What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?

Explosions are A̶d̶v̶e̶n̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ out there.

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Автор John Smith ( назад)
0:29 The lens flare from the Pixar bulb killed me. Lmao.

Автор Pedo Griffin ( назад)

Автор Josh Sun ( назад)
0/10 Not enough explosions

Автор simplegirl265 ( назад)
I don't think there was enough explosions to make it a Michael Bay movie.

Автор Bobby Fett ( назад)
Hey can you tell me where you got this movie score from please?

Автор Roadsofar portillpo ( назад)
what's the name of the song

Автор Jannick vdh ( назад)
I liked the part with the explosion

Автор Stereography ( назад)
Honestly... It would make a better film.

Автор 샌즈tv you tube ( назад)

Автор Skilled Dante ( назад)
I drink TNT powder drinks. Actually not that bad.

Автор Jarrellm10 ( назад)
The only thing it's missing is a over-budgeted squeal.

Автор Shikabowow 423 ( назад)
It's funny because that's how it would be 😂😂

Автор Gonçalo Fonseca ( назад)
Whats the song in the background

Автор Cartman C ( назад)
Last part is inaccurate. She would not of exploded. She would of been
wearing small shorts and be 17. Everyone knows that, did you not watch
transformers. +1

Автор Mattman324 ( назад)
I feel this needs more explosions.

Автор MelonMan/RomanScrub ( назад)
This is actually fucking amazing

Автор allan johnson ( назад)
Anyone else here from the web junk playlist?

Автор k ( назад)
explosions ftw

Автор Cymes ( назад)
I don't think there was enough emphasis on the upcoming prom.

Автор Arc Sipher (SkyFire) ( назад)
This is a masterpiece.

Автор Stu D ( назад)
Lol, dat ending!

Автор bennyjacob999 ( назад)
I wanted to click the LIKE button........but it exploded

Автор TheLightHunter ( назад)
And on Other News of "Why is this in my Recommended CHannel"

Автор kanishq ruhil ( назад)
Even rocks explode

Автор GamerTaserz Gaming ( назад)
Ign rates 9/10 Too much explosions

Автор Echo Games ( назад)
10/10 -Rotten tomatoes

Автор Inkimetromic ( назад)
I think I was laughing throughout the entire video XD

Автор A Chaps ( назад)
?? A Michael Bay movie, why? Becuase of the talking animals?

Автор uchiha narichi ( назад)
whats the name of the song?

Автор Ťhåţ ģüý øñ ėvêŕý vįđēø ( назад)
my teacher showed us this in class

Автор Zayx ( назад)

Автор OjitoMT ( назад)
es gracioso porque es cierto :v jaja xddd

Автор TheGamerXx ( назад)
WH0 IS WATCHING THIS ON 2017 2018 2019 2020 キエラ

Автор Auchwitzwasaprank 03 ( назад)

Автор ThatRed Pandog ( назад)
I would love to see this

Автор Ryan Morrison ( назад)

Автор Magnosiam ( назад)
a shame that the explosion goes away, just before the sene cuts, else its
perfect. 0:54

Автор Heeey, that's pretty good. ( назад)
9\10 IGN

Not enough explosions or Megan Fox.

Автор The Wahl ( назад)
Needs more explosions.

Автор Allie “Ultimate Trash” Winters ( назад)
9/10 needs more explosions

Автор ZylonBane ( назад)

Автор wowimanerd ( назад)
how have i not seen these videos before

Автор Michael Gerrard Tyson ( назад)

Автор Blackstormeagle ( назад)
The title's wrong, if Michael Bay directed it it'd be called BLOWN UP.

Автор Zeeshan Ali ( назад)
omg the ending

Автор camiji ( назад)
You got the directors mixed up, Micheal bay is explosions, JJ Abrams is all
about the lens flares.

Автор CyberRonin ( назад)
Damn, I'm hyped now!

Автор The Ood Gamer ( назад)
I came from quora

Автор PrincessPandaTube ( назад)
That ending was hilarious.

Автор awesomeC928 ( назад)

Автор Dat Boi ( назад)
Holy shit the fucking ending

Автор error! SAnS ( назад)
This is an improvement!

Автор Max Williams ( назад)
I lost it when russel throws backpack on ground

Автор Max Williams ( назад)
I laughed SO HARD

Автор Eugene Sagan ( назад)
This is amazing

Автор Nightmare Maker900 ( назад)
who? never heard of him

Автор Terrence Lacsamana ( назад)

Автор Benjamin Mathias ( назад)
That final got me.... Ajjajajajajajajaj

Автор Andrej Drazilov ( назад)

Автор Jon60700 ( назад)
When is the release date?

Автор Adrian Ayoroa ( назад)
can you do it with the song secrets

Автор linnear0007 ( назад)

Автор Luis nice ( назад)
song name?

Автор sergeantbigmac ( назад)
When making fun of Michal Bay people go right for the explosions... Which
is fine because its true lol!
But dont forget the other Bay-isms like REALLY fast cuts (doesnt matter the
scene, no shot in his movies lasts more than 3-5 seconds!) and low angle
panning shots of actors and extreme close ups. Thats just the technical
side, then throw in his homo-erotic love for anything special forces and
his obsession with tanned teen models... Once you notice this other shit
the explosions arent that big of a deal lol.

Автор wyanutthisname ( назад)
Omfg I'm dying 😂😂

Автор KillerCode ( назад)
6/10, not enough explosions.

Автор Wolfpack Q ( назад)
0/10 need more explosions

Автор Cynical ( назад)
Mmm, those quality explosion effects.

Автор DrChicken24//Gaming AND More ( назад)
2 many explosions XD

Автор Afha Faiz ( назад)

Автор DISPLΛCΞ ( назад)

Автор Dopameme ( назад)
this was lowkey lit

Автор Lhink_37 ( назад)
more more more morw

Автор Doctor Potassium ( назад)
The actual physical amount of explosion and lens flare

Автор Plazz ( назад)

Автор Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé ( назад)
What if Michael Bay directed "Cute things exploding" since there are
explosions in that?

Автор Braeden Langlois ( назад)
I lost it when Linkin Park started

Автор Recht_voor_zijn_raap ( назад)
This needs more explosions!!! 😎

Автор Isaac Hidalgo ( назад)
Yes! Explosions < 30 = Michael Bay film!

Автор iPVScorp ( назад)

Автор Twimbo ( назад)
Lost it at the Linkin Park score!

Автор Daniel Jeffery ( назад)
dat ending dough

Автор comedy killer28 ( назад)
the ending is funny as hell.

Автор Alolan Eeveelutions ( назад)
those dam explosions

Автор Random Stuff ( назад)

Автор Miguel Mil-Homens ( назад)

Автор Flashback Gaming Entertainment ( назад)
The ending killed me

Автор Goretantath ( назад)
god damnit the end xd

Автор koala etinden lahmacun ( назад)

Автор SolarEclipse lol ( назад)
Still made me fucking cry

Автор ReProduct_Sil3nt ( назад)
I loved this because of he explosions and the last part

Автор Klockorino ( назад)
That last part killed me

Автор Louis palko ( назад)
omfg I'm dying lmfaaoooo, with Linkin Park in the bark ground and
everything exploding, I'm done XD

Автор Jalen Robinson ( назад)

Автор Lawliet Shoujo ( назад)
ué? pq o youtube me recomendou isso?

Автор Andy Lopazan ( назад)
21 million views just for the last three seconds😂

Автор West Safe ( назад)
I would watch this

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