Indian Army Parachute Regiment - Para Commandos

The Parachute Regiment is the main airborne regiment of the Indian Army.The parachute units of the Indian Army are among the oldest airborne units in the world. The first such unit to be authorized was on 15 May 1941, and the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade was formed on 27 October 1941, comprising the 151st British Parachute Battalion , 152nd Indian Parachute Battalion & 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion.

The Parachute regiment has a total of ten regular and two territorial battalions; of the regular bns, three are standard parachute infantry battalions, while seven are commando trained battalions. Formerly designated as "commando" units, they are now designated as special forces:

1st Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 1st Battalion, 2nd Punjab Regiment Raised 1761, conversion to Special Forces 1978

2nd Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 3rd Battalion, Maratha Light Infantry raised 1797, conversion to Special Forces 2000

3rd Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 1st Battalion, Kumaon Regiment raised 1813, conversion to Special Forces 2004

4th Battalion (Special Forces) raised 1961, conversion to Special Forces 2001 or 2003. It contributed to the Sri Lanka Indian Peace Keeping Force in the 1980s. The Battalion has the distinction of completing the Siachen Glacier tenure without suffering a single casualty on account of weather or enemy action. The battle honour of the battalion is Sadiqia earned during the 1971 war.

9th Battalion (Special Forces) raised 1966 as 9th Parachute Commando Battalion. The battalion was raised as an irregular force known as 'Meghdoot Force' by Lt Col Megh Singh, VrC of the Brigade of the Guards during the 1965 Indo-Pak War (Operation Riddle), where its exemplary performance prompted the higher authorities to regularize it and form part of the Parachute Regiment as the army's first commando battalion.

10th Battalion ((Special Forces) raised in 1967 as 10th Parachute Commando battalion from 9 Para Cdo. The battalion distinguished itself in the desert sector during the 1971 Operations.
21st Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 21st Battalion, Maratha Light Infantry raised 1985, conversion to Special Forces 1996
5th Battalion raised 1963
6th Battalion raised 1963
7th Battalion raised 1964
106th Territorial Battalion - Bangalore
116th Territorial Battalion - Deolali
31st Battalion (Commando) - Rashtriya Rifles

Three of the Special Forces battalions were originally trained for use in certain environments; 1st bn [strategic reserve], 9th Bn [mountain] and 10th Bn [desert] and the 21st Bn [jungle]. Currently all Special Forces battalions are cross trained for all environments.

The 8th Battalion became 16th Battalion, Mahar Regiment in 1976 before reconverting to the 12th Battalion, Mechanised Infantry Regiment. A sizable part of the battalion was retained in the airborne role for some time, forming the armoured element of the 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade and equipped with their BMP2 Infantry Combat Vehicles. But due to administrative and logistic reasons, it was discontinued and their role being taken over by the para battalions themselves, with a platoon strength of each battalion being trained and equipped for the mechanized role within the brigade.

The 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade comprises two parachute battalions, one special forces battalion, 60 Parachute Field Hospital, 411 (Independent) Parachute Field Company (Bombay Sappers), 622 Parachute Composite Company ASC, 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade OFP (Ordnance), 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade Signal Company, 2 (Independent) Parachute Field Workshop Company, 1 parachute field regiment (Artillery) (9 & 17 parachute field regiments), an air defence battery and a provost section. The President's Body Guard also forms part of the brigade as the pathfinders company.

The three parachute battalions in rotation form part of the parachute brigade alternatingly serving their field tenures in counter-insurgency/high altitude areas. One of the seven SF battalions too serves in the brigade on rotation. One of the two field regiments (9 Para Fd Regt and 17 Para Fd Regt) also forms part of the brigade while the other serves out its field tenure on rotation.

Two Territorial Army battalions, 106th (Bangalore) and 116th (Deolali) also form part of the Parachute Regiment. They form the elite part of the Terriers (as the Territorial Army is popularly known) and presently involved in COIN operations.

31st Battalion (Commando), Rashtriya Rifles, is also affiliated to the Parachute Regiment, for special operations conducted by the counter-insurgency force.

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Автор Urmimala Bhattacharjee ( назад)
Gudness. What are they made off? I just don't understand. Mind boggling
this is!!😦

Автор Urmimala Bhattacharjee ( назад)
Gudness. What are they made off? I just don't understand. Mind boggling
this is!!😦

Автор Aakash rajput ( назад)
every person cannot do this

Автор Deepak redhu ( назад)
I Proud Of My Country

Автор Za ch ( назад)
Indians with rainbow parachutes. BAHAHAHAHA.

