The Flash 3x10 Promo "Borrowing Problems from the Future" (HD) Season 3 Episode 10 Promo

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The Flash 3x10 Promo/Preview "Borrowing Problems from the Future"
The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 Promo
The Flash 3x10 Promo "Borrowing Problems from the Future" (HD)

» Watch The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh

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Автор Blaker111 SHINOBI ( назад)
Few things that he just did. 1 this could be the main reason why Iris dies. 2 This could mean Cisco will die or Savitar goes crazy and kills someone we wouldn't have expected him to kill. *COUGH*

Автор Mahdi Karimi ( назад)
Kid flash is slower than Barry

Автор Henn ( назад)
I hope in new timeline harambe will be alive

Автор Alison Hope ( назад)
they better put Carlin and Barry together or I Wil tell my friends and they tell there friends witch I. have 200 bff

Автор Krimson ( назад)
What is with this guy and changing timelines??? Remember what happened the last time you did that?? 2016 happened! 2016 BARRY!!

Автор Danz25 ( назад)
Barry should do an Oliver. Tell felicity that she was always his true love instead of Iris and I wouldn't mind picking out the coffin for that funeral

Автор business pig ( назад)
Holly jumpin' frogs I am so excited for it.

Автор Oncerforever16 Awesomeness ( назад)
Someone told me that they think that Wally "will fall" iris will "betray" and joe will "suffer a fate worth then death"

Автор Hauntingwhisper ( назад)
Holy crap!! Killer Frost is breaking through the cuffs?! I knew those weren't gonna be able to hold her back for long, and I'm soo happy she coming to the surface.

Автор TheDarkKnight ( назад)
Lauriver is the best, who agrees. I know commenting this on THIS vid is irrelevant

Автор TheDarkKnight ( назад)
Lauriver is the best, who agrees. I know commenting this on THIS vid is irrelevant

Автор fountain of heaven ( назад)
they called the stone the philosopher's stone!!!!!

Автор Marcus Ballantyne ( назад)
Has he not learned what messing with time causes these past two seasons? Jay even said it might not even become what he saw.

Автор Gabriel Groenendaal ( назад)
Love how they keep giving Barry excuses to have this hugely swollen guilt complex.

Cause that's what I watch the Flash: poorly acted angst.

Автор Danny SJ ( назад)
It's funny cuz he's gonna be the cause of it...

Автор majecy tocktock ( назад)
i love this couple they are something new for so long it has been same and am happy that thay grate actor's love all the team

Автор Charlie Marks ( назад)
I can't be the only one who doesn't care about what happens to Iris. I mean, let's be honest, what the fuck does she actually do? She's basically just a piece of ass for Barry.

Автор SuperCMTR CT ( назад)
Do you think he's going to fuck the timeline while trying to save iris

Автор Senile Is PG ( назад)
You just couldn't keep your mouth shut about the future could you Barry? Now the events are set into motion.

Автор Lynee Ing ( назад)
really barry. just stop

Автор Crazy a.k.a The boss ( назад)
I wish Barry could stop loving Iris, I mean I would find his love for her touching if she were a beautiful redhead like in the comics, but instead here she's a squinty eyed skank. Seriously he's stupid to want to fight for that. There is nothing attractive about her. I would not do her if she was the last woman on Earth.

Автор drlee2 ( назад)
I swear Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin seem 10 years older than when the show started! Lol I guess that's what happens when you have the weight of saving the multiverse on your shoulders.

Автор Slender Dude ( назад)
Am I the only one wants to see harry s reaction to caitlin's powers? I mean he probably understanded but still..

Автор Shreya Sapre ( назад)
Barry in season 3 is changed because when Cisco asked him to change the timeline to save Dante he refuse to do it, but now when Iris is about to die he is ready to change the timeline.... That's unfair.... Poor Cisco

Автор Kia L. ( назад)
why must you mess up everything????? 😭😭😭

Автор John Weisbrod ( назад)
I like them on separate nights more, so I can spread the hype rather than one larger dose

Автор The Dark Knight ( назад)
Why do Barry keep fuckin up the timeline didn't he say don't go back there

Автор Katie Ng ( назад)
Can Wally just not be a speedster? Like one is more then enough...

Автор Katie Ng ( назад)
Can Wally just not be a speedster? Like one is more then enough...

Автор Mike T ( назад)
Gonna be epic ! Gorilla Grodd also appearing later this season :D

Автор Vegito Blue ( назад)
Jan 24 seems far away.

Автор Jarool ( назад)
My guess is that, Time will want to happen anyways so rip iris

Автор Rayhan Tasmaya ( назад)
Cisco- Where are we going again?

Barry- Back to the Future!

Автор Tim Meyer ( назад)
It is no matter how hard you try to resist, Caitlin... Caitlin Snow will Fall... Killer Frost will Rise... It is Inevitable... And it is the only Matter of Time...

