Kubera Money Mantra (God of Wealth)

Dedicated to Kakolee for requesting it.

It is composed of bija mantras, rough meanings: Shreem for Lakshmi (love, beauty, health, prosperity), Hreem for Great Goddess/Sun (illumination/dispel illusion), kleem for Kama/Krishna (love and fulfiller of desires from material to moksha, where your intention is) and Vitteswaraay (Kubera)

Lord Kuber (or Kubera or Kuvera) is believed to be the lord of riches and wealth in Hinduism. Kuber Sadhana is considered a great way of pleasing the lord to bestow one with wealth and fortune. Kuber is many a times called the treasurer of gods. If pleased with you the lord opens avenues of wealth and riches for believers. Lord Kuber is also believes to be the head of the Yakshas (savage beings). The Yakshas are both human and demon and are responsible for the security of the treasures hidden beneath the earth of the great mountain Himalayas.

Kubera Yantra is used as a tool to attract the cosmic wealth energy, accumulation of riches, increase cash flow at home, etc. It opens up street for new sources of income. Worship of Kuber Yantra is also suggested for excellent growth in business, career and profession and increase in personal income and abundance.

The specially of this Yantra is their No. 72 should come by winning the Number from any side the joint on of 72 Total 9.

For realization of Lord Kubera, massive monetary gain, wealth, fortune and all round success.

I recommend at least one mala (108 reps) of this mantra each day.
You can also chant his beej (seed/root) mantra "Dhham" (some use "Sam"). Recite it as much as you can till the problem is solved (like ajapa -ceaseless mental repetition throughout the day).

For worshiping him you have to sit facing North Director.
You can use a Rudraksha mala as he is a follower of Shiva or a White Crystal Mala to chant his nama.

Chanted by Kshitiji Tarey

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Автор Rajanikanth Gupta ( назад)
Please explain how

Автор ashok sharma ( назад)
how to use these numers. should tell this

Автор raul decastro ( назад)

Автор anu sree ( назад)
thanks to give this important traditional tips to develop wealth as well as
solution for all problems. That means solution from one root.

Автор Jayshree Krishnan ( назад)

Автор globalman ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Vishy S ( назад)
Om is the state beyond mind, body and intellect. It is a pure state. Shreem
is wealth; Hreem is the shame which protects you from sinful activities of
mind, body and intellect; Kleem is great beauty which is acquired when you
are free from anger and jealousy.

Автор Nisha Sharma ( назад)

Автор varun chheda ( назад)
Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem viteswaraaya namah ^

Автор Alpha7000 ( назад)
@mauriciovandrade Listening to it is not the same. You have to perform this
puja (ritual) of chanting this mantra (can be whispering or in low voice,
if you want to say it faster it is OK). Get a mala (Hindu rosary with 108
beads) and you have to perform 31 rounds of that rosary. In other words, 31
X 108 times of recitations. Results will appear. Whenever you need another
boost you can repeat the 31 times X 108 repetitions. Takes about 6h. Split
in a few days if you cannot do it all at once.

Автор MrTeejaysingh ( назад)
can someone please translate... thank you ...!

Автор Lynn Morton ( назад)
I don't know if this works, but I sure do like the beat!

Автор Farida Sherdiwala ( назад)
Sir May i know what are these numbers for?What does it indicate?

Автор Arjavkumar Azad ( назад)
@LOAblue Vitteshwaraay "Viit - e - shwa - raa - ya" In sanskrit the ancient
language of india. its chanting of an angle. an angle who controls wealth
and richness vitteshwaraay means "Angle of wealth, giver of wealth" whole
mantra means "I ask wealth from the guardian of wealth and gold" its a good
chant to ask help from the thousands of angles of god, as all we know that
god almighty has given every angle some unique powers to help human kind."

Автор punugu2000 ( назад)
@citbibig hi your guru' feet vimmy

Автор Madathil Venugopal ( назад)
Very good

Автор Andrew K. ( назад)
Вот это сила!

Автор Malinyc ( назад)
Maha Laxmi ashottram is also good along with this mantra I listened to both
and I got some excellent news soon after

Автор cslnokiasonycanon ( назад)

Автор byodomusic ( назад)
Almost martial, this version of the mantra, yet very powerful. (-: Good to
wake up in the morning :-). Very special. I'll add it to my favorites.
Thanx for sharing

Автор LOAblue ( назад)
can someone break down how you pronounce "vitteswaraay"?

