Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me

By TheMrFunkysister

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Длительность: 9:1
Комментарии: 691

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Автор bjroberts65 ( назад)
Everybody hitting the dislike button don't know how to get Funky!!!

Автор Ronald Bennett ( назад)
My favorite song of all times!

Автор Arthur Cooley ( назад)
its 2015 where has all the funk gone?

Автор DeVore Johns ( назад)
Club Time!!!

Автор capdatzme19 ( назад)
oh yeahhhhh! it so hot I'm burning up!

Автор uncbbfblives ( назад)
shit me!

Автор Janine Grako ( назад)
Trivia about Peter Brown...1) he's from the south suburbs of Chicago-Blue
Island. 2) He wrote Material Girl and basically created Madonna. He's
awesome and I'm proud to call him a fellow former Chicagoan.

Автор big perm ( назад)
The album cover always stuck out in my mind and I always wonder who the
model was

Автор edwthill ( назад)
ft riley,ks good times

Автор lou Brown (882 года назад)
Another Jam from back in the day...still tight

Автор Mark Hudson Sr. ( назад)
Peter Brown , from back in the day. When we was kicking it.

Автор Belinda Rodriguez ( назад)
funky friday love these jams

Автор jflow08 ( назад)
This song, in it's 9 minute glory, is naughty, sleazy and just plain fun.
You can't help but feel down and dirty jamming to this track.

Автор kevin taylor ( назад)
top draw music for tk music records this man was - is quality should have
been with Columbia would have made it bigger.

Автор Emanuel Marshall ( назад)
great song!

Автор Marie Keeno ( назад)

Автор DJCzezre Adams ( назад)
Straight club banger right here. Takes me back to my Zanzibar days!!

Автор BIONIK DIKK ( назад)
This song made me get all baby oiled up with some Speedo's on, about to go
swimming in my woman, but I wont drown.

Автор Eugene B. ( назад)
Y'all ain't ready 

Автор richard ortiz ( назад)
This song will always remind me of the first summer I worked at Nathans in
Coney Island. I was only seventeen back then. Oh! What a glorious time of
my life. Kids today don't have a clue.

Автор greg battles ( назад)
ah shit now grown folks music.

Автор Lorraine Shannon-Owens ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me: http://youtu.be/tjDRY8nr3Sk

Автор Barton Reid ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me

Автор Larry Canaday ( назад)

Автор d dye ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Get Funky With Me: https://youtu.be/tjDRY8nr3Sk

Автор Fermin Vasquez Jr (614 года назад)

Автор Anthony Glenn ( назад)
The sheiolette of the woman on the front cover appearing to be naked is
actually a cardboard cutout. I read that in Hit Parader magazine back in
the day.

Автор dean jenkins ( назад)
I was 22 and dancing my super platforms off at Jim's Back Room in
Rochester, N.Y. A BLAST.

Автор Madeline Smlth ( назад)
This my kind of music.

Автор Tina A Stoffel ( назад)
Can't help but break out dancing when I hear this. Haven't listened to it
in ages.

Автор Maximilian ScarpatiSoul3 ( назад)

Автор Amina Shani ( назад)
the bus stop...

Автор CHI Nation ( назад)
I miss Chicago 1977 this was the cut

Автор Jerry Pegues ( назад)
This was when music were made by bands!

Автор THE BOSS ( назад)
GOOD NITE G+Fam...This One Of My Favorite Songs..For G+Fam..OXOX💏 Peter
Brown"Do U Wanna Get funky"

Автор 2tonsolid ( назад)
peter brown is a genius. he, also, wrote madonna's material girl.

Автор Lucinda Goins ( назад)

Автор carol briggs ( назад)
one of my faves!!!!

Автор Trenton Bey ( назад)
listen to the beat

Автор Carmen Jean ( назад)
This was the hottest "spank" (a disco dance in ChiTown) song of all time
during the disco era.

Автор Patricia M McCallum ( назад)

Автор Charles Dozier ( назад)
Good 'old block party jam..

Автор DeadDonAK ( назад)
lol i remember dancing to this,ah to be young again...

