Guitar Rig 4 Tutorial

Hello all and welcome to my video tutorial on how to work with Guitar Rig 4 by Native Instruments. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. subscribe if you want.

Check out my other guitar rig tutorials

here is a link to the ASIO driver if you dont already have it.

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Автор English Rain (7 месяцев)
Thanks for the tutorial.

Автор alex202mm (9 месяцев)
just reading the problems people have with this shite ,ought to tell those
clowns at native instruments that its too involved by half, probably ok if
youre sat in front of a pc day in day out, pile o shit

Автор Sickening Skittles (4 года)
@pickmetofight thanks for the answer but i have come across another
annoying problem. I connected my guitar up and everything seems to work
fine, apart from the fact that i get a huge background buzzing noise. Ive
heard alot of othersget it too, and i have no idea what to do! if you could
give me some help that would be awsome.

Автор Wian Lusse (3 года)
i cant seem to even get sound when i plug guitar to computer. help please!

Автор kristofreynders (3 года)
@pickmetofight im no sure if the settings are as you said they have to be ,
but , i allready used , audacity , and other recording programs , and it
works fine , also plugged-in in de the mic line in .. so i guess , there is
an other problem .. ö

Автор pickmetofight (4 года)
@mark15emo I had that problem when I didn't have the correct audio
input/output deviced selected in my ASIO menu. This could also be because
of your USB interface. Find the latest drivers for it and update them.

Автор ifhyymf (3 года)
ASIO4All) And i plug my bass on the Line-in. But in both GTR3 & GR4 there
is this horrible screech each time i open de program, and i dont know how
to fix it, please help me!!!!! how do i make the screech disappear??
((sorry for my english))

Автор rohanR21 (3 года)
hey dude whenever i connect the guitar to the computer and start guitar
pro,no matter what preset i use it makes whole lot of noise ..and when i
start the noise reduction gate the voice just starts sounding damp... i
connect the guitar to my line 6 spider iv 15 w and then connect the output
of that to the microphone input on my cpu... please help me... peace....

Автор ChainsawVsGod (3 года)
I'm not getting any sound.

Автор Whiskey Richard (4 года)
So I installed Guitar Rig 4, last night, and when I plugged my guitar
straight into the line in port it worked fine even without ASIO. Today,
even though line in is working, guitar rig doesn't pick anything up. I
downloaded and installed ASIO4ALL, but it has no input options. I'm lost.
Could you be of any help?

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@RebornDrummerz Then you probably don't have ASIO installed. if you
installed it, and it's not showing up, try reinstalling ASIO. if that
doesn't work, try reinstalling Guitar Rig

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@ifhyymf sounds to me like this is feedback. this might be due to your
input level being too high. try lowering your microphone/line-in input
level to about half way.

Автор Chandler Jones (3 года)
My computer doesn't have other speakers attached to it. I hooked up Guitar
Rig 4 to the computer, but I can't get any sound out of it. How do I get
the audio to work?

Автор radigass (3 года)
What is ASIO?? I have a mac book pro? do i need this ASIO?

Автор Kevin Rajkó (4 года)
Hello, I have a problem...I downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver...when I choode
the ASIO Config button...always a smaller window opens, and it writes, that
the High Definition Audio Device's Status is Unavaible! When I choose the
Routing panel...the Inpust and Outputs find Not Connected 1 and Not
Connected 2 in- and outputs...what do you thing, what's the problem?! Sorry
for my English, and thank you very much :)

Автор sparksguitar (4 года)
i am having an issue with this program. about every 45 seconds the audio
goes out for about 3 seconds! can someone help please, thanks

Автор kristofreynders (4 года)
can you plug in your guitar , just in your mic line in????

Автор Sickening Skittles (4 года)
Sorry if this comment is bothering, and im gona sound like a complete
retard, but i don't know where to start. I want to start recording music
because i think im up to the stage where i should be doing this. I have
installed the software and i opened it up and it works so far, but the
problem i have is the wiring up. I don't know how im meant to hook my
guitar up to the PC. DO i need to connect my guitar 2 my amp, and then the
amp to the computer? if sum1 could help me ASAP that would b great!

Автор pickmetofight (4 года)
@1john1992 just a jack converter yes is all you need.

Автор nounever (3 года)
do you need an amplifier? or is it just by itself?

Автор Mark David Acoba (4 года)
@pickmetofight do you know the button beside the 'live' button and it just
says it 'off'...

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@miguelpessanha try uninstalling ASIO and then reinstalling it. this might
just be a fluke.

Автор Darko Jovanov (3 года)
Hi there! :D...emmm..i *ve rigged all of the instructions as you showed on
this video in my settings and ive turned direct sound in asio,but still
wont work...do you cnow whats the problem???help plz :(

Автор lucasboy1994 (4 года)
I only get sound from my metronome :S I can't even record :S Does anyone
has a solution?

