Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

Jimmy asks if he can tussle Donald Trump's famously controversial hair while the Republican presidential nominee is still a civilian.

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Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

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Длительность: 1:14
Комментарии: 23458

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Автор Dancer 243 ( назад)

Автор iztheterrible ( назад)
Fallon Sucks !!!!

Автор javeria imran ( назад)
I wish I could that except with his bones

Автор Rosie Shuttleworth ( назад)
I'm Australian I hat Donald trump

Автор Awsome Gamer ( назад)
🖕 trump

Автор ich ich ( назад)
I'm sure it was so disgusting to touch his hair

Автор bgpigster_ 123 ( назад)
Does he wear fake tan or something?

Автор Shahd Abdalla ( назад)

Автор Ish Sunneh :v ( назад)
His hair is made out of cloud. when his mother saw him she said he's to early put him back in!

Автор aditya Indrawan ( назад)

Автор noora qamzi ( назад)
somebody please make a meme about this

Автор Channy Vs Maddie ( назад)
What would have been really funny is if Jimmy rubbed his 'hair' and it fell off!

Автор I'm only human ( назад)
Very risky

Автор T Smith ( назад)
Treasonous Trump - IMPEACH HIM and LOCK HIM UP!!!!

Автор zazoo 2539 ( назад)
what an ugly man. he's frizzy old and saggy and I don't like him at all. I'm sooo sorry for u guys in America.

Автор Lima ( назад)
Jimmy is the KING😂💪

Автор Dylan Nguyen ( назад)
This is a groundbreaking moment in history

Автор Valeria Lozoya ( назад)
i hate donald trump

Автор Challenge TV ( назад)
This will turn gold forever so I just leave a comment here.

Автор Silvia Ramos ( назад)

Автор Phoebe Behan ( назад)

Автор Mary Yalda ( назад)
I love this lol

Автор luis ramirez llaguen ( назад)
Booths guys look not bad

Автор Hi Baby ( назад)
Jimmys face in the thumbnail is really obnoxious

Автор Virtuitous Vampire ( назад)
Do something "not presidential"?... LMAO oh if we only knew!!

Автор Aris John ( назад)
remember when Trump was likeable and not such an asshole

Автор Saddy Merry ( назад)
i bet Trump will make America happy again.

Автор gunterdak ( назад)
I don't understand how everyone is surprised that his hair is real. He is a billionaire. Don't you think if he was going to wear a toupee, he could afford one that looked better than that?

Автор Dave Hebb ( назад)
I was a Fallon fan until this. I am too aware Jimmy Fallon is an entertainer. That being said, he should have been aware that he, by doing that fluff interview, was inadvertently supporting Donald Trump. He helped Mr. Trump win the election. I will never, ever watch his show or videos again.

Автор Neal Conway ( назад)
Look at Jimmy rubbing the Porcupine

Автор Briar / ( назад)
I still don't believe its real 😑

Автор Anika Alexandersdottir ( назад)
OMG how dare jimmy mess the president of USA says my heart ❤️ and well my head says something completely different go jimmy you rock maybe next time see if his skin colour is real or if he just puts orange dye on I say he just puts orange dye on NO HATE!

Автор Joe Chopstick ( назад)
Next video should be pouring water on H Clinton; Who is with me?

Автор Alex Moran ( назад)
😭😧😒👎 d

Автор Nagehan Clifford ( назад)
i like Donald Trump

Автор Aiman Haikal 2607 ( назад)
lol the hair

Автор Potterhead 4 Life ( назад)
:O I have no words....

Автор Schmidty ( назад)
What is there to mess up

Автор It's Billie Bow ( назад)
Like whaaat

Автор HeyItsZax ( назад)

Автор Newone Very ( назад)
he went overboard

Автор let it grow ( назад)
look how long his tie is...idiot😂😂

Автор Christopher Robin ( назад)
I'm a huge fan of D.J.T !! This shows his true colors he's fun knee and can make fun of himself. Wish our Prime Minister was a man like him and stand up for his people.

Автор Starlet Morris ( назад)
it looks fake

Автор Kay Kay ( назад)
I hate him but love this video ( :

Автор Lujain Al Jarallah ( назад)
Speechless. Ew

Автор Carmen Huang ( назад)
hello past people!!(i'm from the furture)came to inform you about TRUMP. he now won the election so pack your bags. (boy am i glad i live in Canada)he's gonna be hard to get rid of, so buckle there is gonna be WAR* people vs alien aka TRUMP!* it's not any old war,it's a *dramtic pause* HAIR WAR! hard to win,eh?

