UFC Undisputed - tips to KO your opponent

For tips on how to make your opponent tapout, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRXaI9XLEjw . Here UFC UNDISPUTED producer breaks down the games stand-up features. He discusses striking, defense, counters, range, clinches, knockouts and more. UFC 2009 Undisputed for PS3 and Xbox 360 is out NOW.

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Автор chillaxes 99 ( назад)
its alright even though im a late commenter i have the game and it works
fine TBH

Автор Watery Squirt ( назад)
Looks like shit

Автор Dorian Moore ( назад)
How can I hit like chuck Liddell

Автор facundo funes ( назад)
how do you do the move on 0:49?

Автор Joshua Weekes ( назад)
Im really not liking this game I can not figure out how to knock out people
when your on the ground or defend on the ground.

Автор IrishMike69x ( назад)
I tried to play online like a month ago.. and he just used a overrated caf
with over 3000 fights and just took me to the ground automatically into
full mount and I was out in 2 punches

Автор Leo Sweatshirt ( назад)
I remeber in ufc 2010 in career mode i had my fighter striking and kicking
100 two or three hits there k.o i felt like i activated god mode :)

Автор Darklordcros (455 лет назад)
brock cant beat mir on his feet

Автор iloveaCONSPIRACY ( назад)
counter grapple in this game is bull 

Автор iloveaCONSPIRACY ( назад)
puss rs up and all this means bullshit.

Автор Hugo Feliciano ( назад)
WATCH MY VIDEOS! (goku strikes again)

Автор Renzo Cauli ( назад)
Lesnar is à god her

Автор Kyle Weaver ( назад)
You made lesnar too fucking strong I was Mir and i pounded the shut out of
home the first round half if which was on the ground then second round he
throws 2 power hits and I'm knocked out I say that's bullshit

Автор Gaming Central HD ( назад)
1:00 damn tht was fast!

Автор Jason Justice ( назад)
bull crap u cant ko BJ Penn

Автор bigD2387 ( назад)
@cwejter lol EA MMA was a fucking fail

Автор Dennis Cutmore ( назад)
my quickest knockout was5 seconds chuck liddel vs a silver

Автор sirK3 ( назад)
this game is good, but EA MMA is fucking outstanding

Автор Ryan Pope ( назад)
i got knocked out once by a single lunging jab.. it's mostly a matter of
luck lol

Автор Fawk Yuh ( назад)
2011 iz gonna wipe asz 

Автор violinsofangels ( назад)
the powerful inside counter elbows are extremely deadly in this game, you
can ko a guy in like 5 seconds sometimes, If u catch him right on the chin.

Автор ROFLSoup ( назад)
Hit me up if youre interested in joining a PS3 league for Undisputed 2010
and its future sequels. I have been running a league for year now, and
recently just expanded to more fighting games. A lot of our UFC gamers have
moved on to EA Sports MMA, and our rosters need to grow again for UFC.
Fights are weekly and work around your schedules. We have title belts and
occasionally give away prizes. Let me know if youre interested, I dont want
to see this league fall to ea mma. UndisputedFightClub

Автор yari emm ( назад)
@MN7771 dude, it came out last year

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@SrsItsPaul its ok i guess so we cool

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 I suppose i shouldnt of even started this :| Sorry dude xD the
thing boredem make you do... :( 

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@SrsItsPaul im sorry i didnt mean to take it that far sorry i was in a
fuked up mood aii man im srry but true i realize today your rite because i
was writing an essay and i used shortcuts for words like what i noramlly
did in facebook but never in skool i cant let it geta habit dude so im
sorry your rite 

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 :| you gettin mad bro? What's with the "fucked by your dad"
attack? SHEESH. Take a chill broo, chillllllll.

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@SrsItsPaul i sed i nthe mood of ur bs what i spelled wrong nothing so stfu
get a life and stop getting fuked by ur dad ok

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 :| "Mood of ur bs?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. Please learn proper
english before typing to me. :|

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
just stfu cuz really im not in the mood of ur bs

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 I'm not a retard.. I have the correct idea to use proper
english language no matter what I type. :l Silly person.

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@SrsItsPaul retarded=you as in retard = you(you SrsItsPaul) thats y u need
a dictionary to look at every thing

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 A Dictionary ** exscuse my typo.

