Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me

By TheMrFunkysister

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Длительность: 9:1
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Автор J Hall ( назад)
love this song ...the idle mind is a play ground for the devil... this song
made you want to get up and dance.

Автор Kenneth Jordan ( назад)
I had forgot about this song until I saw it here. Do u wanna get funky with

Автор Will Powell ( назад)
I was supposed to been married back in 07 but my mom screwed me over.

Автор marco benfenati ( назад)

Автор r t romero 49 ( назад)
Robert romero ; angelica c. te quiero muncha , me avles, a me!

Автор Elijah Webb ( назад)
this song scared the s*** out of me as a child

Автор David Blixt ( назад)
No shit! listen to the very end of this song, from about 8:30 on.....
Michael Jackson Thriller totally ripped this off for its intro! Who would
have ever even known? Did this song get credit for it, I hope.

Автор Terdra Johnson ( назад)
I grew up listening to this album😆, still jamming

Автор Deborah Taylor ( назад)
Omg! I need a wayback machine!

Автор Muzicjoy ( назад)
Still loving this in 2016

Автор Hortensia Gresham ( назад)
Still love it!!! People here the instruments in
this!!!...................... Yeah!!

Автор paula trice ( назад)

Автор 1906Yogi (683 года назад)
This is the JAM!!!

Автор Thurston Davis (1863 года назад)
I first heard this in 1978 . I was walking down 34th street between 7th and
8th avenue . Where all those clothing stores were at the time . This song
was on all the radios as I headed to the A train . Played on my fave
station at the time Disco 92 . Its been a favorite of mine since . I miss
those days !!!!!

Автор Gerald Johnson ( назад)
Peter Brown keepin' it funky....Classic. Thanks for the upload. Funk
on. Blessings

Автор Tee Cake ( назад)
I hear White Horse by Laid Back all up in here.

Автор conflatedsensations ( назад)
Hey! I wanna get funky who's in?

Автор Loupaul Gangarosasr (259 лет назад)
I'm 21 again when I hear this!

Автор Ronald Bennett ( назад)
The best song of all times!

Автор Shell0517nj ( назад)
awesome music arrangement.

Автор ladder18sdriver ( назад)
At 7:15, all HELL breaks loose. One of the best songs of the 70's... Had it
allDriving percussion, great melodies but lyrics that enticed, no...
Commanded your attendance on the dance floor. Decadence at it's musical
finest !!!

Автор Shawn Rogers ( назад)
the idle mind is a playground for the devil thats why young people are the
way they are, this is a ture statement

Автор michelle aych ( назад)
"The idle mind is a play-ground for the devil".......huh bruh?! lol

Автор sonofbabsinc ( назад)
first heard this when I was in the USMC cali

Автор Ron McCracken ( назад)
Saw him live in 1977, Jacksonville, NC, 17 old Marine.

Автор Ed Muise ( назад)
get outta your seat and move those feet.

Автор Shawn Brown ( назад)
dats that shit

Автор Motelcalifornia2 ( назад)
This is the music that brought us herpes II and eventually, AIDS. Stick
around for AIDS II.

Автор Naomi Fletcher ( назад)
only this song can have jingle bells in it and it still sounds hot lol

Автор bjroberts65 ( назад)
Everybody hitting the dislike button don't know how to get Funky!!!

Автор Ronald Bennett ( назад)
My favorite song of all times!

Автор Arthur Cooley ( назад)
its 2015 where has all the funk gone?

Автор DeVore Johns ( назад)
Club Time!!!

Автор capdatzme19 ( назад)
oh yeahhhhh! it so hot I'm burning up!

Автор uncbbfblives ( назад)
shit me!

Автор Janine Grako ( назад)
Trivia about Peter Brown...1) he's from the south suburbs of Chicago-Blue
Island. 2) He wrote Material Girl and basically created Madonna. He's
awesome and I'm proud to call him a fellow former Chicagoan.