Автор Kenna urge ( назад)
please kill iris! ❤snowbarry❤

Автор GGNH1234 ( назад)
I fear that WB tries to force CW to kill off Barry Allen in s3, because that their upcoming Justice League movie would also feature Barry Allen as the Flash.

Автор +/Teletubbb ( назад)
You are a piece of crap if you don't try to save the woman you love. Only a pussy ass loser would sit back and see if the timeline will change by doing jack shit.

Автор TG ( назад)
Flash writers you better get on top of this. Time to pay for promotion to get your trailers trending.
Just like what Arrow is doing.

Автор baltoy3 ( назад)
Kmt I swear the boy doesn't learn

Автор Hieillua ( назад)
A mentore figure to Barry: don't do this following this because you will fuck shit up.
Barry: okay, so I should do the thing? Got it!

The CW has some really dumb characters.

Автор محمد موسوی ( назад)

Автор Muskrats and Bagels ( назад)
*causes time paradox that ruins lives* "Man i'm never doing that again" *proceeds to do that again*

Автор SuperMarsupial712 ( назад)

Автор chazm00 ( назад)
anyone who does not want the season ruined for them do not look below
at the end of season 1 barry sees another flash that stops him from interfering. more than likely that flash will be barry at the end of season 3, and everything will be fixed after they ruin EVERYTHING simply by stopping the flash from interfering at the end of S2.

Автор Jared Gorrell ( назад)
Well, at least he TELLS Iris this time.

Автор James Reynolds ( назад)
it wont work! future flash probably did this too

Автор MsVamPireChic ( назад)
The hell did Iris say at 0:11?

Автор Joyful Joy ( назад)
All I got from that promo was: My man making me proud! Finally got what he's been dreaming of since before puberty! Good for you Barry!

Автор Brian lee ( назад)
Barry already screwed up the US elections. What worse can he do.

Автор Goku SSGKAIO-KEN ( назад)
"Get ready McFly. I'm about to vibe you back to the future... 3, 2, 1......."
So ready !!

Автор Tara T ( назад)
how many times are we gonna alter the timeline barry... for fuck sakes.

Автор keybladechosn1 ( назад)
Barry is pretty much the only CW hero that's not objectified very often if at all. Oliver was shirtless all the time, so was Ray, Hawkman, even Citizen Steel has been shirtless. In fact the Flash might be the tamest CW show period. Every other show everyone's sleeping with everyone. But the Flash is a tame as a whistle. Supergirl too, it's strange for a CW show

Автор Christian Galvis ( назад)
Every freakin time BARRY!!?? Like cmon, you know better than changing the past!! Looked what happened, FLASHPOINT! And when you saw the future and earth 3 flash tell you to not go back to the future or try to change it..... you need to learn to stop screwing with people's lives! Selfish arrogant motherfucker. He's the sole reason why people die or turn evil or a freakin alien invasion. Screw you berry! The legends should teach Barry to stop and let them fix Barry's screw ups

Автор Brittney Galathynius ( назад)
is anybody thinking about what thawne said when he and barry left flash point? he basically said everything is back to normal for him but maybe not for barry, does this mean that before he travelled back in time iris died and then by some unkown means found out that the future he created as a result of killing barry's mom is one where iris and barry get married and that's how in season 2 and 3 the article about barry's dissapearance was written by her?

Автор Melina Melinae ( назад)
And Barry still hasn't learn to don't mess up with time (either past or future)

Автор Silas Gardner ( назад)
Oh snap Barry and Iris are getting it on lol!
I hope they don't kill Iris off the show

Автор Lipzoid10 ( назад)
why is the episodes far from now

Автор kemuael ( назад)
Can this show get anymore awesome!!!!

Автор osmaylin hernandez ( назад)
iris die please

Автор Juan Morales ( назад)
I think by them trying to make a change is exactly how iris dies

Автор Nicky Thompson-Quartey ( назад)
Ugh, Barry never learns.

Автор Real Hutcher. ( назад)
OMG my Westallen heart!❤ Pls she absolutely can't die😭😭😭Barry i believe in you!

Автор MCDBZ 1 ( назад)
what 24 january !!!!! 😔

Автор 3ama4life ( назад)
Still don't understand why people think he should do nothing?! So just let the girl die??? That's very disturbing. How many people would do nothing if they saw that their child would be murdered in the near future? One thing is to change what has already happened, but to say someone should not TRY to prevent a future catastrophe is madness.

Автор majecy tocktock ( назад)
he did not go back in time he is just trying to get how when o were so can stop it form happen if i could do something to stop my dad form dieing two years ago i will even for a day who won't go berry and if you fuckup again we will figure out what to do we always do

Автор eromisimo ( назад)
fucking dipshit retards that writr stop messing with time barry - this is what the flash does deal with it

Автор The Flash 2024 ( назад)
Damn I've F***ed things up really bad

Автор dennylock77 ( назад)
Fingers crossed Barry fucks up, Iris dies, and that's when he finally learns not to screw with the timeline out of fear of even worse consequences. It'd make the show a hell of a lot darker. Can't wait for the next episode.

