X-Plane Tutorials - How to fly an ILS

An X-Plane tutorial on how to fly an ILS.

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Автор Raúl González ( назад)
With the G/S button the plane begins to descend? Or with the LOC one?

Автор Badger Craft ( назад)
That runway must be slippery to glide so far :P thanks for the video really
helped figure out ILS landings

Автор Ciampo_detto Leggermente_Bresciano ( назад)
what is the Aircraft that have you used?

Автор Bartosz Bieguniak ( назад)
Good video I learned a lot 

Автор AJ287772 ( назад)
can anyone tell me how to make the airplane go up i just drive the plane on

Автор Arnold Tom ( назад)
or little kid

Автор BWolf7 ( назад)
floated a lot

Автор kevin chung ( назад)
Girl flying planes: Sexy

Автор MrCriticizerable ( назад)
Do you have to have a heading towards the runway before activating LOC?

Автор zF4STz ( назад)
I just got x-plane as well and im in the same boat you are in. SOOO
Frustrating!! after playing fsx for YEARS!!

Автор murray getten ( назад)
i just bought xplane 10 to replace my fsx. ive been flying fight sims for
over 10 years and i have never been more frustrated with a flight sim in my
life. flight plans are not entered automatically and the auto pilot
features on the ljght planes are no where to be found, totally looking for
a different flight sim now. nice to see somon acutally undrstands how to
use it as the manual for xplane really is non usefull

Автор pfunk heli ( назад)
nice job! I'm heli pilot Pfunk. I'm a noob on x plane. I just got it! my
knob on the nav radio changes frequencies in increments of 5. can i do it
one by one?

Автор TheDanishGamer98 ( назад)
Thanx! :-)

Автор Smitty12487 ( назад)
Your cool

Автор George Anderson ( назад)
nice job , i can only hope i do as good when i finally get my X Plane
installation issues resolved. why is it bad to let the AP do the landing ?

Автор CodGam3rs808 ( назад)
you guy are pilots idk bout that yet

Автор CodGam3rs808 ( назад)
think so yeah dude

Автор MinecraftTutoEtDemo ( назад)
Wath the plane

Автор Ace Xi ( назад)
At the autopilot controls,with the FDIR to AUTO, source NAV1, and frequency
109.9, hit LOC and GS.

Автор AviationXPlane ( назад)
Great Video, really helpful

Автор Loobo2012 ( назад)
the FAA state that if a plane is at 600ft and can not see the runway then
the pilots must land on autopilot!!!!!!!!!

Автор Rodrigo Malheiros Xavier ( назад)
where u dowload the KLAX airport ,it's for x 10?

Автор Theodore Rogers ( назад)
awesome video i use x plane and all of your videos help

Автор Paulo Do Carmo Pereira ( назад)
In this video, you seem to be on the direction to the runway when airborne.
But how do you land using ILS if you arrive perpendicular to the runway --
in a KLAX to KSAN flight for example / or a Los Angeles to San Bernardino
flight? In that case, do you need the plates you use in your VATSIM video?
Thank you for your time.

Автор Tomas Chatila ( назад)
@xplanetutorials Nice videos , checked ur channel cool tutorials . I was
wondering when I watch other x-planes videos they put the Wing view .. Do
you know how they do it or the link where to download it?

Автор RAM211 ( назад)
Great Vid and quality bit over my head at moment, but you tutorials will
help thanks

Автор Austin Leblanc ( назад)
how do you fly for a virtual airline

Автор fredxable ( назад)
thank you very much!

Автор Matthew Chan ( назад)
I love all your videos!! But would you mind telling me what plane your
flying in this video? Thanks!

Автор dajzilla ( назад)
"Hi, and you're watching x-plane tutorials" I always lol at that for some
reason. "Hi, and..." lulz This guy sounds like he's like... 12 years old or
something. Good stuff though. Glad SOMEONE does some tutorials for x-plane.
Someone needs to have a "hold your hand" set of tutorials for this. Like a
whole series for people who have no idea what they're doing. From starting
with a Cessna all the way to a complete planned out jumbo jet flight plan,
take-off to landing. I'd buy it!

Автор terminatorfresh666 ( назад)

Автор Sense Flight ( назад)
It's not a sim if it doesn't do what the plane would do in real life.

