What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?

Explosions are A̶d̶v̶e̶n̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ out there.

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Автор WarDragon ( назад)
This movie will be GREAT!

Автор Ya boy fetus ( назад)
i laughed my ass off the last scene

Автор El Barbaro ( назад)
this is beautiful

Автор Thomas the meme ( назад)
My class watched this today 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean ( назад)
at the ending I nearly laughed then just sat there with a horrified face at what I almost laughed at

Автор Lilhawk 88 ( назад)
Disney:Let's call it "up",do u like it?
Michael Bay:How about....Down?
Disney:Get the Fuck outa my Compaby

Автор Dillon Mixer ( назад)
I remember when this used to be funny.

Автор Guitar Heave n ( назад)

Автор 하주완 ( назад)

Автор That guy Crazyguy ( назад)
Best video ever

Автор natey boateng ( назад)
when the soundtrack for bayformers1 came in I died

Автор AdultishGambino ( назад)

Автор Frevell ( назад)
such dank

Автор fariz ghazali ( назад)
Hahahahaha..!! Ahahahahahaha!! HAHA.. HAHAHAHA.. HA!

Автор BestFrandDoesRoblox ( назад)
10/10 best trailer ever. A movie should be made.

Автор PencilSquire ( назад)
That moment when you've successfully navigated from the Directed by Seth Rogen memes to the Directed by Michael Bay memes.

Автор Ethan Holgate ( назад)
Not his style

Автор The Dominator 546 ( назад)
That. Was. Awesome.

Автор letsplayMAB ( назад)
idk why but all those unnecessary explosions makes it funnier!

Автор TOM ( назад)

Автор Junior Junior ( назад)
In the midst of this depression I am right now. I for one must say that was amazing. Thanks for the laugh!

Автор claraserafini ( назад)

Автор Banshanskhem Passah ( назад)
this is so fucking funny

Автор Samurai ( назад)
A movie trailer

Автор TheGamingGreninja ( назад)
What is the music called?

Автор Whamathore ( назад)
*T H I S    M O U N T A I N . . . . . .*

*I S   A   V E R Y    D A N G E R O U S    P L  A C  E*

Автор Zalgo Cometh ( назад)
Too Soon.... :'(

Автор Dino Productions ( назад)

Автор Sloothy Productions ( назад)
Omg all the explosions XD even ellie exploded

Автор the no talker ( назад)
Yup you know it the director that like blowing things up lol

Автор Tipparatn Prasongsub ( назад)
A lot of bomb. =..=

Автор Ladderthief1 ( назад)
More explosions, less Linkun Perk.

Автор chedar102 heavy hitter ( назад)
Up is ruined for me

Автор Nathan Gill ( назад)
this is fucking awesome is hell😎😎😎😎

Автор Crashout ! ( назад)
don't worry guys if laughed at last part. It most likely was shocked laughter.

Автор Pixelated Animations ( назад)
What you did at the end there XD That was cruel.

Автор Maddox Cox ( назад)
I laughed so hard

Автор PedsterJ2 ( назад)
It's not a Michael bay movie within explosions

Автор Hogswipe 1306 ( назад)
The ending

Автор Retarded Ching Chong ( назад)
this is actually pretty good

Автор atomic marcus ( назад)
i loved that last scene xD

Автор Jeff Lopez ( назад)

Автор 555maggot666 ( назад)
This is way better than the original UP movie at least.

Автор KuchiGamer891 / SUP3R G4M3R891 ( назад)
2th Oscar for this movie animation by Michael Bay!

Автор Daniel ( назад)

Автор Kerry Smith ( назад)
Thumbs UP if you like Explosions)

Автор The Red Wall ( назад)
nice ending

Автор _Sleister Films_ ( назад)
why was the last part so funny

Автор Doug Kennedy ( назад)
are we making fun of the fact that Michael Bay loves explosions?

Автор MahaerHD ( назад)
Lots of unnecessary explosions

Автор Almost Decent ( назад)
This is so true

Автор Filthy Crab ( назад)
not bad 6/10 could use some more splosions

Автор Pugnamus Prime ( назад)
This was the best thing I ever saw

Автор Hyundai i20 Wrc ( назад)
The last seen I feel bad for laughing at

Автор Itsyaboi 22 ( назад)
to the person who created this thank u for this wonderful piece of art

Автор Wollisen ( назад)
needs more linkin park 2/10

Автор Artur Chuyashov ( назад)
would watch

Автор Jack Shcitte ( назад)
You forgot to add lamp posts and 360º camera angles for dramatic parts.

Автор Brian Tjeerdsma ( назад)
2/10 Not enough explosion

Автор Andrew Nimmo ( назад)
Anyone else see the suicidal Russell?!

Автор Christian Todd ( назад)

Автор mathy906 ( назад)
hahahaha omg that last scene tough!
i feel bad for laughing

Автор Anti Nazi 101 Trains, games, and more ( назад)

Автор RavenDZN ( назад)
needs more lens flares.

Автор Diệp duck 69 ( назад)
This is the best video ever made

Автор Typer ( назад)
Micahel Bay is an American Hero.

Автор Shane Baker ( назад)
i lost it when they started playing lincon park

Автор Asadel H. ( назад)
As soon as What I've Done started, it became fking awesome!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Before that, it was ehh

Автор John Smith ( назад)
0:29 The lens flare from the Pixar bulb killed me. Lmao.

Автор Pedo Griffin ( назад)

Автор Josh Sun ( назад)
0/10 Not enough explosions

Автор simplegirl265 ( назад)
I don't think there was enough explosions to make it a Michael Bay movie.

Автор Bobby Fett ( назад)
Hey can you tell me where you got this movie score from please?

Автор Roadsofar portillpo ( назад)
what's the name of the song

Автор Jannick vdh ( назад)
I liked the part with the explosion

Автор Stereography ( назад)
Honestly... It would make a better film.

Автор 샌즈tv you tube ( назад)

Автор Skilled Dante ( назад)
I drink TNT powder drinks. Actually not that bad.

Автор Jarrellm10 ( назад)
The only thing it's missing is a over-budgeted squeal.

Автор Shikabowow 423 ( назад)
It's funny because that's how it would be 😂😂

Автор Gonçalo Fonseca ( назад)
Whats the song in the background

Автор Cartman C ( назад)
Last part is inaccurate. She would not of exploded. She would of been wearing small shorts and be 17. Everyone knows that, did you not watch transformers. +1

Автор Mattman324 ( назад)
I feel this needs more explosions.

Автор MelonMan/RomanScrub ( назад)
This is actually fucking amazing

Автор allan johnson ( назад)
Anyone else here from the web junk playlist?

Автор Rad_cliffe ( назад)
explosions ftw

Автор Cymes ( назад)
I don't think there was enough emphasis on the upcoming prom.

Автор Sky Fire ( назад)
This is a masterpiece.

Автор Stu D ( назад)
Lol, dat ending!

Автор bennyjacob999 ( назад)
I wanted to click the LIKE button........but it exploded

Автор TheLightHunter ( назад)
And on Other News of "Why is this in my Recommended CHannel"

Автор kanishq ruhil ( назад)
Even rocks explode

Автор GamerTaserz Gaming ( назад)
Ign rates 9/10 Too much explosions

Автор Echo Games ( назад)
10/10 -Rotten tomatoes

Автор Inkimetromic ( назад)
I think I was laughing throughout the entire video XD

Автор A Chaps ( назад)
?? A Michael Bay movie, why? Becuase of the talking animals?

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