TAHOE ON 28's !!

Buff city Tahoe on 8's

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Автор ghetto2ube ( назад)
like the song lol

Автор 16mrryan ( назад)
@BillyKnockout yeah its been a while since i saw it anyway...either way it
still a sick truck man

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@Tommy4924 Two subs.. 15's

Автор Tommy4924 ( назад)
sounds like you got a sub in your car?

Автор automotiveDIY ( назад)
thank god for my 15 inch rims.

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@16mrryan Im not sure if he had it on ebay or not but i seen this truck
cruisin around the city not too long ago

Автор 16mrryan ( назад)
i saw a tahoe EXACTLY like this one for sale on ebay maybe a year or so
ago...any chance this is the same truck?

Автор Triton88keys ( назад)
I just bought you an cup of coffee of this Jim Johnson :D' Getting it in!!!
Today we have some hook up om sum keyz-

Автор Stephen Smith ( назад)
We ride rims!

Автор Triton88Keyz ( назад)
@BillyKnockout coffee is on me today lol keyz-

Автор Triton88Keyz ( назад)
Theres your coffee Joe!! Ha ..Thats Chicago talk,,,"Joe" They call everyone
joe,,I have an few homie from Chicago,,Love this video,, keyz-

Автор Brian Kim ( назад)
super sale!!! 323motorsports com ((LEXANI 28" sale )) DAGGER W. TIRE
275-25-28 //275-25-28 $4499 DIAL/LX-2/LX-30 W. TIRE 295-25-28// 275-25-28
$4699 ((LEXANI 30" DIAL)) W.PIRELLI 315-30-30 $8500 SET (PKG) W.TIRES
Finance available 0% APF-ONLINE CALL NOW 213-494-0936 ASK B.K

Автор Triton88Keyz ( назад)
Them is some PLAYER PRICES that they have !!! I would roll one of these
Natural with an fishing pole.Putta Big ass Wall-eye sticker on the
hood..Some Big Mud flaps with naked ladies like on my B.G..Then putta Egg
as Diamond in Mouth..Pimped out!! Enjoy your coffee keyz-

Автор Triton88Keyz ( назад)
Enjoy the coffee :D

Автор Brian Kim ( назад)
213-494-0936 ASK BK

Автор neonmike1000 ( назад)
@kevin112191983 You should type in big tires so you can get what you want
to see. I know you're looking for the off roaders like bigfoot that only
ride in the woods where the hairy back, hillbilly, cavemen like yourself

Автор olliejay22 ( назад)
i did a best 2 out of 3 coin toss between a silverado and a f150 . i had my
mind set on a f150 but the silverado won the coin toss. im a man of my word
so i'm gonna get a silverado

Автор 281MeXiCaN713 ( назад)
@leobogards Ok, i dont get your "joke". What does buying an apartment have
to do with this video? Do you even know what i was asking?

Автор 281MeXiCaN713 ( назад)
why are you recording from inside a car across the street? is that tahoe
even yours?

Автор izac768 ( назад)
she clean as fuck bruh nice on dem 8s

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@Triton88Keyz lol

Автор Triton88Keyz ( назад)
I would love to own one of these trucks for pulling my Star-craft Boat ..:D
First i have to get the boat & the truck ,We can all Dream right!! :P Much
Luv keyz-

Автор toucandan8989 ( назад)
@BillyKnockout ok tnx bra !!

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@toucandan8989 Thats wassup , im bout to come thru and check you out

Автор toucandan8989 ( назад)
ahh you like big rims i got vids with tons of cars on big rims plus the
suicide doors ! haha i got more coming to !

Автор toucandan8989 ( назад)
@kevin112191983 I dont think you realize how much it cost to make your
tahoe look like that

Автор rahdigga8188 ( назад)
you see just as many suburban white moms with big rims you racist ass dick
eatin hater

Автор rahdigga8188 ( назад)
for you assholes who think this is a ghetto thing, I cab show you 2 white
suburban moms rockin 22's for everyone one black guy. Racists ass bitches

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@kevin112191983 hahahaha .. thanks for watching duke !

Автор Kevin Woehl ( назад)
It's funny when I type in cars with big rims on the internet, pictures of
black guys come up. Fuck these losers with big rims. LOW INCOME MAKING
BITCHES. Welfair, foodstamps.

Автор MrSilverstarboy ( назад)

Автор Nate Wood ( назад)
see man something like this is more understandable, if all the guys with
big rims did them to trucks i could understand what the point is

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@olgaa30 Ain't it though...? I love that shit...lol Thank's for viewing
olga !

Автор MrSilverstarboy ( назад)
@BillyKnockout yo man ive been trying to do that but every time i leave a
message bout how to put videos on youtube no 1 reply oh yeah if u think
thats raw wait till i get my tahoe june 4

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@MrSilverstarboy That muthafucka nice , bring that joint to video so we can
see it close up

Автор MrSilverstarboy ( назад)
i wanna sell my vert on 6s an buy the same model tahoe and paint it a candy
orange and get some other type of 6s on there cuz the 6s i got r kind of
old check my pic

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@n2deepjds Thats wassup sun..no doubt ! Those other dudes smokin',lol

Автор jose susana ( назад)
@BillyKnockout definately 28's

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@liljay940 ?? You blind too ? lol

Автор liljay940 ( назад)
well look at my 30s F the 8s lmao he might think they 28s lol

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@MrKyleg76 26's ?? C'mon now bruh thats 28's all day !

Автор duckman108 ( назад)
I dont like chevy but the 2 door tahoe is pretty sick!!!

Автор TheFnCandyMan ( назад)
Dat bitch bad ass fuck. Just needa some skinnier pro tires.

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@357DIESEL What up 357DIESEL! How you cats making it in that snow ? I just
seen Huntsville on the news

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
@567Unity Buffalo ,NY

Автор PatrickStar ( назад)
that bitch clean

Автор dexter whittington ( назад)
ill put a roll pan,on and call it done nice truck too

Автор Junior Morales ( назад)
looking good mane love it not to high just perfect.

Автор DaRulerofDaSouF ( назад)
This how we ride down here in DA SIP!

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
Don't know.. This is'nt my ride bruh .

Автор BillyKnockout ( назад)
Yeah..we get's down !

Автор LJHammitt06 ( назад)
in da the LO dats how ya'll doin it huh?!?! but Dats Nice!!!

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