UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

On Episode 2 of UFC 207 Embedded, bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz enjoys a sushi feast before doing some last-minute shopping. Opponent Cody Garbrandt spends his holiday at a meal hosted by mentor Urijah Faber. Already in Las Vegas, women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes celebrates with laughter and laundry. And former women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey arrives at the hotel to begin her first fight week in over a year. UFC 207 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two bantamweight title fights at UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey, taking place Friday, December 30th live on Pay-Per-View.

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Автор Harry Zhu ( назад)
LOL 0:44 Bec Rawlings is on you're team Cruz? The same girl that got KTFO
by "alpha fail" Paige Vanzant? LMAO, and now you get wrecked by fucking
"alpha fail" CODY GARBRANDT who made you look easy and knocked you down
like 4 times? BRUH, he fucking EMBARASSED you in that fight. The guy became
a UFC champ in less than 2 YEARS in the UFC and he did it against you when
he was only the number 5 contender and only 25 years old LMAO

Автор Teresa Centeno ( назад)
ESPNW awarded Ronda in 2016? for what? For saying that she wanted to kill
herself after she lost the belt? Shuch a good role model...

Автор DEADxxRABBiTS ( назад)
that bothers me, makes fvckin wonder

Автор Leon Martin ( назад)
Van broker testing melt slow blow invitation pop rape.

Автор Ted Dziura ( назад)
song playing while Dominik runs in the gym?

Автор Artur Baumann ( назад)
Definitely up leaf these suit consult starting.

Автор BUD Gamer ( назад)
and she lost .....

Автор Jose Silva ( назад)
LLLOOOLLL!!! Ronda, once again, runs away and hides when defeated. No
octagon interview, no post fight conference, nothing. What happened to
"humble in defeat"? But Dana's and the public blond all american hope gets
a pass. Bad sportsmanship level = Over 9000.

Автор Surprise Surprise Mofos The king is back ( назад)
I feel like codys gf is using him for fame

Автор Samurai Jack ( назад)
why does ronda wear gloves? she can't use them!

Автор Fusion ( назад)
48 seconds

Автор Jeremy Girmay ( назад)
i don't like nunes but I am happy to see ronda loss

Автор Nat1Ka ( назад)

Автор Jack Johnston ( назад)
4:16 oh poor you :(

Автор Anthony teodoro ( назад)
Happy new year to all UFC followers around the world

Автор RumbleYoungMan Rumble ( назад)
I just picture Dana White, closing the door in his office crying begging
Connor to come back because his favorite cash cow was put to retirement, at
the same time looking at his bank account number rising up. What a greedy
piece of shit he is.

Автор hallmonitor98 ( назад)
Nunes made Rousey's face look like the Japanese flag with that red circle
in the middle of her face

Автор Devyn Corvington ( назад)

Автор karlee “valentinogal78” Valentino ( назад)
People may say what they want, but if you never stepped foot unto a ring or
octagon I don't think it's fair to be cruel with the comments All these
fighters win or lose have guts. If you step foot into an octagon or ring
you've got my respect.

Автор D'Angelo Kelle ( назад)
48 sec

Автор Fire&Ice909 ( назад)
Poor Ronda

Автор ES NEWS ( назад)

Автор ES NEWS ( назад)

Автор ES NEWS ( назад)

Автор Mikey K ( назад)
Amanda Nunes and her girlfriend seem so cute together

Автор Joe Piscapo ( назад)
yes! rhonda lost! she is a cocky arrogant overrated jerk! nunes is a real
champion and a deserving champion. rhonda takes a year break and does not
train and gets title shot? total bs! and she doesn't even show respect to
the champion post-fight. that is a loser, not a champion.

Автор Chase McCaskill ( назад)
Aaaaaaaannnnnddddd she just lost

Автор ExuberantKnack ( назад)
Please understand : Ronda actually won. The referee saved Nunes. She was
getting her knuckles headbutten too many times. Her hands were going to be
broken. Referee is amazing and avoided fractures.

