"Johanna" by Bobby Mackey

Bobby Mackey (Owner of Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY) sings about a ghost that is said to haunt his nightclub. Bobby and his club have been featured on many television shows (Including Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures"), and his club is said to be "the most haunted nightclub in the U.S."
Check out his website-

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Автор Derrick Wilson ( назад)
Driving 5 hours to hear Bobby sing it live on Halloween night

Автор regena garreau ( назад)
i am in love with this song! it's both beautiful and tragic. i could
listen 2 it over n over again

Автор Lizzy Ewing ( назад)
Love this song got it from ghost adventures 3

Автор Yessica Webb ( назад)
been to this place and took ghost tour. in basement I swear I smelled some
flowers. but deff know something is up there.

Автор zack bell ( назад)
ga rules like if u agree

Автор SolitudeGamerz ( назад)
After watching the ghost shows and the crazy things that happened/happen in
this club, this song gives me weird chills am I the only one who gets that

Автор bull864 ( назад)
Alright pal, go hunt demons. I've tried to talk some sense in you and I've

Автор bull864 ( назад)
Ghosts are one thing, demons are something totally different. Don't hunt
demons. Nothing good can come from it.

Автор Bridge Sec ( назад)
No, everyone does, Look at nicole's comment, and it got likes, so yes,
people disagree with you. And I have already been there.

Автор bull864 ( назад)
Funny because you're the only one who's told me. You have no idea what
you're talking about. Do yourself a favor and stay out of Bobby Mackey's.

Автор Bridge Sec ( назад)
Just like everyone here thinks you are was well.

Автор bull864 ( назад)
Well, what i do know is it's foolish to mess around with anything demonic.
There's enough evil fuckers in this world anyway, why would anyone want to
bring a more powerful evil into their lives? You sir are ignorant.

Автор Bridge Sec ( назад)
Fuck you. People go there to learn more about what we dont. its not like
you know.

Автор Bridge Sec ( назад)
No shit, this song was written by bobby mackey for her.

Автор nicole huls ( назад)
I don't think it's crazy to want to explore the unknown I think it is
natural to want to explore even if it means to hunt for ghosts or demons.

Автор Brandon Hagemann ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Sydni2003 ( назад)
I had heard this song on so many shows before but never knew the name until
Ghost Adventures... smh.... lol

Автор joshua eby ( назад)
More interested in trying to contact my grandpa and brother the demons

Автор Manzie Pyrope ( назад)
I wanna go here. I don't even care!

Автор pedro cristian nuñez ulloa ( назад)
ese lugar esta encantado!!

Автор bull864 ( назад)
You people who want to go to Bobby Mackey's are crazy. Don't mess with
something you don't understand.

Автор Mercedez Marquez ( назад)
I wanna go to bobby mackeys ツ ♥obsessed with the whole ghost thing

Автор justin crossmsan ( назад)
ghost adventures made me wanna go to Bobbie Mackey's

Автор leeyen183 ( назад)
great song....bobby mackey mystery is great

Автор Madame Gothica ( назад)
I'm from ky, and but I don't think I'll ever be stepping foot there ever.
It'd be my luck it would come home with me.

Автор Brandon Gill ( назад)
I don't like country but I do like this song. The 2 people who disliked it
need to be stabbed with an ice pick.

Автор TheSteamyGuy ( назад)
so....who gives a fuck its a good song

Автор Jordyn Seefeldt ( назад)
People thats not an orb, thats the sun reflecting in the water

Автор Jordyn Seefeldt ( назад)
i keep listening to this(: i love it!!

Автор gamerdude580 ( назад)
yeah I saw the orb

Автор hondamanmike2929 ( назад)
did any one see the orb at 2:20 right hand side on the ground

Автор sangoloove ( назад)
this is on right now on tv

Автор missbaconlover ( назад)
Oh yea KY is good for Bobby makeys music world! I saw that place last year
and the roof looks like its falling down! Im gonna go in there when im 14
or 15! I cant wait!