Автор Jodhbir singh ( назад)
I love every person of armywho able to take respect I salute all of them I
wish of them live long

Автор Chandra Shekhar ( назад)
para means Exceptional Excellence beyond limits on all levels

Автор SoulSeller ( назад)
I love seeing foreign special forces dedicating themselves to the security
of their country and way of life, much respect

Автор Aniruddha Rairikar ( назад)
In the end, its the MARCOS that rule the world of special

Автор Chandra Shekhar ( назад)

Автор ShEkHaR mIsHrA ( назад)
i want to be a para commando...what should i do..for be a para

Автор Jb Narz ( назад)
i love Indian Army

Автор coolguy hero ( назад)
60 km in one go are you f.cking kidding me? hats of to them.

Автор Akhila Tsalin ( назад)
indian army is a thing that am dreaming from my childhood yes am a girl and
i have confidence ....i loveeeeee india and our soldiers

Автор amita rao ( назад)
Lov u

Автор Sushant Bhargav ( назад)
mess bill ?
what mess bill, mess is suppose to be free.

Автор Na Na ( назад)
I am proud of our indian army

Автор Chandra Shekhar ( назад)
Maron barret for those who knows what it is?peoples are comment with out
knowing the real facts.the 10 th para batallion even after its incepetion
till date cant acquire full strenth due to toughest selection process in
the world.

Автор Amol Rinkey ( назад)
Heroes of my country which makes us safe, thanks a lot.

Автор Dinesh Sharma ( назад)

Автор Vichitra Pal Singh ( назад)
Maroon is something u can't get it.... u've to earn it

Автор Vichitra Pal Singh ( назад)
Maroon..... The colour of honour and respect...

Автор sourav sniper ( назад)
hope they never forget da taste of khalistani bullets

Автор julian correa ( назад)
it would be extremely useful for us to adopt #wingsuit flying !

Автор suganya s ( назад)
my indian army is best in the world

Автор SMOKER'S POST ( назад)
indiadefence channel... go... subscribe 

Автор SMOKER'S POST ( назад)
oopar dekho drone aaya

Автор Raman Gupta ( назад)
Wow...it was awesome

Автор spunkTanker ( назад)
Who produces these videos? They are awesome.

Автор Mohit Kumar ( назад)
tere jaise CIVILIANS kya samajhte hai. apko kya pata what the indian army
is all about. tu to recruit ki training me hi ro adega aur ye to para
regiment ki training hai. bat kar raha hai 

Автор Memodnb ( назад)
elite???? maybe for indian forces they are but compared to the world??? lol

Автор dxicmls ( назад)
Well a guy like you who gets scared while playing battlefield game
shouldn't judge these guys at least. 

Автор Madan Kumar ( назад)
everything in videos only 

Автор Michael Colart ( назад)

Автор 619coolnickhere ( назад)
I respect you guyz more than god for protecting my country..thank you

Автор 619coolnickhere ( назад)
well said brother

Автор ak singh ( назад)
salute to you...HEREOS.... 

Автор Good Boy feeling Better. ( назад)
You know, looking at these soldiers, I wouldn't want to stand out, among
them, if I were to be training with them. 

Автор krispune ( назад)
Great Job dear Capt Dipankar, feel proud. I still remember those old days
of Scottish Church college. 

Автор deepaksingha99 ( назад)
Hrd trained for becomin para special force. I want to join...

Автор Amox ( назад)
Mere bhai aise mast dialogs bahut time se nahi sune the maine :P hahaha
thanks dost... Jai HIND

Автор Skyswinger ( назад)
Salutes my airborne brothers. Much respect from the British Parachute

Автор Varun Dewan ( назад)
ohhhh baby.........now these r d men of honour n RESPECT

Автор Hameer GuyHameer ( назад)
Pakistan to USA ki rakhail h jo uske diye gaye peso pe hi jeeti h, phirr b
usi ko dhoka deti h......... matlab ek to rakhail or vo b Beimaan.

Автор Hameer GuyHameer ( назад)
Sunle be Bhen ke Laude. 1948,65,71 nd 99 me 4 Wars hui. Unme to tumhari
chud gayi thi jo tu ab yaha aake kaafiro ki terah bakwas kr ra h. Agar
Randi ka pilla nahi ho to waha ladai me aata apni marwane.ese Hinjdo ki
tarah Chhup k kya bolta h. Or sun:Saale tum Khud Pakistani To piche se
China ki Gaand me ghuse rhte ho. or saamne se US ka Lund Chooste ho.
Madarchodo 4 ladiyo me to tumhe gaand chatadi. Ab to pta b chal gya k tu
Indian troops ka vid kyu dekh rha tha, kyuki h Pakistani to Chhakke h.

