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Автор facundo funes (1 год)
how do you do the move on 0:49?

Автор Dorian Moore (10 месяцев)
How can I hit like chuck Liddell

Автор Adam1994able (5 лет)
you have to learn it at a camp invite just go to THE PIT train with chuck
liddell and push learn and you will learn either the spinning backfist or
the superman idk.

Автор Alec Medich (5 лет)
@bronx2bama on playstation, circle, x, triangle, and sqaure

Автор buddiechrist23 (5 лет)
my bad its level 3 kickboxer lvl 2 is spining backfist

Автор sage4000 (4 года)
My fastest KO came from the weak punches, was playing the UFC demo and got
like 5-8 second KO from doing a right left right weak punch combo using
chuck liddell

Автор jt90016 (5 лет)
som1 please tell me how when u are in the clinch with anderson silva , how
do u knee to the head? som1 tell me i have it for the 360

Автор steven giraldo (4 года)
just stfu cuz really im not in the mood of ur bs

Автор Renzo Cauli (2 года)
Lesnar is à god her

Автор shlem12 (5 лет)
@whiteboi747 it came out May 19th 2009.. u can get it cheap at grainger
games or gamestation

Автор Dennis Cutmore (3 года)
my quickest knockout was5 seconds chuck liddel vs a silver

Автор Gunslinger O'TumbleWeed (5 лет)
@whiteboi747 Hopefully next year for 11 they put in WEC

Автор Alec Medich (5 лет)
me and my brother are putting our xmas money together to get a ps3 and i am
FOR SURE getting this not even gonna think about this is a MUST HAVE game
if you like to watch WEC or UFC

Автор fatalxality (5 лет)
how do you get the flash kos

Автор TheLibertard (5 лет)

Автор arti9716 (3 года)
alcohol reference? WTF?

Автор appleinmyass (5 лет)

Автор Chick3n6190 (5 лет)
you need to get lvl 3 on kickboxing...in the game...(training camp)

Автор porkwaffle66 (5 лет)
My friend knocked me out with one kick to the head after eleven seconds in
the first round. I lol'ed.

Автор aburusco (5 лет)
lol i can never get a knockout,except for 1, but like all of my wins are by
tko, no joke, i have like 21 tko wins with 1 knockout in carreer mode, i
suck that bad lol

Автор youngcash506 (5 лет)
lol his hand went throght da guy at 0:32

Автор assassincred56 (3 года)
bull crap u cant ko BJ Penn

Автор DerEinzige21 (5 лет)
In order to do this, you must be a wrestler, and you must be in your
opponent's guard. (360 control) When in their guard, hold the left button
down and do a minor transition. This works whether you're in an open or
closed guard.

Автор theTJray (5 лет)
hell yeah

Автор Mike Nguyen (5 лет)
@Tarczyn10 You gotta unlock that skill by doing Kickboxing training camps.
I don't remember what level you gotta be to unlock it, but I'm guessing 2.

Автор David Vuong (5 лет)
technical knock out

Автор William Mendoza (5 лет)
Tutorial tells you everything. Do clinch tutorial.

Автор blusuck (5 лет)
2010 is gonna kiss ass

Автор Young Mully (5 лет)
my tips to KOing ur opponent hold lb & press y get lucky then knock out ur
opponent well at least against the computer

Автор fatalxality (5 лет)
how do you counter punch

Автор Dante Guerrero (5 лет)
actually the aclohol reference is that... when i lost my first fight it was
to frank mir.. i was the undefeated champ and all i needed too do is when
and ill wouldve made it to the hall of fame but...it says this in a
professional message on career after the loss i had : Do you wanna go back
to your hometown Houston Texas and go drink with your drinking buddys? or
do u wanna go back and fight for ur championship back.

Автор raoultjuhhh (5 лет)
1:42 how can you do a jump knee or something i don't now how

Автор leadiceman22 (4 года)
2010 has bulshit subbision system how the fuck do the people always beat me
when im fuking spining that shit like crazy

Автор ZitellaWakerys (4 года)
I wish the KOs weren’t so bland looking in UFC games. Knockout Kings, now
there are some fucking KOs worth seeing and learning. Guys – my friend
recently hacked a 2010 UFC Undisputed promo, so if anyone wants a full
retail game, check out my vid. So far I’ve received 3 full games, but they
might find out eventually, so try it while you can.

Автор steven giraldo (4 года)
@SrsItsPaul retarded=you as in retard = you(you SrsItsPaul) thats y u need
a dictionary to look at every thing

Автор iloveaCONSPIRACY (2 года)
puss rs up and all this means bullshit.

Автор Son of Sparta (5 лет)

Автор mrs0nicb00m (3 года)
one time in multiplayer right at the beggining i took the first punch and
nocked him out and the guy was yelling nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo

Автор buddiechrist23 (5 лет)
u gotta get to a level 2 in kickboxing skill by doing camp invites when u
see a highlighted octagon on the calander just hit action when that week
comes up

Автор Ryan Pope (3 года)
i got knocked out once by a single lunging jab.. it's mostly a matter of
luck lol

Автор Jay sfsafsd (4 года)
@th3king123 Your grades..? when you spell.. like that? :S

Автор 10forswing (5 лет)
the thing that pisses me the most abput this game is when all people do are
high kicks to the head theres no way to block them or catch them its

Автор Henry Holmes (4 года)
@whiteboi747 why dont u have rich parents that buy your PS3 as I have? xD

Автор skieryz (5 лет)
ooo... right

Автор babycabel (5 лет)
Does anyone know how to change the flag that appears at the introduction of
the fights?

Автор ohgodthehorror (5 лет)
online play for this sucks,, between the lag and rapidfire fags. Hopefully
with 2010 they ban people playing on shitty connections, and block
rapidfire controllers.

Автор Jay Parrish (5 лет)
@whiteboi747 you could wait a while for 2010 to come out... or EA MMA which
looks just as good

Автор Kyle Weaver (3 года)
You made lesnar too fucking strong I was Mir and i pounded the shut out of
home the first round half if which was on the ground then second round he
throws 2 power hits and I'm knocked out I say that's bullshit

Автор Jay sfsafsd (4 года)
@th3king123 I'm not a retard.. I have the correct idea to use proper
english language no matter what I type. :l Silly person.

Автор Dan Seabaugh (4 года)
Good luck getting that many strikes in this year, that is an auto takedown
or counter that rocks you with those jab combos.

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