Автор big perm ( назад)
The album cover always stuck out in my mind and I always wonder who the
model was

Автор edwthill ( назад)
ft riley,ks good times

Автор lou Brown (883 года назад)
Another Jam from back in the day...still tight

Автор Mark Hudson Sr. ( назад)
Peter Brown , from back in the day. When we was kicking it.

Автор Belinda Rodriguez ( назад)
funky friday love these jams

Автор jflow08 ( назад)
This song, in it's 9 minute glory, is naughty, sleazy and just plain fun.
You can't help but feel down and dirty jamming to this track.

Автор kevin taylor ( назад)
top draw music for tk music records this man was - is quality should have
been with Columbia would have made it bigger.

Автор Emanuel Marshall ( назад)
great song!

Автор DJCzezre Adams ( назад)
Straight club banger right here. Takes me back to my Zanzibar days!!

Автор BIONIK DIKK ( назад)
This song made me get all baby oiled up with some Speedo's on, about to go
swimming in my woman, but I wont drown.

Автор richard ortiz ( назад)
This song will always remind me of the first summer I worked at Nathans in
Coney Island. I was only seventeen back then. Oh! What a glorious time of
my life. Kids today don't have a clue.

Автор greg battles ( назад)
ah shit now grown folks music.

Автор Larry Canaday ( назад)

Автор Anthony Glenn ( назад)
The sheiolette of the woman on the front cover appearing to be naked is
actually a cardboard cutout. I read that in Hit Parader magazine back in
the day.

Автор dean jenkins ( назад)
I was 22 and dancing my super platforms off at Jim's Back Room in
Rochester, N.Y. A BLAST.

Автор Madeline Smlth ( назад)
This my kind of music.

Автор Tina A Stoffel ( назад)
Can't help but break out dancing when I hear this. Haven't listened to it
in ages.

Автор Maximilian ScarpatiSoul3 ( назад)

Автор Amina Shani ( назад)
the bus stop...

Автор CHI Nation ( назад)
I miss Chicago 1977 this was the cut

Автор Jerry Pegues ( назад)
This was when music were made by bands!

Автор THE BOSS ( назад)
GOOD NITE G+Fam...This One Of My Favorite Songs..For G+Fam..OXOX💏 Peter
Brown"Do U Wanna Get funky"

Автор 2tonsolid ( назад)
peter brown is a genius. he, also, wrote madonna's material girl.

Автор carol briggs ( назад)
one of my faves!!!!

Автор Trenton Bey ( назад)
listen to the beat

Автор Carmen Jean ( назад)
This was the hottest "spank" (a disco dance in ChiTown) song of all time
during the disco era.

Автор Charles Dozier ( назад)
Good 'old block party jam..

Автор DeadDonAK ( назад)
lol i remember dancing to this,ah to be young again...

Автор Richard Kaltenbach ( назад)



Автор George Snipes ( назад)
The Idle Mind Is A Playground For The Devil!.

Автор TheMZSHAYBAYBEE ( назад)
Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee....I'm gonna set u on fiyahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Автор Felice Akosuia ( назад)
So Michael Jackson bought the beat for Thriller, and it became new again~~~

Автор Rurhie Young (697 лет назад)
Yessssssss!!! This is a Jaaaaaaaaaaaaam..

Автор W T Tompkins ( назад)

Автор KS Griffith ( назад)
Now this is some boodee shaking Music...And funky Too!

Автор Matthew Olden ( назад)
I feel like someone sampled this... can't say who, though.

Автор ronnie alexander ( назад)
I love it.

Автор mr trace ( назад)
the intro I mixed for five minutes....DROVE EM KRAAAAAZEEEE!!! Miss Cuttys
and Chocolate City Park Heightz NW Baltimore!!!

Автор 1blessedbrotha ( назад)

Автор Carol Bailous ( назад)
My time, my music do it Peter

Автор Louis Governale ( назад)
but henry u still can dig it brother

Автор Theresa Tigner ( назад)
Not just u Henry Me and my husben still feling the funk

Автор Generation Renter ( назад)
One sexy song & one sexy album cover!

Автор RestlessRick ( назад)
This song came out way back in 1977. I was in elementary school back then
but I remember this. Funky track, and a classic. 

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