Berlin May 1945 Part2

-This is Berlin in May 1945.
- Berlim em Maio de 1945.

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Автор alphaswag95 ( назад)
That would have been one hell of a 3 day party lol

Автор renea222 (1403 года назад)
It's so NICE to see Germans kicked in ass and Berlin in ruins!! FUCKING NICE!! i hope it will repeat again. DEATH TO ALL GERMANS!!, HURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Автор 44BerlinBerlin ( назад)
Your mother is a whore in berlin hahahaha.
haha you little cock sucker. I hope you die !!!

Автор 44BerlinBerlin ( назад)
i would like it when you die son of a bitch.
Du Hurensohn ich hoffe du stirbst.
Berlin fucks your mother.
You are nothing. Die!!!!

Автор Ken Wong ( назад)
speedyneutrino, Russia was our greatest allies in ww2. you nazi's got all you deserved and Russia should have exterminated you all, just like you tried to do to the rest off the world. So don't go on with any more off your shit. The only other soldiers who stuck it to you nazi's were Australia's famous Rats of Tobruk. 18 '' boyonets made you all sqweal like the women you opened up with bayonets and played ping pong with the unborn fetuses. K.J. Edmonton.

Автор haeheah adsada ( назад)
what the song name it 4:55

Автор qvo primum ( назад)
@Mi6Blue The red scum,,,, the mongols invading a civilized Europe again.

Автор Kyle ( назад)
@SpeedyNeutrino43 Oh thanks alot. If that happened, than whole of Europe spoke German right now and we would live in a dictatorship. Europe says fuck Germany and for cowardly attacking us all of Germany must be destroyed.

Автор chanctonbury63 ( назад)
@Elberiver11 You again.

Автор RedGoblinus ( назад)
@Elberiver11 In August 1939, Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR signed a non-aggression pact, stunning the world given their diametrically opposed ideologies. The two sides basically agreed to carve up parts of Eastern Europe - and leave each other alone in the process. Hitler reneged on the pact when his armies invaded the USSR in June 1941. Hitler's finest armies were shredded to pieces in the USSR and in 1945 - literally - ran for their lives back to the relative safety of the Third Reich.

Автор Elberiver11 ( назад)
@Lion2Tiger Churchill and Stalin, the two warcriminals who killed, raped and tortured millions, should have been tried and hanged at Nuremberg 1946.

Автор Elberiver11 ( назад)
Winston Churchill was closest supporter of Dictator Stalin and helped him subjugate Europe under a communist terror regime. This British-Communist plot, who had started the war on Germany in Sep. 1939, claiming to "save Poland" (which they never did), raped over 2 Million women and even little girls.

Churchill's Red Army friends would rape any female from 12-year old girls to 89-year old ladies. Many were raped so many times by the "liberators" they succumbed to their inner infringements.

Автор Elberiver11 ( назад)
Winston Churchill turned whole cities into Crematoria and turned air-raid shelters into death chambers, asphyxiating over 250 000 innocents in the Dresden-Holocaust in only one night.

The country of perpetrators usually rules out one "zero", and claim it was only 25 000 who died. Together with Hiroshima, it was the biggest atrocity perpetrated onto a whole city in all of human history.

Germany had offered peace, but Churchill wanted war. Churchill is the main culprit of both world wars.

Автор Elberiver11 ( назад)
@RedGoblinus I am glad you mentioned the mass-rape of millions of German women and children, by those who claim to be "liberators". I am surprised you blame the mass-rape on Adolph Hitler, i must have forgotten that he was commander of the Red Army. hahaha

Well, of course your idiotic words are lies. In truth, the Allies commited the biggest gang-rape in human history, you really should be proud of your ancestors. You rapists eally do fight for humanity, dont you? haha

Автор Elberiver11 ( назад)
The warcriminal Winston Churchill, who killed over one million innocent children and women in his air-war together with Roosevelt, was also the one who started the Air-war on Germany on May 10th 1940 - the very same day this insane killer came into office he started it.

The reason why racists like you keep on focussing on the "bad germans", a fake image created by your country, is to distract from Allied atrocities like the Atomic Genocide in HIROSHIMA or the DRESDEN-Holocaust.

Автор Elberiver11 ( назад)
@RedGoblinus That is actually what happened, but i am not surprised that you do not know about it:

After the insane mad killer Churchill wiped whole districts of Hamburg off the map in only 3 nights, killing over 50 000 children and women with Phosphorous, the Germans evacuated over 1 Million Hamburgers within only 24 hours. But, where did you want to send the 4 Million Berliners, you moron? To Hamburg? Ah, alright hahaha

You idiot. You are even too stupid to think the tiniest thoughts.

