Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

Jimmy asks if he can tussle Donald Trump's famously controversial hair while the Republican presidential nominee is still a civilian.

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Donald Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

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Длительность: 1:14
Комментарии: 22782

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Автор Jaykey ( назад)
They should've simply mess him up.Literally.

Автор Jarrod Fernandes (Jaz) ( назад)
Trump made this liberal smile.

Автор Jenny Chen ( назад)
This moment is Gold!! He is even wearing the same suite as his inauguration
ceremony!! 😂😂😂😂

Автор cutie lau ( назад)
He doesn't seem that bad

dope video

Автор Cellar Door ( назад)
His hair looked like a ginger cat that was in a dryer

Автор Brian Thomas ( назад)
Why doesn't he slick his hair back. He has a good amount of hair still

Автор ElisabethJ Johnson ( назад)
Wow, that tupee glue must be really strong😂

Автор Edwin Antonio Cholico Rivas ( назад)
I don't like Jimmy Fallon any more because he's with Donald Trump 🐤🐥

Автор Danilo Garrido ( назад)
I am disgusted on Jimmy Fallon

Автор boku_wa_sugoi ( назад)
I don't know much about politics, I'm not even a US citizen but I really
want to touch Mr. Trump's hair too :P

Автор sky delos santos ( назад)
*W A L L*

Автор Rose Delvign ( назад)
i hope to think that one day when his term is over and hes a regular
citezen again jimmy invites him back on and rubs the 2 strands of that
yellow hair that he will have by then right off

Автор Kapsproductions ( назад)
People forget how old Donald trump is, of course his hair isn't going to
look full lol.

Автор Vexing Concern ( назад)
In four years, if your country has any citizens left after the Great
Annexing, the PRC, Russian Federation and Singapore would like very much to
be trained in Mr. Trump's social mastery and managerial and political
prowess. We have some ideas concerning methods of carnage that should be
explored, and I believe that we think very much alike on these matters. For
the future peace - signed, the Allied Consortium of Beneficent Nations.

Автор siqpuppie ( назад)
How could u NOT want Trump for president? I mean, how could it be any worst
than what the last couple presidents have done? Especially George W.. If he
could do it anyone could.. haha

Автор Nasir Noble ( назад)
Yo Jimmy do me a favor a huge favor SHOOT THAT NIGGA please and thank you

Автор Ajay Constantine ( назад)
He is now POTUS!

Автор Kai-Robin B. Norseth ( назад)
Jimmy would be a better president.

Автор Fun Faws ( назад)
Did he just made a history? Hahahaha

Автор WILDstyle Wildy ( назад)

Автор S L ( назад)
but but CNN said Trump has fake hair!! FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE

Автор Blake Burns ( назад)
You know what, at least Trump can make fun of himself a bit. Liberals will
never understand why he was elected, and why he WILL be elected for a
second term. What a pity.

Автор Zaki Hattar ( назад)
dang i was hoping he would make trump get high on helium i mean come on he
did it with morgan freeman

Автор Caleb Brandalise ( назад)
uhhh thats cool hahah

Автор Jazzlyn Moseley ( назад)
Dat Bald Spot Tho

Автор Ember Arashi ( назад)
Omg he looks so awkward there...but then again he isn't used to being
around ppl who kiss his ass all day

Автор Void Killz ( назад)
Trump kill yourself

Автор Iten Dar Juan (itendarjuan) ( назад)
So do you actually believe that his hair is real? If he can`t be truthful
about his hair, what else can he lie about :-O

Автор Brewing Oleum Since Forever ( назад)
0:58...Jimmy said I will do it as well....

two days later

*Jimmy: oh fuck, where the hell these head lices come from????*

Автор Arvinth Kumar ( назад)
I don't like Trump's view & his opinions but he was really cool in this
video :)

Автор Alice Wright-Carter ( назад)
uhhh Donald Trump 😲

Автор Matthew Lo ( назад)
He predicted the future.

Автор Jonathan Sim: Magic ( назад)
I really hate Trump. But sometimes he's objectively funny

Автор 5318008 ( назад)
Holy shit it's real hair

Автор The Internet Killed Music ( назад)
It is a hair weave, look how bald his scalp is.

Автор I know Do you ( назад)
I think he was trying to make the toupee fall off

Автор abhishek unnithan ( назад)
i knew it wasn't a fuckin toupee

Автор Kween Lache ( назад)
Something I can suport Donald Trump NOT ALL I HATE HOW HIS BOGGLE SELF

Автор Chris Awsome ( назад)
He predicted that trump will be president

Автор Anuj Kumar ( назад)
Make 'Head and Shoulders' great again

Автор Ghost Ray ( назад)

Автор TheRocknRollZebra ( назад)
So Fallon disses Trump on the Golden Globes but is his best buddy here.
Phoney Fallon

Автор Meem The medic ( назад)
Nobody touches the Donald trump

Автор Kimberly Jackson ( назад)
donald trump suck bobobobo

Автор Youtube Garbage ( назад)
Boycott this unfunny piece of shit. Unless you're dumber than your TV, you
shouldn't be watching it anyway.. Late night is for retards and old people.

Автор Cass Parker ( назад)
I just ate a bag of shit

Автор ***Ebony * *Black*** ( назад)
I would love to mess up his hair!

