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Автор Rahul Dev (11 дней)
hope they never forget da taste of khalistani bullets

Автор amita rao (25 дней)
Lov u

Автор Chandra Shekhar (5 месяцев)
Maron barret for those who knows what it is?peoples are comment with out
knowing the real facts.the 10 th para batallion even after its incepetion
till date cant acquire full strenth due to toughest selection process in
the world.

Автор Sushant Bhargav (5 месяцев)
mess bill ?
what mess bill, mess is suppose to be free.

Автор Dinesh Sharma (6 месяцев)

Автор Amol Rinkey (6 месяцев)
Heroes of my country which makes us safe, thanks a lot.

Автор Vichitra Pal Singh (11 месяцев)
Maroon is something u can't get it.... u've to earn it

Автор Vichitra Pal Singh (11 месяцев)
Maroon..... The colour of honour and respect...

Автор Na Na (5 месяцев)
I am proud of our indian army

Автор sourav sniper (1 год)
hope they never forget da taste of khalistani bullets

Автор Danno Williams (5 месяцев)
They Look "LOCK & LOADED"..

Автор julian correa (1 год)
it would be extremely useful for us to adopt #wingsuit flying !

Автор kafirstunner666er (2 года)
do u really think it was our fault that you caused our genocide for even
same for all natives world wide,, causing our devastation and too proud of
some stolen wealth.. then your hypocritical subhuman and stinkin snakes
blood thirsty ghosts.. u disgusting be proud others genocides i cant even
understand your stupid language,, type some American English at least..
also what British Armed Force ?? yea you have largest ladies Army with 130
Artillery and 450 Tanks with a luxury+lazy special force

Автор harshvar7777 (2 года)
You are so obsessed with India that you even come to a Indian Video with no
relation to pak just to abuse. This shows your insecurity. bunch of pussies
93000 surrendered in 1971

Автор ctiscan (3 года)
lol sorry but with this clownish ridicilous accent no matter how kick ass
you are you got no chance of beating any kind of enemy xD bwahahaha...

Автор PANGEA95 (3 года)
Yeah of course, army soldiers yeah, but SF no, DELTA, Green berets, Navy
SEALS, Army RANGERS, they are extremely physically fit.

Автор rohitb3 (3 года)
@ctiscan too much shit in your ass...?...that's why rubbing it with paper
is not enough....

Автор Ghouse Azad (3 года)

Автор abhiasole2405 (3 года)
yup true! the indian SFs like MARCOS and NSG are used extensively in J&K to
fight terrorists and their ops are classified almost all of their ops are
classified!! MARCOS have earned the name of "dadhivala fauji" meaning the
bearded soldier and "magarmacch" ie the crocodile from the terrorists for
their awesome ops against infiltrators in lakes and surroundings at LoC!
they are one of the best bt they can get better! as of now no1 knows who's
the best but id give more points to SAS and seal team6

Автор Ravi Raj Singh Dogra (3 года)
Are the bloddy politicians sponsoring this faction enough to grow as well
,this is the common most thing here in NAmeria,to india these r real
soldiers or something but learn this is normal thing if funded supebly
everon ake sure that happens u throat near to the mike

Автор Raghav Sarma (2 года)
wow. capt.Dipankar Barua....

Автор aspalaha7 (2 года)
they are the gods, man

Автор Shashank V (2 года)
we don't need to kill you.your own pakistani taliban is killing your sorry

Автор subarnadipta sadhukhan (3 года)
war win by heart (brain) not by brain (heart).

Автор aspalaha7 (3 года)
you don't have the best..we do..but still, much respect

Автор rohitb3 (2 года)
cont... After passing the 3 months additional probation for the SF , he
would have to serve 6 -12 months in hostile areas, only after which he is
given the Special forces tab and Balidan Badge(Sacrifice badge) And then
his training continues About 20-30% become a Para and get the Maroon
Beret........ Journey from an infantry soldier to Para SF....i would guess,
passing would be about 10-15%

Автор badru prasanth (3 года)
porkies are dead lol

Автор saptarshi chatterjee (2 года)

Автор Balbir Singh (3 года)
Highly respectful....

