Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

Jimmy asks if he can tussle Donald Trump's famously controversial hair while the Republican presidential nominee is still a civilian.

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Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

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Длительность: 1:14
Комментарии: 23264

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Автор Raneem Aldebs ( назад)
I was upset but this vid made my day XD

Автор ZaheedaNaheedya ( назад)
I was expecting that mat to come off. That was hilarious.

Автор imane husaini ( назад)
But his hair is already messed up.

Автор Saylas World ( назад)
i wouldn't touch his hair for all the taxes he owes😂

Автор Raph Morgan ( назад)
He was tryna find out if he had a wig so he can embarass him lol

Автор Baja ( назад)
Jaden smith made me do this

Автор Baja ( назад)

Автор Baja ( назад)

Автор Bentley Minott ( назад)
0:47 did I just heard Donald trump say ' do it my hair is fucked'?

Автор terminator9099 ( назад)
Im so glad he is president now :)

Автор Aleesa Ghaffar ( назад)
I searched something about kpop and this was under so weird YouTube stop drinking

Автор Lorde Diaz ( назад)
*sees Tonald Dump*

Автор Anime DJ ( назад)
hahaha his hair got messed up hahahha

Автор Kelly King ( назад)
Bet Jimmy's ratings were a lot higher than now. Everyone is sick of his Trump bashing

Автор Lyndsay Gilbert ( назад)
Stop hating on donald trump he is our President and u should respect him

Автор William Ghazal ( назад)
I didn't know his hair was that long, omg

Автор Ximena Vallarta ( назад)
how dare you jimmy you are not the person who I thought you were💔

Автор kalahari1955 ( назад)
hilarious,....i like trump

Автор Ella Board ( назад)

Автор Riyad Abu Saeed ( назад)
hahahaha very funny

Автор Ryan Michael ( назад)
That is litt!!

Автор Paul Liu ( назад)
I hope through this episode, JF will lose more viewerships. No moral standard JF

Автор Rainman Slim ( назад)
he deserved my vote, 8 MORE YEARS!!!!

Автор A-Z MVs ( назад)
Oh God! Seeing that messed up hair at the end 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор J ( назад)
fallon is such a fucking ass kisser and he finally kissed the wrong persons ass

Автор Miss Casanova ( назад)

Автор shanya gordon ( назад)
reading the title I was like "too late".

Автор Ijewria Upshaw ( назад)
His hair actually looks so much better pushed back. I was like, Omg Go Donald! So someone tell me why he wears it that way??

Автор Freddie Grace ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon has never been funny but this is so bad it makes me cringe!

Автор Infinity Angel ( назад)
He has such little hair but it's cool

Автор zachstar ( назад)
you suck

Автор GAMER 2000 ( назад)
omg!!!!!! its a mith

Автор M B ( назад)
I am a Muslim American Democrat but President Trump is way cooler than what the fake news try to show him as.

Автор Tri Alwih ( назад)
Trumps hair is fake

Автор Tiarne Rogers ( назад)
Fuck u Donald trump u suck dick🖕🖕👿

Автор Kyra Ragsdale ( назад)
Donald trump go fuck your self

Автор Nivedha D ( назад)
Donald's such a cool sport.

Автор S ( назад)
Like why is his tie like super long ?

Автор Dankulous Memelord III ( назад)
Look at the top of his head it looks like some fucking sushi

Автор Dankulous Memelord III ( назад)
Look at his fucking hands

Автор Steven Polvo ( назад)

Автор Alex Prince ( назад)
Jimmy: You could be the president the next time I see you.
Trump: *Whoop-de-fuck-doo*

Автор Patrick Kitts ( назад)
Does he dye it? Is the strange color unintentionally caused by exposure to the elements or something? I've heard that rainwater can do that...WAIT, that's not rainwater!!

Автор Patrick Kitts ( назад)
Does he dye it? Is the strange color unintentionally caused by exposure to the elements or something? I've heard that rainwater can do that. WAIT!, that's not rainwater!!

