Joe Rogan Experience #888 - Ron White

Ron White is a stand up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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Автор Dillard Filth ( назад)
Bro, Bon Scott bro

Автор Peugeot 505 ( назад)
Great show!

Автор Uncle Tedrocks15 ( назад)

Автор zeroa69 ( назад)
i like how a bunch of his hair just slowly goes rouge

Автор Drew Johnson ( назад)
His name is White and his hair is white... Illuminati confirmed? Bigfoot was an inside job.

Автор Jaii Raph ( назад)
2:41:00 if they wanted to take over the world as teens why wld it be different at 60y

Автор Jaii Raph ( назад)
1:59:00 spiritual xp via comedy

Автор Jaii Raph ( назад)
1:04:00 on death

Автор Jaii Raph ( назад)
13:00 i dont think they did that in the 80s

Автор Sirhc Nagillah ( назад)
a SHIT load of deaf folks use parascope

Автор swmgec ( назад)
Bad booze hounds...but pretty good dishwashers.

You got blown by 150 dudes...Yeah, what's the record?

Автор Corbin Matasovsky ( назад)
this has been watched for 57 years.. mind blowing

Автор samuel hanes ( назад)
Love this 4 i like of Rogan !!! Not sure about the others

Автор samuel hanes ( назад)

Автор Zach LePrieur ( назад)
Love it! laughing so fn loud at this.

Автор paka 571 ( назад)
I would love to party and hang out with you guys.....

Автор Joe W ( назад)
the last 15 mins.. whooo!
2hrs & 45mins loved it, Joe Rogan irritated me a little on the Meth topic. "...neither one of us Know what we're talking about.." but Ron White was making sense.

Автор Carlos Mazal ( назад)
That was a pretty great Mitch Hedberg impression!

Автор Vovk Petrosinelli ( назад)
I cannot believe the two of you don't know Bon Scott era AC/DC.

Автор Ryan B. ( назад)
Damn these motherfuckers are stoned to the bone

Автор Captain Keck ( назад)
RE: Guitar solo 2:23:xx
Joe obviously hasn't heard of Sonny Sharrock

Автор Todd Brown ( назад)
It seems to me that so much of stand-up is interaction with the audience and timing. The hologram idea would be fine to avoid travel, but I think you as the comedian would want to hear and see your audience. How freaky would it be to have the audience as a hologram where your performing?

Автор jason Wayne ( назад)
Always gotta love Ron White, very funny man

Автор Matt Anderson ( назад)
boring as shizzit

Автор Carlo DeFranco ( назад)
I like you 20% more for being a Gary Clark Jr. fan.

Автор goddesschild24 ( назад)
As an addict who is now 5+ years clean from METH I will say I do think that if any drug needs a war on it is Meth. It is absolutely evil. Yes people choose to take it but If i hadnt of had my family and friends who cared enough to let me fall completely to the bottom before they helped me climp out of the pit and helped me get clean. Meth is nothing like pot. Meth is battery parts and friggin actual poison and hundreds of crushed sudafed. Its poison. Addiction is not something everyone can walk away from and if people cared more to help addicts on this poison we would have less of them. No our police play catch and release with these people to go after "Bigger Fish"

Автор Jared Greenwald ( назад)
Get Jack Black on.

Автор faensostress ( назад)
navy seals DO meth. fighter pilots are on lab grade supermeth ffs

Автор Cason Riley ( назад)

Автор Charles Wagner ( назад)
WHAT THE FUCK?! Ron White is still alive?!

Автор faensostress ( назад)
Pro Tip: The tab is gone from the VHS or cassette you wan to record onto? Crumple up some Rizzla and fill that sucker up - boom! Recordable tape!

Автор Tzadeck ( назад)
I don't think it's arrogant to assume there are no ghosts, because a pretty good assumption is that all matter is made of atoms obeying a set of fundamental laws. And, of course, a lot of what ghosts do break some of the laws that we're most sure about.

Автор Elijah Nowlin ( назад)
how dare you.

Автор Le WZRD ( назад)
You should get philip defranco man.

Автор Some Dude ( назад)
Tupac also had a hologram concert @PowerfulJRE

Автор arenathine ( назад)
Love it! Ron White and Joe Rogan getting drunk and high and talking! Priceless!

Автор joebudonfire ( назад)
Love it when Ron is replying to Joe's health rant at 2:11:49 "Ya so what did you bring to the party a bottle of whiskey and a joint" -Ron White

Автор justin parker ( назад)
the flyboard is basically a jet pack.

Автор Frank Newberry ( назад)
2:48:10 As of 2014, about 10 people a day die from meth in the US (3,728 died in 2014). However, 31,000 people die from alcohol each year in the US and 480,000 die from smoking tobacco, or about 1,300 deaths every day.


Автор binford90s ( назад)
2:04:56 from Rogans statement to Ron's reaction hilarious!

