How To Grow A Pear In A Bottle

FINISHED PRODUCT picture? Click 'show more' below...then click on the link below!

Spring is just around the corner, and for you pear growers, here's a thorough step by step demonstration how to grow pears in a bottle. Ed adds a brandy after he collects his 'pear in a bottle' and hands them out at the holidays to just a handful of friends. Oh to be so lucky!

Another FINISHED PRODUCT picture, follow this link, then scroll to under the video:

If you would like to see the FINISHED PRODUCT, I recently posted a story on a fellow who makes Pear Brandy:


The 'pear in the bottle' shot is at 4:57.

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Автор bowlburners ( назад)
Is there a video on how to eat the pear?

Автор Average American ( назад)
Does anyone else think this sounds like AlanTutorial?!

Автор GamerGab007 ( назад)
Is that a man or a woman?

Автор Friday End ( назад)
Shout out to all the Pears

Автор TheFrozenFlame ( назад)
why would you want a pear in a bottle? lol

Автор Zangeiti ( назад)
Is that a man or a women?

Автор Deano Troost ( назад)
Y would you want a pear in a bottle it is stupid how will you get the pear
out and if you smash the bottle chances are you are gonna have some glass
in the pear so this proves pointless

Автор Classic80sStuff ( назад)
From looking at the thumbnail for this video I thought Vanilla Ice was
gonna be in it!

Автор ghayath2011 ( назад)

Автор MrCodythegreat ( назад)

Автор bud enigma ( назад)
what a cool way to make a great bottle for pear brandy... it took a second
for me to figure out why he was doing this, then bingo... just add brandy
and you have one awesome christmas gift... ty

Автор Evan William Labrant ( назад)
The whole point of putting a pear in a bottle is to fill the bottle with
pear brandy.

Автор pecfree ( назад)
gay pear grower 

Автор pecfree ( назад)
poof per grwoer

Автор SvaYou Bey ( назад)
What is the main point of doing that if you cant eat the pear, unless you
break the bottle. Its like the japanese came up with the heart shape and
squared watermelon, the american tries to find a way to fit in. A pear in
a bottle, i bet charge triple the amount cuz its in a bottle. And what do
you do with a pear in a bottle, give to someone as a decoration and/or
gifts and what happen when in 2-3 days its spoil rotten, just throw your
5-6 dollar pear in a bottle or just try and pick on the spoil pear, if you
want to keep the bottle. I just giving my opinion, its pointless if you
cant eat it.

Автор Lynne Kelly ( назад)
people would know the point of this if they read the description....

Автор kindafoggy ( назад)
Very tempted to comment on the comments but I'll try to stay positive and
hushit. Anyone who has gardened, made home made spirits and/or purchased
gourmet spirits (with whole fruit inside the bottle for incomparable
flavor) can appreciate the genius of this video. Some of the others
viewers... not'smuch, sadly.

Автор Matthew Keith ( назад)
that doesn't even look like a girl, dumbass.

Автор hslot4 ( назад)
Thx for sharing this knowledge its just awesome. Things that make life
great :)

Автор Satoumu Mc ( назад)
Are you a boy or a girl

Автор cekinxxx ( назад)
i don't know about that but he is certanly a man

Автор bestfrogs247 ( назад)

Автор Konstantinos Zavos ( назад)
There is a Greek proverb:The Devil had nothing to do and started to F...
his children.

Автор darkngyth ( назад)
How do you clean it afterwords? I make my own liquor and a liqueurs and
would love to do some pear brandy like this for gifts (and for me) but i
know that you would have to clean it very well before using it

Автор Cooking Up a Story ( назад)
Yes! After they are fully grown (and removed from the tree), many add
spirits to the bottle and give them as a gift. Some craft distillers fill
the bottle with pear 'eau de vie', which is made from pears, and sell them.
If you'd like to see a photo of what it might look like, there is a link in
the description above. 

Автор JennIsCrAzY101 ( назад)
Is there a purpose for growing them in bottles? 

Автор roygbiv330 ( назад)
seemed like he who taking video was a boy.

Автор pyromodder2 ( назад)
This video sure isn't about how you... GROW A PEAR!

