Joe Rogan Experience #888 - Ron White

Ron White is a stand up comedian and actor, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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Автор Killacorn ( назад)

Автор SaintClutch ( назад)
College kids who agree with Joe rogan uh suh! *Mizzou*

Автор Endlessnameless ( назад)
Ron white is a national treasure boys keep him away from nick cage

Автор Hayden Hojnacki ( назад)
Huge fan of Ron. Hilarious guy

Автор frank scherrer ( назад)
Oh my God! Ron White has been my favorite comedian for years. I always
wondered if you'd have him on. Great show!

Автор Go Killyourself ( назад)
1:09:19 GOT EM!!!!!

Автор Josef Wennberg ( назад)
hahahah at 2:25:55 watch him say Cuba Gooding Jr xD

Автор MyJizz UrEye ( назад)
Ron White has no fucking clue about AC/DC......

Whole lot of Rosie, highway to hell, jail break, high voltage, let there be
rock, TNT, Let there be rock, It’s a Long Way to the Top.

You clueless fuck....

Автор Robbie Cleigh Marks ( назад)
Wow Ron is extremely humble lol that last 45 mins they were stoooooned up
hell haha

Автор MechaTex ( назад)
Amazing podcast... Joe you are such a badass mofo. Love you man!

Автор YamiSphinx ( назад)
Actually what happened with David Cross was he made a joke about fans of
Larry and Larry took it personally. David has several videos out about it
and included an explanation in his book which you can find the audio
version of, read scathingly by him XD, here on YouTube.

Автор Ryan Beasley ( назад)
lmfao at around 12:50 when Ron started talking about his wife and her wigs
god that was funny.

Автор Alex Jamison ( назад)
Every ACDC show closes with whole Lotta Rosie or let there be rock. BON
FUCKING SCOTT. Ron White is a great comedian and a friend of Brian's, but
Bon Scott WAS ACDC. Not that Walmart grade shit on Back in Black and
everything made since.

Автор Lee Macfarlane ( назад)
i had never heard of Ron White until this.....I love him what an ace guy

Автор free ghost writer ( назад)
2:29:43 young jamie camerator oper.... camera operator lol

Автор Mellowcanuck33 ( назад)
A hole in our national defence. ROFL!! God damn.

Автор Jim Harvey ( назад)
Too much weed and booze made the interview go downward towards the end.

Автор Logan Ausherman ( назад)
Man Ron was fucked up lol

Автор Joey Gallo ( назад)
man i would love to sit back and blaze one with ron white. keep putting out
real shit Joe!!!

Автор Jameson White ( назад)
freaks me out that there are 211 people walking this planet that would
thumbs down this video.. maybe 11 were intending to thumbs up n goofed..
but 200? wow

Автор Anthony O ( назад)
Aww shit we might get MGK on this bitch because of the great Ron White, I
had no idea there was a show with those two now i'm gunna go watch that.

Ron singing thunder at the end was awesome with his great voice he could
have been a great singer.

Also am I the only one who thought of "three wooden crosses" by Randy
Travis when Ron said the mom of his preacher-uncle was a hooker?

Автор E N Gon ( назад)
I love where this podcast went after the Jack and weed came out!!

Автор Hattori Hanzo ( назад)
Meth is really fucking crazy. But, as with all drugs, I support
legalization because we're all better off when natural selection plays out.

Автор Alcoholocaust ( назад)
Joe is friends with chappele I wonder why Dave has never came on the

Автор Clayton Vail ( назад)
Ron white cmon man jack is not bourbon

Автор Tony Vicencio ( назад)
For real I laughed I cried , I felt all emotions watching this episode

Автор The Duncan Brawler ( назад)

Автор brad hutchinson ( назад)
Cuba is expensive.

Автор Garner Greg ( назад)

Автор Aaron Miller ( назад)
" Like you were forced to watch an episode of TMZ and they just tied you to
a chair and turned it the fuck up..."

Автор DiMiTrian 47C-Dth ( назад)
"theres a little girl from china... jap.. japan." HAHAHAAAA AHHHHHHH

Автор ChemAndAdrenaline ( назад)
You gotta get Ron and Trae Crowder's crew together on one podcast.

Автор Dandypanty ( назад)
is joe not wearing pants? @ 49:00

Автор Craig Hicks ( назад)
Never heard of Ron White before and I gotta say he seems such a great guy.
Had a wonderful time smoking and listening to these guys chat. Really fun

Автор Jesse Sawyer ( назад)
They got so fucked up😂😂😂

Автор Leda King ( назад)
I voted for them for president and vice president :-)

Автор a chu ( назад)
ron was fucked up lol that was very funny lol

Автор meltman818 gameofbonz ( назад)
he should drink with Vicente Fernandez

Автор Dominic Viner ( назад)
best ending to a pod cast ever

Автор Dominic Viner ( назад)
God damn I wish I voted for Ron white

Автор Mike Sloan ( назад)
So yeah... i accidentally skipped right to the end the second the video
loaded.... Nick Diaz IS Gravity... the cane is your weapon against it's
constant crushing pull.. futility... a guy screaming THUNDEEER and the
headset flying off. If that's not a reason to watch the whole thing through
from the start I don't know what is!?

Автор Rudy Miller ( назад)
Jeff fox worthy is not funny.............

Автор Paul Gunn ( назад)
No...There is no such thing as a ghost. There is nothing after death.