Автор gamerdude580 ( назад)
I start to sing it to

Автор quinten156 ( назад)
i hate people that get a eazy thumps up

Автор dilila duke ( назад)
when i am not even thinking i start singing it and it is creepy

Автор thenumberscream ( назад)
Then do it....

Автор jlwoods69 ( назад)
i like this song and i dont like country i heard this song from a friend
and i then started to watch ghost adventures a week or two later and the
first eposode i watched was the one with this in it

Автор jlwoods69 ( назад)
hell yeah

Автор brooklyntheredone ( назад)
from back when ghost adventures was still good...now they are just any old
ghost hunting show

Автор RcUniverseGuy ( назад)
i have that guitar bobby played in the picture at 0:34 im awesome.

Автор AntiqueAngel44 ( назад)
Oh you KNOW it! : D

Автор Axel Kimiko ( назад)
Forget* tht i said anything* X_x

Автор Axel Kimiko ( назад)
wait, ....damn nevermind tht i said anything xD *read the description*

Автор Axel Kimiko (1493 года назад)
wait, 2:01 >.< (not sure if 2:01 an d1:50 is the same building or not)

Автор Axel Kimiko (1577 лет назад)
OMG ! I KNOW THIS PLACE!! xD Its haunted 1:50

Автор Leea Winchester ( назад)
m3 too :)

Автор Nocturnal Ghosthunter ( назад)
Uhm I was aware of this place and this song way before I ever saw an
episode of Ghost Hunters/Adventures whatever.

Автор MudFlapper359 ( назад)
The episode of when the GA crew returns to Bobby Mackey's was on when I
left this comment.

Автор MegaSilentGamer ( назад)
I don't believe in ghosts religion or any other mythical creature apart
from Chuck Norris. However I still watch Ghost Adventures because its good
escapism, I'm on the same band wagon as Bobby Mackey I've never seen a
experience that I couldn't explain. But hey if I die and become a ghost
well I guess the jokes on me huh. Heres to Ghost Adventures real or not its
still a good show.

Автор Sage Moon ( назад)
i cant believe bobby still doesnt believe his place is haunted. despite all
the evadince

Автор ICommentCuzILike ( назад)
WAY better love story that Twilight... Also, love this song. It rocks.

Автор Mika Bunny ( назад)
Well, I'm glad GA brought me here! It's a good song! :)

Автор NightGraveHunting ( назад)
U r so f**king stupid asking other people if GA brought you here, Where the
fuck else where you get to this song cuz U don't hear it anywhere else

Автор Leea Winchester ( назад)
@SaltAndPepperGaming you went at bobby mackey's? :O my parents dont believe
in ghosts! o.O

Автор Leea Winchester ( назад)
Ghost adventures! <3

Автор spencer bingaman ( назад)
if you all think ghost adventurer are awesome and keep doing what they are
doing thumbs up.

Автор emelylovesyou4ever ( назад)
Ghost adventures brought me here :)

Автор blakenshake42 ( назад)
I can't beleive bobby mackey still doesn't believe in ghosts!

Автор CarolinaLilly1024 ( назад)
I love this song and the woman's name...Johanna:)

Автор feh2 ( назад)
a good example of why country is still going strong.

Автор SaltAndPepperGaming ( назад)
this place is scary as fuck i got scratched by something and it was shaped
like the cross

Автор dbzmaddox (554 года назад)
@courtneypaige0520 ghost adeventure is my fav all time

Автор Fernando Garcia ( назад)
Ghost Adventures brought me to this song!!!!!!! Ghost Adventures is so
scary well only the part it show this one who agrees with me right

Автор markrohloff ( назад)
Great Song

Автор John Wilson ( назад)
@3rdgentug That's a sign Zak likes to see before starting their lockdown ;)

Автор nicole huls ( назад)
I luvd hearin the half from ghost adventures wit out thm i wudnt hav evr
herd of bobby mackeys

Автор littlericky11 ( назад)
we are not us but just a long walk for forever.

