Snowmobile Open Water

A little Video My Buddy made Just out Ridein not too big of holes cuz it was cold that week, this winter will be diffrent. Honey Harbour ontario

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Автор FSEVENMAN ( назад)
Nice clip , Small hole... See me do two fly by's filmed from a kayak @
Snowmobile on water Phx.... Killer sound quality... Crank it up! That was
after I sunk my F7 Firecat 2 times trying to launch from a trailer, the
thing just stood straight up and sunk in 23 ft. of water. See me sink it
from the helmet cam view @ Snowmobile on water Phx 1.... Thanks...

Автор Dante Wilson ( назад)
your song sucks.

Автор ryan9323 ( назад)
Yeh most of it was it was filmed in honey harbour. Big dog/Treasure bay
area.. Were there by the time the ice comes and when it leaves, gnarly
place to live and ride we have some fatalities during the year because the
ice changes daily Pressure cracks/Open water will form in 30 mins that u
dont know of. Georgian Bay Cowboys!!! We Love it..

Автор riverunner17 ( назад)
sick video man keep making them itd be way sweeter bigger holes do it this
winter lol

Автор krboer ( назад)
great song, reminds me of my days at MTU

Автор zxracer50 ( назад)
thought it looked like suddern G-Bay!

Автор McLaren Lewis ( назад)
fucken sweet

Автор Dave Poudrier ( назад)
Snowmobile song by Stompin' tom corner

Автор CmrcRacer614 ( назад)
whats the song ?

Автор sk8tmcb ( назад)
thts a big adrenaline rush lol

Автор nofooterking ( назад)
what song is that its awesome

Автор Anonymous .A ( назад)
i wonder if ripsaw could do that???

Автор girlthatcanswimfast ( назад)
omg.. my cottage is like right around that rock on the right!.. so cool!
i've seen u guys do that! u guys r CRAAZY!! lol

Автор yamaharules163 ( назад)
song name?

Автор spugesdu ( назад)
that looks so fun!

Автор snowfan2692 ( назад)
tom connors does the song

Автор fitzgek2 ( назад)
Kewl ass video. Who does this song? It's killin me

Автор Hayabusa Ninja Gaming ( назад)
so coool :D

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