Автор DragonForce ™️ ( назад)
whats scary about trying to prevent something bad from happening by time travel, is that you don't know if you're insuring that outcome or making it worse. Barry should know that by now, the dumb ass. smh

Автор JoJo1078 ( назад)
What if the events of them trying to save Iris lead up to Iris being killed

Автор Regina Phalange ( назад)
WTF before they said Jan 17th not its 24th!! Why show at all?

Автор Barry Allen ( назад)
At this point, I'm not surprised Barry is trying to screw up the timeline

Автор Evelyn Hayes ( назад)
who else got the chills from 0:23 - 0:28 ?

Pun intended lol

Автор LCNighthawk ( назад)
change the past its a thing, change the future its a more dangerous thing

Автор RedQ ( назад)
Everyone's complaining that Barry didn't learn his lesson and he's going to change time, but what is he supposed to do? Just keep his mouth shut and let her die? Of course he's going to try to change it!

Автор Sebastian Joseph ( назад)
At this point, I'm guessing Barry screws the timeline more than he screws Iris. Lol

Автор FluffyPodcast Strikes ( назад)
Omg Deadshot!!!!
He came out even though he was assumed dead in ARROW season 3!!
Can't wait for this episode.

Автор wildflower 101 ( назад)
killer frost could come back look at 00:9 at caitlins eyes.

Автор futureAnimeCrack ( назад)
my name is barry allen and i created an alternativ timeline. And in doing so i will fuck with time a litlle bit more by saving iris from dying in the future :)

Автор MrArtis 283 ( назад)
January 24th? cmon

Автор King Felipe ( назад)
One word: SHOOK

Автор TheRikesh ( назад)
Did i just see Deadshot in 0:18 ??

Автор Maria Morales ( назад)
I think I know why wally is mad at Barry because if Barry changes the timeline wally won't be kid flash

Автор Anti Social ( назад)
Changing the future is better than changing the past. go for it Barry

Автор Speed Force ( назад)

Автор khaoula Sj ( назад)

Автор Bob, Angel & Ryan Badagliacco ( назад)
i think Barry is going to become his blue future flash

Автор sir Henry ( назад)
Run Barry... Run

Автор Jason Todd ( назад)
seriously nobody is gonna say oh is that Deadshot there?

Автор Dishant Chokhandre ( назад)
and they want him as flash in the movie? what part of him imitates comic flash? I know 'none'!!

Автор Ngan Bui Minh ( назад)
Caitlin is hot!

Автор Random Person ( назад)
I hope Iris dies, I don't like her with him

Автор Denise Pearl ( назад)
WestAllen will Go on Forever!!!

Автор Moonlight At Midnight ( назад)
dont kill iris!!!

Автор Kristian Basile ( назад)
They threw savatar into the speed force. Stop messing around with shit and enjoy your lives. Focus on becoming faster and training Wally rather than changing the timeline again. Furthermore with Super girl, LoT, team Arrow, Smart Harrison Wells, wally, Cisco, Kaitlin and the ability to create time remnants you should encourage the event. You know where savataar will appear so organize the teams and break him. Honestly, none of the bad guys on any of the shows would last more than a few episodes if these heroes worked together. You've done it before so keep doing it.

Автор amsaric ( назад)
If they kill her off, I'm going to be so pissed. I do not want to see anymore refrigerator girlfriends. I'm sick of it. No.

Plus they always makes their deaths so violent and extreme to add more drama for the male character.

Sara's death, Laurel, Moira in the Arrow... I'm so tired of it.

Автор Mr. Asshole ( назад)
I hope Iris dies in this season. I never liked her. Her character is so annoying and stupid who always put herself in danger just like the other superheroes skinny ugly girlfriends such as Lois Lane, Mary Jane, and Gwen Stacey. Also, I'm not a fan of Black actress playing a white woman role.

Автор ET PHONE HOME ( назад)
Once again Barry is about to do something completely and utterly stupid. Barry can't seem to accept fate, or destiny at all. He thinks because he has the ability of chronokinesis, that he can change any, and everything. No! Just because you have the ability to alter the timeline, doesn't necessarily mean that you should. As we all know, time wants to happen. It fights back. It will get what its owed, one way or the other, because the balance of the universe must be maintained. There's always a cost...... Barry doesn't ever seem to be able to live with the cost of being the Flash....

Автор Consuelo Mufc ( назад)
Why is he keeping screw with the Timeline? I get he wants to save her,but 1) if she dies it won't be like losing Joe, Cisco or Caitlin. People which actually do something in the show. 2) is like we have already seen this thing times and times again. With Barry running through the times (past and future). Is becoming annoying, and I don't want the Flash to become boring.

Автор WritersDream ( назад)

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