Автор Shashank v ( назад)
we don't need to kill you.your own pakistani taliban is killing your sorry

Автор Rahul Nag ( назад)
are bahi tu bhi kamasutra ki hi pedaish hai kyun bhul jata hai aur tum
pakis ko chen nahi hai kya khud to kuch karte nahi aur koi kuch kare to
gand mei khujli hoti hai aur app belgium mei kya kar rahe ho pakistan ki
codition dekh kar nikal gaye kyA???????

Автор Rambo Rambo ( назад)
india no. 1

Автор marcostj01 ( назад)

Автор Kalsang Dongshi ( назад)
Great soldiers, keep up. Proud of Indian soldiers. A Free Tibet supporter

Автор Sai Kiran Sharma ( назад)
Tumahre Elama Iqbal ko gand mein bharle gandoo, Indian national anthem was
written by Tagore.

Автор Ishan Sanyal (1034 года назад)
navy who???

Автор jeremy ( назад)
poor version of navy seal...hoho

Автор 5678xerox ( назад)
kamse kam karne ka tarika to malum hai 

Автор 5678xerox ( назад)
wo sab raat ko tumhari amma ki sari pahan ke sote hai aur tumhari amma
nanga mujra karti hai 

Автор 5678xerox ( назад)
tumhare tarah bakri ka bur to nahi chat te hai.......

Автор harshvar7777 ( назад)
India ka national Anthem Rabindra nath Tagore ne banaya tha Chutiye.. Anpad
Jahil ki aulaad.

Автор harshvar7777 ( назад)
You are so obsessed with India that you even come to a Indian Video with no
relation to pak just to abuse. This shows your insecurity. bunch of pussies
93000 surrendered in 1971

Автор harshvar7777 ( назад)
Dont fight with these illiterate Bunch of Fags bro. They can't digest the
truth. Let them think they won. They even watch Indian movies and soaps.
They have no Identity.

Автор harshvar7777 ( назад)
abe tera to religion bhi ek copy paste hai.

Автор Bharat Verma ( назад)
Tier-1 Soilders probably the best man in the application of violence to
destroy enemy ! 

Автор oraile678 ( назад)
the choice is yours...you can either believe in your Government's
propaganda and be delusioned or try to ascertain the truth...and don't
curse when you don't have facts to argue....it shows that you are
intellectually challenged ...

Автор oraile678 ( назад)
..first of all I am not a Hindu..so half of what you said does not apply to
me..but I do respect them, they are my brothers and sisters ..you need to
get your facts right..check out neutral websites (neither Pakistani nor
Indian) like wikkipedia and..the 1947 war was stopped after UN
intervention, by then India had recaptured more than half of Kashmir..we
still have it..but you don’t have any of the East Pakistan..we carved out a
nation out of you..don’t you get it,even “Allah” doesn’t favor you

Автор oraile678 ( назад)
96000 soldiers of the so called No. 1 army surrendered shamelessly and were
dispossessed of half of their land by the so called sick Indian Army..the
land is now called Bangladesh and is in a much better situation be it
economical and political stability..i wonder the grounds on the basis of
which they are ranked no.1..let me guess..no.1 in harboring terrorists,
toppling the elected civilian government, duplicitous standard, raping
their women, scrounging for international aid..hahaha Porkis.

Автор Right To Recall CM,PM,SC HCJudge ( назад)
madarchod yahan gand kyu marwa raha hai apni.Behen deni hai to nangi kar ke
de aisa lund dalunga seedha muh se nikalega uske... bhaandchod paki

Автор Captain SomeoneSomwhere ( назад)
no one for what? Surrendering? If so then we gave you that medal in 1971
when we broke your country into 2 pieces and made 91,000 of your solders
surrender in front of us, like beggars :) 

Автор saptarshi chatterjee ( назад)

Автор saptarshi chatterjee ( назад)

Автор saptarshi chatterjee ( назад)

Автор mma9fighter (1094 года назад)
World know pakistan is a beggar nation...living off US Dollars getting as
alms.....they still beg for food an dater from the USAID....Pakistan is
actually a Failed islamic State. Also, islamic Pakistn is a lost all the
wars and the worst was when islami pakistanis Surrendered in 1971 in full
military gear. pakistanis are also shameless islamic people as they beg
shit in the plate they eat!

