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1st: Singing Pirates
2nd: Dream Girl
3rd: New Car
4th: Renaissance Fair
5th: Bicycle
6th: Rock Star
7th: Roller Coaster
8th: Cellphone
9th: Reno

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Комментарии: 2125

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Автор UrBoiMarcel ( назад)
the renaisssance fair is like my favorite i heard it when i was a child
like 4 times and now its imprinted in my mind man i miss commericals like

Автор Colby Cole ( назад)
What were your favorites? Mine were renaissance fair, roller coaster, and
new car.

Автор Pokemario Fan ( назад)
Top 10 Anime Bands

Автор Black Star ( назад)
the original bad luck brian

Автор DannyelConzo ( назад)
these are lit

Автор Sheldon Cooper ( назад)
Driving a cheap car enables you to build a massive amount of cash flow for
the future. Too bad people didn't realize that before the housing bubble
burst in 2008.

Автор Al Graham ( назад)
Which one is your favorite jingle?

Автор WhaleThisIsAwkward ( назад)
one of these was my ringtone in 5th grade. And I still remember like all
the lyrics to these

Автор Krazy_Kid-007 ( назад)
renaissance fair was the last good one in my oppinion

Автор redcomic619 ( назад)
Credit is bullshit. If you allow a number to determine how you live your
life, you're a fool. You shouldn't be trying to buy shit you can't afford
anyway, and if a business won't accept cold hard cash, fuck them. Someone
else will.

Автор Kay Daniels ( назад)

Автор gabbsss ( назад)
These are the only commercials I loved!

Автор RocCity Kid ( назад)

Автор Tattooed Leo ( назад)
love these commercials

Автор brettwurst ( назад)
I look exactly like this guy. #Halloween

Автор Juan “ONE” Delapaz ( назад)
They need to tour

Автор Dustin Johnston ( назад)
lol miss these comercials

Автор OLD CHANNEL ( назад)
4:22 that french horn though

Автор phyak hue ( назад)
I have to hand it to this guy.. he's a good lyricist.

Автор ninjacowboy ( назад)

Автор JD Helm ( назад)
This is my favorite anime

Автор HardcoreSarge101 ( назад)
you know how offensive this would be in 2016?

Автор Jay Racey ( назад)
This shit was lit. Everyone at my school sang this crap all the time

Автор Deoxyribonucleic Acid ( назад)
credit karma huh ?

Автор Andrea Lopez ( назад)
this was my CHILDHOOD!!!!!

Автор willization888 ( назад)
The commercial jingle gods!

Автор Zed 4 ( назад)
Damn he's really cute though

Автор Jessie Patt ( назад)
Who the hell were these guys!

Автор Vice Versa ( назад)
How could these be this old!!!??

Автор Matthew Gomez ( назад)
I come back here for the one at 3:30 periodically xP

Автор mike ggg ( назад)
"dream girl" is definitely my fave!

Автор shelley ann ( назад)
lol when commercial made you want to watch them

Автор Chris Manson ( назад)
If this was a YouTube Ad I wouldn't skip it.

Автор ConfucianSaying ( назад)
The girlfriend is pretty cute.

Автор ariana bulluck ( назад)
I sing the cell phone one all the time

Автор TimtheBigDaddy ( назад)
So, whatever happened to this little band?

Автор TimtheBigDaddy ( назад)
Hey renaissance fairs are awesome...

Автор judsonkr ( назад)
One of the best advertising campaigns ever.

Автор JT Tuplin ( назад)
did you find all the pirate hats?

Автор Garrett Davis ( назад)
You know guys, I'm sorry for being young and immature, but I swear during
the rollercoaster one, I could've sworn he said that when your dick goes
up, your score goes down and it couldn't have been more accurate

Автор Natalia Elizeth ( назад)
Did anybody else nodded when he nodded at the end or was it just me?!? (the
new car ad one)

Автор Rachid Parchment ( назад)
Offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.

Автор daniel zamora ( назад)
I like the first 4 songs

Автор EnclaveTesla ( назад)
F R E E that spells free.

I still sing that XD

Автор Politoed89 ( назад)
the bike one is the best one

Автор Rusty Ralston ( назад)
I can't believe he was ADR....

Автор Ian Higdem ( назад)
Remember when commercials were actually fun to watch?

Автор Evilkat23 ( назад)
I was sad when they stopped the jingles, god those were the catchiest
things on tv.

Автор Rachid Parchment ( назад)
The renaissance fair and the rock star party are my two faves. That old
lady that constantly appears cracks me up when she looks at them and shakes
her head. Man these commercials were awesome. Really takes me back.

Автор chrissyzog33070 ( назад)
i cant chose what one i like most! i love all them.

Автор Lori Wolfcat ( назад)
I LOVE these guys!! What happened to them?

Автор Mike Provost ( назад)
a couple of these were my ringtone on my old Motorola RAZR lol

Автор Zack Fisher ( назад)
Got laid to these commercials

Автор SchizoGhost85 ( назад)
Does anyone know the Name of them? Please

Автор Matthew Suarez ( назад)
These, the movies Pineapple Express, Superbad, and step brothers, Burger
King chicken fries, and Burger King burger shots were hands down the best
thing about the 2010's

Автор Filmy Guy ( назад)
Where are they now?

