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Ever wondered how hackers learn the trade? Joe Bereta teaches you how to become a hacker, and still be one of the good guys!

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If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you do so at your own risk and you assume the responsibility for the results. You hereby release Break, its parents, affiliates subsidiaries, and any person included in this programming expressly or implicitly from any and all actions, claims, or demands that you, your heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse or legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury, death, property damage, or any other liability that may result related to the information provided in this video.

Starring Joe Bereta - http://twitter.com/joebereta
Episode Animated by Andy Mogren
Animation Style by Andy Mogren - http://youtube.com/user/AndyMogren
Animated by Bryan Wieder
Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
Produced by Michael Rainey and Joe Bereta
Executive Producer - Andy Signore - http://twitter.com/andysignore

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Автор tina 123 ( назад)
I just want to hack an instagram account damn it

Автор HandsomeMadMario ( назад)
I can't say I'm white or black hatted. I'm more... Grey hatted. I don't
hack for money. But to make online gaming a piece of cake for me XD

Автор MR ALKHLIL ( назад)
dude i have to travel to iraq then no one will catch me
if i hacked something

Автор SubZeroExtabyte Games ( назад)
why do hackers even hack?

Автор NiceNiels ( назад)
Better learn CSS on how to hack guys

Автор Conrad Smith ( назад)
it's important to stay viligant

Автор justin randolph ( назад)
Anybody watch Mr. Robot???

Автор Aesthetic ( назад)
Step 1:
Please stop hacking Club Penguin

Автор Nerf Productions 2.0 ( назад)
How to escape the cops

Автор trendy ( назад)
Instructions not clear, just broke more than 14 countries economy and my
parents ran away letting me with my crazy uncle.

Автор Anonymous Hacker ( назад)

Автор Walsh Grace ( назад)
My life was falling apart, I was being cheated on and abused, I had to know
the truth, because he was cheating and I need proof of that. contact
demoninvader1@gmail.com, he did a good job with the hacking of his cell
phone and I got all I wanted as proof.
I caught my ex cheating red handed and kicked is butt to the curb! I am so
happy right now and I am sorry for being suspicious about the process
initially. Contact him for any hacking job.Tell he it is Cathy Wood, they
will help with any hacking need.

Автор John Baker ( назад)
I really wonder what this smile @ 6:05 was for...

Автор yamil p ( назад)
can u teach me carding...

Автор Shadow Slayer ( назад)
I ddosed my school when we had to boring things on the internet I religion

Автор vijay singh ( назад)
i liked those animations more than information.. nice attracting video

Автор Leenus ( назад)

Автор Magus Mxviil ( назад)
5 days into november... I salute your mustache. Interesting topic, cool
mustaches and Joe Bereta, whats not to like? :D

Автор Mal Guy ( назад)
How to get a gob

Автор COOL Cool ( назад)
I'm a white hat hacker
I tried to stop porn

Автор Christopher Marcjanek ( назад)
How to hold your breath longer than usual like please

Автор Souvik freaking leasner ( назад)

Автор Fazri Gading ( назад)
How long you make all of this 3D Stuff?
Damn Crazy!

Автор DecentshootHacker ( назад)
hello 12 yrs old and i know how to hack im a nerd

Автор hen nope ( назад)
%random% %random% %random%
go to begining
1.save this in notepad as hacker.bat

Автор Andrew S. ( назад)
This guy would look SO much better without the mustache.

Автор Yang Beim ( назад)
there may be third kind of hacker

Автор GhosT CoD ( назад)
can someone teach me how to hack... one on one

Автор Kimicvyla “Kimicvyla Vlogz and Gamez” Nokerano ( назад)
I wanna hack Homer Simpson's email back

Автор Machineface Waterson ( назад)
The DNC didnt have a better password than....password

Автор Addre ( назад)
lmao i dont think anyone wanna be a white hat hacker

Автор Leotrim KING.06 ( назад)
give me please programs and metod for hack facebook and web ??
I dont speak english perfect

Автор Jimmy Dragneel ( назад)
So white hat and Black hat has same power but good and evil ??? Could White
hat go into Black hat just to trick them OR ARE THEY JUST CALLING THEM BY
GOOD (white hat) and BAD (black hat )????

Автор Savage Stephen ( назад)
He is raicist why white hat and black hat so raicist

Автор Luke Gibson ( назад)
lol he doesn't actually show you how to hack

Автор Peanutbutter Warrior ( назад)
I'm here for the moustache.

Автор Owen. ( назад)
How to be a chicken please

Автор Anglos3115 ( назад)
He kinda looks like someone who should be in a Movie

Автор MrMamanDon ( назад)
I am a 100% Facebook certified hacker and here are some tips:
1: set you terminal's text colour to green.
2: type ifconfig
3: You're hacker now!

Автор Ser Sizzling Sausage ( назад)
Why sent you guys talk about SQL injections

Автор Cream Sunday ( назад)
I want to be white hat but hack phones not to get money

Автор Lucid Gaming//CSGO Videos ( назад)
5:46. Viligant?

