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Автор julian correa (2 месяца)
it would be extremely useful for us to adopt #wingsuit flying !

Автор Mukesh Yadav (11 месяцев)

Автор kafirstunner666er (1 год)
do u really think it was our fault that you caused our genocide for even
same for all natives world wide,, causing our devastation and too proud of
some stolen wealth.. then your hypocritical subhuman and stinkin snakes
blood thirsty ghosts.. u disgusting be proud others genocides i cant even
understand your stupid language,, type some American English at least..
also what British Armed Force ?? yea you have largest ladies Army with 130
Artillery and 450 Tanks with a luxury+lazy special force

Автор harshvar7777 (1 год)
You are so obsessed with India that you even come to a Indian Video with no
relation to pak just to abuse. This shows your insecurity. bunch of pussies
93000 surrendered in 1971

Автор PANGEA95 (2 года)
Yeah of course, army soldiers yeah, but SF no, DELTA, Green berets, Navy
SEALS, Army RANGERS, they are extremely physically fit.

Автор umarhayat358 (1 год)
dhruv14mahar/ India prostition may world no 1 hi woh bhi to batao aur 30
coror inssan india may bhukay sotay hin aur 1300000 inssan rats khatay hin
aur bhi bohat see cheezin hin bad may bataon ga

Автор Ghouse Azad (2 года)

Автор abhiasole2405 (1 год)
yup true! the indian SFs like MARCOS and NSG are used extensively in J&K to
fight terrorists and their ops are classified almost all of their ops are
classified!! MARCOS have earned the name of "dadhivala fauji" meaning the
bearded soldier and "magarmacch" ie the crocodile from the terrorists for
their awesome ops against infiltrators in lakes and surroundings at LoC!
they are one of the best bt they can get better! as of now no1 knows who's
the best but id give more points to SAS and seal team6

Автор Ravi Raj Singh Dogra (2 года)
Are the bloddy politicians sponsoring this faction enough to grow as well
,this is the common most thing here in NAmeria,to india these r real
soldiers or something but learn this is normal thing if funded supebly
everon ake sure that happens u throat near to the mike

Автор jake98543 (2 года)
all thanks to your subhuman upbringing which in turn has given rise to this
subhuman thinkig of yours, you now have the audacity to write stuff like
this on the net.Such a fool you are, i pity you, but we being humans have
tolerate big blots on earth like you(sub-human) and in all due sanity i
think you should be sent to a mental asylum.get well soon

Автор Raghav Sarma (1 год)
wow. capt.Dipankar Barua....

Автор aspalaha7 (11 месяцев)
they are the gods, man

Автор Shashank V (1 год)
we don't need to kill you.your own pakistani taliban is killing your sorry

Автор aspalaha7 (2 года)
you don't have the best..we do..but still, much respect

Автор rohitb3 (1 год)
cont... After passing the 3 months additional probation for the SF , he
would have to serve 6 -12 months in hostile areas, only after which he is
given the Special forces tab and Balidan Badge(Sacrifice badge) And then
his training continues About 20-30% become a Para and get the Maroon
Beret........ Journey from an infantry soldier to Para SF....i would guess,
passing would be about 10-15%

Автор saptarshi chatterjee (1 год)

Автор PrITH viE (2 года)
india = most coward and politically corrupt nation with some brave souls .

Автор umarhayat358 (1 год)
inida k sath 1947 may kiya huya ? Chutiy/ 45% chud k rakh diya tery india
ko sale behanchud cow pee peney waly hindu sale rats/ cats aur dogs khaney
walay gater ki padash chuper patti sale kamasutra ki padash in india may
say abhi 4 aur Pakistan baney gay /khalistan/ naga / aur bhi hin

Автор saptarshi chatterjee (1 год)

Автор oraile678 (1 год)
96000 soldiers of the so called No. 1 army surrendered shamelessly and were
dispossessed of half of their land by the so called sick Indian Army..the
land is now called Bangladesh and is in a much better situation be it
economical and political stability..i wonder the grounds on the basis of
which they are ranked no.1..let me guess..no.1 in harboring terrorists,
toppling the elected civilian government, duplicitous standard, raping
their women, scrounging for international aid..hahaha Porkis.

Автор Raman Gupta (7 месяцев)
Wow...it was awesome

Автор Sangrenegra9 (1 год)
Our Paras aren't 'Special Forces', they are simply an elite infantry
regiment. The nature of their training, however, means that the SAS is
mainly composed of Paras, much as the SBS is mainly composed of Royal

Автор ForeverRepublic (2 года)
@666Hermann Nemesti, my brother!

