How It's Made Drum Shells

Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Drum Shells episode

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Автор Davi Penta ( назад)
this is a Craviotto shell, very good and very expensive drums.

Автор Sunchipp Drumming ( назад)
gotta "stick" with the original tree shells :p

Автор Philip Daniels ( назад)
That's another thing I'd like to relate to you young guys just starting to
play out. (Not that I've played out a lot myself) Ever tune your drums to
where you think, "these sound awesome now" but if you happen to have had a
friend listen on the nights you played and asked him/her for a truthful
evaluation they tell you, "As a matter of fact, your drums sounded like
shit" and your response is "WTF?" I spent hours tuning these things and I
put new heads on the rack toms, it leaves you scratching your head.
Being a drummer also means, you have to know how to tune the drums and pick
the right heads (right drum kit too) for the band you're in, some days I
really suck at it and struggle to get it right myself. You accomplished
guys already know, some learned the hard way and lost the gig, you can't
tune the drums for a metal band and play them in a wedding band it doesn't
I read an article in Modern Drummer quite some time ago (maybe when they
first started, i'm dating myself now) and I was like "Did this guy hear MY
drums or something?" I'm not sure if it's an actual "Red Shift" (Listen to
a plane or a train, coming and going away from you, that's Red shift) or
not but I found it out myself by trying it. If you have the time and you
can tune your drums and then have someone play them, while you sit down in
the audience with no one there and listen, you might find they sound
totally awful.
So then you go back and lower the tuning on them and do it again. You can't
believe what's happening, every time you lower them they sound worse.
Finally, you start tuning them back up for shits & giggles and you think
"you've got something there now" You have to be careful about room
acoustics and realize, low tones don't travel as well, that far.
They might sound good, sitting on top of them and think, "I don't want to
go too high, I'm not a Jazz drummer. Take my word for it and try it next
time you play out, you'll be surprised how much better they sound, when you
tune them higher than you would expect them to sound at a little bit of a
distance, if you're not micing them up.
Especially you guys that tune your bottom head on your snare drum, lower
than the top head, so it won't buzz from the bass guitar. Sometimes you can
detune one lug and it will stop the buzzing, other times a piece of
gaffer's tape across the snare wires in a strategic place will remedy it.
If you tune the top heads up, you have to bring the bottom heads up with
them, unless you're going for a special effect. Tune both heads the same,
to avoid crazy overtones. I know, you don't have to worry about it as much
with the new heads with the sound ring around the inside. All I can say is;
it depends.
Don't think, this is the sound I like, that sounds like the bands I like.
If you're playing live and you're not micing them, tune them and go sit out
there and have someone play them for a few minutes, you'll be surprised ...
One more thing for you guys with the felt, duct, excuse me gaffer's tape,
haha! moon gel, dish towels what not, don't worry about the drums ringing a
little, especially the snare.
If you're playing live, it will actually help to carry the sound a little
better and the band will hear it better too and they start playing better,
haha! for real! The audience won't hear it over the band anyway, it's too
loud.(Wear your earplugs too!) Once again if you're micing them up, it's
If you have studio work and you've never been there before, the tech will
help you get a good sound in the studio too and just EQ them a little,
maybe gate the snare ring a little, so don't worry about it and you will
see how good they'll sound. And remember!
It's a fun job, but it's still work, keep your mind on Your job. You're not
always going to be the star, you might be backing up the star, make Them
look and sound good and You will sound and look good, don't forget that!
Take care and if you make it to the big time, make sure you're having fun,
if you're not, you might be in the wrong band. Save your money! ... Don't
go crazy taking your friends out, blowing all your money, hang on to some
for later ...

Автор Philip Daniels ( назад)
Yes, must be an old video and drum making method, I wouldn't buy a kit made
like that either. I wouldn't mind having a 3 or 4 thin ply kit with
re-rings, those are coming back, because they sound so good and mellow but,
don't project well and have to be miced up to get over the band. The
thicker drum shells of today, were made to be more durable and project
better but, you have to hit a 7 or 9 ply drum a lot harder to get the sound
you want but, man are they loud. I had a Pearl World Series kit, it came
with Remo heads and I detested them at the time because of all the bad
overtones and that started the muffling, felt, tape, moon gel, dish towels
and all that and I thought that was crazy and there had to be a better way.
I changed all the heads to Evans, the early G1's I think. They were
thicker, but they had the overtone ring around the inside and I thought
that was just the greatest since sliced bread. I bought the EQ 2's batter
with the foam & tray on the inside and the resonant front head with the
ring around the inside. Well that kit was so loud and fat sounding after
that, it got me kicked out of a band that was going to be playing wedding
tunes, haha! After every practice, I was jamming with a metal band guitar
player that would show up, plus their friend came back and wanted back in
the band, nothing beats friendship in a band, even if you're the better
drummer, I started hunting down metal bands to play in, that's another
story. There are some people that like the barrel stave style, made from
numerous pieces in a vertical layout, glued together. They're usually
pretty thick, you can have those too ... matter of fact, I prefer e-drums
myself, but keep an acoustic kit as well, haha

Автор MarquisProdz ( назад)
they didn't talk about bearing edges

Автор Sam Wilk ( назад)
I hope they do one for a drum

Автор DELETEDSTARKO ( назад)
I wouldn't even pay $100 for a kit made that way with a single ply.....
this kit would sound OK at best and probably not even that...