Автор Duckman ( назад)
anyone got a kik who can help me with this stuff

Автор Paige Harris ( назад)
If you want to become a hacker, don't announce it to YouTube.

Автор Corrupted Izuki ( назад)
When we were High school Students, We were already taught tons of
programming languages which is pretty cool.

Автор Cole Mendel ( назад)
Great animation in this one good job

Автор The Eyes Of Truth ( назад)
This video was amazing, subbed

Автор ZecRec ( назад)
how to 2 people 1 cup

Автор ZDerp15 ( назад)
You forgot grey hat

Автор Wendy Richards ( назад)
Ddos is not hacking

Автор Luke Ingram ( назад)
and grey hat hackers

Автор XboxGamer GD ( назад)
How to make a girlfriend easily (for the loners and onlone daters)

Автор Jovanny The Gamer ( назад)
white hat good, black hat bad. sounds racist

Автор Dailyn Blackwell ( назад)
Of course the black hats are the bad ones😫😫

Автор AMT DaMmY (rawat ji) ( назад)
Facebook uses basic HTML and c++...that is easy to get it

Автор Living Cats ( назад)

Автор Itz_Dodzy 03 ( назад)
Watch dogs 2 brought me here 😂

Автор TheNorwegianGuy ( назад)
I subscribed when i saw this guy

Автор PiratePikaChu Pika ( назад)
I'm a good hacker

Автор derek xiao ( назад)
5:44 "stay viligent"

Автор JKRzCrown AMViez ( назад)
i just wanna learn how to unhack a hacked account ._.

Автор Q Russ ( назад)
therr are two types of hackers:
707 and cats. neither you should trust, both are cute and lovable >w<

Автор Jersiatgaming ( назад)
Is hacking good

Автор KarmaCantBhop ( назад)
*Makes a video about hacking and getting g linux,* *doesn't mention Kali*

Автор Kendall Lindsay ( назад)
Do a "How to Twerk" video

Автор FadedROBLOX ( назад)
Hey just hack into someone's account simple but how you do it you Ask... To
Be Contenuied

Автор Terrenc1542 ( назад)
don't forget grey hats 0-0

Автор Ayy Ayy lmao lmao ( назад)
The buffer overflow was written in c c++ programming plus code red is ddos
only not buffer overflow

Автор naman shake ( назад)
I can hack every social media if anyone wants me to hack they can replay I

Автор Messi Jr. ( назад)
I can hack minecraft. If someone kicks me out of their world I can hack and
join again

Автор The AshBrothers ( назад)
I wanna hack a passcode. How I do it?

Автор jan harald ( назад)
JavaScript hacker is so rare, it's actually a good idea...
besides, requires no installation of anything...

Автор jan harald ( назад)
hacker vs cracker is often forgotten...
please use cracker for illegal hackers...
they are the black hat...

Автор jan harald ( назад)
hackers *can* hack anything, actually...

Автор Gaming Insanity ( назад)
Why are BLACK HAT hackers evil?!?!? HUH?!?!?!?!?😂

Автор JoshtheGamer ( назад)
I dont believe in people with a beard

Автор Bart Koomen ( назад)
can i have your password for a pen 👍

Автор sanjeev joshi ( назад)
I wanna be a black hat hacker. And what about you guies?

Автор GAME SLASHER ( назад)
how to break a computer system....

Ask HowToBasic

Автор Abdulaziz Y. ( назад)
I don't mean offense, but I think you'd look better either without the
'stache or with a full beard.

BTW *LOVE* the video. Thanks for uploading. :)

Автор Tupeh Araneta ( назад)
how to be a murdere in real life

Автор Jovi Chua ( назад)
hah hacker have no freedom... freedom is good<<<<

Автор techware ( назад)
good video!!!!

Автор xxslywolfhoundxx ( назад)
I just want to be like Aiden or marcus with a phone not a computer

Автор Rabin Poudyal ( назад)
lol funny guy explained in nice way

Автор Night Wolf ( назад)
Sub pliz

Автор Tawananyasha duve ( назад)
why are the "black" hats bad

Автор eviL gamerz ( назад)

Автор goldenjr 118 ( назад)
I'd be a white hat hacker

Автор Machilespro ( назад)
Rocking the stache.

Автор Evol Bob ( назад)
While out on your hot date, she asked: "What do you do Bob?" - you reply -
"I'm a penetration tester" - with a silly grin.
She slaps your face and leaves...

or not :)

Автор Taylor Lennon ( назад)
what version of Linux is best?

Автор Elimin8or 2000 ( назад)
who is watching this because of watch dogs 2

Автор KovertTF ( назад)
I literally just had my eyes closed to go sleep and then I heard him say
'hey! pay attention'

Автор Grey Fox ( назад)
how did I got from the Man of Arms series to here??

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