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 ... Retarded=You? I looked in adictionary; It didn't show.
Sorry bud.. ^___^''

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@SrsItsPaul its utube is like facebook or aim dnt=dont sorry=srry
because=cuz retarded=you

Автор Jay sfsafsd ( назад)
@th3king123 Your grades..? when you spell.. like that? :S

Автор utubename88 ( назад)
this is a real geeks game man.. if you're like me and you go to the gym and
train in real life you gonna get your ass kicked every time in this game by
a geek.. they just exploit your weakness which is usually clinch or pushing
up against cage 

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@matt294344 its fuing utube i had enuff of skool and stfu bitch thas how u
be lookin like the apocslypse

Автор leadiceman22 ( назад)
2010 has bulshit subbision system how the fuck do the people always beat me
when im fuking spining that shit like crazy

Автор 2theXtremest ( назад)

Автор UndisputedFightClub ( назад)
If anyone plays on PS3 and wants to join a league let me know, I host a
league for Undisputed 2010. Check out the site on my channel. Weekly fight
cards every tuesday. We have champions and rankings, Monthly tournaments
with a prize, and a lot of events like Kickboxing matches, tournaments,
gauntlets, and an Ultimate Fighter (TUF) style event we working towards
starting. We are looking for members, so visit the site to sign with your
fighter now! Right now this is just a PS3 league.

Автор Nick I. ( назад)
@th3king123 get 2010. it's better.

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@whiteboi747 thas cool i wanna get tha game so bad 

Автор steven giraldo ( назад)
@snilleuh yea well i rather not be spoiled cuz if u r then forget were u
goign in life i got the xbox 360 for xmaz as a gift for my grades and i
werked hard on them so i deserved them but u u must be stupid and ur
parents could buy u a house but wen they die wat u gonna do u cnt be
indepented cuz u never learn shit u just didnt do crap cuz u new either
ways u were gonnaget wat u want so dnt be a spoil brat and dnt sey it on
utube we dnt give a shit if u rich or poor so dnt sey crap bugs ppl 

Автор Henry Holmes ( назад)
@whiteboi747 why dont u have rich parents that buy your PS3 as I have? xD 

Автор Dan Seabaugh ( назад)
Good luck getting that many strikes in this year, that is an auto takedown
or counter that rocks you with those jab combos. 

Автор Cole Byre ( назад)
these arent tips...its a video on features.

Автор SPOOKSTR ( назад)
@ruben8800GTX Thx Rubs

Автор ruben rodrigues ( назад)
@SPOOKSTR no and yes. But on the 2010 they are both

Автор Gunslinger O'TumbleWeed ( назад)
@whiteboi747 Hopefully next year for 11 they put in WEC

Автор SPOOKSTR ( назад)
is Guida or sanchez in the game?

Автор Dante Guerrero ( назад)
actually the aclohol reference is that... when i lost my first fight it was
to frank mir.. i was the undefeated champ and all i needed too do is when
and ill wouldve made it to the hall of fame but...it says this in a
professional message on career after the loss i had : Do you wanna go back
to your hometown Houston Texas and go drink with your drinking buddys? or
do u wanna go back and fight for ur championship back.

Автор Alec Medich ( назад)
@bronx2bama on playstation, circle, x, triangle, and sqaure

Автор Alec Medich ( назад)
@MrFreeman420 thats ok, we didnt spend our money yet, but we got ps3 now
and i am gettin this used cuz i cant afford 2010 and i dont have enough to
buy 2009 new

Автор bronx2bama ( назад)
wtf is a face button?

Автор raoultjuhhh ( назад)
1:42 how can you do a jump knee or something i don't now how

Автор Adam1994able ( назад)
you have to learn it at a camp invite just go to THE PIT train with chuck
liddell and push learn and you will learn either the spinning backfist or
the superman idk.

Автор Aaron Apolinario ( назад)
how come i cant superman punch in career with my kickboxer?

Автор lozcore99 ( назад)
who needs tips, it's so fucking easy to get the KO! can't wait for the new
and improved undisputed 2010 :)

Автор Alec Medich ( назад)
@jayparrish1 all i got is twenty bucks from cuttin grass. when does it come
out. hope i dont sound retarded for not knowing this

Автор fatalxality ( назад)
how do you get the flash kos

Автор fatalxality ( назад)
how do you counter punch

Автор Thomas Jones ( назад)
made a bet with my friend i need 20 more subcribers by next month PLZ HELP

Автор Jay Parrish ( назад)
@xMrDaley LOL... ok little boy...

