Guitar Rig 4 Tutorial

Hello all and welcome to my video tutorial on how to work with Guitar Rig 4 by Native Instruments. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. subscribe if you want.

Check out my other guitar rig tutorials

here is a link to the ASIO driver if you dont already have it.

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Автор Jon Don ( назад)
It would be nice get any sound at all! been on the phone to a few separate
technicians and wasted 16 hours of my life trying to sort this overly
complicated bag of shite out. And before anyone says it all drivers ect'
are up to date and the sound card is compatible and been to the wdm
settings.ect'.. simply doesn't work

Автор Ika Sgc ( назад)
Not work.... Driver not working..... No sound output and imput.

Автор English Rain ( назад)
Thanks for the tutorial.

Автор alex202mm ( назад)
just reading the problems people have with this shite ,ought to tell those
clowns at native instruments that its too involved by half, probably ok if
youre sat in front of a pc day in day out, pile o shit

Автор Leon Törteli ( назад)
Sorry but what can i do if i havent got ASIO drive??

Автор Timm Jansen ( назад)
My guitar is ''connected'' but i cant hear anything by myself..

Автор Jasper Kaamiño ( назад)
how do i use an audio interface to connect with guitar rig? i am planning
to buy avid mbox and already studying on how to connect those two :||

Автор Dragos C. ( назад)
Can you record clean via line in and then distort the sound on guitar rig?

Автор robert mchippie ( назад)
question, i just want to get my guitar signal into the software na then get
it out to my amplifier, how do i do that? guessing i need an interface, so,
any suggestions?

Автор Dj Dr3ws ( назад)
i cant exit full screen and access my asio settings esc or f4 doesnt do
nothing any tips on how to fix this

Автор Branislav Mladenovic ( назад)
im going to snap this fucking guitar in half. when i try and set it up i go
to the audio stettings pick ASIO but when i go to pick devices there are
only guitar rig mobile 1/0, guitar rig session 1/0 and Rig Kontrol 3 as
options. my headset works fine in everything else. ive tried with my apple
earphones too. it just doesnt recognise it. yelp me please.

Автор Frank Rizzo ( назад)
What kind of idiot makes a video related to a MUSIC topic without any
sound?? Oh, I found such an idiot right now!

Автор Duncan William Gibbons ( назад)
i need help getting my guitar to play through guitar rig, it doesnt do

Автор KrasusAversa ( назад)
You use jack input or usb input to connect guitar?

Автор MaFioS0 Motovlogs ( назад)
i don´t talk english ñ.ñ can you help me in spanish?? please T.T i´m in
basic but i can´t .....well why i can´t listen my guitar when connected
this with my computer???

Автор Nirdosh Sobti ( назад)
when i open guitar rig 4 in cubase i cant find any presets at all... what
is the problem can you tell me?? thanks...

Автор offthewallstudio ( назад)
hello, i just installed it yesterday... when i was using a demo version i
had all the presets now its full version and i dont have any presets. i
have tried to open presets but does not work. please help!

Автор Zain ( назад)
HELP ME PLZZZZ!!!!!! do u read it? okey . when i open it , i just hear
noise . . i heard my guitar sound but its just noise . help me plz

Автор istvan deak ( назад)
i have that problem that i see the guitar sign to go in cus the lin in &
the line out Singnal is jumpin when i strum but i can't hear nothing...
that could be the problem ? ? ? can anyone help ? :(

Автор corporacionmonstruo ( назад)
@alvster98 no but ASIO is free and easy to download

Автор Alvster ( назад)
hey, what if i dont have the ASIO thingy? Will it work?

Автор Dante Alighieri ( назад)
@pickmetofight Hi need help here... :( when I go in settings it..
Everything is Ok but I can't heart the sound of guitar.. I can hear only
the clean sound.. and it looks like it's just coming from sound card (i
have m-audio fast track) I can't hear any sound from guitar rig.. plz help

Автор Digital Ghost ( назад)
Just fucking talk...Christ.

Автор WayfareFilms ( назад)
while it worked,i was not able to hear system soundsn when i closed it.,i
could.. but now..guitar rig aint givin any sound..no settings changed.. pls

Автор nounever ( назад)
do you need an amplifier? or is it just by itself?

Автор nick0mac ( назад)
@Yedryko mine is opposite the wsapi or whatever just lets out shrieks and
the asio doesnt sound that great either but will play,my cpu is new and
well above specs,,yet i see other videos on here with people getting
awesome sounds,i am so frustrated lol.

Автор Joey Lim ( назад)
i hv connect my guitar to line-in holes, i only hv clean guitar sounds
which is not from guitar rig's sound~~ any idea?

Автор mjcharis (1727 лет назад)
how to connnect my guitar ?

Автор Brandon Kelly (162 года назад)
i get no sound

Автор LP432ify ( назад)
@pickmetofight does it work properly... i mean does it sound good....? i
want to buy a guitar with out an amp....

Автор Zsolt Laszlo ( назад)
i don't have those presets can you tell me what can i do?

