Istanbul new year Reina nightclub attack 'leaves 39 dead' - BBC News

At least 39 people, including at least 15 foreigners, have been killed in an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey's interior minister says.
A gunman opened fire in Reina nightclub at about 01:30 local time (22:30 GMT), as revellers marked the new year.

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Автор georgka74 ( назад)
Just another staged terror to scare the herd!

Автор Jenna 96 ( назад)

Автор Gambling Lounge 69 ( назад)
It was propaganda attacker was a professional soldier who killed most of
the people with headshot. That picture of the attacker was just a decoy.
"He accidently" dropped his phone and there was a selfie from him wow. And
there was a guy from america who just lay on the ground and showed him self
like he is injured after that they asked him how many people were there and
he said "crazy people" ment the attackers they were more than one people.
And the guy who said that was a jewish american soldier they found out
after he leaved the turkey. Most of the people who died was arabic and kids
from rich people from arabic countries. Btw that was a famous disco in
istanbul on a night like this there must be atleast 20 security people but
non of them are to see there. It was a very good plan owner of the disco is
one of the bad guys ;)

Автор Alpha Mino ( назад)
20 saudis between injured and killed, and the rest are mostly gulf
Terrorism kills everybody.

Автор Alp Türksoy ( назад)
Cia mossad if you dont stop to attack Turkey İncirlik will be Russian base!

Автор S. S. ( назад)
another hoax

Автор William Tyndale ( назад)
Load of nonsense. Since when can a gun b loaded with over 108 bullets, and
be fired in 6 minutes? 39 dead, 29 injured, and more than one bullet
hitting some, and then there are the stray bullets.

Автор Mark syko ( назад)
always an American crisis actor jake the fake

Автор andreas19ist ( назад)
r.i.p. to the victims of reina from greece

Автор mik wak ( назад)
how many have to die before you blame islam for what it is?

Автор Vangry Krabba ( назад)
Most of the victims were muslim you stupid cunts

Автор Derek Cliff Crane ( назад)

Автор rodneyj2 ( назад)
I swear New Year's Eve I was chatting with someone at the bar of a Dallas
club about gratitude and the reality that individuals may not make it out
of Nightclubs OMG and then this...condolences to the families of the

Автор Pogues Mahone ( назад)

Автор HailAnts ( назад)
At least few if any white Christians were killed. Still, kill all

Автор richystar2001 ( назад)

Автор OfficialSandfreak1 ( назад)
lets nuke these fucks.. enough is enough

Автор Buojemaa Es Sahly ( назад)
Erdogan's Terrorists bring havoc into Turkey ... That's All ...
Turkey's Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal
Kılıçdaroğlu has accused the government of being responsible for the rise
in jihadist terror in Turkey and called on it to resign, after 39 people
were killed in an attack in an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Eve.

“You [the government] are a government that aids and abets terrorist
organizations,” Kılıçdaroğlu said on Dec. 3, speaking to CHP officials in
the party’s weekly parliamentary group meeting.

Following the terrorist attack at the Reina nightclub on New Year’s Eve,
the CHP leader slammed government for a lack of accountability and failing
to prevent terrorist attacks.

“No one takes any responsibility. Nothing is clear. And the prime minister
comes forward and says ‘These kinds of terrorist attacks will continue.’ He
does not even say they will prevent them,” Kılıçdaroğlu said.

“Is this the way to rule a state? You should resign and admit that you
cannot do it, admit that you cannot prevent terror,” he added.

Accusing the government of forming an “ideological affiliation” with
terrorist organizations, the CHP head said the government’s foreign policy
led the attacks.

“We have said many times not to intervene the interior affairs of another
country, but they [the government] sent arms [to Syria] in trailers. Now
all those arms are returning back to Turkey,” Kılıçdaroğlu said.

Recalling that the Turkish consulate in Mosul was occupied and 49 Turkish
citizens were held hostage in June 2014, Kılıçdaroğlu noted that ISIL had
recruited militants from 70 cities across Turkey.

“The former health minister even said ISIL militants who were wounded in
Syria had sought medical treatment in Turkish hospitals. Then they returned
to Syria with their weapons in their hands,” he said.

“On Aug. 12, 2012, an ISIL commander said ‘our equipment and supply have
come through Turkey.’ Who was governing Turkey back then?” he added.

Автор Master Yoda ( назад)
All religions force people to hate one another

Автор Bart Alder ( назад)
As they lose more of their so-called caliphate, the IS will not only need a
new name it will also become ever more indistinguishable from AQ in its
approach. It will be a terror state without a specific territory to run an
administration from, so it will have to distribute the administration which
is essentially the same thing as traditional, cell-based terrorism.