Автор Richard Kaltenbach ( назад)



Автор George Snipes ( назад)
The Idle Mind Is A Playground For The Devil!.

Автор T. West ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me: http://youtu.be/tjDRY8nr3Sk

Автор TheMZSHAYBAYBEE ( назад)
Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee....I'm gonna set u on fiyahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Автор Butch Brown7 ( назад)
My jam

Автор Howie Baby ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me.

My Jam!!!!!!

Автор Felice Akosuia ( назад)
So Michael Jackson bought the beat for Thriller, and it became new again~~~

Автор Rurhie Young (695 лет назад)
Yessssssss!!! This is a Jaaaaaaaaaaaaam..

Автор Fermin Vasquez Jr ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me: https://youtu.be/tjDRY8nr3Sk

Автор W T Tompkins ( назад)

Автор KS Griffith ( назад)
Now this is some boodee shaking Music...And funky Too!

Автор Matthew Olden ( назад)
I feel like someone sampled this... can't say who, though.

Автор ronnie alexander ( назад)
I love it.

Автор mr trace ( назад)
the intro I mixed for five minutes....DROVE EM KRAAAAAZEEEE!!! Miss Cuttys
and Chocolate City Park Heightz NW Baltimore!!!

Автор 1blessedbrotha ( назад)

Автор Carol Bailous ( назад)
My time, my music do it Peter

Автор luca miorandi ( назад)

Автор Louis Governale ( назад)
but henry u still can dig it brother

Автор vincenzo4115 ( назад)

Автор Rose Trone ( назад)

Автор Lady L Intensesprit46 ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Theresa Tigner ( назад)
Not just u Henry Me and my husben still feling the funk

Автор Generation Renter ( назад)
One sexy song & one sexy album cover!

Автор RestlessRick ( назад)
This song came out way back in 1977. I was in elementary school back then
but I remember this. Funky track, and a classic. 

Автор Perverted .Alchemist ( назад)
Nice background vocals from the trio Wildflower (The same women who sang on
"Get Off" by Peter's labelmates at the time, Foxy).

Автор Christopher De Luen ( назад)

Автор Marlon Daniels ( назад)
Use to ho to a place in old Town Chicago club was called the den yes it was
a disco

Автор rickames ( назад)
I didn't have a care in the world when music was been played back in the
70's! It was funky, pure, fun etc!

Автор MsTohhT ( назад)
This right here.......

Автор Steno Starr ( назад)
This song was the sh*t back in the day!

Автор Je'taun Lynee' (iCelebPretty) ( назад)
The jam #FLATOUT

Автор Wilson Muniz ( назад)
I used to stay in some Lesbian bars oh how I fucking love those Lesbian
freaky deekys 

Автор T Monroe ( назад)
It's soooooo haaaawwwwt, I'm burnin' up. HOT! 


Автор v8juice ( назад)
They so jive!!!

Автор Darwin Kelly ( назад)
The Clubhouse 1101 Fillmore Street (Baltimore 21218)

Автор Henry Nash ( назад)
The youngsters are sitting this one out, not me, my GERITOL is kicking in
!! LOL
Tomorrow is a BenGay day. LMAO

Автор Tony Monblat ( назад)
Still sounds good in 2015! This came out in 1977!! Would you believe it?
One of the best disco funkers ever!

Автор Barton Reid ( назад)
This is one funky piece of art.

Автор Barton Reid ( назад)
Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
Well do you?

Автор DarkAries76 ( назад)
Ice Cube's "Look who's burnin'" sample comes in at 6:19 lol...

Автор Kelli Elaine ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Do you wanna?

Автор Mike Fitzgerald ( назад)
Oh the freaky memories!

Автор sharron Bixby ( назад)
Freaking loving this tune gone right back to my rave nights 

Автор ella gilmore ( назад)
when clubs were clubs dancing 9 mins str sweating grinding parting on yes

Автор Kyle Norton ( назад)
Do you want to get funky with ME?

Автор foetimes ( назад)
its so hot im burning up '''the parties was hot '''the club was hot '''the

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