Автор LOAblue ( назад)
How is the word "vitteswaraay" pronounced?

Автор LOAblue ( назад)
I'd like to chant this mantra, but can't wrap my head around; the
pronunciation of the word " vitteswaraay"- can someone tell me how it's
prounounced? can't quite make out what they're saying on that one

Автор guillermocostecho111 ( назад)
anybody can be kind and explane to me what the numbers means thanks

Автор dudeulartv ( назад)
thanks again for the video.. hope all is well.

Автор sunmoontrine ( назад)
Somehow this mantra resonates to my senses.

Автор Angelique Vigelandzoon ( назад)
can u mail me this mantra on mp3?? or can i download this? xx

Автор Purnima Sethi ( назад)
Jai Kubera.

Автор Purnima Sethi ( назад)
Thanks for such good mantra.

Автор Ganapathi (907 лет назад)
This is a wondermantra it worked for me , As the prayer is for Lakshmi mata
and Surya Bhagavan I recite this 11 times in the early morning hours.

Автор Sue Kumar ( назад)
Thank you so much for posting this mantra.

Автор Jonkingx- Jon Aedyn King ( назад)
how do the numbers work?

Автор Jonkingx- Jon Aedyn King ( назад)
how many repetitions are on this video? if I do it along with the video am
I doing it right?

Автор sbrown4567 ( назад)
How Exactly do I say Vitteswaraay? Vit - is - Ra - ga- ya- ya? Can you
tellme exactly how to say it?

Автор Giannis ( назад)
I am confused. This or BRZEE ?

Автор robindrakescorpio ( назад)
You should buy a Kuber/Lakshmi Yantra. silver, copper, or gold will do.
pray to it everyday and it will bring good blessings. you can buy them

Автор trueone ( назад)
. . .like thumm and the th is like in the word 'the' or 'that'

Автор veda sastra ( назад)
Thank you Lila For the wonderful mantra .I feel rich just listening to the
mantra .Poverty is a false condition of the mind first.

Автор Rachna888 ( назад)
Hello Lila ji, please let me know when we can downlod this mantra , ty so
much for adding this mantra , I just love your page

Автор Dr Colette Summerland ( назад)
Thanks LilaSakura <3 You're always on top of it! Namaste

Автор poonam3105 ( назад)
elo everybody, do i need to fast while doing the mantra? and do i need to
do it evryday to get best result?? thnx

Автор MrTripko ( назад)
wow great thank u for posting it

Автор durga000 ( назад)
THANKYOU!!!Most Beauitful Mantra,I'm very Bless , I listen to this mantra
everyevening ..Peace &Light

Автор bkum15 ( назад)
It Does work. 1. With in one week of chanting(while ib train , on th e ay
to wotk ) it i got a cheque €750. 2. It stoped me from spending money
3.After 40days I am very money consious I have sold few thing from scarpe
on ebay etc I have never seen such a strong mantra honestly !! it is power
full ONly use it if you are all in for money!!!

Автор Zane Carmichael ( назад)
what does this do :S plz reply

Автор durga000 ( назад)
THANK YOU most beauitful mantra... I LOVE THIS MANTRA ,.

Автор superCatia ( назад)
I like this mantra. Makes me happy.

Автор Gassa Patten ( назад)
Excellent Vibes . Thank you for sharing . Keep the good work .

Автор Zane Carmichael ( назад)
wtf does 72 mean i doe understand

Автор nannapandit ( назад)
it is too gud.

Автор nannapandit ( назад)
plz tell me what time i say mantr words any special time secondly plz tell
about numbers what is numbers and if i told this mantr it is compulsory
numbers front of me....

Автор Zane Carmichael ( назад)
guys i don't know if it's just me...but when i listen to this i feel
wierd...like out of breath or tingly (O_O) is it just in my head or is it a
sign? plz reply

Автор Zane Carmichael ( назад)
is this 108 reps?

Автор Zane Carmichael ( назад)
is this better than brzee?

Автор Zane Carmichael ( назад)
lilasakura what does 72 mean?

Автор pridelion88 ( назад)
shukriya.... mera nam pridelion88 & im struggling with money....i beg u o
lord Kubera Money Mantra! Ive been going down with my business....i need
some kind of miracle bc, if i dnt pay the gangs will kill me.