Автор Yandere Chan ( назад)
But its already fucked up

it look exactly the same as when he got there.

Автор Jarod D T ( назад)
Jimmys hand is now presidential

Автор Tiana Mo ( назад)
Fun! Trump is awesome!!!!!

Автор Maximo ( назад)
The Tonight Show Starring Mythbusters.

Автор Mr. Rabbit ( назад)
Well..HAHA! Thats fun right?

Автор XxcatloverxX ( назад)
His hair I want to drink myself...

Автор Norka Johnson ( назад)
Donald and Mickey Mouse

Автор ILSRWY4 ( назад)
105K "likes" to 57k "dislikes" yet everyone hates trump publicly, but when it comes to voting, he wins! I wonder if the russians haked these YT polls?

Автор BeGucci Msp ( назад)

Автор The Flash MMA ( назад)
All Hail God Emperor TRUMP! 👌🏼

Автор INeMo Growtopia ( назад)
is it just me cause Jimmy fallons hair looked better than the last time

Автор Sebastian ( назад)
Jimmy gave him the luck for be the president

Автор songs bomb jazzy ( назад)

Автор Arianna Norris ( назад)
Ahhh no trump sucks

Автор Don't Be So Rude ( назад)
In 20+ years when he's ruined the world this may be included in a documentary on how the beginning of the end began so I'm leaving me mark here fam

Автор Faith Pappas ( назад)
Haha lol

Автор Kai C ( назад)
😂 😂 lol

Автор Joey 488 ( назад)
At the end did he just said taylor swift everybody

Автор Lindsey Mirabella ( назад)
wait what!??? that hair is real!???

Автор LDN Fight Club ( назад)
Legendary moment in history lol

Автор Mara Doles ( назад)
No wonder he puts his hair like that

Автор Amira Act Bieber ( назад)
I hate Donald trump

Автор James William Steven Parker ( назад)
Who's Donald Trump?

Автор Emmy Cate ( назад)

Автор Tahliyah Clark ( назад)
I thought it was a wig

Автор ali atheer ( назад)
This will turn gold forever so I just leave a comment here.

Автор hud4094 ( назад)
President Trump has an awesome sense of humor! Be honest

Автор Flexible Spider ( назад)
0:05 5 seconds into the vid and he's already looking like a stumbled cat

Автор cheenadengin ( назад)
Kinda strange to think this video might be referenced in some kids' history class years from now.

Автор Iustin Traista ( назад)
Fucking liberals disliking. Idc if you hate him or not, this shit was funny.

Автор Jazmin Mendez ( назад)
fuck him you suke

Автор Bo Tak ( назад)
ugly hair

Автор sydney james ( назад)
dear do ald your smile is fuck

Автор daviddaaannggg ( назад)
Jimmy you fucking weakling, you helped normalize this monster

Автор Connar Lever ( назад)

Автор Maks Z ( назад)
Push the Trumpo!

Автор Cait Button ( назад)
Welp, this was so funny I cried

Автор Mary-jane Igwagu ( назад)
where did he buy that glue from?! the hair actually looks real 😂😂😂

Автор 11thDoctor's Companion ( назад)
Woah, people in the comment section, calm down!
Just because you don't like Trump doesn't mean you support Clinton and just because you don't like Clinton doesn't mean you support Trump. Please stop killing each other.

Автор jenny jenny ( назад)
Jimmy mess up with Donald Trump because he knew that Trump is a mess already.

Автор Trevor Phillips ( назад)
Trump is a pretty chill dude.

Автор Rhian Morton ( назад)
I'm guessing Jimmy Fallon voted For Trump

Автор Brenda Duncan ( назад)
he's A good man Wallah

Автор Sadio Barry ( назад)
Who is watching this while scrolling down the comments section

Автор Wolf Nerf ( назад)
This was very funny

Автор Angeline4147 ( назад)
(Angeline left the video)

Автор Deanna Dumlao ( назад)

Автор Aqilah Lala ( назад)
why does jimmy need to do that if i was there i would punch his head

Автор YunexyChan ( назад)
gross 😳

Автор Diane Jimmie ( назад)
go Donald trump

Автор Alyza Hernandez ( назад)
He look like a corn

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