Автор Matthew Harris ( назад)
Camerator-oper! Nice work Jamie

Автор SwordLily ( назад)
I call bullshit ya'll

first of all I grew up in the room my sister died in you can't say that I've never been in a situation when I should've experienced something and I ain't seen shit

I have hallucinated though, I've never done drugs, I'm not crazy, they're a normal part of a healthy brain. People don't think of them that way but they are, at least some of the time. Probably have more than I know, but I've noticed it probably three times or so excluding a few episodes of sleep paralysis (I always get auditory ones with that, the extreme paranoia and just this sense of malignance from the chemical that is released during that and the limbo between awake and asleep can make it feel very real, except one time I felt pressure on my neck that wasn't real) and I have bad sinuses so every once in a while the congestion (which presses on the brain) produces a faint smell of book paper in one nostril for a few hours (I'm lucky, I could have gotten dogshit!). Well one time I watched a scary movie and would see horrific shit every time I closed my eyes for a few days (I called that daymares), one time a cat spontaneously appeared and dissapeared in my hallway (we are the only people to own this house and it was not one of our cats), and one time I thought I saw a person on my neighbors porch and there was nobody.

Ooh ghosts! No, an error in the fallible meat computer that runs my consciousness. Very simple and very ordinary.

I call broken old stove

I call gravity

I call raccoons, squirrels, possums, mice...

I must be arrogant to be pretty sure that something that always has a better explanation is a nonstarter idea. And not only that but no explanation of how any kind of life after death has any place in the scientific understanding of the universe. I mean it simply defies the laws of science. There is nothing even resembling a working mechanims for ghosty ghosts.

Well except in the brain itself. Scientists are already able to recreate 'ghosts' in the lab under the right stimuli. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-29939672

We know the brain is the source of 'us'. When your brain dies YOU die. You are gone. You're not going to experience being dead. Which is nothing to be afraid of. It sucks but still does immortality. I'll take it and any mature mind would also. All you have is today, you guys. Maybe try to leave something nice behind you, that's all you can do. We're all gonna die some day.

The only life after death is whatever life the elements that made you will make up after you rot and become dirt. Which is actually the shit.

Автор Iris Cannon ( назад)
you lost me at the end, but good interview.

Автор Iris Cannon ( назад)

Автор Iris Cannon ( назад)
I'm down with Jerry, that interview was atrocious. I respect Jerry so much more afterward, that was heinous.

Автор binford90s ( назад)
Genuine American Bad Ass right there!

Автор Bug ( назад)
Damn this makes me want to get fucked up

Автор Vic Polaris ( назад)
I got a copy of (redneck comedy roundup) and it was a great collection of redneck comedy from early 90s. everyone from blue collar comedy tour was on there multiple times except Ron white he was on the once and that standup was almost identical to blue collar comedy tour.but I have to admit bcct was a better version very refined. love Ron white but it was funny to see him with long brown hair. good luck ron

Автор J.R. Graham ( назад)
Joe needs to do another Ron White interview

Автор icedog731 ( назад)
More ron

Автор Alde N ( назад)
Dudes trashing Dane for speaking to the college demographic? Wasn't Ron White talking about fucking his wife high and anal play when he was younger? And doesn't Joe have a bit about the Friendzone guys being wolves? Sounds like a bunch of hypocrite haters....

So Louie Ck is a "genius" because he talks about jerking off rampantly, but Dane Cook is for "girls"...fuck outta here. And stole alot of things? Bruh they had one joke in common....any itchy asshole joke.....that George Carlin did before either of em...but yeah somehow Louie CK came out the "hero" there.....fuck comedy politics man, bunch of cunts.

Автор john sims ( назад)
man they are fucked up

Автор Tony ( назад)
White talking about prostitutes is the funniest thing I've heard on JRE yet!

Автор Charles James ( назад)
Joe your fucking awesome man

Автор Tim Zimmaro ( назад)
Bro, do you even Chaturanga?
For all you JRE fans, girls and guys, that are in to yoga, check this shirt out. Sure to get a laugh the next time youre on the mat...

Автор Jared Alexander ( назад)
Joe Rogan check out Tommy Emanuel

Автор Absurd Ego ( назад)
I think Joe got drunk.

Автор Ramon Long ( назад)
Ghosts may just be non-localized consciousness that is no longer bound to a nervous system. Or maybe, it's bullshit.

Автор anonymous ( назад)
ron white to replace dr phil,better advice,and joe could join his to keep a joint ready to loosen him up..some people need to hear it how it really is and ron is the man to tell em "well maybe you should stop bein fuckin stupid"

Автор Carlos Cardona ( назад)
im so gonna buy number juan tequila! jaha

Автор Nick T ( назад)
Ron "Blackout" White, my favorite guy whose been sucked off by multiple other guys.

Автор Eddy Metal ( назад)
Spitting on dicks is a new phenomenon? Had no idea.