Автор TitanYa315 ( назад)
Can you please tell me how I should be using this mantra? As I chant, what
am I suppose to focus on the numbers?How please explain, the numbers. Thank
you very much, all of your videos are excellent. God Bless You LilaSukura...

Автор TitanYa315 ( назад)
Can you please tell me the difference between "BRZEE MANTRA ON KUBERA
YANTRA " thanks

Автор Shashi Thonape ( назад)
can any one tell me who is vitteshwara?...

Автор Judson Stanley ( назад)
peace and blessings! this will be a wonderful aid to my morning, and daily
mantras. many thanks! judson todd stanley

Автор BlackAnther ( назад)
How do you pronounce Vitteswaraay am I hearing it wrong it sounds like
Vitteswarah, is that right?

Автор seaofclay ( назад)

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Thanks bharatsm, I checked with a calculator and they all add up to 72
Horizontally: 27+20+25=72, 22+24+26=72, 23+28+21=72 Vertically:
27+22+23=72, 20+24+28=72, 25+26+21=72 Diagnally: 27+24+21=72 & 25+24+23=72

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Oh, I got what you mean now, thanks for pointing out the typo (:

Автор bharatsm ( назад)
Dear Angel ( for me atleast ), I agree that the no.s add up to 72 in the
vid. I meant in the write-up that you have on the right side . It goes thus
: The specially of this Yantra is their No. 72 should come by winning the
Number from any side the joint on of 72 Total 9. EXAMPLE:-
27+20+20+23=72,25+24+23=72 23+28+21=72 For realization of Lord Kubera,
massive monetary gain, wealth, fortune and all round success. There is 20
extra in the example no.1 I am sorry to have pointed it out.

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Hi Jack, this is off a wealth mantra CD by Kshitiji Tarey

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Thanks Bharat (:

Автор bharatsm ( назад)
BTW, sorry to point this out... but the first example of the numbers
mentioned for The Shree Kuber Yantra dont add up to 72. The other two
example do though. i guess it was oversite.

Автор bharatsm ( назад)
Another Gem and Priceless gift to me from an Angel of God! Thank you and
deep gratitude!! BHARAT.

Автор seaofclay ( назад)

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Thanks Picaroelmapache for posting your experience with mantras. Oh I'm not
guru, just student learning as I make videos for mantras I get drawn to. (:

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Thank you Dianne, wishing you the best of everything too (:

Автор picaroelmapache ( назад)
I never had a guru, but I can testify the power of the mantra. I HAVE
wealth, health, reputation enclosed after 10 years of practising mantra.
The people who does not see benefits are because it(he,she) does not have
discipline and faith. I think that Lille Sakura is a great guru.

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
There is an online article as to why mantras give different effects to
different persons by Vedic Astrologer Pandit Dakshinamoorthi. It can do
with proper deeksha, grace and guidance of Guru (unless self-initiated) and
the attitude of the aspirant, "a resolute attitude towards the practice,
complete faith in the process, and an unconditional surrender to Divine
Grace with the firm belief that Divine Grace know better what to bestow
upon us" I'm not interested in debating but to share mantras.

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Murugabhaktan, "The viewpoint of Vedic Astrology is that life is an
interplay of both fate and free will--fate being the reaction to our
previous exercise of free will. " --IndiaDivine People can try for
themselves and see if they work. Why not mention the many people have
benefited from mantras/prayer, myself included? yes, some karmas one may
have to endure. Why would ancient seers give us remedies that have stood
the test of time to better our lives if we had no free choice?

Автор Murugabhaktan ( назад)
I dont agree with your comments...cause for me its all written and it will
happen ...you cant change anything in this world...free will...???? try
your free will and see what it can do ??? Going back and forth about this
will help people not to follow blindly anything...do you think poor people
dont worship kubera or lakshmi and why are they still poor then..Mandras
are just to keep your attention towards God and not on its material
benefits....This is my point of view.

Автор Gyan Yoga ( назад)
Om Kuber Devaya Namaha. May we all have prosperity, abundunce,happiness and
good health which is the biggest wealth. Om Shanti

Автор deeptrancenow ( назад)
Lately I've been experiencing strong reactions when I hear someone say "Who
needs money?" - I wonder if those starving people in Africa ended up there
as a result of karma of some life where they believed they don't need money
and I wonder what would people who say "who needs money" think about money
and poverty if they spent a year living with and like those starving people
in Africa.