Автор PrITH viE (3 года)
india = most coward and politically corrupt nation with some brave souls .

Автор saptarshi chatterjee (2 года)

Автор oraile678 (2 года)
96000 soldiers of the so called No. 1 army surrendered shamelessly and were
dispossessed of half of their land by the so called sick Indian Army..the
land is now called Bangladesh and is in a much better situation be it
economical and political stability..i wonder the grounds on the basis of
which they are ranked no.1..let me guess..no.1 in harboring terrorists,
toppling the elected civilian government, duplicitous standard, raping
their women, scrounging for international aid..hahaha Porkis.

Автор Raman Gupta (1 год)
Wow...it was awesome

Автор Sangrenegra9 (2 года)
Our Paras aren't 'Special Forces', they are simply an elite infantry
regiment. The nature of their training, however, means that the SAS is
mainly composed of Paras, much as the SBS is mainly composed of Royal

Автор ForeverRepublic (3 года)
@666Hermann Nemesti, my brother!

Автор Lord Vishnu (3 года)
lol i like the narrators voice, sounds badass

Автор Nusrat5791 (3 года)
@ctiscan that you are asking an "indian" to "fix your accent" reveals you
as south asian- probably from the abomination of a nation-pakistan.
because, sadly, south asians tend to have an inferiority complex about
having an accent while speaking a foreign language. the accomplishment of
speaking a foreign language is not enough, i guess. btw, that i am a proud,
patriotic indian muslim, not only negates everything the vermin, jinnah
stood for but my existence challenges paksitan's raison d'etre :)

Автор marcostj01 (2 года)

Автор PANGEA95 (3 года)
No you don't. Not the best anyway.

Автор krispune (2 года)
Great Job dear Capt Dipankar, feel proud. I still remember those old days
of Scottish Church college.

Автор harshvar7777 (2 года)
Dont fight with these illiterate Bunch of Fags bro. They can't digest the
truth. Let them think they won. They even watch Indian movies and soaps.
They have no Identity.

Автор Louis Sanderson (3 года)
I'm wanting to be a paratroop officer with the british army :3 one day
we'll train together ;)

Автор PANGEA95 (3 года)
PS this video is celebrating Paras from across the world. Anyone who wears
the maroon beret, no matter which country, is a fucking bad ass. Peace to
the worlds airbournes. I will be a part of Britain's soon insha allah!

Автор Amox (2 года)
Mere bhai aise mast dialogs bahut time se nahi sune the maine :P hahaha
thanks dost... Jai HIND

Автор oraile678 (2 года)
the choice is yours...you can either believe in your Government's
propaganda and be delusioned or try to ascertain the truth...and don't
curse when you don't have facts to argue....it shows that you are
intellectually challenged ...

Автор Sai Kiran (2 года)
Tumahre Elama Iqbal ko gand mein bharle gandoo, Indian national anthem was
written by Tagore.

Автор aka00007 (2 года)
Pride n honour go hand in hand with the Indian Armed Forces.

Автор 7mo1990 (3 года)
no we like king alhamdu llah Free education and free medical treatment we
are in the grace of God

Автор PANGEA95 (3 года)
The Indian PARAS are based on the British PARAS cause of the empire. The
history of the PARAS, is that the Russians began parachuting recreationally
during the early 1930's, and the millitary began using it (now the VDV),
but it was the Germans who first carried it off during the war. Churchill
was so impressed by it that in 1940, he decided to set up a regiment of
5000 british paratroopers (now just 1500) and were the first to have the
maroon berets, the world picked up on it later.

Автор CarbonDioxide1990 (3 года)
@mrkhansajjad this just proves all pakis are terrorists who like to kill
innocent people

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