Автор anonymous ( назад)
pot was so heavily punished in vegas cus they knew the mobsters were known for drug use,catch mobster with a dime bag and you get to lock him up for life,same thing with finding them with a small amount of cocaine in some places. anything the mafia didn't let you do..you did in vegas(remember goodfellas where he wasn't allowed to sell coke..that's real and they'd fucking kill you)..it was the wild west.

Автор Frank Newberry ( назад)
The weed and booze take effect about an hour and 50 min in.

Автор Robert cekay ( назад)
Dane cook is awesome

Автор Jorge Mori ( назад)
Ron White is a good dude!

Автор Jorge Mori ( назад)
Let's remember what Russia consists of! It consists of US, no difference whatsoever!

Автор Jorge Mori ( назад)
Joe there's a grand scheme and you ain't part of it!

Автор Jorge Mori ( назад)
The heart Darth Cheney most likely got a young male Palestinian heart through the black market compliments of the Mossad!

Автор zen girl ( назад)
Hey Joe, I never really appreciated you til l i saw the Alex Jones interview. You are a straight up nice guy! I noticed you have a salt lamp on your work station, but it is not lit. They are only effective if you turn it on, because the negative ions are released upon heat from the light. Also, the lamp will leach salt all over your desk, when its not lit. Sorry, I just notice everything in the periphery. Keep up your great interviews, and I will keep on watching/listening.

Автор Ronnie Williams ( назад)
Texas baby

Автор Ronnie Williams ( назад)
my fave podcast

Автор capth00k ( назад)
Ron is so fuckin cool man. Hope he gets his health in check ; and kicks some more ass.

Автор Austen Stokes ( назад)
The amount of cancer and liver failure you'd have to endure just to get Ron White's voice is almost worth it, but most mortals would probably die long before they got there.

Автор rbsauced23 ( назад)
Love these guys, and love them even more after this, but I was disappoint at their knowledge of ACDC. To not know what songs Bon Scott sang, is tantamount to saying, "Oh, I love LoTR, but wtf is The Hobbit?!?"

Автор Joshua Schonert ( назад)
by far the best ending to a podcast that has ever been seen!! love you joe rogan and ron white!!

Автор Braveheart0484 ( назад)
That Rats documentary is AWESOME...CREEPY. I hate Rats but it's a great doc.

Автор Braveheart0484 ( назад)
My Grandmothers house was haunted. There were times I wouldn't go upstairs because of it's presence.

Автор Dalton Landis ( назад)
Hmmmm.... A chronic alcoholic, chain smoking, fat guy who tells long, wistful stories of hard drug use like heroine says he'd put a $20,000 bounty out for all meth dealers because "they are killing people and they know it"? I know he refers to himself as just another idiot, but jesus christ how fucking stupid can you be.

Автор Pure One Outdoors ( назад)
Love Ron White! I need to smoke cigarettes and drink lots of whiskey to get a voice like that!

Автор Steven Judkins ( назад)
joe rogan, ron white, joey diez, burt kreicher on the church of whats happining

Автор Adam B ( назад)
threatens a ghost...what a badass

Автор Sarunas J. ( назад)
ron is dying for his cigar

Автор Casey Mings ( назад)
I was at that Chris D'Elia show in Houston. It was hilarious lmao. She was so proud that she ruined the show too and was waving at the audience.

Автор Tony Reynosa ( назад)
gotta get dave chapelle on the podcast

Автор David May ( назад)

Автор Woody Carson ( назад)
Does that Dan Whitney bovine women thing exist anywhere?

Автор Michael Montalvo ( назад)
what a beautiful, perfect, completely fucked up shit show that I loved more than anything. Ron White and Joe Rogan are two beautiful beasts.

Автор Willdaberry Blue ( назад)

Автор Willdaberry Blue ( назад)
God i love this podcast, PLZ NEVER STOP JOE

Автор SimpleUnhookedLiving ( назад)
We did it all in the 60s Joe, whatchutalkingabout?

Автор SassyLassy ( назад)
I'd pay to see ping pong with a chicken.

Автор Joe ( назад)
BEST podcast ever

Автор Gavin M ( назад)

Автор Ocean Swimmer ( назад)
Ron says to Joe after Joe's universe rant "you cant UNsmoke that joint can you?" lolol

Автор Lochricolife ( назад)
Donna sounds nice

Автор Asher Wren ( назад)
Hey Joe... Not a hologram, it was just a TV trick.... LIke if you had been in the room you wouldn't have been able to see her... so it's was really more like a telegram... hehe....

Автор Jack Parsons ( назад)
God bless Ron. He represents a dying breed.

Автор D K ( назад)
What makes Joe Rogan podcasts so great is that they are CONVERSATIONS, not fucking interviews.

Автор Elephunn ( назад)
there should be more rats in NYC than people...

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