Автор Jocelyn Arellano ( назад)
Thank you for doing that

Автор Barry Floyd ( назад)

Автор Barry Floyd ( назад)

Автор Tyler Chronister ( назад)
It's true he's got a toupee LOL 🌙

Автор DonutTrout ( назад)
His hair looks floppy that makes me urgent to touch his hair now 😂

Автор ExplosiveGamesTV ( назад)
How did I get here from Moana???

Автор Pallavi Singh ( назад)
he just didn't beat him up

Автор Emily Negas ( назад)
Who else wants to know whether the hair is still real or not?

Автор Saidan ( назад)
Trump is bald!!!

Автор TheLoneZebra ( назад)
That was a good example of asking for consent before physical contact. 😉

Автор Dávid Kuruc ( назад)
Well, they are both retarded so Im not surprised they hopped in the bed together. Couldnt watch it

Автор lou_sasoul ( назад)
but das racis

Автор Davian Ragsdale Ragsdale ( назад)
he should've ripped the wig off

Автор Grantflip ( назад)
donalds hands are not small...

Автор judy clark ( назад)
how can anyone compliment a comb over?  you are bald dude.  Embrace it

Автор HeyImTiff ( назад)
Why does this have 57k dislikes??

Автор Stephanie contreras ( назад)
U forgot to rip off his wig

Автор AnniiuX ( назад)
It's totally disgusting

Автор Princess Luna ( назад)
like Jimmy's videos but Donald Trump his horrible

Автор Chief Jacob ( назад)
cool video I smile to see this side of trump for few seconds and once the video ended I wanted to punch him in that orange face

Автор janiya isby ( назад)

Автор Rachel wills ( назад)
well atleast he can now say he messed up the presidents hair now

Автор Rebecca Anyi ( назад)
lucky guy😂

Автор Chrissie James x ( назад)

Автор ViolinMusic ( назад)
And now obama

Автор Sammy Padalecki ( назад)
Racist pig

Автор Eric Brooking ( назад)
You have to admit that this was great! Better sense of humor than I thought Trump had.

Автор Arianna Floyd ( назад)
I don't like donald trump

Автор Darren Kang ( назад)
I don't know about you guys but Donald seems like a nice guy despite having very insane political ideas.

Автор Joseph Simpson ( назад)
This clip is the one thing I like Donald Trump in. One.

Автор Anna Parrish ( назад)

Автор Offixcial Brizzy ( назад)
I hate Donald trump

Автор Thomas H ( назад)
Embarrassed for Fallon

Автор Kitty cat Luver ( назад)
It looked like Donald was wearing a wig

Автор FAIZ Cx ( назад)
The bald is pissening

Автор VandalChaos ( назад)
Heyy this will probably once in a lifetime video, so I would like to say.... I COMMENTED ON THIS VIDEO!!

Автор raladiks games ( назад)

Автор Amelia Leonardo ( назад)
If you like donald trump give 👍🏻
If you don't like donald trump give 👎🏻

Автор 涼介山田 ( назад)
Like what?
I love the way he said.

Автор Lxchel Parra ( назад)
omg guys don't tell I vote for trump he is the worst President of we have ever have 🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓

Автор Zaina Sarira ( назад)
Fuck Donald trump

Автор Becky Edwards ( назад)
I would wanna do that honestly

Автор marcorubioandthefunkybunch lol ( назад)
Heart react only

Автор ElChacu53 ( назад)

Автор Getapetahome ( назад)
Hell, he almost seems likeable here.

Автор Only 2 Genders ( назад)
Donald trump looks like a giant in that chair

Автор K369 ( назад)
holy shit, It's not a wig!

Автор Veronica Marte ( назад)
And he literally is the president now😏

Автор 1 23 ( назад)
That bitch

Автор Madison Simmons ( назад)
Love both of them despite differing views they have

Автор iTz_RitZ_GaminG ( назад)
Oh Em Gee he predicted future

Автор Kathy Guerra ( назад)
Boo Donald Trump whoever agrees like this comment. Ps I approve this message

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