Автор Jay Parrish ( назад)
@whiteboi747 you could wait a while for 2010 to come out... or EA MMA which
looks just as good

Автор Jay Parrish ( назад)
@WEEDfalloutUFC no it isn't random they take in the considerations of how
tired they are and how powerful and accurate the hit is...

Автор Jay Parrish ( назад)
@xMrDaley thats not what a flash K.O. means... get your facts straight
before you try and advise other people. A flash K.O. is when you knock an
opponent out without any signs of it happening... doesn't have to be at the
start of the match...

Автор danil15 ( назад)
@BumpusHarleyDavidson LB and a transition

Автор buddiechrist23 ( назад)
my bad its level 3 kickboxer lvl 2 is spining backfist

Автор buddiechrist23 ( назад)
u have 2 be a wrestler

Автор buddiechrist23 ( назад)
u gotta get to a level 2 in kickboxing skill by doing camp invites when u
see a highlighted octagon on the calander just hit action when that week
comes up

Автор Robbiegator ( назад)
fallout 3

Автор lambskidneys ( назад)
kk thanks will help alot next time i play

Автор lambskidneys ( назад)
oh ok so its possible to miss it?

Автор trep52 ( назад)
SOME moves u can only achieve when u get higher levels or ur Striking and
grappling. u MUST HIt action on the camp .a little octagon will show up on
ur schedule

Автор lambskidneys ( назад)
how many u have to go to roughly? i havd heavy weight belt and still wasnt
lvl 2.

Автор Richard Nilsen ( назад)
you gotta level up your Kickboxing by going to camps

Автор Mike Nguyen ( назад)
@Tarczyn10 You gotta unlock that skill by doing Kickboxing training camps.
I don't remember what level you gotta be to unlock it, but I'm guessing 2.

Автор Mike Nguyen ( назад)
@juanlikessharpies <- speaks the truth. Flash KOs almost don't happen at
random (95%+ of time) and gotta meet specific parameters. If you're getting
flash KO'd "too many" times than maybe you should get better at this game.

Автор Alec Medich ( назад)
me and my brother are putting our xmas money together to get a ps3 and i am
FOR SURE getting this not even gonna think about this is a MUST HAVE game
if you like to watch WEC or UFC

Автор Wrestlefan1 ( назад)
i probably dont hate them as much as you...lol... but i do agree that they
happen way to easily when you go through a whole career mode with all flash
kos... its too easy... i have never had a fight go to a decision. They
should make it like in the fight night games... if you strike, the opponent
can still hit you. all i have to do to with is go in there and throw kicks
and eventually a flash KO happens. There should be less flash kos than this
game but more than the fight night games

Автор elmeeone ( назад)

Автор David Vuong ( назад)
technical knock out

Автор Juan Estrada ( назад)
then you must suck at the game high skilled players rarely get flashed

Автор mitasrb ( назад)
really nice

Автор Alfonso Glez ( назад)
u have to make ur own fighter in career

Автор xavier flores ( назад)
@aburusco hey can you play as a professional in the career or do you always
have to create a character

Автор Alfonso Glez ( назад)
lol i can never get a knockout,except for 1, but like all of my wins are by
tko, no joke, i have like 21 tko wins with 1 knockout in carreer mode, i
suck that bad lol

Автор youngcash506 ( назад)
lol his hand went throght da guy at 0:32

Автор babycabel ( назад)
Does anyone know how to change the flag that appears at the introduction of
the fights?

Автор borofalcon101 ( назад)

Автор borofalcon101 ( назад)
a flash ko is all about timing if u use a strong a attack on a oponent when
his attack is justat full range the chances are you will knock him out.
Boxing is good for this because if you do a strong punch not only does it
do a powerful attack but it also dodges any attack you're oponent throws
doing serious damage and maybe even a flash ko

Автор Young Mully ( назад)
my tips to KOing ur opponent hold lb & press y get lucky then knock out ur
opponent well at least against the computer

Автор Chick3n6190 ( назад)
you need to get lvl 3 on kickboxing...in the game...(training camp)

Автор Tiago Carmelo ( назад)
i've got a record of 100-14.Anyone here could help me with gold digger
trophy.I help u too...I ve got 2 medals left to do

Автор nyrka13 ( назад)
They just announced UFC Undisputed 2010....FUCK YEAH!

Автор chunny101 ( назад)
this game is crapppppppppp

Автор theTJray ( назад)
hell yeah

Автор InsertNameHere ( назад)
mey mey mey shut up

Автор Matthew Cannon (1111 год назад)
do u have ps3 i would kill u man

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