Автор Shashank v ( назад)
india says fuck you prickistan

Автор amna khan ( назад)
pakistan says fuck u india

Автор rohitb3 (216 лет назад)
cont... After passing the 3 months additional probation for the SF , he
would have to serve 6 -12 months in hostile areas, only after which he is
given the Special forces tab and Balidan Badge(Sacrifice badge) And then
his training continues About 20-30% become a Para and get the Maroon
Beret........ Journey from an infantry soldier to Para SF....i would guess,
passing would be about 10-15%

Автор rohitb3 (454 года назад)
Yeah, it is a bit confusing 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 & 21 PARA are Special
Forces Regiments 5, 6 & 7 PARA are Airborne Elite Regiments The narator,
CAptain Dipankar Barua is a prt of the 7 PARA Para SF would recruit only
from the normal Para.....in other words...a normal infantry soldier has to
pass the 3 months probation of the normal Para, then complete the
Paratrooper training and then continue with 3 months addition probation for
SF regiments cont..

Автор Sangrenegra9 ( назад)
Sorry, I misread your previous post. Though I have to say, it's a bit
confusing having a SF unit based within another regiment, as opposed to
havign its own separate structure. Incidentally, are Para SF open to
soldiers from outside regiments or is it only restricted to those within
the Parachute regiment? Part of the reason why the SAS does infrantry
refresher training is because quite a few volunteers are from non-infantry
corps. Is it like this in the Indian Army?

Автор Sangrenegra9 ( назад)
[continued] 4) I already know you to be an utter fucking retard, but are
you really stupid enough to bring up the whole 'ladies Army' thing AGAIN
after I completely destroyed your previous posts on this issue? 5) The same
goes for your child-like arguments over our army's size. 6) 'luxury + lazy
special force'? What does this even mean? Based on what evidence? I'm
afraid that infantile fantasies don't count as true facts. Foreigners talk
bullshit about our SF at their own peril.

Автор Sangrenegra9 ( назад)
[continued] 3) If your English is bad, that's fine. I don't expect everyone
else to know know our language fluently. However, how stupid and
unqualified are you to criticise a native English speaker for not being
able to understand their English just because your own English sucks? Why
should I type in American English, given that we invented the fucking
language? Your knowledge of American English must be piss-poor anyway,
otherwise you wouldn't have trouble understanding British English.

Автор Sangrenegra9 ( назад)
1) If you're bringing the UK's colonial history into the argument, it
merely suggests you a) have a massive chip on your shoulder and b) your
other arguments are non-existent. Nothing to do with what my post was
about. 2) Your own extremely racist and debasing language makes YOU a
massive hypocrite. Again, nothing to do with what my post was about.

Автор kafirstunner666er ( назад)
do u really think it was our fault that you caused our genocide for even
same for all natives world wide,, causing our devastation and too proud of
some stolen wealth.. then your hypocritical subhuman and stinkin snakes
blood thirsty ghosts.. u disgusting be proud others genocides i cant even
understand your stupid language,, type some American English at least..
also what British Armed Force ?? yea you have largest ladies Army with 130
Artillery and 450 Tanks with a luxury+lazy special force

Автор rohitb3 ( назад)
Yes, im aware... that's why i said Indian Para Special Forces are better
than Standard British Para Standard British Paras can be compared with
Indian Paras Non SF .........the ones shown in this video.. both are Elite
Airborne Forces.

Автор Sangrenegra9 ( назад)
Our Paras aren't 'Special Forces', they are simply an elite infantry
regiment. The nature of their training, however, means that the SAS is
mainly composed of Paras, much as the SBS is mainly composed of Royal

Автор rohitb3 ( назад)
cont.... For Specialised Training.. watch?v=p3BcSQuNxhk Talkin about
British SFs, they do have a long training and tough selection
process.......but when it comes to Operations......they havnt done anything
in Recent past that can compare to what Indian SFs have done... Though i
would admit, overall SAS/SBS are better than the Paras.......they would
find their match in MARCOS.

Автор rohitb3 ( назад)
the "numerous surveys online" which u see online and "Top 10 Special forces
video" on youtube.........ask those people what they know about the Indian
Sfs....like yourself they too are ignorant and compare themselves to a few
other western countries to decide who's the best in THE WORLD... Most US
SFs dont even match the standard set by Indian SFs though western fanboys
such as yourself are deciding who's the BEST in the "World" , Most of your
SFs are comin all the way to India ..... cont....