Автор Guru of Random ( назад)
You could probably do this with pretty much any fruit right.

Автор Heather Spangler (939 лет назад)
This might be a stupid question but whats the point in the bottle? What
does it do? I've never herd of pears in a bottle. 

Автор Hector Manzanarez ( назад)
I'm in that weird part of YouTube..

Автор Roland Sherwin ( назад)
Boy e Girl y..

Автор mikertones ( назад)
why would i want a pear in a bottle for?

Автор kim himchan ( назад)
at the first 10sec i thought the host is a girl.... -__-"

Автор Cooking Up a Story ( назад)
@happybdayo Be sure and give the pear plenty of growing room - so don't
place the bottom of the bottle too close to the pear. If you place the
bottle in a way that the opening points downward, any rain and/or
condensation will naturally spill out. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing
how the project works for you! [ps. I'm the filmmaker, not Ed; just sharing
what I remember him saying during the filming]

Автор Happy “Birthday” Brewer ( назад)
Do you need to keep the pear from the bottle edge? I'm going to hang 20
from my tree (it's a big one, and high branches) just want the best
tip's...I'm in London so still variable weather, what about rain in the
bottle? sorry to be a pain...BUT I NEED TO KNOW MORE !!! Great Video, this
is youtube at it's best I'll up load my attempts

Автор Cooking Up a Story ( назад)
@happybdayo Yes! click 'show more' (just under the video), and click on
link just under the words 'FINISHED PRODUCT'. You can either see some
photos of a pear in a bottle, or watch a different video where I visit a
distillery where they make pear brandy and sell bottles (with the pear
inside) of pear eau de vie in their shop. 

Автор Happy “Birthday” Brewer ( назад)
can we see a finished bottle?

Автор punkrock4401 ( назад)
it turned out this guy was a serial killer.

Автор reggaechinie ( назад)
i disliked just cause of the fag voice ...hey don't judge me 

Автор Cory Marsan ( назад)

Автор XjInterceptoR ( назад)
What a FAG

Автор ScopedOUT2 ( назад)
I think I see a tranny

Автор morgan parrott ( назад)
this guy sounds like he needs to grow a pair!

Автор saramoo123 ( назад)
@astralninja1 Google 'Williams Pear vodka'. It's a bottle of vodka with an
actual pear inside it.

Автор wolorobot ( назад)
@astralninja1 pear Booooozeee x3 what else could it be :P

Автор BigDH28 ( назад)
@scottym1995 LOL! Thats the best Cheesiest Comment I have Heard. *LOL IF
that makes sense to you* 

Автор George Shackmeoff ( назад)
@Orlliv you don't, its made to amaze your friends.

Автор Kelly Smunt ( назад)
Ignore the hate comments, and send me some of that pear brandy. I've had
Peach brandy with the fruit in the bottle.Yum. Do you need some cotton wool
or something to keep dust and dirt out?

Автор unjumble ( назад)
And there.. And There euggeh

Автор 62rome ( назад)
@scottym1995 LOL,LOL,LOL.

Автор hellasgoofy ( назад)
that helped me solve so many probs in my life.no it wasnt POINTLESS.mark my
words -.-

Автор Bunny Rabbit ( назад)
Wha bout chronic?

Автор BluDude ( назад)
i thought he was a woman when i first heard him speak o.o

Автор Trevor Clarke ( назад)
When did Woody Harrelson start growing pears inside bottles?

Автор donnay (767 лет назад)
is this a girl or a boy like if u are confused too 

Автор pikodj ( назад)

Автор thegirlinhotpink ( назад)
If you close your eyes, he's a woman. (:

Автор Fun Pazion ( назад)
He talks like a girl umm so where's is the other video I wanna see the pear

Автор Orlliv ( назад)
Just one question: Why would you do this? and i know i said one question
but how do you get the pear out?

Автор sina imamidoost ( назад)

Автор cheerios ( назад)
Lol, I was searching for Kesha's song, then i ended up here just for
curiosity. At first i didn't get the idea of the pear in bottle thing, then
i googled it and was like "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." :L lol

Автор FaHncy ( назад)
@timrollefson1 pear brandy? i have never heard of that... haha i wish i had
a emergency pear in a bottle.... just ofr emergencys.....