Автор IrminSul ( назад)

Автор 12241977able ( назад)
God bless all the soldgies wich was killed in WW2

Автор tisoy909 ( назад)
I think i have to agree with hitlers statement, the universal poison of all nations international jew!

Автор ronaldrobin ( назад)
Take a good look at the video,what do you see, mostly women and children and old men. Was there a need to wage revenge on them to rape them out of vengance. No.the destruction of their towns and cities was enough I feel sorry for them it was not what a victorious army should have done.

Автор RedGoblinus ( назад)
@Lion2Tiger Excellent comment. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi clique were using the German women and children of Berlin as human shields. Any sane leader would have had Berlin evacuated of non combatants long before the RAF and USAAF started bombing the city in ernest and long before Red Army tank brigades and shock troops stormed the city. The German people voted in Adolf Hitler and his Nazis and they were quite happy to support his blood thirsty tyrannical regime - they got their comeuppance.

Автор Lion2Tiger ( назад)
@luvpump1 Oh, back in 1945 I can assure you that there were many, many people in Europe and elsewhere who felt not one iota of sympathy for the plight of the German people whose lives had been so ravaged by war. Remember - Germany started WWII in Europe and a huge number of non-Germans would have felt nothing but contempt for Germans after the horrors they themselves had experienced at the hands of the Wehrmacht and SS. Even today, many would dismiss the Germans in this vid as Nazis.

Автор Heat Store ( назад)
@Lion2Tiger Why wouldnt a normal person feel sorry for them ?

Автор Lion2Tiger ( назад)
I actually feel so sorry for those people.

Автор TheBaronofBallstein ( назад)
@anonUK Anon, I am not talking about the modern Germans. Im talking about those Gestapo and Waffen SS dogs, who executed by the hundreds, because the resistance attacked them or blew up something. It is not nice, rape is not nice, but neither is what they did. I believe the pay load that fell on their heads collectively in 1945 was just. Which brings me to the menopause, how can a woman who was raped by 4-6 I have even read about 25 Soviets. Ever has intercourse again? Many commited suicide.

Автор anonUK ( назад)
Do women who have had a lot of intercourse get menopause earlier? Can you prove that?

I think you have led your family's terrible (yet sadly typical) wartime experiences colour your ideas of 80+ million people living now, most of whom would reject Nazism as strongly as we both do. It's over, they failed to defend their awful "vision" of Europe, Germany was f*ed for a while, Nazism as a mass political movement thankfully died, we all learned and moved on.

Автор grancorso ( назад)
@Ultracactuar do not forget Ukraine, Belorussia and the other countries of the mighty CCCP!

Автор hailfire101 ( назад)
red army for every

Автор just3ta ( назад)

Автор just3ta ( назад)

Автор just3ta ( назад)

Автор Евгений Русских ( назад)
@NicephorusAetiusIX This song called 'Katyusha' . Is a Soviet wartime song about a girl longing for her beloved, who is away on military service. Katyusha is a tender diminutive from the female name Ekaterina (Catherine): Katya is the nickname and Katyusha, a tender diminutive. Also, Katyusha is a type of rocket artillery first built and fielded by the Soviet Union in World War II.

Автор Ultracactuar ( назад)
Go russia They saved us all! germans got what they deserved!

Автор alex7741000 ( назад)
@SonofOdin1000 "It always sickened my heart to see the picture with Red Flag in Berlin!!"

And what kind of feelings experienced Russian people, when looking at the Nazi flags with swastikas on the streets of their cities during the German invasion??

Автор alex7741000 ( назад)
@SonofOdin1000: "It always sickened my heart to see the picture with Red Flag in Berlin!!"

And what kind of feelings experienced Russian people, when looking at the Nazi flags with swastikas on the streets of their cities during the German invasion??

Автор alex7741000 ( назад)
@paulpembroke :"fuck Ivan"
Fuck John and the U.S.

Автор TheBaronofBallstein ( назад)
Germans defenders of Europe my ass, maybe if these morons didnt murder European women and children during their years of "defence" maybe they wouldnt have fallen to the Soviet Rape Machine. And I congradulate the Soviets for their resistance, and their massive orgy across Germany, those monsters that executed civilians in Greece, amongst them my great grandfather who faced the fireing squad in 1942, were born by German whores, and those same vaginas were fucked to menopause in 1945.