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
hahahahahaha very funny I don't get why so many dislikes

Автор stargate905 ( назад)
I knew it was real hair

Автор tomparton1 ( назад)
That was the last time Trump will be on the Fallon show.... "King Joffrey?"
what a loser.

Автор jasper budiono ( назад)
After the show, Trump be like "check this guy's visa".

Автор Emerrias ( назад)
Defranco Fam!

Автор Cheecks Jamz ( назад)
Gotta admit, Donald is a cutie.

Автор UnleashThe Fury ( назад)
is Donald trump wearing a wig

Автор Isabel V ( назад)
And that was the last time I watched The Tonight Show...

Автор MrMiggy66 ( назад)

Автор piping piping ( назад)
im not from america but i really dont get the hate donald gets. i mean you
might not like him for his political views and stuff but hating the person
himself only because what he stands for is absurd . i also wonder if ppl
who call themselves republician or liberals have any idea bout what those
ideologies are. cause from my perspective its a stupid way of
classification for politics

Автор Johnny Michaels ( назад)
Just making sure it wasn't a wig.

Автор euptagraw 2nd Channel ( назад)
As if it was not already messed up

Автор punk ass ( назад)

Автор d g ( назад)

Автор Seth Tucker ( назад)
And this is why I will never watch Jimmy Fallon ever again. Normalizing
this rat bastard by having him on his show, then goofing around with him,
instead of taking him to task on all of his outrageous, offensive behavior.
Jimmy, you lost a viewer forever.

Автор nina e ( назад)

Автор Matt Matt ( назад)
like whattt

Автор kuroko chi ( назад)
He just turned into a parrot!

Автор Justsome Girl ( назад)
Politics aside and his hate for humanity aside this guy cracks me up all
the time

Автор Karinaalopez LOL ( назад)
HE DOSENT WERE A WIG?!??!?!!,!,!,! (Donald trump)

Автор Laura Kate Dale ( назад)
Poor Jimmy, The producers forced him,

Автор Snikkerz666 ( назад)
Trump is an idiot....

Автор war “wardept” dept ( назад)

Автор war “wardept” dept ( назад)
Frump want to be a dictator and he just might make it.

Автор war “wardept” dept ( назад)
Why didn't he exspose his bald spot

Автор wonderfulfull wonderfulfull ( назад)
so good I love when donald trump get bullied Hahahahaha I hate donald trump
I curse him will fallen cause I know he will fallen

Автор MrKite'sStrawberries ( назад)
lol... the anti-Trump movement was so manufactured. Listen to the people -
they love Trump. So do I.

Автор shreyshrew 20 ( назад)
" next time I see you you could be the president of the United States" well
that turned out to be true😂

Автор Velma Lemle ( назад)
I love Jimmy Fellow's show I watch him every night..Very funny guy.

Автор Daniel ( назад)
Would you pleeeease stop talking about terrorist in USA! Your own people is
killing your country. There's more than 20 death per year by a kid
accidently firing a gun he discovered in his own house and let's not talk
about the number of deaths in school mass shootings! Terrorist is not the
problem it is a distraction for what is the real problem. USA has the
highest total death due to firearms per year than any countries in the
world! So stop putting that *terrorist card*, it's a problem, but not the
main problem in the number of deaths in the USA. ....Oh and by the
way...Sorry I said that! (From Montreal Quebec Canada) ;)

Автор Saad Muzzammil ( назад)
He made everyone his bestie in a single show. Great personality Jimmy!

Автор DON W ( назад)

Автор lffchmusic ( назад)

Автор Jamie Comtois ( назад)

Автор LetFreedomRing25776 ( назад)
Donald Trump is such an amazing guy. I really hate that the media tried to
destroy his image.

Автор LI WEI ( назад)
to support or hate him ,he is a topic now. Check winter hat cap of Donald
here if you like

Автор Mark M ( назад)
This was just stupid.

Автор serafin villodres ( назад)
I wish Duterte should react this video.

Автор Miguel Melo ( назад)
Boii look at yo ha'line

Автор ArcadeMAD ( назад)
good sport mr trump

Автор V3NUS .TV. ( назад)

Автор Christy Albertone ( назад)
I can finally say it: PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!

Автор thebeganing ( назад)
Trumps people only care about their hate movement. They dont give a fuck
about anything else.

Автор Marília Jardim ( назад)
he always looks drunk #trumpiscrap

Автор Robin Aretz ( назад)
God, I hate that dork so fricken much.

Автор Rextrent ( назад)
D Trump !! YES! A real person. A real AMERICAN in the White House. Let's
get a massive industrial-sized mop bucket of bleach cleaning product and
CLEAN UP America. No more raping and murdering illegal aliens allowed to
run free by US courts and Democrat leadership! NO MORE Loretta Lynch-types
who commit CONTEMPT of court wasting millions of taxpayer dollars while she
bullshits everybody, and that includes ALL the Dems and CNN, MSNBC, etc
anchors who do the same to the public. NO MORE disrespecting of everybody
who loves America and know what America stands for. SO: no more Al
Sharptons or Hillary Clintons and Robert DeNiro and G Clooney can go
straight to hell ! along with all the other mouthy "celebrities". WE ARE
READY for them to move out! See ya ! Adios !
God Bless great Americans like Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Jim Jordan, etc.
who stand for simple REASON and sensibilty. Thank you, wise and decent
Americans, for voting TRUMP. God Bless America.

Автор Mazna Khan ( назад)

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