Автор deeptrancenow ( назад)
Hi Murugabaktan, LilaSakura, and all: I just saw the video on youtube
entitled "Best Indian Video Ever" and those people really do seem to be in
great need of money. There is nothing holy about poverty when people have
to sell their souls and betray their hearts just to get some food to
survive and feed their families because they don't have money to buy it.

Автор deeptrancenow ( назад)
Murugabhaktan - with all due respect, most people in the west didn't yet
develop the ability to manifest what they need out of thin air, begging is
not a popular lifestyle, and most people who have physical bodies and need
to take care of them, find money to be a convenient method of exchange in
contrast to bartering and singing serenades in exchange of food, clothes,
rent, and we live in a cement jungle so we can't grow food in our
apartments - we have to buy it and we need money for that.

Автор deeptrancenow ( назад)
Thank you for posting this mantra. I know too many people who grew up with
the believe that money is somehow unspiritual and who kept on saying "ah,
who needs money, I don't need it" - and who are now struggling to pay for
necessities like rent or food or medical care, so I think people should
accept abundance as part of God and at least have enough of it to meet
their needs

Автор Bob Ryszkiewicz ( назад)
Peace & Blessings... BR/The Ghost of Elvis Project CANADA

Автор Murugabhaktan ( назад)
Nine is also the number of regeneration which means if you add 1 with 9
then the result is 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 (number which gets added to 9) ...so 9
does not have any special power other then giving what was given to 9...

Автор Murugabhaktan ( назад)
What is the money doing when it cant escape death...does money really save
you ????

Автор gopika ( назад)
Thank you !!!

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Hi Vedantka, I heard it pronounced like the first syllable of the word
"DOMinoe" - the vowel like "ah" when you open your mouth for a Divine
Doctor ;p

Автор LilaSakura (656 лет назад)
Hi Biswa, the Kubera-Kolam magic square Yantra, has 72 as a constant sum).
"The number 72 is a number which appears to have mythical meaning across
various cultures." - Wiki In numerology, 72 is broken down to 9 (7+2). "9
is said to have spiritual significance in many traditions" -Swamij "Nine is
the square of three. And three represents Divine perfection the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of God through His Spirit is
expressed in the quantity of nine" -J Owens

Автор Biswajay Banerjee ( назад)
dear friend lila what is the meaning of these numbers biswa

Автор LilaSakura (954 года назад)
Hi dear Sorin, I am rich for your friendship indeed! (:

Автор Sorinel Balan (1853 года назад)
Thanks for this beautiful mantra for prosperity Lila. But we are already
rich, becouse we have your friendship : )*

Автор gopika ( назад)
Please,could you give the exact pronunciation of the beej mantra "Dhham".
Do you pronounce it like in the word "gum",short "a" or more like in "cat"
, "ae"? Do you say double "h" or just one? Thank you!

Автор veterraga ( назад)
that's was good! thanks! money mantra?

Автор Mitr87Sam ( назад)
Thank you for this mantra...not because of the current economic situation,
but because you extend our knowledge as you share your own. Thank you
again...Jai Mata Di!

Автор Mathi Senapathi ( назад)
Hi Video Bender, Your videos are enlighting as well as very pleasant. we
all love you. LOL

Автор fitnessmaniac5 ( назад)
is the Kubera mantra more powerful than Kundalini mantra's?

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Hi Pappus, "72 and permutations of it have been shown to be mysteriously
present in ancient myths and sacred architecture all around the world."
"The sum of the numbers across the rows and columns end up 72, which boils
down to 9 which is considered a divine number." The Kubera Kolam (Yantra)
is used in Kubera(-Lakshmi) Puja (worship). Kubera is often depicted as a
yellow like gold (and Buddhist Jambala version black).

Автор LilaSakura ( назад)
Hi Valeriano, I recommend at least 1 mala (108 reps) a day of this mantra.
And I recommend the seed "Dhham" (some use "Sam") mantra as ajapa
(ceaseless mental chanting the rest of the day).

Автор Sree Lalita ( назад)
Lilaji! Your video is very powerful!

Автор VK Agarwal ( назад)
Thanks for uploading Kubera Mantra

Автор dudeulartv ( назад)
very cool. thank you.

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