Автор Nedloh ( назад)
lil uzi vert⚔️

Автор Amamos 26143 ( назад)
did I miss anything??

Автор ES NEWS ( назад)
RONDA GOT WRECKED...hahhahahahaha

Автор J Gamez ( назад)
Ronda is the biggest fucking fraud in MMA history.....unbelievable

Автор Cedric Gant ( назад)
Where's all the Dom dickriders now?

Автор Lucas Maarschalkerweerd ( назад)
Gene first increase broken beauty cite rest.

Автор moodmuzik ( назад)
why would that idiot be skating? before a big fight? What what if he
twisted or broke an ankle? no fight and alot of pissed people. even at the
end of it he said "were good, no injuries". dumb add dude. And for that
alone I hope he loses. playin with the other dudes money and shit.

Автор Gabriel Moors ( назад)
You must be pretty dumb to risk the biggest pay day of your life for
skatting, especially if you are not good at it ^^

Автор a La Catedral ( назад)
Now I dislike Marvel.

Автор Charlie_Willie (ThousanWhite) ( назад)
Nunes can just walk into a random laudromat and no one knows who she is. :(
:( :(

Автор Calvin Wade ( назад)
who d fuck was that guy at 30sec??

Автор Jace Sime ( назад)
lmao!! People in Las Vegas wearing coats and sweaters! You're in the

Автор Logan Ross ( назад)
Have no clue how Rhonda's fight is going to go.

Автор Clutch Kick ( назад)
So it's Saturday?

Автор Jason Evans ( назад)
Qhow about promoting our American girl

Автор FRMOutsideSpace ( назад)
stupid bitch we know its on a friday

Автор Vincent Corleone ( назад)
Who the fook is that guy? Ohhh right Jeremy Stephens! LOL!

Автор Nassim Jean ( назад)
chart crawl emphasis fault

Автор Seryous Musiq ( назад)
,,I have every tools to beatchu Ronda'' Mieshe Cupcake Tate

Автор GalaxyZ ( назад)
Amandas ready for Hondas grappling and absolutely smokes her on the feet.
Shame on the media for trying to re-create Ronda as the golden child again.
One thing she has that makes me hate is that she has no heart and shes so
fucking arrogant and rude. Nunes is even more humble.

Автор Shakib Ishfaq ( назад)
Cruz is like the Mayweather of MMA. He's too intelligent in the ring, he'll

Автор Ray Pen ( назад)
Rhonda don't want media because she was forced into that fight with Nunes
not a comeback fight she wanted Dana throw her ass to a beast poor Rhonda

Автор Richie McCormick ( назад)
Dom Cruz listening to Mr Lonely with his dog!

Автор Richie McCormick ( назад)
Championship fighter doing her own laundry at Laundromat, Pay these
fighters what they deserve, i mean wtf.

Автор wrenglish ( назад)
I love how in every video it shows Cruz training his butt off and pretty
boy Garbrandt with his head up his girlfriend's butt. The results will be
evident come Saturday!!!

Автор mafijaspravi ( назад)
Ronda and this Nunez girl probably have huge clits

Автор Javier Romero ( назад)
We named this turkey 🦃 Dominick Cruz

Автор Chuy Figueroa ( назад)
Why does Cruz have a service dog??

Автор Sergi Rufi ( назад)
Headlining UFC 207 and doing public laundry... c'mon Dana, get the lady a
washing machine for Gods sake!

Автор Oblivion Paradise ( назад)
I wish Uriah wasn't a part of that douche team because he seems like an A+
dude. It's all good he will never touch that UFC gold. Dom vs Alpha fail
saga continues lol.

Автор The Greatest Debator in the World ( назад)
i love UFC.

Автор Dexter Haven ( назад)
Nunes looks stupid with that ugly dyke.

Автор Dexter Haven ( назад)
1:44 this is what happens when you get a dumb neck tattoo. You wear a
T-shirt with a scarf!

