Can Japanese commercials be "kawaii" and "weird" at the same time? Why not, right? It's Japan (◠‿◠) Well, hope you guys had enough of Japanese beauty from last week's compilation because we are heading back to the danger zone with this new batch (^▽^) Hit the play button and... ENJOOOOY!!!

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Автор Nyarome! ( назад)

Автор kimberly P. ( назад)
Ok I lost it when I saw yuzuru gosh I love his smile 😌😌😌

Автор Peter1999 ( назад)
8:00 Tsubasa Honda is kawaii

Автор Niklas Mayr ( назад)
respondent seal wow active hint so-called undertake shoe narrow.

Автор Danny Tan ( назад)
Ohayo! Sorry to disturb... who's that guy at 7:06? It's that FRIL

Автор Azima Muhammad ( назад)
Who's that band at 2:35 and what's the name of the song? They are fine *-*

Автор okirin kun ( назад)
I haven't seen any Japanese commercials for nine years now. holy shit I
miss living in Okinawa

Автор KSangel180 ( назад)
anyone know who that blonde guy is 1:50? I keep seeing him in commercials
and now I'm curious!!

Автор chill out people. ( назад)

Автор Salvador Rea ( назад)
que pedo con el muñeco de rosca cagando jajaja.

Автор skunkbuttmagoo ( назад)
pen pineapple apple pen! NOW ITS STUCK IN MY HEEEAD!!!

Автор dreamdoll1988 ( назад)
Lol last add they couldn't afford the actor so they just winged it with a
green screen and special effects :P

gagh i hate raw tofu! the texture is horrible!

waiter! there's a fly twerking on our table!

Автор lili katerina ( назад)
omg 6:50 yuzuru hanyu

Автор Leonel Pisacic ( назад)
Alguien sabe como se llama la chica del Min 7:10 ???

Someone knows the name of the girl from the Min 7:10 ???

Автор Mochazuki ( назад)

Автор Dairen Caso ( назад)
Who's that blond guy with a headband on 1:51?

Автор superninja252 ( назад)
@2:10 TOQGER #1- RIGHT!

Автор tinglesrosyrupeeland ( назад)
That last one left me in the uncanny valley for some reason

Автор tinglesrosyrupeeland ( назад)
PPAP so famous now

Автор Bonnie The Fowa “pyro” Bunny ( назад)
don't get Pyro to defend himself

Автор Shea Sullivan ( назад)
What's the song at 2:07? I know I've heard that somewhere

Автор Ryo Tomonari ( назад)
I live in Japan but i don't see some of these commercial on TV.

Автор MasterMessias ( назад)
Okay,this is kinda my last hope. I'm looking for a specific commercial
where this guy with glasses dressed like a bartender gives a tour of a
filmset and gets involved in all kinds of filmtricks. Like he gets cut by a
sword and is like "don't worry just special effects ".
if I could remember what that commercial was for,this search would be so
much easier.

Автор xkeepfightingx ( назад)
10:22 Air - Bach - Overture No. 3 In D Major

Автор 00ライザー ( назад)
GUNDAM & Kamen Rider Etc
TV commercial please

Автор mitsuke Brasil ( назад)

Автор hept ( назад)
A layer of foam over toilet water to prevent urine splashing is genius.

Автор Zafo24pl ( назад)
Dear god.... Im getting 2nd hand embarrassment from watching those and im
not even japanese.

Автор tinimeanie ( назад)
omfg endo 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Worth Meamea ( назад)
7:24 The Japanese man is lowest. I want you to disappear from Japan.
Whether apes are glasses for him has an outrigger face.

Автор Aqua The Pony ( назад)
the cat one at 0:57 I know dat voiceeeee

Автор ONPSX ( назад)
new death note movie? O-O

Автор Priscila Mena ( назад)
I wish I knew what they were saying

Автор luke the spaceguy ( назад)
i cant stop whaching this pls help

Автор Karkat Vantas ( назад)
I should have saw the PPAP song coming-

Автор OPPAI SOUL ( назад)
0:11 yo quiero pokemon shiiit .......................your welcome taco

Автор A-Rose ( назад)

Автор Mikki Mashiro ( назад)
Takanori Iwata, watanabe naomi , Ryuchel , Yuzuru Hanyu ~~~Kyaa

Автор Koko_ Ame_ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( назад)
0:53 awwwww💝

Автор Tsunade Uzumaki Ushiha ( назад)
yuzuru hanyu °^°

Автор Fiery Vesper ( назад)
@3:36 @3:46 Tommy Lee Jones? Is that him?

Автор Haytham Sun ( назад)
0:44 Oh look! It's Den-O

Автор 小李子 HAHA ( назад)
rip COD

Автор Angie Fifi Neko ( назад)
0:03 OMG PIKACHU!!!!

Автор ImortalLinktoFate ( назад)
4:23 IS THAT DEATH NOTE!!!!???

Автор متعب البقمي ( назад)
1:33 what's the song at this bag commercial?

Whos that girl at 07:07

Автор JONDOE 290 ( назад)
can somebody give me the name of the song that the cat sing please at 0:50

Автор Julie Hafford ( назад)
Say it ain't so Tommy Lee Jones!!!

Автор Evelyn PQ ( назад)
Yuzuru Hanyu <3

Автор duo2nd ( назад)
Again, Kitty White quit her job in Puroland? Seriously, who will replace

Автор Eduardo Aravena Carrasco ( назад)
I don't like Giga.