Автор Ribsletics ( назад)

Автор Kyle Rowland ( назад)
Longo Snare Drums...

Автор the lego boy ( назад)

Автор Apalmerdrums ( назад)
Craviotto uses a steam bent shell to build his drums, out of this world
sound. DW, Sonor, I think a majority of the manufacturers use ply based
construction vs solid-shell construction which looks to be whats in this
video, possibly.

Автор Lex Bravary ( назад)
They should have done someone who makes real drums lol. I haven't heard of
anyone making them like this.

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
Yeah of course i do. My bad thanks for noticeing!

Автор titanium9000 ( назад)
You mean, Keller? ;)

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
yeah, Drum Workshop do some amazing things!

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
Actually there is a lot of mass production with solid shells...fx DW drums,
have some snares... And drums made with kedder shells is also available in

Автор luckyazian13 ( назад)
Damn. People replying to a comment 2 years ago...

Автор James Bugayong ( назад)
Lucky Azian ain't lucky enough 

Автор Wayne Shaw ( назад)
Drums made from a single piece of wood are actually some of the most sought
after drums made. It's difficult, labor intensive, and knowledge of the
craft is necessary. Ply drums are the chosen method of mass production.
solid shell drums do not lend themselves to being mass produced. I've been
playing for 41 years, drum making/collecting for around 30 years or so lol.

Автор Polo Garcia ( назад)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Joe Rico ( назад)
@faithrockz1 Yes you do. It's a solid steam bent shell. And there are MANY
ways to skin a cat. Time for you to go back to school.

Автор hmbsit waloc ( назад)
this is just normal woodworking i have been steam bending solid timber for
years to use in different projects i also use laminate bending but this is
a more time consuming process so i use steam bending where possible

Автор Rudy Moskalets ( назад)
That must be the worst drums ever... Cuz that's all wrong!

Автор andr8415 ( назад)
Anyone know which brand/factory this drum is from?

Автор archonish ( назад)
this is the more expensive way to make drum shells - craviotto drums do it
this way. plywood shells are cheaper to make, so more companies do it that
way. they say the difference is in the sound, but i wouldn't know cause
i've never played a craviotto set before. 

Автор Crusty CockRoach ( назад)
What's the machine at 2:30 called?

Автор PheonixRise666 ( назад)
its not quite how DW make the SS snares

Автор Donnie Cooper ( назад)
Cool. I like this video. I will never look at them the same way again.

Автор Dante Bergkvist ( назад)
noone, but its fun to point out

Автор IzzyStorm1996 ( назад)
who the fuck cares

Автор Dante Bergkvist ( назад)

Автор dreamhunk ( назад)

Автор Arturo Monterrosas ( назад)

Автор Michael Evans ( назад)
Thats because of all the labor to make them 

Автор Roman Garcia ( назад)
Greiner Kilmer also customizes stave drums for those who want one.

Автор The Oddities ( назад)
so they cost barely anything to make but u cant by a shell for less then
like £90 haha :P oh well 

Автор Jan Malec ( назад)
this is the most used technology for solid snare drums, other possibility
are for example stave drums (i think brady are doing stave drums)

Автор Donny Fox ( назад)
oh ok that makes sence... iv seen solids made like this but i didn't know
thats what they were making in this vid

Автор Jan Malec ( назад)
solid snare drums are made like this dude

Автор Donny Fox ( назад)
this is not how drums are made, where are the ply configurations? idk what
weird ass drums there are... maybe some kinda specially thick snare because
this isnt how most drums are made

Автор TheProgGuy ( назад)
@LaVaBeAvErHD It's on YouTube. It's a video, and they actually do live
tours. I'd post the link but YouTube would block my comment.

Автор Georges Drumcovers ( назад)
@TheProgGuy how do they make theirs?

Автор 2plus2isvier ( назад)
@rockexpert Maybe you're a rock expert, but let the wood expert tell you,
that steambending is the best way to make something strong, check Thonet
chair on google. then you understand.. 

Автор TheProgGuy ( назад)
This is NOT how DW make their drums.

Автор Kevin Baker ( назад)
The steam would make the wood weak so if used by a serious drummer i
guarantee he can break it

Автор IzzyStorm1996 ( назад)
@luckyazian13 your saying shut up tp noone soo why dont you SHUT UP 

Автор luckyazian13 ( назад)
I don't know about you, but like drums. Also ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE VIDEO! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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