Автор Claire Affair ( назад)
Why would anybody want to grow a pear in a bottle??

Автор informationwarfare ( назад)
@banananutpie7 i dont think that is the idea, i wouldnt bother with this at
all lmao

Автор Travis ( назад)
Like if a psycho path who grows grass in keyboards brought you here.

Автор Tim Rollefson ( назад)
@FaHncy for pear brandy 

Автор Couture Coleton ( назад)
@FaHncy emergency pear in bottle break bottle for a pear :D

Автор Jacksno Smith ( назад)
@FaHncy hahahahahahahahahahaha 

Автор Garan Dieterich ( назад)
Love it!! Makes me want to plant a pear tree. 

Автор FaHncy ( назад)
why do you even need to put a pear in a bottle? don't you eat it? you cant
get the pear out of that bottle to eat it.... confused....

Автор sattam ( назад)
@animelovergirl1011 mind ur own noodle

Автор Tangyoranges ( назад)
@sattamss Back to you. Learn how to spell fgt

Автор meghan mcfadden (890 лет назад)
im going to referr to everything as "guy" now :D

Автор sattam ( назад)
ur life is so boring i wonder y u still a live

Автор Kankrii ( назад)
@scottym1995 icwatudidthere

Автор karmacomacure (1998 лет назад)
nature doesnt understand why people do things like this

Автор karmacomacure ( назад)
@33fgfhjjggy6y really i think he did used to be a woman.... 

Автор SickSourMusic (1006 лет назад)
lol He calls every object "this guy here"

Автор keko garcia ( назад)
from 1:50 it gets kinda pervy... 

Автор Felix Pocock ( назад)
I honestly thought it was a woman at first, not trying to make fun of the
man but that is a serious case of lady voice

Автор S Roberson ( назад)
@TheCombatArmspwner Oh! My!! You took the words right out of my mouth.
Actually, this question intrigued me more than the damn pear did. I even
had fun with all my family by hiding the video, but allowing the audio to
play and having them guess the age & gender of the speaker. It was

Автор Jimborocknroll90 ( назад)
@renagade12 seriously? where do i find these at? hopefully not anywhere in
asia lol 

Автор vai p ( назад)

Автор legoguy000 ( назад)
The funny thing is that my pear IS a bottle...

Автор Jimborocknroll90 (521 год назад)
pears suck anyways apples are where its at! 

Автор Fancysaltedpeanut ( назад)
Ohhh, you bottle em up for display or to give them as a gift..... WTF

Автор TheChickenrun3 ( назад)
@tahoe350 well not really... just a fruit that's grown in the same way as
every other fruit but first put in a bottle as a bloom

Автор Kayte Oleary ( назад)
Thumbs up if you think this guy is never gonna get a girlfriend

Автор Kayte Oleary ( назад)
Thumbs up if you think this guy is crazy

Автор bigbobgotu ( назад)

Автор Levonia Copeland ( назад)
i kind of like- kind of like- kind of like- aaaa

Автор morbidar ( назад)
@hippiepeacechick1970 Lmao yeah... I was like Wat???

Автор Levonia Copeland ( назад)
omfg i thought it was a girl in the first place before i saw that it was a
fucking guy! 

Автор landonthaler ( назад)
is this a guy or a girl?

Автор Julie Wanner ( назад)
like this if you found this when you watched grow a pear by ke$ha. and
dude, why dont u grow a pair in your pants not in a bottle

Автор Kaboomz19 ( назад)
hahah fag

Автор boxa888 ( назад)
spread organic heirloom food seed far and wide protect heirloom
genes,its"johnny appleseed economics"or"gorrila gardens"spread more organic
food than GMOand you will water down the effects and if everyone becomes
self suffcient at their homes it will stop GMOright in its tracks,if there
is enough people it will save our food system,thats how you win! wake up
everyone,do your part if u are angry,get seed and SPREAD THE ORGANIC SEED

Автор tw0headedsnake ( назад)
before i saw that it was a man, i thought it was diane sawyer.

Автор KRLOZDEVIL ( назад)
Justin Bieber's Father?

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