Автор progame01023 ( назад)
grausam krieg.

Автор anonUK ( назад)
Every nation has its good guys and its bad guys. Sometimes, the good guys and the bad guys are the same- see Winston Churchill.

The idea that the Germans were uniquely racist and evil can be tempting- it means we can overlook our own shame and regrets. Unfortunately, there are no saintly nations. The British and others relied on brute force to get and run most colonies. The Americans in 1945 still had real segregation, not just in the southern states, but through most of the armed forces.

Автор Jan Blonski ( назад)
It looks that you missed haw happy were ordinary Germans to assume role of the super race. It was stupidity and arrogance and for that they suffered. The Nuremberg trials were a whitewash of the German nation, an absolution from guilt. I assume you are Briton, check what plans had Churchill for them. Why are they and still are so economically and militarily successful, possibly by being unquestionably obedient. What puzzles me is where their composers and philosophers are coming from.

Автор Joe Morello ( назад)
Russia, this is what will happen to u in ww3, listen to ur own voice, starts at 1:48 to 2:03 In ww3 u become the Neo-Nazi of the world and the result will be the same.

Автор Nikola Petkov ( назад)
Well,that's what will happen to Germany ones again because they still are the same as they were back in the 1930's.Believe me I know them - i work with them every single day and the are still a very war-friendly nation as they always have been

Автор UK2DMC ( назад)
People steal our cars, which have earned. Too lazy and too stupid people who steal our country empty.

Автор KmKXxScootxX ( назад)
alle tommys sind doch nicht ganz dicht die hier son scheiss schreiben euch hätte man anstelle dera die damals um gekommen sind da hin schicken sollen ... schwuchteln ....

Автор KmKXxScootxX ( назад)
Ihr seid doch nicht mehr ganz dicht Schwule amerikaner <<<< alle kein hirn abbekommen oder was ???

So was dummes ...

Автор KmKXxScootxX ( назад)
Ihr seid doch nicht mehr ganz dicht Schwule amerikaner <<<< alle kein hiern abbekommen oder was ???

So was dummes ...

Автор iocantoetu ( назад)
@WittenStock Who treated German POWS better that they deserved?

Автор lothar804 ( назад)
We must not let this happen again, The 3rd world war will be agenst either Russia or China, or mabye even both, considering Russia supplies China with AK-47's

Автор Peter Whitehall ( назад)
From the ruins of the Reich a new and modern Germany would emerge. Today Germany is the financial saviour of Europe.

Автор SpeedyNeutrino43 ( назад)
@WittenStock What is the source of your somewhat doubtful statistics? There were never 40 million native American indians were in American to begin with.....Yes, the US killed many Germans, Japanese and Koreans...however they all brought it upon themselves.

Автор SpeedyNeutrino43 ( назад)
@WittenStock Why don't you cite the sources of your somewhat questionable statistics? There were never 40 million native Americans (indians) in the USA in the first place. Yes, the USA killed plenty of Germans, Japanese and Koreans....however the US didn't start any of the conflicts...but they did finish them.

Автор Christopher Lee ( назад)
The germans reaped what they sowed ,and i wonder today how much slavic blood now runs through the superior aryan race haha.

Автор SpeedyNeutrino43 ( назад)
General Patton was right....The Bolshevik Slavs were barely civilized and should have been kicked right back to Moscow by combined German and American forces.

Автор Luiz x ( назад)

Автор anonUK ( назад)
In the 1932 Presidential election, Hitler got 36% of the vote. At least 20% of the German population in those elections didn't vote for Hindenburg or Hitler. While the Nazis may have killed at least 20% of the German population, most of the people who voted against the Hindenburg-Hitler offering were not killed by the Nazis. Also, most of the people (57%) who voted for Hindenburg were conservatives and centrists- all the Nationalists, whether Nazi or not, voted for Hitler.

Автор Mi6Blue ( назад)
Huraaaaa.... To the Red Army who saved europ from the crazy madness of the stupid nazis. 25 millions lost their lives for the march of victory from Moscco to Berlin

Автор Mi6Blue ( назад)
@anonUK remember that they elected the nazis and gave them absulot power, every single one of them (man, woman, and child) servied the will of their crazy leader. and they got what they deserve, and the honored and honest Germans who didnt want to serve Hitler had already died by execution long time before the end

Автор anonUK ( назад)
It's a great pity- a disgrace really- that the people who suffered most in this weren't the top Nazis but the ordinary people. The ordinary Germans were the ones bombed, killed and/or raped, while the Nazis escaped, were shot or hanged according to strict justice. The Russians exacted their worst revenge on people whose greatest sin had been indifference, not fervent Nazism. However, it was also said that "the way to the concentration camps was paved with indifference".