Автор holyteejful ( назад)
buy a plane ticket, hope you dont want to be a pilot, because no plane will
do that by itself unless its an UAV

Автор thebigtarver ( назад)
hi i need help getting a380 on x plane 9 i have a hp windos xp is there a
way you can send me a file with a380 on to where all i have to do is paste
it to heavy aircraft

Автор southparkus10 ( назад)
What plane?

Автор southparkus10 ( назад)
What plane u use?

Автор chanboy221 ( назад)
and what yoke or joystick do you use and where did you get it

Автор chanboy221 ( назад)
can you use any joystick with x plane 9?

Автор Cristhian Troncoso ( назад)
I love planes but I hate flight sims. There just so damn difficult. Can't
wait for a flight sim where you pick the destination and it takes you there
without you having to do anything

Автор Darius Tate (1072 года назад)
@wassabio5 You can, but it's better to use a joystick.

Автор DeltoraWar ( назад)
Great video. Could you send me the link to for the aircraft?

Автор DeltoraWar ( назад)
Awesome video. Could you please send me the link for the aircraft that you

Автор Greg Morrissey ( назад)
Could you send me the link to this aircraft please

Автор roger201288 ( назад)

Автор Nathan lee ( назад)
the problem is that it does not line up and bring my plane down to the
runway but it does go to the airport why?

Автор xXiMoDmYiPoDXx ( назад)
@XPlaneTutorials Hey man! I love your videos! Great tutorials! Could you
please send me a link via mailbox to download this aircraft? Thanks man!

Автор sztukowy ( назад)
Well, the tutorial is good, but you didn`t land the plane, you actually
crashed it.

Автор Publik ( назад)
Great work and thanks for the tutorial I couldn't find the white lines
either but at this time I'm only using the demo waiting for the program to
arrive. Perhaps with more choice of planes I can find the white lines.
Every Best Wish

Автор ALBERT CLOWERS ( назад)

Автор sheehan miles ( назад)
I am having troube with the guide slope...the localizer moves to the center
but the guide slope doesnt activate...it only did it once out of several
landings...any advice?

Автор 234576739 ( назад)
@iloveumyra The app for x plane on the phone, from what I know, does not
have the same features as the x plane desktop version.

Автор lambergine13 ( назад)

Автор sheehan miles ( назад)
i am having trouble using the ils on my x plane phone app...do u have a
tuturial for this?

Автор TheAnonimoItaliano (1441 год назад)
@XPlaneTutorials Ok, thanks :)

Автор XPlaneTutorials ( назад)
@skillsz0rs Yes, at busy airports, pilot most often use visual approaches

Автор skillsz0rs ( назад)
@XPlaneTutorials I actually mean to the point minimums, glide-sloping is
very useful when planes fly 3nm behind each other.

Автор skillsz0rs ( назад)
@XPlaneTutorials Actually, not on busy airports.

Автор XPlaneTutorials (482 года назад)
@skillsz0rs Depends on the weather. Pilots usually fly a "visual
approach"(By Hand) during good weather, but when the weather is worse,
pilots fly via the ILS

Автор XPlaneTutorials (480 лет назад)
@skillsz0rs Depends on the weather. Pilots usually fly a "visual
approach"(By Hand) during good weather, but when the weather is worse,
pilots fly via the ILS

Автор XPlaneTutorials (566 лет назад)
@12345Murl This aircraft is from Alliance Airways, The virtual airline i
fly for

Автор XPlaneTutorials (628 лет назад)
@tinithomas make sure you have your Nav Source set to Nav1

Автор XPlaneTutorials (699 лет назад)
@TheAnonimoItaliano I use VATSIM, in my opinion, more realistic than IVAO

Автор XPlaneTutorials (711 год назад)
@TheAnonimoItaliano I use VATSIM, in my opinion, more realistic than IVAO

Автор skillsz0rs ( назад)
@6250valtra Maybe on the final, but pilot's fly the approach to the runway
via ILS, always.

Автор LittleLuckk ( назад)
@racear8 Pilots land with the ILS, not by hand.

Автор natecat33 ( назад)
no u dont ils does that for u. you dont have to the ils will do everything
if u have autobrake and autothrottle

Автор The Guy ( назад)
Great video but I am a pilot and you disengage the autopilot once you are
over landing lights on the runway and then flare the nose.

