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Made by freecreditreport.com, and i do not take any credit for the making of these commercials.

1st: Singing Pirates
2nd: Dream Girl
3rd: New Car
4th: Renaissance Fair
5th: Bicycle
6th: Rock Star
7th: Roller Coaster
8th: Cellphone
9th: Reno

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Длительность: 4:38
Комментарии: 2382

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Автор Maverick Crow ( назад)
my question is if their credit was bad then where did they purchase the
guitars XD

Автор Toni Burandt ( назад)
Is it sad that I wish these came on instead of some of the other stupid
commercials like Flo and Geico?

Автор MissNWO ( назад)
Damn miss them

Автор Bren Williams ( назад)
I always love these commercials with this particular guy singing on it.
Didn't care for the other ones after.

Автор Bren Williams ( назад)
the extent of these commercials is VERY true. Take it from someone like me
who's credit score is messed up which stemmed from a job hardship three
years ago which resorted to aparent loss, suspended phone acount with
sprint because I was unemployed. However, it doesn't mean you have to live
this way. There are so many options out here for those who's battling a
poor credit score and believe me there's a WHOLE lot of people in that

Автор Kaleb Crise ( назад)
My favorites are the Pirates, used car, dream girl and wide open west

Автор matt09ad2 ( назад)
i still remember the lyrics

Автор DogOwner5 ( назад)
I miss these commercials. I sang them all the time.

Автор spongebuddy009 ( назад)
wow i had never seen any of the ones after the bike one... how weird lol

Автор Burger Master ( назад)
Anyone else on a Nostalgia trip?

Автор austin blayney ( назад)
The used car one was and still is my #1 all time favorite

Автор marqueglisson ( назад)
I've got the same subcompact car.

Автор TJ “Henry” Yoshi ( назад)
My favorite ones in order. I like them all a lot(except for #9) , and
please remember this is my opinion
9) Wide Open West 4:02
8) New Cell Phone 3:30
7) Credit Roller Coaster 2:58
6) Rock Star 2:27
5) Dream Girl 0:28
4) Two Wheel Drive 1:56
3) Renaissance 1:26
2) Pirate in the Restaurant 0:00
1) Shopping For a New Car 0:55

Автор martin yan ( назад)
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Автор Nghia Huynh ( назад)
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Автор Will Fiscal ( назад)
watched September 5th 2015

Автор Clicint (1681 год назад)
That cop on the scooter though

Автор virus ( назад)
dem memories tho

Автор RichChanLikesTacos ( назад)
Love these, many memories! :D

Автор Lamar Anderson ( назад)
Oh Middle School...

Автор CPG ( назад)
Always said offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage after I sang
it lmao

Автор Dragon Ball Super V.S Naruto Shippuden ( назад)
Love these commercials.

Автор 3rd street records (33rd n 3rd) ( назад)
the third one is my favorite

Автор Ethan Thomas (965 лет назад)
Yeah I feel like I have no life that I memorized these songs 

Автор MetalSandman999 ( назад)
I feel like if you need a loan to buy a bicycle, bad credit isn't the worst
of your problems...

Автор Abby Other ( назад)
Does anyone know who this guy is?

Автор Andrew Taylor ( назад)
Second one is the best. 

Автор Critic Nation ( назад)
I remember when everyone in my middle school would sing these 

Автор Nessa Dearest ( назад)
I used to know every word to every one. I miss these.

Автор Fulvia Orlando ( назад)
LOVE ALL THE SONGS!!! by the way the website is a scam

Автор Rodney Vining ( назад)
Roller Coaster Joint is too smooth

Автор lil “柴犬” Shiba-su ( назад)
The used car and bike ones will always be number 1

Автор benbarnes89 (1414 года назад)
Miss these commercials they used to kinda drive me crazy but now the
commercials that are on now make me really miss the good ole days like

Автор CliffordMarket1 ( назад)
the pirate song, the cool convertible or suv, and I wanted a new cellphone

Автор Lila Flowers ( назад)
So put your hands in air and wave em around like a Wana be frat boy try a
get down 

Автор Lila Flowers ( назад)

Автор Darling Whatever ( назад)
So many memories I feel old asf

Автор Diane Brown ( назад)
The one about the car….

Автор Joel Staves ( назад)
Didn't experian get sued over these commercials?

Автор Susana Diaz ( назад)
my favorite's the first one, the one with the pirates

Автор Credit Report ( назад)
facebook Groups https://www.facebook.com/CREDITREPORTUSA 

Автор Your CeeCeeDuelist ( назад)
What's up with the old lady that always gets mad at the lead singer in the
videos? Is she supposed to be his mom or something?

Автор Hunter Meyers ( назад)
Always loved the cellphone one

Автор William Noturbuisness ( назад)
Car one and Knight one!

Автор Ronald Stuart ( назад)
i wish they'd show these commercials again

Автор NotAnUndercoverCop (175 лет назад)
To this day I still have several of these stuck in my head.

