger
BANG . which is why ported is better :DTHE BOOM

Автор arnoni11 ( назад)
i bought premier door speakers they should be in toay

Автор We're All Thieves ( назад)
did you need a cap for that setup?

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@austinfranze1 99 323i

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@austinfranze1 1999 323i

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@austinfranze1 99 323i

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@marioxevernapoletano in the description

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@fellafoe yeah definitely

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@fellafoe yep

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
@EJensen612 sealed

Автор austinfranze1 ( назад)
what kind of bmw??

Автор Electro Maniac ( назад)
what is the name of the song?

Автор TutorialsByKevin ( назад)
Nice Clean Sound

Автор andelson50 ( назад)
box sealed is best?

Автор Jake Bry ( назад)
badass song i never heard it before!

Автор Eric Jensen ( назад)
Alright, So in your personal opinion Do you prefer sealed or do you prefer

Автор fellafoe ( назад)
did it hit the low notes good with the sealed box ?

Автор eddy karachnikov ( назад)
hey plz tell me which one HIT harder...NOT louder.

Автор fellafoe ( назад)
is your electrical system stock ?

Автор tennu ( назад)
Ported isn way bnetter:)

Автор tennu ( назад)
Ported isn way better:)

Автор TheGhost ( назад)

Автор midwestmanoso ( назад)
@brennerphoto i mean 4 instead of 2 my bad

Автор goochmaster88 ( назад)

Автор EaStxVaNxiNc ( назад)
depends on how u want the sub the play max peak power get a 1000 rms amp or
else as much rms as u can for the buck keep in mind not a good amp this sub
will blow it

Автор EaStxVaNxiNc ( назад)
keep in mind that the sub r for an enclosure box not ported

Автор Rayyan Junaid ( назад)
hey man nice set up.i am getting this sub for celica.well the TS-W3002D2
model for 150$. but i was wondering i am on a tight budget and what amp can
i get?also do i need a capacitor for my car?

Автор Brandon Brenner ( назад)
Hey good vid, im lookin at getting these subs soon 2 12s for an 04
trailblazer.... any suggestions on the rest of the setup?

Автор eljorge22 ( назад)
great video.

Автор trent young ( назад)
ported is always louder, but if you wouldhave put the sealed box in the
trunk it wouldhave been a little louder also.

Автор 321jdawg ( назад)
your dumb

Автор CulinaryGod ( назад)
Not a fan of RF at all but you're right. The T1500BD's are true wattage
amplifiers. People shouldn't be giving you a thumbs down for your comment.
Just know this, in the world of mobile audio Rockford is at the bottom of
the list.

Автор toojey ( назад)
ported box hands down

Автор pmthk69 ( назад)
good ass video man!

Автор lucas marcolini ( назад)
whats song?

Автор lionmacho ( назад)
dont make us - Dj unk

Автор Springei ( назад)

Автор kloaprexei94 ( назад)
@Springei igge augge wissen will song name?

Автор Springei ( назад)
song name? thx

Автор lampim ( назад)
sorry dude but this isnt much of a "comparison" to compare, it would be
better if you had a DB meter and some test tones. just looking at excursion
doesnt show anything. in fact a sub will move less in a ported box (at
tuning freq) but put out more while moving less. they do look like nice
subs though! thinking about trying out a set of these. thanks for the vid.

Автор hornfreaks ( назад)
DAMN SHIT...... the best for pussylicker´s !!!

Автор ETmusicElim ( назад)
nicceee subwoofer .. !

Автор Braco136 ( назад)
nice excursion dude... 5*****

Автор bub1360 ( назад)
look put it in the seald box and then put it in the trunk.cuz the ported
box is inthe trunk wich it will hit harder than it being in the front were
the seald box was.then put a vid of it up

Автор nwrob12 ( назад)
without a doubt

Автор YFZRIDR91 ( назад)
i have 2 kicker 10" cvr's in a ported box, would they be louder in a sealed

Автор 320bit (997 лет назад)
Wanna see what the older model of this sub can do check my shit. Its only
741wrms right now and im building a box for it next week.

Автор assmunch225 ( назад)
i have this sub and it hits hard as shit and ive only got it on a rockford
fosgate R500-1 and thats not even its full power ohm load.. and people jive
on me cause its only one sub.. and idc tho cause it fukkin beats my doors
off. if i put this epicenter on it its gonna be too much man

Автор billy16e16 ( назад)
hi mate i see u have a bmw just wondering if u could do me a vid where ur
showing where to run the wires to the sterio Cheers mate hope to here from
u soon,,, i want to put my 3000w fuzion sub in my 325i 'Cheers'

Автор CrusinLow13 ( назад)
hey man do u tune a subwoofer box to the subwoofers Fs ?

Автор ufux220 ( назад)
Nice clean sound and nice sub! what its song name?

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
This guy is planning on running two 4ohm DVC subs, so yes it can be wired
down to 1ohm. It it was just one 4ohm sub, then yes it could only be wired
down to 2ohm.

Автор SlytherinSam ( назад)
thanks alot man!

Автор CJtech323 ( назад)
Yes you want to get 2 4 ohm subs, it will wire down to 1 ohm

Автор SlytherinSam ( назад)
ok if im getting 2 subwoofers do i want 4 ohm or 2 ohm? im so confused on
this wiring thing? im getting a hifonics 2000 watt amp and it runs 2000
watts rms at 1 ohm but will 4 ohm wire down to 1?

Автор TheDannyboxer ( назад)
thanks mate.

Автор Mr fisherman ( назад)
i'll but two for 150 from you

Автор localboy536 ( назад)
around 150 new 100 used

Автор localboy536 ( назад)
a amp thats rated to 1000 watts rms like a rockford fosgate 1500bd or a
hifonics 1210d just atleast 1000 watts rms

Автор TheDannyboxer ( назад)
i got one of them subs wot amp do i nead to power it.

Автор Dakidd991 ( назад)
how much r those 12s worth i just got two off a trade for a little of

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