Автор Dexter Haven ( назад)
I think Cruz was smart to train with Stephens. Perfect pick.

Автор mess meg ( назад)
Ronda is alfa women again.

Автор fairz animations ( назад)
check out my mgregor animation parody if you get time thanks

Автор 07 Maestro ( назад)
Rousey looks fantastic, I think she'll take the title & Nunes's arm home
with her.

Автор 07 Maestro ( назад)
Ice skating 5 days out????

Автор Technical Irish Christian ( назад)
Dominick is going to make Cody believe he is a Mathematical classroom and
not a Cage. I love you Cruz. God speed.

Автор yvette jones ( назад)
Ronda looks great !!!!

Автор ijirving ( назад)
A UFC champion has to go to a coin Laundromat...something aint right.

Автор MxttyJB ( назад)
You know you're lazy asf when you pre-order the whole of your Christmas
meal, including the vegetables

Автор Jordan Miles ( назад)
So Dominick is preparing by doing cardio and cutting weight and Cody is
preparing by eating smores and ice skating? Easy fight for Dom.

Автор James Todd ( назад)
Cody will get his ass beat. Like TJ and faber did before him

Автор kumaran140 ( назад)
cody's eyebrows look weird,he looks like the xerxes from 300😜

Автор Gap Fuertes ( назад)
207 !!!

Автор Kang Won ( назад)

Автор Ginip Ginab ( назад)
cody is a retard for going ice skating. could have got hurt

Автор Emperor Habañero ( назад)
It's lonely at the top and Dominick is up there all by himself, he doesn't
need a support group to circle jerk with, he made it on his own.

Автор PolarDarkness ( назад)
you call this the biggest star of UFC? Conor is way more interesting and he
proved him self as a great fighter too. I wanna see Ronda do the same and
not get special privileges because she is a female and UFC is trying to get
female audience...

Автор Elliott Blair ( назад)
Amanda is more american than most americans.

Автор Felix Felicis ( назад)
"All the belts" -Dom Cruz's dog

Автор Bane Dorrance ( назад)
Burnt marshmallow w/ crackers? Why, 'Murica? why?

Автор AllSortsOfVideos ( назад)
Who da fook is dat guy eating with Dom Cruz at 0:23

Автор grandchancellor ( назад)
You spend too much time looking pretty Ronda. Ya think Nunes spent a micro
second thinking about makeup ?

Автор Raymond Garza ( назад)
Cruz listening to childish Gambino 4:48

Автор TheAliLife ( назад)
Ronda lookin CUT

Автор l0zerzer0 ( назад)
Lol. Alliance has no chill, they would play Mr. Lonely by Akon for DC.

Автор HTSoon ( назад)
Am I the only one who felt bad for Dominick not eating those tamales after
a 4 mile run, I would've ate all of the tamales.

Автор Marc Ritz ( назад)
Ronda is unlikable as always

Автор Mitcholos ( назад)
Team Alpha Male is cringeworthy in every Embedded. Feel like I'm watching
the jocks in American Pie.

Автор Churchill Capo ( назад)
Cody get that sloot away from you

Автор Benjamin Do ( назад)
jfc Dom Cruz straight listened to lonely - Akon alone af on the

Автор Churchill Capo ( назад)
5:50 He's going ice skating for the first time before a title fight? What
if he slipped??

Автор Al “Alarenzo” R ( назад)
Damn Ronda looks jacked.

Автор Star Boy ( назад)
Why is Amanda so creepy she scary as hell

Автор The GOAT ( назад)
Gosh I cannot stand that deuchbag Cory Gamfaggot!!! Please Dominick please
fuck him up badly!!! I'm rooting for you dominick👍

Автор Faizaan Naseem ( назад)
Fitting that they name their turkey Dominick Cruz, considering how well he
butchers team alpha fail.

Автор Austin Hock ( назад)
USADA needs to double check Ronda before and after this fight....

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