Автор Sheogorath31 ( назад)
anyone know the classical music at 10:47 ? I'm searching for it for a while

Автор LeRuruche ( назад)
What's the song for the boss coffee CM?

Автор kami no Ryu ( назад)
te very first one worth the whole video
6:17 he just middle finger us?!

Автор decemberclouds ( назад)
I get to do the share happi dance every week thanks to these ads!

Автор Honey Bunny ( назад)
Does anyone know which song the cat driving the truck at 0:48 is listening

Автор ni ben ( назад)
Thank you!!

Автор konstantinos k ( назад)

Автор kishar ! ( назад)
FAVS: the 1st one!(for sure!!!), the dogs family, truck-driving cat,
samatha tavasa, the little blue guy, PAPP(pineapple pen) CM, the maru-chan
cm, hello kitty cm, dream ami cm, the cavemen cm, soyjoy cm, mushroom girls
cm(so kawaii!^^), girl on train cm, shoplist cm, akb48 cm(cause she did a
really cute pose at the end), jumboli wear cm, samurai cm, panasonic toilet
cm(WE NEED THOSE IN AMERICA!!), AND LAST ONE!(if u didnt know, that's t.m.
revolution or Takanori Nishikawa!)

Автор Carmen Martinez Onieva ( назад)
Gracias jpcmhd por este anuncio de ayer

Автор Bilal Abbas ( назад)
Those Toilets are SOOOO cool!!! (never thought I would say something like

Автор Morgan Bennett ( назад)
I can't wait to watch another death note live action movie

Автор Bilal Abbas ( назад)
6:50 Yuzuru???

Автор Bilal Abbas ( назад)
0:41 who's this cutie?

Автор Rumsfeld Ildanach ( назад)
Como se llama el chico rubio? y es comediante o que hace?
Lo he visto seguido ultimamente

Автор okiPotemkin ( назад)
who is the last guy on the toilet ads? i saw him on other ads before with
him singing a surprisingly catchy song and i want to hear it again

Автор Hugo Ardavin ( назад)
quiero ver el vídeo de estos anuncios o quienes son: del 2:06 y 7:39...que
cool la peli de death note

Автор PropellerBusted ( назад)
Amount of times I said WTF: 4

Автор Nematoda Rine ( назад)
can someone tell me what song at 8:08
AKB48 Commercial one.....

Автор Eduardo Fernandez ( назад)
El anuncio del wc Panasonic me ha recordado a Los Simpson, por motivos
evidentes xDDD

Автор zoji rushi ( назад)
Anyone think Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid will be very successful in Japan?
Look at Miranda Kerr! I think they like baby faced beauties lol

Автор Sebastian Ardila ( назад)
It's so beautiful, a toilet who cleans itself, is the response to my

Автор iron2000 ( назад)
Softbank has an family with a dog father and black son.
Y! Mobile has cats.
UQ Mobile has a family with inhuman parents.
au has folk tale and fairy tale characters.

That needing 500 million to build Jumbolion is ... from a lottery company?

Japan CM are just so good :)

Автор Héctor Ricardo De la Cruz Montes ( назад)
name of the dark haired girl in the soup/warriors commercial, plz?
alguien sabe el nombre de la princesa de cabello negro en le comercial de
los amigos guerreros, por fa??

Автор Anna M ( назад)
I died when I saw YUZURU HANYU, AGHHH, SO CUTE 😍😍

Автор Steve Johnson (Valories) ( назад)
What is the song at 2:33 ?

Автор Shu Wandi ( назад)
Hello Kitty for President ~
Kawaii as Hell
Everything gonna be Pink !

Автор mohd zikri ( назад)
3.48 who are those actor/actress?

Автор Zenn_ ( назад)
one night carnival!!

Автор F.u.c.k you ( назад)

Автор FlashMan ( назад)
Not gonna lie, that toilet looked classy as fuck.

Автор GTR ( назад)
0:28 Endo what are you doing here
1:25 and Matsumoto here LOL
Great Downtown staff

Автор Brad Hopper ( назад)
Does anyone know the song from the Soyjoy commercial? I can't find it
listed anywhere, and soundhound doesn't recognize it.

Автор bug ctm ( назад)
me has sacado unas buenas risas, gracias.

Автор Tom Hannah ( назад)
What is that commercial with the cat driving the mini-truck even FOR? Tell
me please! Brilliant! :)

Автор TATAR4ik72 ( назад)
First Commercial - My Mood is Up!

Автор MRX x CROSS ( назад)
is it me or is the blonde cute gay guy appearing on most Japanese ads now

Автор Worth Meamea ( назад)
7:07 Who is that girl from Tokyu railways CM?

Автор Gekido Sensei ( назад)
3:20 song?

Автор DeLEET Titan ( назад)
What's the song in the Boss commercial?

Автор Canal Famas ( назад)
Nice! Thank you!😁

Автор Zakky Hidayat ( назад)
RIZAP = WTF why he doesn't wear better underwear which can hold his dick
properly XD
Samantha Thavasa = Ahhh... Leola's song. I love her voice.
Panasonic toilet = I should buy advanced toilet from Japan o.O

Автор gabeee ( назад)
omg death note?!?!?

Автор dedoyxp ( назад)
I want to work under Hello Kitty as a CEO!!

Автор jonas cruz ( назад)
LOL Endo and Matsumoto Good Job JPCHMD :D

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