Автор SRcRasher (439 лет назад)
@pickmetofight Thank you very much, i think it will be useful for me ;)

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@SRcRasher Yes you can record your guitar with the effects, by either using
the Loop machine. go to Components>Tools> Loop Machine and place it at the
end of your effects chain. then to record, press the button with the red
circle. then play, and to stop recording, press it again. to save your
recording, click export layer. another way is to use guitar rig as a VST
plugin in an audio recording program such as Magix Producer, or Sonar home
studio. look up how to use guitar rig as a VST plugin.

Автор SRcRasher ( назад)
Greetings i´ve a question for you, is there any way to record with gain? i
think that i only can record in clean and after i use the Guitar Rig sound
in my records, thanks ^^

Автор Wian Lusse ( назад)
i cant seem to even get sound when i plug guitar to computer. help please!

Автор 101AOK ( назад)
Man...the sound you get is right up there with the Emperors' clothes. Never
heard such a sound. Like...like...a vacuum. You rock.

Автор JJGameplayVideo ( назад)
when i click on asio for driver my computer shows a blue screen with a
error i have windows 7 can you help me?

Автор KH13JPLAZMA ( назад)
what exactly am i suppose to do/ or press on the software so i can hear
myself? or at least record? i think its on the tapedeck. but i dont know
what to do?Help Please

Автор One Croissant Pls ( назад)
Plsease, I need help. I tried using guitar rig 4 with my guitar plugged
into the mic thingy in my computer. I get nothing.... I´m positive this
works because i tried it in my old laptop and it worked... help plz?

Автор Lento y Frío ( назад)
@guitarjackrr3 dragging the function that each of the (amps, reverbs, etc)
have to the footswitch control (press F3 to see the control) i don´t know
any more

Автор Miril888 ( назад)
Why not recognize my guitar? what i can do, please help :((

Автор closedcaskit ( назад)
how do i use this with a 1/4 to USB cable??

Автор Lento y Frío ( назад)
@pickmetofight i rapair it i just went to options and i put import guitar
rig 3 content and scan for new presets

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@cortezforever I've never used Midi with guitar rig, but guitar rig has
midi support, so just plug in your midi device and try

Автор cortezforever ( назад)
Can you use this wile using midi/audio guitar e.g. eletri6ty? If so how

Автор pickmetofight (494 года назад)
@Yedryko try going into the asio control panel, and make sure the right
outputs/inputs are selected. this could be a problem when you have more
than one audio card.

Автор pickmetofight (538 лет назад)
@emoticons48 Well, i've never had this problem before, try re-installing
guitar rig

Автор Lento y Frío ( назад)
hi good video well this is my problem when i add a preset i can use it but
when i close the rig 4 is not there to use well the last preset is using
(but is not in the presets bar) and i have to add the presets again please
can you help me!?

Автор Yedryko ( назад)
if I set asio in my driver settings, I won't hear anything, just like the
guitar would be disconnected. What's the problem?

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
well, i tried this too,but couldnt come up with anything. i would say
record the video and audio separately, then sync them in windows movie
maker or something

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@blackmetalrockdeath add a noise gate..

Автор Malmsteen Aiman ( назад)
how to reduce noise ?

Автор JARIDHOYT09 ( назад)
dude i need asio! the link you have up there isnt working

Автор warheart20 ( назад)
Do you plug your guitar directly to the pc, or do you plug it trough your

Автор rohanR21 ( назад)
hey dude whenever i connect the guitar to the computer and start guitar
pro,no matter what preset i use it makes whole lot of noise ..and when i
start the noise reduction gate the voice just starts sounding damp... i
connect the guitar to my line 6 spider iv 15 w and then connect the output
of that to the microphone input on my cpu... please help me... peace....

Автор Ca- Blaze ( назад)
@pickmetofight m8 nice video. If i plug my guitar into the M-Audio fast
track and go to the settings i choose the ASIo4all but i dont get sound. So
what i do is to go to rooting and make channel 2 and 1 both input and
output cause if i dont do it i dont get sound. Is that wrong?

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@7O0OL I did not know you that was possible.. Lol, thanks!

Автор 7O0OL ( назад)
@pickmetofight Thx, but I actually figured out how like the next day :P I
was just stupid "herp I'll import the track into the output side too and
then save it derp" lol. But thanks anyways, 'preciate it.

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@RebornDrummerz Then you probably don't have ASIO installed. if you
installed it, and it's not showing up, try reinstalling ASIO. if that
doesn't work, try reinstalling Guitar Rig

Автор Walter Verweijen ( назад)
There is no ASIO option by my driver settings

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@7O0OL to do this, you need to use Guitar Rig as a VST plugin with a
Recording program that supports VST plugins. then just import your audio
file into the recording program, load guitar rig from inside that program,
and then get do your effects. then just go to file>export>mp3 or wav. hope
this helped

Автор 7O0OL ( назад)
How do you save the end result of adding all the effects to an imported
audio file? I record w/ a different program and save as wav or mp3 files,
then import them to GR4 and I can add the effects I want, but I can't
figure out how to save anything but the lineup of pedals/effects I used as
a preset.

