Homemade Sterno-Stove

Looking at my stove.

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Автор Zilnich Productions ( назад)
Good job.

Автор akyak333 ( назад)
maybe u shouldn't get stoned before u make videos

Автор 1acroyear1 ( назад)
How long does it take to boil water with this? 

Автор Randy Lantz ( назад)
Nicely done. Thks for sharing. Gonna make one tommorrow I hope.

Автор matt4270 ( назад)
Sweet! Nice set-up. You can refill the sterno can with yellow bottle HEET
gas line anti freeze, but you should use something for a wick, like cotton
balls, fiberglass insulation, or carbon felt.

Автор CHARGERDON55 ( назад)
Great stove, i made two right away and they work great, I'm gonna make more
and give them to friends. Keep up the good videos and ideas.

Автор Josh L ( назад)
this little stove it awesome!! i'm gonna make this one of these days.

Автор RJBURG ( назад)
i like to see it boil and the flame less talk

Автор MrMeLaMaMaNtOdOs ( назад)

Автор bluemountaindrivepae ( назад)
Smart lightweight hiking stove. I made a Sterno stove out of a 24 ounce
stew can. It is heavier and much larger than yours. Sterno can be refilled
with denatured alcohal or 180+ proof booze+ denatured alcohal. Use a 750 ml
or smaller pot. How much for a homemade Sterno stove?

Автор 001madmex ( назад)
What a fantastic idea. I can now get rid of my Sterno Stove; seriously. I
didn't care for it that much. Thanks.

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