Автор RRench ( назад)
Wow such a bad way to start off 2017.

Автор Aitan 1312 ( назад)
could someone explain to me why islam is such a evil religion??

Автор Jonn Aslanyan ( назад)
They still have to pay the price for the first genocide of the century.

Автор gulnihal ( назад)
The people attacking are not Muslim. The people being attacked are not
Muslim. I don't think it can be put much simpler than this.

Автор Belle Morte3166s ( назад)
Tryptophan is a hell of a drug!

Автор Samantha Derrick ( назад)
RIGHT? extremists actually attack more Muslims than non muslims! extremists
consider muslims who live "westernized" as worst than infidels!

Автор Illegal Commenter ( назад)
Mo Muslims mo problems

Автор Tony tony slaughter ( назад)
islam = terrorism this news network is a part of the mass libtard brainwash
of the libtard zombies

Автор Cracky's CrackerHut ( назад)
This is why I don't go to turkey ahem I mean parties.

Автор Ohh me ohh my ( назад)
Allah Akbar

Автор snnug ( назад)
Turkey gets bombed and bears shit in the woods. What else is new?

Автор Image lush ( назад)
More peace coming from islam

Автор A Hakobyan ( назад)
hope the whole country and all muslims kill eachother and burn in hell they
all should suffer and cry

Автор StarSlayer ( назад)
just another day

Автор This Lame guy and his cat. ( назад)
Why is this trending?

Автор Irfan Hossain ( назад)

Автор Abram Vasquez ( назад)
time to step away from the nightclub scene is not safe anymore

Автор Psionic ( назад)
it's Constantinople and yes I know it needs cleansed.

Автор Matt ( назад)
the one only good thing about trump right now. I trust him more to stop
this than hillary.

Автор Simone eli ( назад)
islam is cancer where ever it exists

Автор Then It said ( назад)
May Turkey find some, any resolution in 2017

Автор Vasting ( назад)
Considering this is just turkey I'd say 2017 has been alright

Автор E115 ( назад)
Wow, I wish I was this culturally enriched by Islam.

Автор Dr GoldenPotato ( назад)
2016 didn't go down with out a fight...

Автор Beverley Wells ( назад)
The people of Turkey have been attacked several times in the past year
alone ,have a bit of compassion for them ,rip to all the victims

Автор Beverley Wells ( назад)
Numerous people killed and injured for nothing yet all some people can do
is abuse other people ,maybe some of you are fake christians then

Автор Carter Yeah ( назад)
The religion of peace back at it again !! ALLAH SNACKBAR !! *PEW* *PEW*
*PEW* thats religion for ya folks. Following an ancient book, people cant
think for themselves.... R.I.P all the people who lost their life to the
true face of religion.

Автор Frylock019 __ ( назад)
This is what was wrong with 2016 i think i might just donate to a gofund me
account that means something after watching this if intrested im leaving a
link (http://www.gofundme.com/those-who-give-should-receive)

Автор Gavin Sloma ( назад)
That damn religion of peace is at it again

Автор minhhai kim ( назад)
What country is this?

Автор JonDecagon ( назад)
Damn Islam! Back at it again with another act of peace!

Автор YEZ ( назад)
How many times do the racist xenophobic idiots have to start the same
argument again, you know that it's not the whole religion, you just want to
be pricks!

Автор Rocky Road ( назад)
dam Nick ex done messed up Russia new years to what 2017

Автор David Almaraz ( назад)
I bet it was one of those radical Mormons I wouldn't be surprised they're
known for this kinda stuff!

Автор R3aPer ( назад)
I swear this is why I don't go in nightclubs becuz it stupid as shit

Автор M.D ( назад)
Stop calling them terrorist. They are Islamic people who are promoting
peace with killing. They are apart of your Religon and they are your
people. These are people of the same Religon of yours, help them!

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
All you disgusting Muslim parasite and your garbage Qur'an will be BANNED!

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
ANOTHER Islamic terrorist attack as the year started, we are going to ban
and eradicate Muslims and their Qur'an if this continues which it WILL!

Автор Jawad Bhuiyan ( назад)
Muslims were killed in this attack and people are still blaming Islam for
the whole terrorist situation... It's ISIS not Islam... Muslims DO NOT
support ISIS... every religion has it's own fucked up cults... c'mon
people... let us unite and fight these cunts called ISIS...