Автор kafirstunner666er ( назад)
nope its overestimating by corrupt British govt just for peoples interest,,
we also seen many others which British overestimated before and according
to world ratings its US,India,Israel,Russia at the top ratings,,,i think
there was Belgium also rated as best Special Force.. but Parachute Regiment
is on Indian side in Top 2

Автор Raghav Sarma ( назад)
wow. capt.Dipankar Barua....

Автор abhiasole2405 ( назад)
yup true! the indian SFs like MARCOS and NSG are used extensively in J&K to
fight terrorists and their ops are classified almost all of their ops are
classified!! MARCOS have earned the name of "dadhivala fauji" meaning the
bearded soldier and "magarmacch" ie the crocodile from the terrorists for
their awesome ops against infiltrators in lakes and surroundings at LoC!
they are one of the best bt they can get better! as of now no1 knows who's
the best but id give more points to SAS and seal team6

Автор PANGEA95 ( назад)
Yeah, Id say that the US and Indian SF are on par with each other, tbh its
hard to know which is the best SF today. Its just generally respected that
the SAS and SBS are because they were the first, and because of the old
empire, Britian still feels the need to covertly send UKSF to troubled
areas, and sort the problems out, i.e through secret training, assistance
and advising. Indians do alot of counter Al qaeda as well, as its on there
doorstep. But yeah its hard to know whos the best now,

Автор abhiasole2405 ( назад)
lol then just watch out about 100 nukes headed ur way with MIRVs!! fool

Автор abhiasole2405 ( назад)
dude,the training they receive is almost the same!! USSF come to india for
learning guerilla warfare, and Indian SF are sent to US for similar trainin
courses!! on fitness id say both are almost the same!! the indian marcos is
one of the best SF in the world!! even the family of a MARCOS doesnt know
that he is in MARCOS! their ops are highly classified the only big
difference is the technology esp the lack of customized guns for MARCOS!
and ofcourse a role in COD,BF and MOH :-) 

Автор abhiasole2405 ( назад)
it won the gold in 2009 i guess, and the IA won it in 2010!! google it!!
and winning a gold doesnt mean an army is best!!

Автор Balerionthedread ( назад)
"Cambrian Patrol 2010 - Lt. Basit Saleem (Team Leader Pakistan) - Pakistan
Army " watch this whole video and see yourself (watch the whole video)

Автор Balerionthedread ( назад)
you fuckin prick, india was the runner up..... dont argue without any
fuckin' information that dosen't mean your army is no 1...... it was U.S
army which killed osama and killed your people with drone attack and all
you could do was nothing!!!!!!

Автор Balerionthedread ( назад)
it was not decleared no. 1..... it just won gold medal in cambrian patrol.
THAT DOSE NOT MEAN ITS THE BEST ARMY. i wonder why you guys are soooooo

Автор tom isac ( назад)
i hate my internet connection fuck....

Автор webnesia ( назад)
n Britain was in Pakistan Asshole ! 

Автор jkabc25 ( назад)
Porkies, Chinese... We are waiting.

Автор rohitb3 ( назад)
There's a difference between being "the best" and "the pioneers" The
Siachen Glacier is 21000 ft above sea level and temps can go down to -60
deg cel......it's unimaginanble for most armies to stay there...let alone
train and fight Kargil is 17000 ft above sea level..near vertically
inclined mountains...-30 deg winter Deserts..+50 deg Dense forests in the
north.. SAS go everywhere in the world, so do the Paras....though not as
much cause we have our own probs in our backyard..

Автор PANGEA95 ( назад)
I admit that its hard to say that SAS are still THE best in the world, when
theres so many others in the world now, but you can't deny that the SAS was
the first. With all due respect, I don't believe India has THE toughest
terrains in the world ONLY available in India. The SAS go everywhere in the
world, it doesn't make a difference to them if they are based in Britain,
they'll go anywhere. As for action, you have no idea how much they've
seen...they won't tell you and its likely you never will

Автор rohitb3 ( назад)
Indian para has Special force regiments and Standard Non SF regiments.. the
Indian Para SF is much better than a standard Briths Para and comparable to
British SAS.. the Indian MARCOS are comparable to British SBS.... Who's
better trained? it's difficult to know..... But i wud say in the last 2
decades...Indian SFs have seen more action than anyone else.. also Indian
forces get a natural advantage by gettin trained in some of the world's
toughest terrains only available in India.. 

Автор Mahesh Bisht ( назад)
Nice propaganda video for government forces.

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