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@kristofreynders open the windows volume panel, and go to options, then
recording. make sure line-in is checkmarked and turned up

Автор Miguel Pessanha (3 года)
Hi. In audio settings - driver, i can't choose ASIO. The window opens 2
optinos ASIO an Direct sound but when i click in ASIO, the windows closes
and it stays in Dirtect Sound. Could you help me mate? Cheers

Автор ifhyymf (3 года)
@pickmetofight i tried it, but it didn't work. I got a DirectX 9.0 system,
i also downloaded the ASIO4ALL, but it didn't help me at all, so i
uninstalled it. I've tried all kind of configutations on my RG 4 and
DirectX to see if someone works, but i havent got any positive results.
sample rate, latency, inputs/outputs everything, and all i've got is a
lower or higher-tone screech. : / ...all i want to do i play my bass with
some good effects :,( [and again, sorry for my english]

Автор pickmetofight (4 года)
@diego010203040506 Yes for each preset that you have you go to options then
Import and select the preset.

Автор 1john1992 (4 года)
So how does this work, just plug your guitar into the computer via jack
converter, or you you have to buy some gear as well?

Автор Brandon W (4 года)
When I let a string ring out on my guitar there is a bit of white noise
after a while, its not too loud, but maybe its because I have the volume
set high idk. But it doesnt sound good when I try and play it clean. Any

Автор exoven (3 года)
@pickmetofight dude, how do i connect my guitar do the software though? can
i use my zoom pedal (g1x) I've just downloaded the software but I don't
know how to use it, can't find a tutorial..

Автор Jack Raven (3 года)
i don't have those presets can you tell me what can i do?

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@7O0OL to do this, you need to use Guitar Rig as a VST plugin with a
Recording program that supports VST plugins. then just import your audio
file into the recording program, load guitar rig from inside that program,
and then get do your effects. then just go to file>export>mp3 or wav. hope
this helped

Автор Frank Rizzo (2 года)
What kind of idiot makes a video related to a MUSIC topic without any
sound?? Oh, I found such an idiot right now!

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@666emppu well guitar rig is supposed to come with the preset banks so you
should have everything. but try going to their website and downloading them.

Автор LP432ify (3 года)
cant we use guitar rig 4 without audio interface to play guitar?

Автор guitarjackrr3 (3 года)
@emoticons48 I worked out if you just right click on the virtual switches
you can assign different presets to the 1-4 switches, then lock them so
they don't change.

Автор TheCurseOfMetal (4 года)
So is it just = Download the software, Plug the shit in, Record/play?

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@ifhyymf i don't know what else it could be. sorry

Автор Jay (4 года)
@FoulPlayFoundations fixed it! nevermind! awesome tutorial by the way

Автор rale89 (4 года)
Can Guitar Rig 4 work without a pedal? I mean can it work with just my
guitar connected to the pc? Thanks in advance.

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@SRcRasher Yes you can record your guitar with the effects, by either using
the Loop machine. go to Components>Tools> Loop Machine and place it at the
end of your effects chain. then to record, press the button with the red
circle. then play, and to stop recording, press it again. to save your
recording, click export layer. another way is to use guitar rig as a VST
plugin in an audio recording program such as Magix Producer, or Sonar home
studio. look up how to use guitar rig as a VST plugin.

Автор pickmetofight (3 года)
@7O0OL I did not know you that was possible.. Lol, thanks!

Автор 7O0OL (3 года)
How do you save the end result of adding all the effects to an imported
audio file? I record w/ a different program and save as wav or mp3 files,
then import them to GR4 and I can add the effects I want, but I can't
figure out how to save anything but the lineup of pedals/effects I used as
a preset.

Автор steve chasteen (4 года)
it is the fast track it works with everything else i have,acid,fl studio 9

Автор benthemiester (3 года)
Anyone know of a real tutorial?

Автор drugdrunkker (3 года)
@Swazi4 I just happend to have the same exact problem, fast track usb
interface, works on protools but not on GR4... please tell me if you get it
to work

Автор pickmetofight (4 года)
@mjxshipton open control panel, then double click on sounds and audio
devices. then on the "Voice" tab, make sure the correct device is selected.
then under "Voice Recording" click volume and make sure line in is selected
and that the volume is turned up and not muted.

Автор pickmetofight (4 года)
@brandonattor yeah i've had this too, thats probably because you have only
one noise reduction at the front of your signal chain. add another noise
reducer at the very end so it's last and then play and adjust it. that
should work

Автор pickmetofight (4 года)
@ukeleleboy97 just type in my username in the youtube search bar since
youtube is gay and won't let me post a link to my video... and the video
will be there :)

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