Автор burst mode (2 года)
lol i like the narrators voice, sounds badass

Автор marcostj01 (1 год)

Автор PANGEA95 (2 года)
No you don't. Not the best anyway.

Автор krispune (1 год)
Great Job dear Capt Dipankar, feel proud. I still remember those old days
of Scottish Church college.

Автор harshvar7777 (1 год)
Dont fight with these illiterate Bunch of Fags bro. They can't digest the
truth. Let them think they won. They even watch Indian movies and soaps.
They have no Identity.

Автор Louis Sanderson (2 года)
I'm wanting to be a paratroop officer with the british army :3 one day
we'll train together ;)

Автор PANGEA95 (2 года)
PS this video is celebrating Paras from across the world. Anyone who wears
the maroon beret, no matter which country, is a fucking bad ass. Peace to
the worlds airbournes. I will be a part of Britain's soon insha allah!

Автор HarveyIsTheBoss (1 год)
Mere bhai aise mast dialogs bahut time se nahi sune the maine :P hahaha
thanks dost... Jai HIND

Автор oraile678 (1 год)
the choice is yours...you can either believe in your Government's
propaganda and be delusioned or try to ascertain the truth...and don't
curse when you don't have facts to argue....it shows that you are
intellectually challenged ...

Автор SaiKiran Sharma (1 год)
Tumahre Elama Iqbal ko gand mein bharle gandoo, Indian national anthem was
written by Tagore.

Автор aka00007 (1 год)
Pride n honour go hand in hand with the Indian Armed Forces.

Автор 7mo1990 (1 год)
no we like king alhamdu llah Free education and free medical treatment we
are in the grace of God

Автор PANGEA95 (2 года)
The Indian PARAS are based on the British PARAS cause of the empire. The
history of the PARAS, is that the Russians began parachuting recreationally
during the early 1930's, and the millitary began using it (now the VDV),
but it was the Germans who first carried it off during the war. Churchill
was so impressed by it that in 1940, he decided to set up a regiment of
5000 british paratroopers (now just 1500) and were the first to have the
maroon berets, the world picked up on it later.

Автор PANGEA95 (1 год)
Yeah, Id say that the US and Indian SF are on par with each other, tbh its
hard to know which is the best SF today. Its just generally respected that
the SAS and SBS are because they were the first, and because of the old
empire, Britian still feels the need to covertly send UKSF to troubled
areas, and sort the problems out, i.e through secret training, assistance
and advising. Indians do alot of counter Al qaeda as well, as its on there
doorstep. But yeah its hard to know whos the best now,

Автор PANGEA95 (2 года)
Listen I'm British right, my grand parents were all born in India and I'm a
proud muslim (Most of my family in Pakistan now) but I will be joining the
British Paras next year and while I admit that the indian Paras may have
gotten a little better then our Paras, the idea of Special forces as a
whole was still taken from us by generals from across the worlds armies who
came to Hereford and saw the amazing SAS and SBS throughout the decades.
Its a known fact that SAS were the first SF unit ever

Автор 5678xerox (1 год)
kamse kam karne ka tarika to malum hai

Автор TheDzOasis (2 года)
india like a china but china are much more powerful

Автор harshvar7777 (1 год)
abe tera to religion bhi ek copy paste hai.

Автор Bharat Verma (1 год)
Tier-1 Soilders probably the best man in the application of violence to
destroy enemy !

Автор Iaint Tellchu (10 месяцев)
This guys are great, but I swear I want to rip out this guys vocal cords Dx

Автор Smoker-Ajitabh (7 месяцев)
indiadefence channel... go... subscribe

Автор umarhayat358 (1 год)
Swamsmys/ Teri maa ki chut salay ghashti k bachay/ bus ab jaldi he tum
loghon ki maa chudney wali hi salay adhiwasi log

Автор PANGEA95 (2 года)
Why, go on, explain it, I'm listening, pour your heart out, be reasonable
as well though, why? It can be as long or as short as you want just explain
it and give me a good reason why?

Автор shouvik kundu (2 года)
@mrkhansajjad dont think we are weak,we r giving because if our army awakes
up then ur all countrymen turn into ass whole

Автор Varun Dewan (1 год)
ohhhh baby.........now these r d men of honour n RESPECT

Автор 619coolnickhere (1 год)
well said brother

Автор 5678xerox (1 год)
tumhare tarah bakri ka bur to nahi chat te hai.......

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