Автор OHoSPARTACUS ( назад)
@hisisabelle he does, but he doesnt like to admit it because he wants his
club to be known for being a country club, not a paranormal hotspot.

Автор Antihippie24 ( назад)
Thumbs up if you live in Wilder

Автор Katherine Nichole ( назад)
@aimee168121 lol(:

Автор CybergamerT630 ( назад)
@ryeinc really ?

Автор Deathisnear76767 ( назад)
I love this song!

Автор bazalbaz ( назад)
@ryeinc Lol supposedly "someone". I bet one of those spirits could have
hidden it. I recall watching the episode of Ghost Adventures when they had
a lock down there and had several demonic encounters.

Автор TheCoDCoolness ( назад)
heard of this on ghost advens thumpbs up for zak!

Автор Dane Carr ( назад)
Next time I'm drivin through Wilder Kentucky I think I just may have to
make a pit stop :)

Автор romanisfunny ( назад)
im 12 and hopefully its open in 9 years bc i wanna go ghost hunt there

Автор Caitlin Dingus ( назад)
i luv ghost adventures <3

Автор Ashley Schmid ( назад)
I love this song. Idk how he can't believe this though. Seriously I love
this stuff. And yeah ghost adventures did send me here but I love this song

Автор Mike Hruby ( назад)
@Stefxcisco actually, mackey was NOT the last name of Johanna's lover. What
happened was Bobby Mackey's mother had originally named him Randy Mackey.
when he was only a day old, something came over her and she changed his
name to Robert Randall Mackey. Robert Randall was the same name.

Автор DoubleUTeeefff ( назад)
@KO3ProDuctionZ im guessing you have to be 21 to get in. That sucks. I hope
it stays open for another 8 years lol

Автор Cody J.K ( назад)
@x3Triplez3x same...im 13 too...i love to hunt ghost and this would be an
incredible place!

Автор DoubleUTeeefff (428 лет назад)
I want to go there one night but sadly: Im only 13 I live in Florida... :(
i wanna go soooooooooooooo bad

Автор Animedrawngirl ( назад)
thumbs up if you want to stay a night at Bobbie Mackey's for a night even
after watching ghost adventures. :D

Автор mayra222ish (1400 лет назад)
@ryeinc And Johanna also poisoned her father THEN commited suicide.

Автор jjbacker11 (1488 лет назад)
Thumbs up if you came here from Ghost Adventures

Автор Stefxcisco ( назад)
He name was changed soon after his birth to Robert Mackey which
coincidentally was the exact name of Johanna's Lover. Johanna was a dancer
at the club that was on the same land that Bobby Mackey's club is currently
on. It is rather sad.

Автор Calin Castro ( назад)
Yhu Kno Bobby Mackys Music World Is Haunted!! Lol ndd Ghost adventures is
in there ..

Автор Gee Buttersnaps ( назад)
thumbs up if u heard about this because u watched ghost adventures!

Автор Soviet257 ( назад)
@3rdgentug They say that's exactly what happens to them.

Автор cowboymarchingband1 ( назад)
@BreebreeRawRSSS hell yea

Автор cowboymarchingband1 ( назад)
no dis likes. do you know why? its because you did a good job ryeinc

Автор WhiteAngel232 ( назад)
the first pic of bobby mackey look cool for some reason

Автор 3rdgentug ( назад)
@ryeinc i hope the spirits follow them and make them shit the bed every

Автор ryeinc ( назад)
@3rdgentug Yep! But someone stole it from Bobby Mackey's. They're still
looking for it.

Автор 3rdgentug ( назад)
the sign at 2:53 is all WIN!

Автор RedLakeNation2009 ( назад)
i love watching ghost adventures best show ever

Автор Olivia Smith ( назад)
I kinda like the creepiness of this song. Is freaked my mother out when I
sang it when my boyfriend and I broke up. Two days after we got back
together and we're happy now-3 kinda irrelevant to the song,I just found it

Автор NightGamer1988 ( назад)
Love this Song so much!

Автор Johnny Law ( назад)
I named my Baby (Spartan Laser) Johanna

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