TAHOE ON 28's !!

Buff city Tahoe on 8's

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Автор MrSilverstarboy (4 года)
@BillyKnockout yo man ive been trying to do that but every time i leave a
message bout how to put videos on youtube no 1 reply oh yeah if u think
thats raw wait till i get my tahoe june 4

Автор dexter whittington (5 лет)
ill put a roll pan,on and call it done nice truck too

Автор duckman108 (5 лет)
I dont like chevy but the 2 door tahoe is pretty sick!!!

Автор DaRulerofDaSouF (5 лет)
This how we ride down here in DA SIP!

Автор toucandan8989 (4 года)
@BillyKnockout ok tnx bra !!

Автор 16mrryan (4 года)
@BillyKnockout yeah its been a while since i saw it anyway...either way it
still a sick truck man

Автор liljay940 (5 лет)
well look at my 30s F the 8s lmao he might think they 28s lol

Автор rahdigga8188 (4 года)
you see just as many suburban white moms with big rims you racist ass dick
eatin hater

Автор MrSilverstarboy (4 года)

Автор LJHammitt06 (5 лет)
in da the LO dats how ya'll doin it huh?!?! but Dats Nice!!!

Автор Stephen Smith (4 года)
We ride rims!

Автор TheFnCandyMan (5 лет)
Dat bitch bad ass fuck. Just needa some skinnier pro tires.

Автор rahdigga8188 (4 года)
for you assholes who think this is a ghetto thing, I cab show you 2 white
suburban moms rockin 22's for everyone one black guy. Racists ass bitches

Автор mroliee87 (3 года)
people that think those ant 28s..sorry but you wrong it mite have big meat
aka thick tires but its been cut just to fit the rims and tires..i like it
but ma tahoe on 28s also but with 295 25 28s tire size..shinny but fits
just right lol

Автор BillyKnockout (5 лет)
Yeah..we get's down !

Автор ballin8a (2 года)
ay can i ask what tire size you got on the 28's plus did u have to cut
anything on the front to fit the rims ? im looking to buy some 28's but im
not into them skiinny low pros everyone gots

Автор Nate Wood (4 года)
see man something like this is more understandable, if all the guys with
big rims did them to trucks i could understand what the point is

Автор Triton88Keyz (4 года)
Enjoy the coffee :D

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@kevin112191983 hahahaha .. thanks for watching duke !

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@Tommy4924 Two subs.. 15's

Автор jose susana (5 лет)
@BillyKnockout definately 28's

Автор neonmike1000 (4 года)
@kevin112191983 You should type in big tires so you can get what you want
to see. I know you're looking for the off roaders like bigfoot that only
ride in the woods where the hairy back, hillbilly, cavemen like yourself

Автор PatrickStar (5 лет)
that bitch clean

Автор BillyKnockout (5 лет)
Don't know.. This is'nt my ride bruh .

Автор MrSilverstarboy (4 года)
i wanna sell my vert on 6s an buy the same model tahoe and paint it a candy
orange and get some other type of 6s on there cuz the 6s i got r kind of
old check my pic

Автор pasadena4lyfe (5 лет)
What is the name of that color where can I find it ?

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@olgaa30 Ain't it though...? I love that shit...lol Thank's for viewing
olga !

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@Triton88Keyz lol

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@MrSilverstarboy That muthafucka nice , bring that joint to video so we can
see it close up

Автор BillyKnockout (5 лет)
@357DIESEL What up 357DIESEL! How you cats making it in that snow ? I just
seen Huntsville on the news

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@16mrryan Im not sure if he had it on ebay or not but i seen this truck
cruisin around the city not too long ago

Автор toucandan8989 (4 года)
ahh you like big rims i got vids with tons of cars on big rims plus the
suicide doors ! haha i got more coming to !

Автор Triton88Keyz (4 года)
Them is some PLAYER PRICES that they have !!! I would roll one of these
Natural with an fishing pole.Putta Big ass Wall-eye sticker on the
hood..Some Big Mud flaps with naked ladies like on my B.G..Then putta Egg
as Diamond in Mouth..Pimped out!! Enjoy your coffee keyz-

Автор toucandan8989 (4 года)
@kevin112191983 I dont think you realize how much it cost to make your
tahoe look like that

Автор 281MeXiCaN713 (4 года)
@leobogards Ok, i dont get your "joke". What does buying an apartment have
to do with this video? Do you even know what i was asking?

Автор Triton88Keyz (4 года)
@BillyKnockout coffee is on me today lol keyz-

Автор Brian Kim (4 года)
213-494-0936 ASK BK

Автор Triton88Keyz (4 года)
I would love to own one of these trucks for pulling my Star-craft Boat ..:D
First i have to get the boat & the truck ,We can all Dream right!! :P Much
Luv keyz-

Автор automotiveDIY (4 года)
thank god for my 15 inch rims.

Автор Brian Kim (4 года)
super sale!!! 323motorsports com ((LEXANI 28" sale )) DAGGER W. TIRE
275-25-28 //275-25-28 $4499 DIAL/LX-2/LX-30 W. TIRE 295-25-28// 275-25-28
$4699 ((LEXANI 30" DIAL)) W.PIRELLI 315-30-30 $8500 SET (PKG) W.TIRES
Finance available 0% APF-ONLINE CALL NOW 213-494-0936 ASK B.K

Автор BillyKnockout (4 года)
@toucandan8989 Thats wassup , im bout to come thru and check you out

Автор Triton88Keyz (4 года)
Theres your coffee Joe!! Ha ..Thats Chicago talk,,,"Joe" They call everyone
joe,,I have an few homie from Chicago,,Love this video,, keyz-

Автор 281MeXiCaN713 (4 года)
why are you recording from inside a car across the street? is that tahoe
even yours?

Автор ghetto2ube (4 года)
like the song lol

Автор Triton88keys (4 года)
I just bought you an cup of coffee of this Jim Johnson :D' Getting it in!!!
Today we have some hook up om sum keyz-

Автор 16mrryan (4 года)
i saw a tahoe EXACTLY like this one for sale on ebay maybe a year or so
ago...any chance this is the same truck?

Автор BillyKnockout (5 лет)
@567Unity Buffalo ,NY

Автор BillyKnockout (5 лет)
@liljay940 ?? You blind too ? lol

Автор mrayon17 (5 лет)
hey brother how much would a paint job like this one would cost me.

Автор Tommy4924 (4 года)
sounds like you got a sub in your car?

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