Автор EnjoyVideos99 ( назад)
i havent seen this stuff in 7 years but its crazy how these lyrics are
subconsciously imprinted in my brain

Автор SpinTic ( назад)
The one at 0:56 is lit af

Автор David Hofberg ( назад)
How many people actually have seen and atom bomb coming?

Автор kristen alexandra ( назад)
I used to sing the new car one all the time!'

Автор JOhn Dawg ( назад)
"the credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl" _ So true

Автор International Space Station ( назад)
I have had the first one in my head for years. I remember when these first
were on TV. Easily I rank them among the best ads ever that I personally
have seen aired. But nothing can beat Jake from State Farm. He's Jake. From
State Farm.

Автор exotickeeper ( назад)
can still recite first 4 by heart especialy first cuz i always was like
"erm.. those are not sea shanties why are they country musicing a pirate
restraunt".. last 3 suck imo bike was too "i wana attract all audiences"

Автор EmbraceThePace - NBA 2K17 ( назад)
Goooood times. :)

Автор SuperRoy1994 ( назад)
Omg I remember these commercials. Just started randomly singing them now
that I have a credit score. Man I was so young when these came out XD

Автор Kat Leigh ( назад)
The one at the Renaissance Fair I can still sing by heart any day of the
week. There's no reason I should be keeping that so deep in my memory but,
damn, was it catchy.

Автор Sherry Hoernig ( назад)
Its hard to choose one. Bring them back!!!

Автор Brandi Fitzgerald ( назад)
Turns out that he didn't actually sing any of these songs. He is actually
lip-syncing everything :(
But still great.

Автор Samantha Contreras ( назад)
Was this really 7 years ago? Apparently 11-year-old me thought it was cool
to learn them all. The other day i started singing the rock star one
without remembering where it came from. Now I'm here. Nice.

Автор Bandit Darville ( назад)
Damn where has the time gone? Hard to believe that those commercials are 7
years old, and that 2009 was 7 years ago.

Автор Lisa Brown ( назад)
I trully love this commercial videos but for my credit report I really love
bestonlinereport. com

Автор MrFlipperInvader782 ( назад)
thank k.you true capitalist radio

Автор Robert Dambeck ( назад)
I love how the pirate hat is in most of the commercials.

Автор David C ( назад)
@2.25 The black cop next to the red white and blue guy is priceless.

Автор Bob Walsh ( назад)

Автор jessica dunst ( назад)
i can relate to the cell phone one. :P

Автор Brilee Sewall ( назад)
the devil will have a hayday with you guys in hell sinner sinner sinner

Автор Lorne Loveless ( назад)
Have to admit I enjoyed them... cell phone one was my favorite.

Автор scotty “to” hotty ( назад)
I remember singing these with my cousin lololol

Автор Jackson Rockwell (Airbourne238) ( назад)
The best music to come out of the 2000's.

Автор BlacKnightRising ( назад)
I like the first one better

Автор B H Mch ( назад)
Always loved how the older lady is head bobbin until the the one guys goes
"yeehaw" and she gets all mad. lol

Автор Michelle Cheney ( назад)
the new subcompact song. It's always been my favorite!

Автор Ty Henegar ( назад)
I used to know every one of these by heart

Автор phillyfan182 ( назад)
These commercials annoy me

Автор Machiner6 ( назад)
Somehow I wish there could be full versions of these songs so I could
headbang to them every afternoon. That's not something I would say for just
any jingle.

Автор The Rumble Ensemble ! ( назад)
I miss these so much. I remember getting so excited whenever I saw a new
one. My favorite was the one about the new car

Автор Karina Magdaleno ( назад)

Автор Nerd Talk! ( назад)
I miss these commercials. They were out before I was a teen, so I have been
able to call them "childhood songs". Favorite one is the "cell phone"

Автор Jacob Garcia ( назад)
The pirate one has a punk feel.

Автор Haider Jons ( назад)
the original creditkarma.com

Автор Chris Herb ( назад)
i memorized almost all of these when i was a kid and now its 7 years later
and i still can recite them

Автор Phil Johnson ( назад)
This guy actually has a voice over do to his accent so that isn't even him

Автор worldpeaceforme ( назад)
Still sing the new car one all the time. 

Автор penguins forall ( назад)
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Please upvote so the knowledge is spread.

Автор Hazel Ault ( назад)
I wish they stilled played these

Автор ss... ( назад)
The new guy singing in the Southwest Airlines commercial, I swear I think
it's him!!! Go look up the commercial.

Автор Toni Burandt ( назад)
Is it sad that I wish these came on instead of some of the other stupid
commercials like Flo and Geico?

Автор MissNWO ( назад)
Damn miss them

Автор Bren Williams ( назад)
I always love these commercials with this particular guy singing on it.
Didn't care for the other ones after.

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