Автор drugdrunkker ( назад)
@Swazi4 I just happend to have the same exact problem, fast track usb
interface, works on protools but not on GR4... please tell me if you get it
to work

Автор Chandler Jones ( назад)
My computer doesn't have other speakers attached to it. I hooked up Guitar
Rig 4 to the computer, but I can't get any sound out of it. How do I get
the audio to work?

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@ifhyymf i don't know what else it could be. sorry

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@Swazi4 in guitar rig, up on top to the left of the input meter, there's
two buttons, one saying "R" and one saying "L"..try turning them off and on
in different orders.

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@miguelpessanha try uninstalling ASIO and then reinstalling it. this might
just be a fluke.

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@ifhyymf sounds to me like this is feedback. this might be due to your
input level being too high. try lowering your microphone/line-in input
level to about half way.

Автор Swazi4 ( назад)
My computer with GR4 won't pick up my guitar at all. I am currently using
M-Audio FastTrack USB interface, and also have Pro Tools M-Essential 8.
Guitar picks up fine on protools. Any ideas?

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@LP432ify you can plug your guitar directly into your computer's Line-In or
Microphone jack. if you have a jack converter

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@MrCizy what specifically is not working? no sound? details please

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@radigass ASIO is a sound driver. it has better quality than the regular
WDM direct sound driver. it's not required, but with it, you can make your
buffer rate lower while still maintaining excellent sound quality. lower
buffer rate = less delay between the time you play the note and the time
you hear it go through guitar rig

Автор Miguel Pessanha ( назад)
Hi. In audio settings - driver, i can't choose ASIO. The window opens 2
optinos ASIO an Direct sound but when i click in ASIO, the windows closes
and it stays in Dirtect Sound. Could you help me mate? Cheers

Автор radigass ( назад)
What is ASIO?? I have a mac book pro? do i need this ASIO?

Автор LP432ify ( назад)
cant we use guitar rig 4 without audio interface to play guitar?

Автор Darko Jovanov ( назад)
Hi there! :D...emmm..i *ve rigged all of the instructions as you showed on
this video in my settings and ive turned direct sound in asio,but still
wont work...do you cnow whats the problem???help plz :(

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@666emppu No, my version came with all the presets. but you can go to the
native instruments website,search it in google, and they should have
presets available for download.

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@bleedxandxdie ok, in guitar rig, on the top left side, theres the input
meter. and theres 2 buttons to the left of it. one labeled R and the other
one L. both try pressing those in any order to see if it will activate both
left+right channels

Автор PunkGuitar4Life ( назад)
I've got a problem, I can't get any sound out of it. I'm new to this stuff.
How do I do it?

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@666emppu well guitar rig is supposed to come with the preset banks so you
should have everything. but try going to their website and downloading them.

Автор benthemiester ( назад)
Anyone know of a real tutorial?

Автор ChainsawVsGod ( назад)
I'm not getting any sound.

Автор ElvisBluntman777 ( назад)
@Elvis7345 you need to configure the input and output settings first
otherwise you wont hear shit

Автор Elvis7345 ( назад)
i dont get any sound why??

Автор exoven ( назад)
@pickmetofight dude, how do i connect my guitar do the software though? can
i use my zoom pedal (g1x) I've just downloaded the software but I don't
know how to use it, can't find a tutorial..

Автор 0hMyGuitar ( назад)
@pickmetofight ore skype ^^

Автор One Croissant Pls ( назад)
@pickmetofight Then how can I use it ??????

Автор burubura ( назад)
i did everything but there's no sound of my guitar in computer

Автор ownyourcarmaster ( назад)
Im new at this, how do i connect my guitar to the computer, i have a cord
with 2 male ends on it, and an adapter that works with my amp and guitar. I
plug it in, get the clean sound, but when i try Guitar Rig 4, it doesnt
work.... How can i get the sound to work?

Автор kristofreynders ( назад)
@pickmetofight im no sure if the settings are as you said they have to be ,
but , i allready used , audacity , and other recording programs , and it
works fine , also plugged-in in de the mic line in .. so i guess , there is
an other problem .. ö

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@Kewinko make sure nothing else is using your speakers. (i.e. iTunes)

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@SanjeevGeorgeV the pedal is NOT required. just install, plug and play.

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@RaidaBeatzOfficial you can use it as a vst, but you will still have to
play the notes yourself

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@leri123456789 try increasing the asio buffer rate. i use 512. or it might
be the preset?

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@kristofreynders open the windows volume panel, and go to options, then
recording. make sure line-in is checkmarked and turned up

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@kristofreynders yeah but you will need a jack converter

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@mashafasha5 you dont NEED a midi footswitch, thats only if you want to
change the presets with a footswitch

Автор pickmetofight ( назад)
@FoulPlayFoundations thank you!

Автор kristofreynders ( назад)
i installed everything as it has to be , with cracks and all ! but it
doesnt work , when i plugg in my guitar , there is no sound .. , no signal
, nothing ...

Автор kristofreynders ( назад)
can you plug in your guitar , just in your mic line in????

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