Автор Paul Tranfaglia ( назад)
Again,Brilliant but lay off the dick and get the spooge out of your ears.

Автор Paul Tranfaglia ( назад)
Brilliant, pickle smoocher but, as usual, WRONG!!!

Автор Christine Rüdell ( назад)
Germany won the war and there were no rapes it is propaganda and you are suckers all!!!

Автор Paul Tranfaglia ( назад)
Fail Son: China just surpassed Germany in exports , making it #1.

Germany can never repay the debt it owes to the United States.

Автор Paul Tranfaglia ( назад)
Berlin never looked better and every bomb was deserved.

Автор bravo45 ( назад)
how anyone could not notice concentration camps??

Just like the world can't seem to notice the Israeli atrocities.

Автор Paul Tranfaglia ( назад)
You might want to stop sucking your boyfriends dick but you probably won't.

Автор Paul Tranfaglia ( назад)
Shoukld have nuked Berlin right after Tokyo...yeah.

Автор englandcalling22 ( назад)
certainly more cultured than Russia! Russia still had outdoor toilets in those days haha :)
but what was done to Berlin is unforgivable, just as the Nazi's crimes in Russia, Ukraine etc are unforgivable. War is a terrible thing and the civilians are always the greatest loosers!

Автор сергей serg (1224 года назад)
what happens when vtorgayutsya in Russia without the permission

Автор сергей serg (1264 года назад)
what happens when vtorgayutsya in Russia without the permission :)!!!

Автор MultiSodium ( назад)
russian soldier are happy

Автор askjiir ( назад)
Germans? Well, not that cultured back then.
Considering their track record. I mean Come on!

Автор betraktare1 ( назад)
It's so tragic what the euroepan civilians hade to endure because of this war. Hitler killed western civilization the day he started WW2. All in all it was just a gigantic european civil war. Now we are weak and beeing invaded and overrun by Arabs and Africans.

Автор Michaelxxx1936 ( назад)
Awesome video. Many mixed feelings and emotions. The utter sadness of those scenes does not seem to diminish over the years. Thank you.

Автор UltraRebels ( назад)
People wearing leatherpants never do ;)

Автор AtilladHun ( назад)
Sorry, my dear German friends, this has become a part of your heritage. Peoples of other countries will always look at you with hatred and disdain. A diabolical race even. It doesn't matter i you are guilty or not. That's the price you have to pay for the sins of your leaders. You will need find another planet to start anew to be able to cast away the ghost of your past. That's just the way it is. That is the lesson of these 2 great apocalypses (WWI and II) that you have created.

Автор elbwolf189 ( назад)
These video its the reason that europe don't want another war whith any country ...
If USA have these experience in his own land ..sure think twice before began an invasion or attack another country !!!

Автор pacmota ( назад)
They dont look as the master race anymore do they

Автор BadgerinSC ( назад)
I'll bet that last diary entry was bogus... and LOL at celebrating the conquest of half of Europe by Mongolian hordes... Yay Bolshevism!

Автор hund65 ( назад)
Viva URRS/Russia!!!!!!!!!!

Автор polskich ( назад)
most of this damage was done by allied bombers.the allies wanted to leave the germans to starve after the war, the only reason they changed their minds was because the russians started to feed the germans in their sector and build accommodation, the allies feared a communist germany would be created so they came up with the marshall plan

Автор Killerfox3 ( назад)
I can't imagine how painful to be those kids to walk out from your house and see your theirs father's dead body on the floor, to hear bombs being drop on their city, to hear and see men fight and die, to see their mother cries over their dead father's body. Respect All Those Who Had To Go Through This Bloody War....

Автор Ironstorm ( назад)
The dirty russians really made an overkill job on germany! theres no need to feel sorry for the russians! at least not those who still belive in communism!

Автор Paul Young ( назад)
thats what you get when you allow dictators in. long live democracy. god bless all who had to live and die in those terrible times.

Автор Edup12 ( назад)
Really? HAHAHAHA And then played soccer with the head?? Funny!!

Автор William Baker ( назад)
they got what the germans deserved

Автор kotamei ( назад)
this is why we should avoid war as possible as we could

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