Frank Zappa music video - G-Spot Tornado & Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus - Beasts Animated Short

Bestiák / Beasts: Animated short film / music video for the music of Frank Zappa from 1993.

Based on works of Hungarian avant-garde artists: Wahorn András, fe Lugossy László, and ef Zámbó István.

All rights go to their respective owners.

Frank Zappa - G-Spot Tornado
Frank Zappa - Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus

From the original drawings & paintings by:
fr Lugossy László
ef Zábó István
Wahorn András

Varga Csaba

Post Production:
Klasky-Csupo Inc.

Gábor Csupo

Varga Csaba
Igor Lazin

Partially funded by: Motion Pictures Foundation of Hungary (Magyar Mozgókép Alapítvány)

Copryright: Varga Studio 1993

(For complete credits see the end credits of the video)

Based on Varga Studio's website ( http://tiny.cc/rc9zaw ), this animated short has won 3 awards:
"A világ legfontosabb 40 filmje 1993-ban" (The world's most important 40 films in 1993), Scorndorf, 1993
"Filmkritikusok díja" (Film Critics Award), Kecskemét, 1993
"Az év legjobb 20 videoklippje" (The 20 Best Video Clip of the Year) , Cannes, MIDEM, 1994

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 6:12
Комментарии: 17

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Автор Sijar Ahmed (4 месяца)
can anyone explain this?

Автор Loughborough Lake Holiday Park (5 месяцев)
from the front to the back of my cerebral mind....
Thank you.

Автор XmdheroX (17 дней)
perturbadoramente GENIAL!!

Автор Starosta96 (2 года)
Simplemente increíble...

Автор zappainfrance (2 года)
AWESOME ! thanks for sharing... greetings from Hell, hu, hu... France !

Автор videoforfun2012 (2 года)
@zappainfrance Glad you like it!

Автор jgsuperpants (1 год)
Happy birthday Frank!

Автор UncleDeadly75 (1 год)
I reckon Frank would approve,I think it's great work,very well done!!

Автор videoforfun2012 (2 года)
Köszi, örülök, hogy tetszik!

Автор MrWaterpumpkin (1 год)
Bravo! Watched it twice, still not enough... Terrific cartoon with great

Автор anzixx1 (2 года)
köszi, hogy feltetted, már nagyon rég óta kerestem! 10/10!!!

Автор Mustafa Enrique Johnson (1 год)
Nice job to you and all your collaborators! Using two of my personal
favorite FZ tunes in a superb animation video! Cheers!

Автор videoforfun2012 (1 год)
Thanks for your kind words, the credit is not mint though, I have jsut
uploaded it.

Автор jaomacanudo (2 года)
Fantástico ! ZAPPA = GÊNIO ! la lalalala la lalalala lala......

Автор IUMBRELLAI (1 год)

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