Best Dance Music-Songs ♦Summer 2011♦ top dance hits 2011

Best Dance Music 2011
Best Dance Songs 2011
Top Summer 2011 Hits


1.Sander Van Doorn - Koko (Original Mix DRM )
2.Andreea Banica feat. Play & Win - Sexy (Radio Edit)
3.Deepside Deejays - Never Be Alone (Club Mix)
4.Avicii - Silhouettes (Original Vocal Mix)
5.Avicii - ID (Original Mix)
6.George Acosta - Free (Maurizio Gubellini & Matteo Sala Remix)

Enjoy the music & the video !!

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More New Songs R Coming Soon...

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Автор Inna Bibo (3 года)
Big Like ;)

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good intro.

Автор ahmad ketaneh (3 года)
I love you man i've been lookin for the first song finally i knw the name
:) thanx alot thumbs up if u fell in love with the first beat :)

Автор raskec1 (3 года)
This is only travel clip with 280 000 views!

Автор mizgurel deva (3 года)
plm cacat ...

Автор John O (3 года)
@KeyValue11 Well you and I know that, but I hope they did aswell.

Автор DimaSultanov1 (3 года)
Everyone want to be There!

Автор George Deejay (3 года)
@sale13nk thank u and ALL for the support !!!

Автор delguercio24 (3 года)
Where was that video shot?

Автор Franck Koufi (3 года)
very nice.....................!!!!!!

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Автор VERDE (3 года)
check mine also watch?v=Ak1Mf7fvv2w

Автор MundyArtStudio (2 года)
there wernt enough boobs and ass shots at the start of this video!!!!

Автор George Deejay (3 года)
@DimaSultanov1 i m just trying for the best..i m accepting all the
opinions..the only thing i can say is that...Music is Life!!!

Автор George Deejay (3 года)
@DjNiqueed yeahhhh check my latest mix...it s the 1st song...

Автор Csabi Áchim (2 года)
i love this :)

Автор StrKaripensen (3 года)

Автор officialsentique (3 года)

Автор lilikas1993 (3 года)
greece oeoeo !!

Автор cgcklair (3 года)
tanks four this mix big job,...

Автор WilsonEpicMusic (3 года)

Автор FerrignoMr (3 года)
mr ferrigno-heat

Автор policemomma1 (3 года)
where is this filmed?

Автор TheAraJan (3 года)
13 DISLIKE People Birthday on Friday 13 th..LOL ?

Автор 4what2fish (3 года)
Where is that? I wanna go there for vacation!!!!

Автор Mojo Jojo (3 года)
ti kolaraa eine afth sto telos!!

Автор classictunes70 (3 года)
that girl from bad girls club is in this video! Morgan! Shes the one with
long black hair and the tattoos of wings on her back. Weird !

Автор DjNiqueed (3 года)
One of the best hits this summer will be : Playmen & Alex Leon ft. T-Pain -
Out Of My Head

Автор Sam Folaih (3 года)
Best songs out there right now, only Swedish House Mafia's ''Save the World
Tonight'' missing!

Автор DimaSultanov1 (3 года)
@GeorgeDeejay yeah so bad you cant remove that stupid comment.

Автор KeyValue11 (3 года)
Guys, i hope you know why we are all here Its not to fight against Justin
Bieber its not to fight against Rebecca Black No! Its because we saw this
sexy picture, and we just had to check it out!

Автор anastasiaxxxsagapao (3 года)
polu kalooo...kaneis polu kala mix.. :D keep upp the good work ;)

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@4what2fish greece my friend!! the best place in the world!!! mykonos,
paros, santorini, corfu, crete, rhodes, zakinthos, lefkada and many many
other beautiful islands! :D

Автор SmokeCheck4 (3 года)
check out a track called " ANOTHER DIMENSION"

Автор zonkai1 (2 года)
wow did you see that ass hello

Автор classictunes70 (3 года)
that girl from bad girls club is in this video! Morgan! Shes the one with
long black hair and the tattoos of wings on her back. Weird !

Автор Hamza El.B (3 года)

Автор Laurence Harvey (3 года)
MaxsoundCarAudio Uk says TURN IT UP LOUD ! Great summer drive tune,windows
down and let it blast out oh yeh !

Автор alex tounas (2 года)

Автор Albert Dziubek (3 года)
Daj ktoś link tej całej muzyki do pobrania ???

Автор ellasandonis98 (3 года)
George what is your nationality? to thekomo enai elliniki

Автор sang marocain (3 года)
01:58 pls the song

Автор DimaSultanov1 (3 года)
@LONGISLANDNO1 everyone will Thumbs Down for that commet and your all

Автор debra keplinger (3 года)
love this mix

Автор 2embajador (3 года)

Автор lucasfashion83 (3 года)
Bad taste, Ibiza is a place where I DO NOT WANT TO GO, because I should see
all this idiots.

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man you never be alone!!!!fans like me always be with you!!!!!

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Greeeeece Yeahh

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