Автор Ryan Payne (594 года назад)
P double O, PPEE; that spells poop and pee baby

Автор EricEbac22 ( назад)
The rollercoaster one; BTW, is this Switchfoot doing their commercials?

Автор Stacy S ( назад)
Only know the first 3:/

Автор bigboyusa3 ( назад)
wow after the 1st song the rest stated to suck :(

Автор mack cummy ( назад)
I like the crappy car one. I however have good credit and a nice car.

Автор BlackPikmin1998 ( назад)
How I miss these commercials. Now we have insurance commercials that try
way too hard to be funny and utterly fail at it like Geico and Progressive.

Автор MarQuece Johnson ( назад)
3:31 is my favorite

Автор Anthony Babbage ( назад)
This guy sounds a like Green-day reject but still Catchy.

Автор Josh Grandolfo ( назад)
Who still watching this in 2015

Автор C. Rae Gordon ( назад)
The pirate one came over the radio when I was on a field trip in 7th grade
and the whole bus sang it word for word.

Автор TheGingi7 (2035 лет назад)
Still know it all by heart. 

Автор Lateshia Childs ( назад)
I love these commercials so catchy. If only they could be on CD I would get

Автор ArcRaven13 ( назад)
Our government should consider using Freecreditreport (dot) com.......

Автор Barack Obama ( назад)
This Is My Jam Lads!

Автор emaniel jerry ( назад)
the one on the bikes

Автор samory8280 ( назад)
the new car and roller coaster one are my favorite! this band brings back

Автор JackIsBackforGaming ( назад)
You're still little.

Автор kimbersk64 ( назад)
Love these commercials

Автор sean bean ( назад)
He missed the second one right? Please reply

Автор morgan421001 ( назад)
Best band ever.

Автор Noora Ela ( назад)
Love it!!!!

Автор Heather Durham ( назад)
My favorite commercials EVER!!!!!!

Автор Yeager Paz ( назад)
I dont like the new club scene commercials. I prefer the band the way they
were in these adverts.

Автор Mary c ( назад)
2nd and 3rd are my favorites . Am u the only one who noticed the leads hair
was growing thru out all of the commercials :)

Автор veryfine69 ( назад)
I like rock star

Автор Katie Baldiga ( назад)
Yeah, the new songs suck.

Автор Yejide Rachal ( назад)
Their commercials were so catchy! I loved them so much!

Автор MissKristen Suny ( назад)
they're back but theyre songs arent as goog anymore.. not even catchy like
these old songs

Автор Tabitha Gray ( назад)
My favorite is the new car one :)

Автор Hadam10Rose ( назад)
Never seen the last one, but I still like Dream Girl the best

Автор Khloe Josama ( назад)
The old ones are back !!! The guys who sing Set it Off are them.

Автор 122CooperSly ( назад)
Rock Star is BEAST

Автор AlyBri1115 ( назад)
I miss the old Free Credit Report.com singers!! The new ones are ehh

Автор Jeffrey cheitowskyj ( назад)
That's not even them singing...

Автор Caleb Dixon ( назад)

Автор Kaylee Cochrane ( назад)
PIRATE! I sing it all the time!!

Автор The TranSentai Paradox ( назад)
I needed this! LOL Thanks!

Автор pappa zmurf ( назад)
I love these

Автор kattelyn92 ( назад)
These ads rock! Also to the person who asked if it is worth it, apparently
it isn't free, you have to subscribe to stuff with a credit card number.

Автор privategramcracker01 ( назад)
Has anyone actually used free credit report? Is it worth it?

Автор blackopx54 ( назад)
I love how these commercials tell a story. I wonder if he's still with that
girl from the second commercial

Автор Karen Leabo ( назад)
I love "married my dream girl!" Pirates come in a close second.

Автор Sydne ( назад)
1:58 will always and forever be my favorite

Автор Bill Bishop ( назад)

Автор pumpkinpie902 ( назад)
This band is SO MUCH BETTER than that other one that took over. Glad that
they are back!!!

Автор sillentskills ( назад)
I remember I kept looking at a few again and again and again here on
Youtube until I could sing them from memory, without even thinking about
what came next. These were some great little tunes.

Автор mjjjermaine ( назад)
Ahh...memories :) I used to know all the words

Автор DeceptiveOtter ( назад)
remember when i knew every word to all of these... love these commercials

Автор starr fisher ( назад)
I really liked these guys

Автор Sean Sowers ( назад)
The third is my fav

Автор Vessel846 ( назад)
I'm supposed to be on my way to church.....but why did I randomly come here
first? LOL. P.S. the commercial at 1:26 is my favorite smh

Автор bob iam ( назад)
youd think after all these songs they learn to check there credit score

Автор Wyatt Mumford ( назад)
How are they going to check your credit if you don't give them your credit

Автор istrasci ( назад)
1:39 Why does that flute sound like a saxophone?

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