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Автор poonam3105 (5 лет)
elo everybody, do i need to fast while doing the mantra? and do i need to
do it evryday to get best result?? thnx

Автор LOAblue (5 лет)
How is the word "vitteswaraay" pronounced?

Автор deeptrancenow (6 лет)
Murugabhaktan - with all due respect, most people in the west didn't yet
develop the ability to manifest what they need out of thin air, begging is
not a popular lifestyle, and most people who have physical bodies and need
to take care of them, find money to be a convenient method of exchange in
contrast to bartering and singing serenades in exchange of food, clothes,
rent, and we live in a cement jungle so we can't grow food in our
apartments - we have to buy it and we need money for that.

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Thanks Bharat (:

Автор Giannis (5 лет)
I am confused. This or BRZEE ?

Автор Brandon Gilbert (6 лет)
thank you for this!

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Hi Biswa, the Kubera-Kolam magic square Yantra, has 72 as a constant sum).
"The number 72 is a number which appears to have mythical meaning across
various cultures." - Wiki In numerology, 72 is broken down to 9 (7+2). "9
is said to have spiritual significance in many traditions" -Swamij "Nine is
the square of three. And three represents Divine perfection the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of God through His Spirit is
expressed in the quantity of nine" -J Owens

Автор Zane Carmichael (6 лет)
is this better than brzee?

Автор seaofclay (6 лет)

Автор Gassa Patten (5 лет)
Excellent Vibes . Thank you for sharing . Keep the good work .

Автор Purnima Sethi (5 лет)
Thanks for such good mantra.

Автор punugu2000 (5 лет)
@citbibig hi your guru' feet vimmy

Автор gopika (6 лет)
Thank you !!!

Автор Alpha7000 (4 года)
@mauriciovandrade Listening to it is not the same. You have to perform this
puja (ritual) of chanting this mantra (can be whispering or in low voice,
if you want to say it faster it is OK). Get a mala (Hindu rosary with 108
beads) and you have to perform 31 rounds of that rosary. In other words, 31
X 108 times of recitations. Results will appear. Whenever you need another
boost you can repeat the 31 times X 108 repetitions. Takes about 6h. Split
in a few days if you cannot do it all at once.

Автор Zane Carmichael (5 лет)
what does this do :S plz reply

Автор Ganapathi (5 лет)
This is a wondermantra it worked for me , As the prayer is for Lakshmi mata
and Surya Bhagavan I recite this 11 times in the early morning hours.

Автор Judson Stanley (6 лет)
peace and blessings! this will be a wonderful aid to my morning, and daily
mantras. many thanks! judson todd stanley

Автор Zane Carmichael (6 лет)
lilasakura what does 72 mean?

Автор gopika (6 лет)
Thank you so much for this amazing and very powerful mantra. Jay Lord
Kubera !

Автор MrTripko (5 лет)
wow great thank u for posting it

Автор Rajanikanth Gupta (1 год)
Please explain how

Автор Gyan Yoga (6 лет)
Om Kuber Devaya Namaha. May we all have prosperity, abundunce,happiness and
good health which is the biggest wealth. Om Shanti

Автор Mitr87Sam (6 лет)
Thank you for this mantra...not because of the current economic situation,
but because you extend our knowledge as you share your own. Thank you
again...Jai Mata Di!

Автор dudeulartv (5 лет)
thanks again for the video.. hope all is well.

Автор seaofclay (6 лет)

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Hi dear Sorin, I am rich for your friendship indeed! (:

Автор fitnessmaniac5 (6 лет)
is the Kubera mantra more powerful than Kundalini mantra's?

Автор Sue Kumar (5 лет)
Thank you so much for posting this mantra.

Автор deeptrancenow (6 лет)
Hi Murugabaktan, LilaSakura, and all: I just saw the video on youtube
entitled "Best Indian Video Ever" and those people really do seem to be in
great need of money. There is nothing holy about poverty when people have
to sell their souls and betray their hearts just to get some food to
survive and feed their families because they don't have money to buy it.

Автор veda sastra (5 лет)
Thank you Lila For the wonderful mantra .I feel rich just listening to the
mantra .Poverty is a false condition of the mind first.

Автор Shashi Thonape (6 лет)
can any one tell me who is vitteshwara?...

Автор varun chheda (4 года)
Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem viteswaraaya namah ^

Автор Zane Carmichael (6 лет)
is this 108 reps?

Автор bharatsm (6 лет)
Another Gem and Priceless gift to me from an Angel of God! Thank you and
deep gratitude!! BHARAT.

Автор Radhakrishnan R (6 лет)
Powerful indeed, thank you. Tell me please what's the significance of the
numbers and their colours

Автор globalman (3 года)
Thank you

Автор sadako75 (6 лет)
powerful mantra 4 wealth!

Автор Sree Lalita (6 лет)
Lilaji! Your video is very powerful!

Автор Purnima Sethi (5 лет)
Jai Kubera.

Автор Malinyc (5 лет)
Maha Laxmi ashottram is also good along with this mantra I listened to both
and I got some excellent news soon after

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Thanks Picaroelmapache for posting your experience with mantras. Oh I'm not
guru, just student learning as I make videos for mantras I get drawn to. (:

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Murugabhaktan, "The viewpoint of Vedic Astrology is that life is an
interplay of both fate and free will--fate being the reaction to our
previous exercise of free will. " --IndiaDivine People can try for
themselves and see if they work. Why not mention the many people have
benefited from mantras/prayer, myself included? yes, some karmas one may
have to endure. Why would ancient seers give us remedies that have stood
the test of time to better our lives if we had no free choice?

Автор Mathi Senapathi (6 лет)
Hi Video Bender, Your videos are enlighting as well as very pleasant. we
all love you. LOL

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Hi Valeriano, I recommend at least 1 mala (108 reps) a day of this mantra.
And I recommend the seed "Dhham" (some use "Sam") mantra as ajapa
(ceaseless mental chanting the rest of the day).

Автор jingal indi (6 лет)
Om Kuberay namah worshing of Lord Shiva helps to achieve Kubers
bliss.Thanks Lilaji and team

Автор Sorinel Balan (6 лет)
Thanks for this beautiful mantra for prosperity Lila. But we are already
rich, becouse we have your friendship : )*

Автор Jayshree Krishnan (2 года)

Автор Zane Carmichael (6 лет)
wtf does 72 mean i doe understand

Автор LilaSakura (6 лет)
Thanks bharatsm, I checked with a calculator and they all add up to 72
Horizontally: 27+20+25=72, 22+24+26=72, 23+28+21=72 Vertically:
27+22+23=72, 20+24+28=72, 25+26+21=72 Diagnally: 27+24+21=72 & 25+24+23=72

Автор durga000 (5 лет)
THANKYOU!!!Most Beauitful Mantra,I'm very Bless , I listen to this mantra
everyevening ..Peace &Light

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