Автор legoboy468 ( назад)
While not all muslims our bad, and should be treated with respect, not all
muslims are good either. We should condemn the bad ones and support the
good ones (especially the victims). Islamaphobia is not the answer, but
neither is ignoring the fact that Islam is one of the factors motivating
these terrible people.

Автор Clee Torres ( назад)
Are we all just gonna ignore that ass at 0:32?

Автор PantiesGoneWild ( назад)
What a way to Start 2017✨
i guess this yr could be almost as bad as 2016

Автор Beeticus Lul ( назад)
So peaceful

Автор Atticus Lynch ( назад)
"Religion of Peace"

Автор American Patriots For Peace ( назад)
Fake as Hermes handbag from a Bangkok Bazzar...WTFU!

Автор jothegreek ( назад)
Turkey is reverting back to what destroyed the ottomans

Автор EphraimManasseh ( назад)
A statement distributed by ISIS said the attack was carried out by a
"heroic soldier of the caliphate" who attacked the nightclub "where
Christians were celebrating their pagan feast."
It said the man fired an automatic rifle and also detonated hand grenades
in "revenge for Allah''s religion and in response to the orders" of ISIS
leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
The group described Turkey as "the servant of the cross" and also suggested
it was in retaliation for Turkish military offensives against ISIS in Syria
and Iraq.
"We let infidel Turkey know that the blood of Muslims that is being shed by
its airstrikes and artillery shelling will turn into fire on its
territories," the statement said.
The nightclub was frequented by foreigners, alcohol drinkers, and women
wearing dresses cut-off at mid-thigh. ISIS does not consider such people
true Muslims.The nightclub was considered a place of decadence. Places of
decadence are frequent targets of ISIS.

Автор hakan erkan ( назад)
Those who make this attack are the terrorist organizations fed by America
and Europe. Nobody will divide our country. Target 2023

Автор hakan erkan ( назад)
Nobody can divide our country. Surely turkish will dominate the whole

Автор Sam christian ( назад)
ah the religion of peace

Автор JAWAADYBAR ( назад)
Isis seriously isn't going to give up on killing innocent people and since
the new year's Eve started out in a shocking way, I have a bad feeling if
it happens to us in a random place.

Автор Alex Bara ( назад)
Islam is the religion of ''understanding'' and ''respect''...
''understanding & respect'' bring ''peace'' to humanity

Автор Crypto 008 ( назад)
So Santa brings this guy an AK47 and all I got was socks.

Автор mohamed Alrabti ( назад)

Автор Austin Winston ( назад)

Автор mariokart1890 ( назад)
So I guess this is what Turkey were returned with after supporting
terrorist groups. You kill a guy? Our repayment is kill yours. (And people
say America has gun fetish. LOL)

Автор Edichka LimonOFF ( назад)

Автор Harald H. Richter ( назад)
Avoid Istanbul, avoid Turkey
Visit Spain, Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands - the real Europe

Автор kaan burak ( назад)
don't panic people, i'm the TRUE MUSLIM TURK, i will DESTROY this EVIL
called ISIS .

Автор FOR THE HONOR ( назад)
fcking internet trolls everywhere

Автор Nugg Nugg ( назад)
another in a long line of western world government psy ops. swallow it up
sheeple, swallow that shit up.

Автор Darshan Darshan ( назад)
I wonder why people visiting shit countries like turkey!!!! Turkey is an
oppressing country with no respect to all neighbors. Now it's revenge time
and more terrorist attacks hopefully will follow

Автор Veli Kahya ( назад)
USA mk çocuklari ISID'i destekliyen picler

Автор piperoriza ( назад)

Автор Trabzon duzkoy ( назад)
i dont believe this is isis. isis blows himself up or shoot till he gets
killed because thats how he thinks will go to heaven as we have seen in
many attacks. so we are looking here for pro who got help from the west!
even if is isis, where do they got the weapons from? USA!

Автор Cevahir doğruca ( назад)
Oh strangers, westerners, We thought you were always smart but we do not
have a gram of brain. How do you give them the name of Islam. Isid boss is
america. How can you not see killer america everywhere? We live in Islam,
we know it is not Islam. This is the new world order that this america and
amerikan want

Автор Wing Tang ( назад)

Автор Mayank Badhani ( назад)
Turkey is too a islamic terrorist nation just like pakistan.....both are
the breeds of fuckin dog who they call alla.....time for the world to unite
and end this maniac idea of islam from the face of the earth for

Автор Meal team 6 Meal team 6 ( назад)
nothing more American then Santa claws and mass shootings LMFAO XD I GUESS

Автор Catherine tt ( назад)
Way to go out or come in with a bang to the new year turkey......... Some
things never change.

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