Автор Tyler moore ( назад)
could watch this forever

Автор JWPrimetime ( назад)
This has got to be in the top 3 of all JR podcasts over the years.
Definitely worth listening twice.

Автор gopheeeeer ( назад)
GLORIOUS!!! This makes me so happy! The ending is the best!

Автор Lucia Jordan ( назад)
GA told that story about the hunted house in one of the episodes..

Автор Oz Mafioso (Highwitamic) ( назад)
I never knew how much I like Ron White. Awesome podcast :)

Автор Pygmy Chimp ( назад)
This man crush is a beautiful thing.......
no homo

Автор Delbert Grady ( назад)
Wow. This whole time I thought of Ron White to be a redneck racist fuck,
but hes actually a very likeable/intelligent individual. I'm the fool for
making assumptions.

Автор Boi ( назад)
Ron White's always been the only one out of blue collar comedy that I
enjoyed, and Ron White drinking opens up like a book. This guy could
replace your grandpa and tell stories you've heard but will hear again.

Автор TheWintastical ( назад)
Joe rogan you just called something beautiful and 5 seconds later said
"it's like methadone," was that sarcasm or do you think methadone is a good
thing? I'm not posting to be a youtube commenting know it all but if you're
not aware of the evils of opiate addiction maintenance drugs I think you'd
be interested in reading up on them. love the podcasts

Автор wanye kest ( назад)
2:29:43 jamie "cameraetor oper" vernon

Автор Geplus Logger ( назад)
Anyone notice how the momentum took a nose dive about 3.5 minutes after
they got high? Jesus Christ get some help...

Автор Perfect Hair ( назад)
Just discovered JRE a couple weeks ago. Fuckin good shit man. This one with
Ron knocked it outa' the park.

Автор Trev Kay ( назад)
There he goes, homeboy threatened to punch a ghost's daughter in the mouth

Автор Wyatt O'Brien ( назад)
that last minute is great

Автор Matt Lawrence ( назад)
Von Scott. Ooof.

Автор Kodi Mynatt ( назад)
I love your show Joe Rogan.

Автор Ruben Armendarez ( назад)

Автор Marcus Hagness ( назад)
Joe you should get Tomi Lahren on the show.

Автор petey pie ( назад)
hahahaha the last minute was AWESOME

Автор AllMufasa ( назад)
one of my favorite ones so far definitely

Автор A R C A N E ( назад)
2:59:25 LOST IT

Автор nameless76 mozwhaz ( назад)
Brendan should give Joe a speech about his comedy like Joe did about
Brendans fighting. Truth hurts.

Автор Samuel Gorman ( назад)
shout out denton

Автор Ben Helmenstein ( назад)
"You mess with my son again and i'll hit your daughter in the mouth"
holy shit, what a fucking badass

Автор thSubliminalCriminal ( назад)
You bunch of pussies don't know where South Dakota is or what towns and
cities are in it?? Jesus fucking Christ, Cali is for queers.

Автор nameless76 mozwhaz ( назад)
love joe and all but he starts saying atheist shit then flip flops mid
conversation saying he could believe in ghosts? if you believe in ghosts
you believe in an afterlife.....someone is just smitten I think.

Автор Jake Depriest ( назад)
does anyone give a fuck less about anything than this guy? he even talks
like hes giving the least amount of effort to do so

Автор Cody Bedell ( назад)
Two of the best to ever do it, Drinking🥃, Smoking Pot😤 and Talking Shit
💩 and cracking jokes🤣. A must see!!!!

Автор Lou RahKneeRi0 ( назад)
audio file of "u porn"

Автор Kevin ONeill ( назад)
My friend Jake shreds an acoustic about twice as hard as Gary Clark Jr
shreds his rig

Автор Skyler Small ( назад)
Political power is addictive, since when have you heard of an addict
quitting because they got old? Lol

Автор toastedcoins (toastedcoins) ( назад)

Автор Jack Flick ( назад)
Man, they are both so fucked in the last 3 minutes of the show haha

Автор dannypstl423 ( назад)
Ron White threatened a ghost! damn that's gangster

Автор ERik ( назад)
the guy from actualized.org.

Автор NoQuarterNoMercy1 ( назад)
Steven Crowder. You're both comics, into mma, and share similar politics.

Автор Matt Thompson ( назад)
shout out Denton !

Автор Alex M ( назад)
LOL these guys are absolutely shitfaced by the end of this. I love their
rendition of "Dirty Deeds" with "Thunderstruck" lyrics over it

Автор Opiate Kitten ( назад)
I love hearing Joe refer to "famous people"... um you do know that you are
fucking mega famous too?

Автор Luke Larson ( назад)
From SD, went to HS in Sturgis, Live in deadwood now!!!!

Автор Dr Quantum ( назад)
He sounds like Gary Busey :D

Автор Raymond McNealy ( назад)
It's my 1st time ever watching this show.. not bad, not to bad at all! Love
Ron White....

Автор Louie Garcia ( назад)
I live in denton tx,literally sitting on the square listening to
this....haha but forreal which bank is donna working for?

Автор Jack Street ( назад)
Mr. White, with his massive, powerful top-alpha-dog voice, does NOT hunt...
as opposed to the little beta-creeps that, too often, come to this podcast.

Автор The Jephro ( назад)
Ron talking about Dave C with a joint in each hand is some classic shit

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