Extrema Ratio RAO chopping test

Sorry this video is so short, but my batteries ran out. Hopefully I'll get to tape another test sometime in the future. Anyway, my first impression was that the RAO is an excellent chopper. It cut through the wood with ease.

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Автор Jude Staner ( назад)
@NicoNyon I posted a complete video, it's about 4 minutes of chopping.
Check it out, on my channel, if you're interested. 

Автор NicoNyon ( назад)
so quick!!

Автор Jude Staner ( назад)
@pacemscar I promise I will. Hopefully this week. :)

Автор Jude Staner ( назад)
@TangoBinAlsheed Yeah, my batteries were really sucky. I wanted to make a
full length video, but I just haven't gotten around to it. It chopped the
tree really well, the blade was so sharp and heavy, but when I was finished
I saw the camera had turned off. :( 

Автор TangoBinAlsheed ( назад)

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