Автор kajando7 ( назад)
fuck u dike or what ever the fuck kinda species u r

Автор flipflop741 ( назад)
can you tell me how to refuel the a330 because i want to go from KLAX-LIRF
thank you?

Автор togetherweareunited ( назад)
White line never appears, i have it set to nave 1 and on auto pilot. Do I
need to have it headed towards airport or does the plane find that too with
tha ills coordinates? Or do I have to find the airport and go into it in
the direction of the runway for it to locate the while line?

Автор ThomasAleva ( назад)
I never get that white line!?!?! can somebody help?

Автор ThomasAleva ( назад)
do you have your source to GPS or nav1?

Автор 12345Murl ( назад)
What aircraft is this? Where did you download it?

Автор lukeshurtleff4 ( назад)
@TheAnonimoItaliano Not to bad English if I must say

Автор racear8 ( назад)
Do they usually land by hand? or always ils, because why use ils if the
weather is great?

Автор TheAnonimoItaliano ( назад)
Umm... Have you IVAO??? If you want to fly online with more realism, you
have to register, download Ivao-X and enjoy!!! Please, if you download it,
do a tutorial. P.S. Sorry for my english, but I'm Italian.

Автор William Rakowski ( назад)
What plane is that van u give me the adress?

Автор Dragan Marjanovic ( назад)
@dirtygangler3200 You dont get to fly it... or take off you can just do a
re-entry or full re-entry which is just landing it and that takes a few

Автор dirtygangler3200 ( назад)
i know how to play i just dont know how to fly the space shuttle

Автор 10mateoo ( назад)
Where did you get that scenery?

Автор Andy Black ( назад)

Автор GreatInca ( назад)
@KirkHammettable California Airlines uses a lot of airliners from x-plane
freeware project. They only add their own paint liveries.

Автор futureb737pilot ( назад)
you gave it way too much power upon the short final

Автор CuBeWaRs ( назад)
The cheesiest intro ever created.

Автор Blink182009 ( назад)
you have the ugliest/most disgusting/horrible sounding voice I have ever
heard. I feel bad for you

Автор William Hachey ( назад)
@nick15184 thanks :D

Автор William Hachey ( назад)
how do you do to move the caamera in the cockpit freely. please respond
thank you:D

Автор Winsun Lu ( назад)
if you were in a 777-300ER, this would already be an tailstrike for this
long and high flare

Автор 1easterling3 ( назад)
wtf is an ILS, btw this is so cheesy, but very, very good :)

Автор rddaos ( назад)
You didn't mention in your video that you have to be lined up with the
runway to intercept the localizer. That's a very important ommission! I
don't think the aircraft will intercept the localizer unless you are
already pretty well lined up. at least my x plane aircraft ignore the ILS
unless you are in aproach mode and lined up.

Автор TheRealDeal ( назад)
i still play x-plane 6 , but my pc can run x-plane 9 lol.

Автор evsynator ( назад)
This seems so much smoother than Microsoft FS .

Автор RandyJ007 ( назад)
not too bad at all... my only suggestions: get the actual approach plates
for your destination airport (instead of using 3000 ft msl as a default app
alt); and your speed at touchdown should be Vref + 5 (Vref is usually 1.3
times the stall speed)... but a good video nonetheless.

Автор salv0dynasty ( назад)
do you use the keyboard or a joystick?

Автор arkkanus ( назад)
@rockinallnightlongOB same problem here...

Автор Tiu Fang ( назад)
you are landing on a cat 3 airport it can land automaticly

Автор gfinn08 ( назад)
@XPlaneTutorials most of my planes dont have a glide slope button is there
any other way to land ils without it

Автор jba199456 ( назад)
i like the airplane where did u get it

Автор llcyee ( назад)
@onenicewormitsar "unpause" not "unpass"

Автор Mikaël Van Vyve ( назад)
Pretty good but you lowered the gear too fast. Normally you lower gear
around 500 to 1000 feet AAL depending on procedure. Normally you don't need
to disengage autopilot completely depending on the CAT 1, 2 or 3 your
aircraft can handle. If it can handle cat 3 it should be able to perform an
auto approach and landing however you might need to guide the A/C manually
during roll out. If not cat 3 equipped it is sufficient to dissengage the
GS/LOC but you could keep autothrottle on untill idle.

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